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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a man who committed suicide and killed himself. He used strong clothing and advises against sharing information, but eventually explains that he had a history of drinking and drinking. He also talks about a woman who experienced a shocking experience and lost everything, including losing everything in a shocking way.
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Hola Hola?

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So now when it comes to law who want to get smaller who did you lie who saw to salam ala Rasulillah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam, the story of the companion that he chose for tonight is a bit long. And I was thinking maybe we should divide it into two parts. But it's one of the most interesting stories.

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So it's up to you, I can do a summary of it.

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Or we can do

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a good portion of it. So cover some tonight, maybe not reveal the name. And then next week or tomorrow, or you

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summary law, you can you can summarize it.

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It's like very long, like you need

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a lecture. So very interesting story. Actually, there are a lot of this company has a lot of

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his idea, let's just talk about the beginning. You know,

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it let's, let's go, let's talk about the beginning. He was tall, dark, athletic.

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I mean, eventually, of course, had full gray hair.

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And he was very strong,

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fierce fighter, you know, you know, he could attack an entire caravan on his own.

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In some stories, they say

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his tribe was known for making a living by robbing caravans

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entire tribe. So this was, they were very feared.

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And in spite of all of that, you know, sometimes he would actually write in sometimes he would go on foot, like, you know, that's how fast he was. In spite of that he used to worship Allah or the creator.

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He did not.

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Idolatry did not appeal to him.

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And he would, sometimes he would at times get up, when the sunrise when the sun rises, and he would pray until he passes out. He will just stand praying until he passed until he passed up. Until Allah Subhana Allah guided him to Islam, by basketball, the Allahu Anhu may Allah be pleased with him and his father said that when this companion

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this companion basically told him his own story, his life story, so he told him that I was from this particular tribe. If I say the name of the tribe, then you're gonna know who it is.

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You know who it is, if you know who it is how much work done. So you already know what it's

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about. Okay.

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Right now, it was a tribe of bandits who, right? So he said, he said, I was with my tribe, when we receive the news that a man appeared in Maccha that claim to be a prophet.

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So I said to my brother, I said, go to this to go to Mecca. And talk to this man am

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Bring me back some news. So he said he went, he met with him and then he came back. So I said to him, What did you think? Or what did you find out? So he said, I found a man who commands people to do good and forbids people from evil.

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So he said limited SHINee

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Allah limited Olympus finiman uncovered, he said, this is this is it?

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Whereas, you know, I need some.

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So he said, fragile too, so he said, There has to be Robin or ASA. So he took he got ready. And he took off from Apple to Illamasqua. So I reached Makkah.

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And he said, I don't know what he looks like, right? I don't know what he looked like. And I didn't want to ask anyone.

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So I started drinking from zamzam. I would stay in the masjid. So he said, when I did have the Allahu Anhu passed by me one day, so I said, so and he said to me, you look like you're a stranger. And what are you doing here?

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So he said, Yeah.

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So he said,

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I went with him. He said, Why don't you come with me? I'll host you. So he said, I went with him. He didn't ask me anything. And I like I wouldn't tell him anything. Like both are kind of nervous. Not they don't want to reveal what too much information. What if this guy any, right? So he said, The next day I went to the masjid meaning which Masjid?

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How to miss them how Damiani missed it.

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So to investigate and inquire about this man, but of course, he can't say his name. He can't describe him. He has to be very careful.

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So he said alley passed by me again.

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And Ally this time hinted. He said, said have you not found a place yet? You know?

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I said no. So he said, Okay, come with me. So he took him. And he asked me, you know, what's the matter? I mean, what are you here for? What's your story? So I said to him, If you keep this a secret Altai, if you keep this between us, so he said he promised him not to tell anyone. So he said, we heard about a man that that came out, saying that he's a prophet.

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And I sent my brother to investigate. My brother came back. No, he didn't really give me much.

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So I wanted to see him and meet him.

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So he said to him,

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Well, you're in the right place, you're with the right person. I was actually on my way to see him. So come with me.

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So he said, Just follow me quietly. Don't Don't make.

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So he said, If just follow me quietly, if I see someone, if I feel like we're being

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watched or

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monitored, then I'm going to

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know I'm going to just stop off to the side of the road, and pretend like I am fixing my slipper or my sandal, you just pass me by, like you don't know me. So So now, he's following him. He said, Follow me. But if if I feel like it's not safe, then I'm going to pretend like I'm fixing my shoes. That's a sign that we should separate God on separate ways. So he said, Okay. So he did the same thing. So he said,

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he said, he took me eventually to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So he said, and he told me about Islam and accepted Islam. And he told me, Go back to your people and conceal this.

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Right? Don't don't share this with anyone.

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keep this between us. So he said, I said to him, one lady, but I think I've been hacked by the one that sent you the truth. I'm going to

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cry out and I'm going to scream and I'm going to yell and let everyone know. So he said he went to the masjid of Croatia, we're sitting. So he said, Yeah, Mashallah. Quraysh in the shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow no Mohammed Abdul Allah sola.

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Just to their face.

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For ALU como ILAHA Saba, so they went and they went to beat him up. So they, he said, in another narration is said the arm will be Cooley. He said they came with every piece of like, rock stick anything in their head, any object that they can hit me with. They all came from everywhere. They just surrounded me. They started beating me.

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He said.

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He said I

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I was I was almost going to die. Right from the beating when a man Ibis came. And he said to them, are you crazy? Do you know which tribe this man is from?

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And he reminded them, he's from a tribe that what

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your caravans, you know, your the root of your caravans goes through their territory. If you kill one of them, you're done. Right? You're your economy or trade that, you know, you can't afford to do that. So he said,

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they left me alone.

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The next day, I went back, and I did the same thing.

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Right. So they got up and they started beating me until I was almost going to pass out a bass game and he saved them again.

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Right. So so he did it twice, probably Allah I know, while wala, and another narration and said that he came at when they did that he he got up, and he was just full of blood. He said, I can also be said as if I am a statue painted with red paint, like from the blood. So he said, I went to the to the gems of zum zum was a well, I went down to them washed. And then I started drinking from SAMSA. And it said that I stayed there for a long time, until I healed completely.

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And for about a month for four weeks, he wouldn't come out. He was afraid to be mean. And he said until I started having like, you know, extra fat, right? Love handles extra fat and I got I gained weight. I had nothing that I was consuming except.

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So he said, I came in the middle of the night, I came out in the middle of the night. And Mecca or the huddle was just completely empty, no one.

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So he said I came out and I hid between the sheets or the curtains, they used to cover the cover, like decorate the cover sheet. So he said I hid between them. And I was just standing there. You know, when all of a sudden two women showed up

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at night, making it off, to do one at yourself. And we're not either praying to itself and now it's overnight. You know, we're one of the many idols inside the cab or around the cover. And some people say it's having that, you know, like there was a legend, the seventh night in LA where a male and a female that actually,

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you know, committed fascia inside the cabin and a lot turned them into rocks.

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Like cursed them, and they turned into rocks. So that's that was the legend amongst, you know, that what he basically thought that was the significance of the SAP and that, you know, they still worship them as like, you worship someone that actually just to show you that. Cofer or shirk doesn't make sense. It's illogical, it's irrational. They just

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so he said, they came and they started praying to itself and not you know, and they passed by me when they passed by me and they're throw off.

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He said, I said something to offend them.

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You know,

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regarding that, so he said they, they, they ignored me.

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So he said, they came the second time around the Kaaba, and when they were about to pass by me is still calling out to who is 79? So he said to them, Why don't you have have them get married?

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Like that? So that's when they lost it.

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Right? And they started screaming, yelling.

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And he said, they walked away, these two women walked away. And then there were two men coming. At the same time as these women. They were walking away. One of the two men said, what's wrong? Are you okay? They said, This man over there. This horrible man

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said something that is very offensive about our god and goddess goddess.

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So he said, and I was I think he was nervous. And then also, then, as the two men approached him, it turned out to be a worker in the province of alladia. And that's when the process had them had a conversation with him. And he told him to go back to his tribe. Right? And stay there until

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the process and sends a message. Right. So he went back to his tribe. He met, he ran into the brother that he sent. So he told him, what happened. He said, I accepted Islam. He said, Well, if you accepted Islam, I'm going to accept Islam.

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Their mother said, What's the matter? She said, they said, Well, we accepted this that she said that well, if you do, became Muslim, I'll become a Muslim as well. And then eventually half of his tribe and then eventually the entire

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Our tribe become became, became Muslim. You know which tribe it is.

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They thought that was a Buddha, Buddha or leave Hattie, there's differences of opinions as to what his name was, you know, the most famous of all was Joondalup. If no, do nada,

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the story of a Buddha starts here doesn't end here. You know, subhanAllah almost in every stage of his life, there is some significant story, his life and his the story of his Islam begins in a very interesting fashion. Right? He comes pursuing Islam alone. Right. And his also life or his story ends, you know, Allah by himself, very unique personality i Well, that was one of the most unique companions of the Prophet sallallahu. So I mean, he had a very special place in the heart of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was actually in a way, right? responsible. The Baraka is accepting Islam.

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He was able to influence his entire tribe.

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His entire tribe came into the into slam together, then they came in, they're joined the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam eventually in Medina only Allah and Allah

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so we're going to stop right here Inshallah, it seems like a very,

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very quiet night for some reason, though it was it was a serious thunderstorm earlier. Today my show

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got all the aloha in Cabo

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without had very special connection with the promises and the profit will tell him things and teach him things and he was able to take a lot out on the Aloha

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very unique personality baby who

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follow the law and so exactly Mohammed Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you all may Allah Subhana Allah grant each and every single one a peaceful Nitish does anyone have any question

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about this about anything else

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Yes, that was that was that's how they made their living

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now not only that, but he Abu Bakr asked him Did you use to worship Allah subhanaw taala before Islam and Jaya Helia he said yeah.

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So he didn't

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you know, idols didn't make any sense to him even before he accepted this

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so very unique personality free thinker you know. And sometimes people have this like

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I don't know what to call it it's like a dichotomy that some people basically live you know, they could during the daytime do engage in Haram or engage in something that is that is immoral. I mean, there was no Halal haram back then. But it was immoral, right? Yet they saw that to be

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a legitimate way of earning living. And then in the evening or at night they were the nicest people very benevolent very

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you know, maybe he was like Robin Hood I don't know. Just take him from the rich,

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rich corner you know, members of Croatia and giving to the poor and his family

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so hammock Allahu Allah in a hey, learn tennis stuff you're gonna do.

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Good morning