Ebrahim Bham – Ramadhaan – Month Of Compassion

Ebrahim Bham
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu. Was salam wa Mulana ba bada

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bada bada

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bada kitabi what

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Talia rajim

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Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Caller columna bu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam urashima Moon here hamura

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hero hammelmann Phil. here how mockumentary Salah Hakuna Matata de salatu wa sallam, my dear respected elders and brothers.

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We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah has granted us. This day of joy, this day of happiness. This day of Eden. Livia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam sad liquidly Amina II at

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each and every nation. Each and every community has a day of happiness. And these are our two days of happiness pedal fitter. And he has a ha Livia Karim sauce llama for Maya Kihara kitchen sa din hotel, Smith who Sheikha is haruta are here hamari Khushi. Kadena and these are our days of happiness, the days of needed and one is it will fit in which we are and eat our happiness is because Allah has granted us the month of Ramadan, the month of Ramadan in every month and every year of Ramadan is special.

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However, many people will conquer this month of Ramadan this year was a special month. Allah says Rama Murthy erotica for Hadith and the near much of Allah narrated speak about it. What beautiful month Allah granted us. Allah tala in South Africa for example, the first one not so difficult. ally in this month, the weather was so beautiful and there was no disputes. karela raija granny or Ramadan Kibera cut and then together with that people try to the best of their ability that they try to comply with the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah tala was cocobolo Karim Allah tala accept our efforts in Ramadan. Now the challenge is that the

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lessons of Ramadan, we take forward and there are many lessons of Ramadan. Allah said Allah upon your gains Aqua net via Kareem saw Sam said Who?

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It is the month of discipline the month of summer. Now today there is one

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lesson of Ramadan, which nivia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam hadn't stated one of the stated objectives of Ramadan. One of the lessons of Ramadan that today I would like to concentrate on and in the Hadith with samanya Farsi radi Allahu taala narrates that he says that nebia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam havanna Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a few after yomim in Java. NET we saw Selim addressed us on the last day of Shabbat. He narrated many benefits of Ramadan and one benefit he said, who was shocked.

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It is a month of kindness and compassion, the month where you are supposed to learn kindness and compassion, and Ramazan Kate maksud, who's also Allahu alayhi wa sallam known for Maya Kashmira hum or cassava Sica data, or who's cassava Kamiya hassel karna Chaya, that's when we emerge from the month of Ramadan. Let us take this beautiful lesson of Ramadan. Because in Ramadan, we learn empathy, we learn compassion, we learn the aspect of identifying with a poor job bukata Tatyana

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Johanna was Messiah was some data. So in this way we learn the lesson. And this is one of the lessons that we are supposed to learn from Allah Ramadan, mercy, kindness, compassion, empathy. I have used all of these words because they are perhaps synonymous. It is normally understood that all of these words have one quality, which is compassion and kindness. This is one of the most emphasized qualities of our Sharia

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It is amongst the traits that defines the moral character of a person, many a times the finding and having compassion or the absence of compassion will define and a judgment will be made on the moral conduct of a person based on how much compassion he has, or how much kindness he has or how much he does not have. And therefore, it is amongst the most emphasized qualities of our Sharia. And what is kindness and compassion, the quality or the state of being sympathetic, helpful, time, empathetic, helping one another, that is amongst the aspects that has been can be defined as kindness and compassion. And the importance of this quality can be beige can be gauged from this fact that

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throughout history, throughout history, there is

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a type of Hadith known as muscle cell. muscle cell is a hadith that throughout the centuries, it shared a common trait. Like for example, when a cream sauce lamb rated a hadith he distributed water and Hadith mahatama muscle cell essayhave Kolkata Jonah via Karim saw Salem Keizer banswara nicklen. ores avanca satsa wirklich jocose nimis Aslam nichia Tov Mojave Finn zamana bar to see cheese for apnea.

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So one Hadith is known as muscle cell be overly yet

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the Hadith that the Hadith scholars first taught the students Jomo Hadith in a subset palette appname Shakira Goku appneta la caja de Cicco Kwanzaa. What is that Hadith that for which is known as muscle cell, bialy, the Hadith that the Hadith scholars first narrated to the students. I was once in a gathering on many gatherings. The move data was money when he narrated a lesson to you know when it comes to a hadith scholars and adult students he read narrates this hadith he said throughout history throughout history, whenever the Hadith scholar first thought his students what did he teach? The one that I recited at the football era he moon, your hammer Homura man, your

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hammer woman fill your hammer Cummins Memphis sama, those who have mercy will receive mercy from Allah, those who have kindness, they will receive kindness from Allah, have mercy on the people of the earth, and now will have mercy upon you from the heavens have mercy upon the earth on the people of the earth. And the end the inhabitants of the heavens will have mercy upon you. added to our ham caraga

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muscle cell Violetta.

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Jorah ham caraga or hamara human Sara homebuying zamin para

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hussmann moto

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Suhana ma What a beautiful Hadith I narrated this hadith at the time, when I spoke at the Mandela Memorial, this is a moment filler have mercy upon the people of the earth. Allah will have mercy upon you, brothers. It is just appropriate that this oma chooses this hadith to be the first Hadith that the Hadith scholars teaches to each students. Why is it appropriate? Why is it appropriate? We are a nation we are an oma that our nebby is Rama to Liliana mi

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ke Hades sub sub la mahadi thin applica la vaca for if you don't get a camera when we start off our Quran, we start off with our actions with Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most common, the most compassionate, the Most Merciful, and they can be no more universal and inspiring message with regard to you know, and kindness than this hadith. What does it say? It said, have mercy upon others, do

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you because you also need a last mercy of COVID Allah Allah

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and Allah has mercy will come upon you to the extent that you show mercy to others or not Allah who's had

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this heart attack, a stroke.

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What a beautiful and inspiring message of mercy. And look at what the Hadith says. Your humble man filled out. It even said

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hameau under momineen have mercy upon all the people of this world, Allah subhanho wa Taala will have mercy upon you. He didn't say to have mercy upon the Muslims, he said has mercy upon all the people of this earth, Allah will have mercy upon you. This is the aspect with regard to what a universal beautiful message then maybe a cream sauce will have one of the most beloved qualities to Allah is kindness and gentleness and not Allah kinesthetics upset person Dida ROM or host no sorry sulukim Allah tala esta logo perhaps mohabbat or Sahar Sahaba rakata

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li escaped special mercy kindness and reward for those people who are caring and compassion. Maybe saw slum one day tours he is

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in a lot of fear Allah tala is guiding you him. He loves tidiness. He loves compassion, and he gives for compassion and mercy and kindness. What does what which he does not give for anything else?

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harshness will not bring that results which kindness and compassion and now gives reward for kindness and compassion, which he does not give for harshness. Allah tala loves those who have a nice time and therefore in a hadith it says the Hala Buddha flotilla emulate the characteristics of Allah Allah tala t, so seafightbot up now and that Allah is Allah is compassionate. Allah subhanho wa Taala as compassions is all encompassing, Mati wasI, akula, Shea, Allah tala Kira hum sub

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two sub

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Allah tala us Rama Ramadan mercy and kindness has no distinction and it is without discrimination. In a similar manner when you adopt the qualities of Allah subhanho wa Taala have the similar type of attitude that you have no discrimination and you keep your arm and kindness to everyone. That the second point firstly in a moment in the second thing Allah tala loves those who are kind, then brothers bring kindness into your homes. Up next

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year a hammer karanka sosav luqiao Hadith nebbia Karim Sallam said for in Allah either

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debate in phailin at the finale

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What a beautiful Hadith with Allah wants to have a special favor upon a household and at alakija Pass Rama kisi Gurkha superhome toes Girma hammer karanka Mama,

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I don't know where we get this particular You know, sometimes we hear people saying, when I come into the house, and I come into the house, the whole house is quiet. to chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, I enable that when people who come in the house people must be quite quiet.

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I saw some said in Allah.

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When Allah loves a household when Allah tala puts and wants to put good in a house, then that particular house is characterized by kindness, compassion, the people when they talk to one another, and the husband talks to the wife and the wife talk to the husband. When the father talks to the children. When the children talks to the Father. It is with kindness and compassion. That's a sign that Allah is happy with that house. Allah has put good in that house.

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This is what may be occurring sauce limited, then. Maybe a cream sauce limit said it prevents people from janam y'all know what a beautiful Hadith in Amata Romana Allah holy hey he lay in Caribbean Sakhalin.

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Allah has made jahannam haram for a person who is easygoing. Who is time he is compassion. He is Sol he is easy. La is maida Jana Mara.

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Atlanta slo Jana.

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Look at our beloved Mumia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam his kindness My dear respected brothers. Let us learn from the Sunnah of our beloved Maria Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Windermere Karim Salam used to be performing Salah

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sometimes nebia Kareem saw Scylla would love to read longswords Sutras, right? And you know the Sahaba would have loved to read long sutras and maybe a Kareem saw Selim used to be reading Sarah and never saw Salaam used to hear

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a child crying.

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Maybe saw

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a child crying, but check it was absent at Iraheta immediately in a via Kareem so silom used to make the nama short, tacky mark with a cliff now. Nobody saw salami used to cut down his salad because

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The mother would be inconvenience we all know that. The child cries, the mother becomes very perturbed anguish that we saw some years a child crying that we saw Scylla made the sense of kindness and consideration when our beloved maybe a Korean saw Salaam in the Battle of ohad

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I think it was Omar bin he was most likely that's a hobby. He said that when the via cream sauce film started getting hurt, and wounds came upon.

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When the wounds came upon him, he saw cinema and the blood started flowing from the face of our beloved Libya Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the military in Sausalito dacha headwear and to teach of Marisol cillum came out, and then the Sahaba could not bear it's

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happening a lot, but Halak medica to Sahaba ropery savani, yada, yada,

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yada student and now is the time

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to hop on them. Now why the Sahaba wanted that they couldn't bear that someone could do this to the Navy of Allah. Someone could do this to the Beloved of Allah. Someone does you any harm you will bear it. Someone does you any harm you will carry someone does your family harm you will not bear it. Someone does your nibi harm you are not buried Sahaba could bear difficulty upon them. But when they saw this difficulty upon our beloved Maria Kareem saw silom they could not bear it. So they said Yara Sula, make dua destroy these people. Do Aki Chica latinum kohana curry How could they do this to the nephew of Allah? Karim saw solemn, lifted his hands, Nivea cream sauce

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Sahaba Sahaba became happy that now maybe a creamy sauce alum would make dua against them. And when you make dua against them, Allah subhana wa Taala will destroy them. And then the sauce will have lifted his hand when the lips started moving Sahaba strange eight years, what does nobody saw slum said Allahumma diccon

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your Allah have mercy upon my people, give them a diet, because they are ignorant

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as 100 maybe,

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even in such a time, when blood is flowing from his body, he is kind and he's telling people, how people have mercy and older heavy diet, give it to my people, they will not know they are ignorant. This was today many people might your respective brothers face different challenges. And it is our duty that we understand those challenges. We are sympathetic towards those challenges. You know, people have different challenges. And sometimes in those challenges in those temptations in the weakness, people commit certain things that are not right. They commit mistakes, they commit errors, and we cannot as a Sharia it is important that we cannot justify the wrongs as right. What is wrong

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is wrong. Right? That is Sharia. However, towards such people, we should always be sympathetic. Not that what they do wrong is right. But we should look at the errors and look at the mistakes with a finger of mercy and kindness, not with a finger of accusation.

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a lickin haseltine kurniawan opara ramco have mercy upon them Hate the sin to not hate the sinner. Jo Guna

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gunakan they

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hate the sin, not the sinner, if if Nebojsa Salaam would have hated the sinners, that would have come upon the right path. Sometimes I think many of us are in different paths. We come from different parts of the world come from Somalia. Some people come from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, we're in where people have come from some people have come from Ethiopia. If nobody saw Selim would have taken such a wretched attitude to where we would have got Hidayat in those parts of the world. Hammerhead is a multi Academy acronym SOS

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has been made one mistake in namaaz. He spoke loudly. Hc martorana was a small child spoke loudly in some local technology. Everyone started looking at him. What are you doing? So then when he said after namaz Mr. Lauer, lucidum called me, you know, he said I felt more embarrassed. And he said, Oh yeah, he said Mar a

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couple of

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us and I mean, I never saw a teacher before or after. That was better than maybe sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Many can be assembled in Canada. So nebia creme de la, Bella Birdman to this awesome set.

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Becca, ma Domini wanna wanna shadow money? He didn't hit me. He didn't abuse me. He didn't tell me harshly. We are sick. Kiwanja. Jeff namaaz. Malhotra is a bottleneck

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when you don't speak loudly, I know time is up, but I've got a indication from the back to take another three more minutes, so don't blame me. So, so, this particular method they said, or 10 minute or less. So, when we have we got this method is spread out in this world and spread this this aspect of kindness, like kindness and compassion become the norm in our society when we speak to one another, speak with kindness cool everybody.

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Tell people that when they speak, they speak with kindness, he seek yoga, which can now and Sahiba

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to other qui Ramachandran Segre, quicker to better better.

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When you want to tell someone something that is good, then then if you tell it nicely, you will find that it has great effects. Then those who say it harshly as a matter of the ultra nuke avakian miniport mata Mata I related this a little while many times that one day maybe a cream sauce alum told him something he said the way nebia cream sauce alum told me I will never forget it for the rest of my life.

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They can kiss under Sokka McCabe Zindagi burning

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also Macaca Yamaha's in the way book. Oh my god, I love you. Oh my god, I love you say, after every Salah alhama de electrica Shaka wahoo Smith

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was I love you after every solid return of mine, Li Allah the cricket, cricket, Hosni Bharati, Allah helped me in my zeker in very grateful to you and make it about it in the proper manner. Now, that is the way you see in today's world might be restricted by this. Let me just say one more thing, that solving other spirit people have different problems, and people have different challenges. The world has become tense, the world has become complicated.

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Or a mismatch, maybe we'll make a search we'll make it smaller.

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And now when I go out there and go and solve help people solve their problems, be kind and compassionate. And then inshallah you will see how you change people's perceptions and you change people by the kindness and compassion. So to conclude, the via Karim saw Salaam said in a hadith that was Sharma said, it is the month of kindness and compassion and amongst the lessons that we take from Ramadan because this is a stated objective. It is a stated lesson that we are supposed to take from Ramadan it is a stated objective that nobody saw some say it is a month of kindness and compassion in May we inshallah inculcate that most beautiful lesson. How would that request now as

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we get ready for the insula, very briefly, we will make you know, Nia Nia would be salad with 66 extra beers only, only that there is nothing else six extra bills in there after you make there then you Mr. mozzarella, whatever, you will tie our hands, you will read the financial manakala who will be handy and then you will make the first of the three extra three that means 123 then you will read Surah Fatiha and then he will read the surah he will finish the first first record the second record He will make sort of Fatiha and then the surah and then before going into ruku, he will make mention of the Allah and he will make the other three except that he is in sha Allah. May Allah give us two

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feet of making Allah grant us all a joyous feed. America supported Mubarak everyone meet Mubarak inshallah Allah Allah

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