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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of anxiety and fear of the future, as it causes problems and negative emotions. They also mention the success of Islam, which allows individuals to achieve the best news they can possibly achieve. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding negative emotions and finding the best news.
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What is the strongest thing that was created by Allah? Now here they are debating we think it's this we think it's that Allah walks in. And they said Allah, we have a question for you. What is the strongest thing that was created by Allah? Swanee right away points out his 10 finger stampings as he has already delivered about the question before, and he knows the answer. He started with the obvious, he said, the mountains. They've been there for ages and ages. But you can cut the mountains down with metal. So metal must be stronger. But you can melt down the metal if you use fire. So fire must be stronger. But you can put off fire if you use water. So water must be stronger. But it is

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the clouds that carry the water. So the clouds must be stronger. But it is the wind that directs the cloud. So the wind must be stronger. The same wind that directs the cloud, if I hold firm to my ground, it will not move me around. So man must be stronger than that cloud. But then he said the same man that is able to hold firm his ground. If he gets intoxicated, he loses his control over himself. So intoxicants must be stronger. But the same intoxicated man, if he goes to sleep, then that takes care of the intoxicants. But a man who has anxiety will never go to sleep. The strongest thing that Allah created is anxiety.

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alumna Vitali would say

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he would say, why. And you read in the statistics, 50 million Americans. These are the statistics that I know from the States. 50 million Americans suffer from anxiety. So many people are going through depression. So much of this is happening. And anxiety is fear of the future. We don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. And like I said the other day, the processor would wake up in the morning and he would say Allahumma in the hours we come in Alhamdulillah has an O Allah I seek refuge in You from being in the state of anxiety or from being in the state of grief. I am so sorry about what happened yesterday. I am so worried about what will happen tomorrow. I miss out on living

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today. I am becoming a prisoner of my memories, a captive of my imagination that I am crippled as of today. But then comes down and says you know what? VSA is for Kumamoto, wifey. It is in the heavens, that your affairs are being decided, you are in good hands. And that is why so panela part of the teachings of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is what we call emotional wisdom. You know, sometimes when they hear the word wisdom, what do they think intellectual wisdom, but Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam tells us what about emotional wisdom, what to feel, and when to feel it and what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. The process alongside the Umbrella Movement.

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Indeed amazing is the matter of a believer when he is hit with a calamity or when good fortune happens to him. He is grateful to Allah when something unfortunate happens to him. He is patient. And in both cases, the believer is win. It's a win win situation. It was said that one time.

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Jelani and some of you may, you know have a problem with that. But remember that you know whenever you can gain benefit. That is what we are taught as Muslims. If there is something beneficial, it's something that was said or done by someone take that good thing of them. modificado Jelani great person, one time he is sitting in his Masjid, and he is delivering a speech. So one of his students or one of the people that work for him, he comes and he interrupts the class says, Hey, Mom, I'm sorry, but I have some terrible news for you.

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The business they you know, they used to do business with Indians through the sea. He said, Great waves came on all your ships have drowned. And whatever was on them is gone. We lost everything. So Mr. Gilani kept quiet for a while not seeing anything, and everyone is waiting to see how he's going to react.

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Alhamdulillah he says, and he goes on with the lecture.

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Few minutes afterwards, the same person comes back and he says, ma'am, we were wrong. The ships have already crossed that port and the waves came after the ships. So all the ships are safe.

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Now, Julian again, kept very quiet.

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Alhamdulillah he said.

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He finished the lecture. And then people came after I said, Ma'am, you know, when you are given the worst news, you said hamdulillah

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and then when you were given the best news

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Use it and hamdulillah What happened? said, you know,

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when I was told, I checked my heart. And I wanted to see is my heart displeased with Allah because of this incident. And nothing of that happened. So I said, and hamdulillah

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then he said, when I was given the news, I checked my heart again, am I loving a lot more because of this thing, meaning that I can be bought and sold because of some financial gain here and there, which is not befitting to our relationship with Allah. And he said, none of this happened. So again, I said, Alhamdulillah

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we call emotional wisdom. That's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, calamities happen to everyone. We all have problems. That is part of life

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in South Africa, but indeed man was created in the state of cabinet you know, problems all the time. What is sad Is this my brothers and sisters