How To Deal With Depression

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Shaykh Assim advises us on how to deal with depression

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Mohammed, he says, I suffer from depression, and it makes me have suicidal thoughts. I know how bad it is in Islam, would you give me some tips on how to escape it?

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depression is

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an illness, it's a feeling. And there are psychiatrists who have diagnosed this illness and put it symptoms is in a very long list. And they said that if you have like four of these, then you should seek medical attention. And from an Islamic perspective, Islam looks at it from both angles.

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First angle is the cause of it. And each person's depression differs from the other. So one might be caused because of marital problems, financial problems, maybe the children in the home, he's unable to straighten them up his problems at work with the bosses or with the colleagues, his problems with him self or herself, not having the self esteem, self confidence, and so on. There's there can be many reasons your past your sins that are overwhelming you. And in order to be able to treat this.

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We always ask the brothers and sisters who feel depressed to strengthen their Eman.

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Why is that? See, Brother Mohammed says he has suicidal thoughts. Now a Muslim never gets these thoughts at all. Because he knows the consequences of such an action. So for example, if someone is in debt,

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and someone wants from him his money,

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he would be doing something illogical. If he goes and borrows with a higher interest rate Riba from someone who would break his knees for example, if he doesn't pay on time.

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This is illogical. So when you have so many problems,

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and you kill yourself, and you know that Allah will throw you in hell, and that the torment of Hell is so severe and, and serious and painful, that one second in it would not be or cannot be compared to what you're suffering on Earth. This is nothing This is childsplay.

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So as a Muslim, if you have strong conviction, if you believe in Allah, if you believe in the Quran, if you believe in the sooner if you believe that Allah azza wa jal has pre ordained everything, before the creation of the universe 50,000 years ago, and that Allah is most knowledgeable

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and Allah is most wise and allies origin is most merciful. Then you should know whatever

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is happening to you, that this is from Allah. And your belief tells you to feel calm and to get the tranquility because once you look at the great messengers and prophets of Allah, once you look at the great scholars of the self, and the torments and tribulations and the calamities they had been afflicted with, and you compare this to yours, you know that Alhamdulillah you are in great favours and blessings of a large soldier compared to them.

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So, this helps a lot to remove your depression.

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And thinking logically, helps a lot as well.

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If Allah azza wa jal were to

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afflict me with a calamity.

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Now, let me see the different scenarios. I can choose from. Scenario number one, I can bang my head in the wall and cry all night long for my loss or for my calamity.

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The result? Nothing. A very big scar, maybe few stitches, and an awful headache.

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But my calamity will remain nothing

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Scenario number two,

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I could keep on complaining to people. Allah did this to me, Allah did this to me and look what happened, why people are not suffering as I am why these disbelievers or this, these sinful people are not being afflicted like I.

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And again, your calamity will not change. However, you will get more and more since.

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Scenario number three is that you are content.

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And if not content, at least you are patient, content is the higher higher level level. See, you must be patient, you do not complain, whatever happens, I'll try my level best to solve the problem to get rid of such a calamity or tribulation. But if I'm unable hamdulillah This is what Allah had decreed upon me, what can I do? Nothing. And here is the difference between a believer and someone who does not have the full conviction in Islam. This person is highly rewarded at the sight of Allah.

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And he is elevated in paradise as time goes on.

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And he's patient, if he adds to that content. When people ask him, how do you feel today?

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And he's suffering, yet he says, Alhamdulillah I am fine, everything is fine. He's content. He's patient, he never complains, then Allah azza wa jal would reward him, Allah would love him. And most likely, Allah azza wa jal would find him a way out of that calamity.

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Because it was a test and this person passed the test the other two failed to pass the test. Therefore, you have to look into the depression and ask yourself a few questions. Is this self imposed?

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Or was it suggested by shape on by Satan trying to depress me trying to sadden me trying to make my life miserable, and the lives of those around me, you will find that this is from shaytaan.

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And Allah described this in the Quran in different locations, telling us that such intimidation is from shavon. Such sadness is from shaitaan. Such worries and whispers are from shaitan. So the best thing for you to do is to put your dependence and your reliance on Eliza feel confident in Allah trust a large region. When you hold a child, an infant, and you toss the infant in the air, what does the infant do?

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He laughs its head off. Why? Because he trusts that you're going to grab him. If someone toss me in the air, I'm gonna cry like crazy, because I don't trust that person. So you should and Allah has the highest example of course, you should trust the larger region and this would relieve you from all types of depression you are suffering from insha Allah Youssef.