Haifaa Younis – Jannah Gems #27 – Al Sitteer the One Who Conceals

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a conversation between multiple speakers discussing the concept of sick heart. One speaker suggests that Allah may not expose the sick heart to public health measures, while another speaker discusses the importance of showing the goodness of his mercy and love to his carrier. The conversation also touches on the idea of the smell being a sign of one's weakness and weakness in one's heart.
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So Allah subhanaw taala talked about the sick heart and the sick heart in the Quran. Allah used it in the following unpassable Levine a few glooby him Marylebone, la Johan la hora de Haan home. This is a sought after Mohammed. Chapter Muhammad, almost at the end is the people who have Suchart. They ever think that Allah will not expose their sickness? Scary. He's talking about the hypocrite here.

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So does the people who have sickness in their hearts? Think that number one now I'm talking to everybody myself. Number one, do you think that Allah doesn't know what's in my heart?

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Do you think Allah is not capable of exposing me?

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Do you think Allah is not capable of curing my heart? And that's why one of the righteous people says, whenever someone praises you, praises you, and you know how people praise May Allah reward everybody. First thing come to your mind internally, and you say, and you say 100 Allah, Allah subhanaw taala concealed covered my sickness and showed only the goodness Alhamdulillah jameela cetera as they say, it's the beauty of His mercy of His love to his servants that he conceal your shortcomings. Internally what you what i and you harbor in our hearts, and you only show the good to people. And that's also one of the righteous people said, If since listen to this one.

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If since, had a smell, nobody will be able to sit next to me.

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If since I had a smell, nobody will be able to sit next to me. So Panama Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah acidity, the one who cover and conceal Subhana

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