There is no compulsion in faith!

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There is no compulsion in faith! The story of a sahabi who wanted to force his children to accept Islam.


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The legalization of Islam in the United States has made significant impacts on society and the rise of Islam in the western world. The acceptance of Islam in cities like Afghanistan, India, and the United States has led to a cultural and political change, including the rise of Islam in the western world and the use of references to the prophets. Pr practicing Islam is crucial to cultivating the desire to pray, as it is part of learning and is a habit. A clear understanding of the concept of practicing Islam is essential to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

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fusina Wabi Sabi Dr. Marina Maria de la bufala Melinda Who am I you

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should love the hula de cada una Mohammed and okdo who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmeri call Allahu Allah does the largest version of hula hula hula Shinto the regime. Yeah you hola Dina la Hakata una 11 to Muslim moon bahala

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Takuma havapoo Cognizant sadita you slay Monaco elfin Welcome, my nuclear Illa hora Sula, who falls on our Lima, about in sort of right after ayatul kursi last potlucks as Latika has been a part of a universe to minella

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There shall be no compulsion in religion. God who wish to Minghella lay true guidance has begun has become distinct from error.

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From a yoke for big toe to human Billa Hiva party systems aka Villa road watin wasco, landfill formada. Whoever refuses to be led by the Satan and believes in a law has grasped the strong hand hole that will never break with law whose semi order Aleem a lot is all hearing and all knowing this is right after adequacy adequacy according to the profit and loss lab, inauthentic narrations is the art of war is it for the Koran, it's the greatest idea of the Quran, greatest in the sense of the content of the ayah is talking about Allah subhanho wa Taala the glory of Allah when Allah is the only one worthy of worship, there is nobody who is all living, there's nobody who is the Sustainer

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of everything, we are finite, we need the air to just stay alive. So it of course he lists out everything that is unique, or things that are unique to him, which is why we worship him and him alone. subhanho wa Taala right after this ayah is this one that I just read law at the there is no compulsion in the religion. What is this? What is the reason for the revelation of this ayah in the books of the seer we find that there is a reason why this ayah was revealed of poverty says For example, nessa tyffyn io, Pico min mineral unsought.

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ofuro jurymen whom can Allahu Allah doon, but how we do our sorrow home for mucha Allahu bin Islami urato Accra whom Allah He for na Houma la one danika hotter yaku home Yes tabula tabula in Islam. Poverty says that when the people of Medina before the Prophet phoslock came to Medina, and the people of Medina accepted Islam before they were polytheists mushrikeen. But some, some of them were actually who, you know, ethnically, the people of Medina ethnically from OSA Hassan, who accepted Judaism or Christianity, there was a Jewish community of three tribes were no final carbine and

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they were all there, but also the people from the Elson has urged the people of Medina had accepted Judaism and Christianity. And as the accepted Judaism and Christianity parts of them, they meet their children also accept Judaism and Christianity. Now when the prophets also arrives in Medina, and Islam is brought to them and the people of Medina embrace Islam.

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These some of these Sahaba, whose kids were still Jews and Christians wanted their kids to also become Muslims. In fact, they wanted to compel them to become Muslims. For now, however, will love wine, garlic, and must stop them from this. And this ayah was revealed as a response. There is also how you came to the prophets of Solomon, he said, I have children who were from from Africa, and I want them to be Muslims, should I have a book for you Allah He should I make them compel them to accept the religion and the prophets have said no and recited this ayah based on this understanding a topple he says for the medieval Konami, even this actually Ayah has many interpretations and much

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debate amongst the scholars of how is it to be understood and applied, but a property system the very beautiful authority, of course, is the great professor, the first one who compiled his his work of the CEO, he is the manager the one that even Kathy references and everybody references him. So he says, Look at me even

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called the water team in Alberta. He says the the interpretation of this worst is as follows. A last part, Allah has made the truth clear from falsehood, and was the learner the authority will have to overshadow the watch who must lobby the evidences are clear. The evidence is

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are also clear for the one who wants to seek those evidences for the might use them in a political Hawaii now it's clear and distinct from misguidance and error. Now follow up to Cree who may not get a beanie. I had an identical dealhack so that's the command is to not compel or force anybody from the Jews, the Christians to accept your religion. The dream the religion of the truth in them and hada added Russia and Russia the Baba de semana de la who for in a biggie Maru, who were whoever the Euro who, but he FEMA D, he says, Then now after the evidence is clear, and someone rejects those evidences, then for Inaba, B he Umbra, who that the matcher rests with his Lord. He's made his

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decision now the matter is with the last panel, Darla fight nama are they can

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Elena lace up like the ISS, in other part of the forum, your responsibilities to convey the message or profit, our responsibility is to hold people accountable. Hey, so this is what a public chooses, as his opinion, and provides the interpretation as such. Now, the understanding is that a lot of a deal applies to the aspect of entering into Islam, no one can be forced to enter Islam. Islam has to be embraced with conviction. With some level of conviction, that level of conviction can vary, you can be extremely convinced the moment you accept a snap, or it could be somewhat convinced, but the conviction is what leads the person to accept Islam. That is something that everybody agrees upon.

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Now, the reason why I'm sharing this idea with you all today is there's also a deeper point that the is making. And that's something that I'll leave with you to think about, which is

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practicing Islam. Even if someone is compelled to pray that parents forced them to pray. The real practice the real exam, holding on to the religion only comes when it is intrinsic, when it comes from within, that is truly when Islam has taken root in the heart and its fruits are now manifest and clear. That's the point the is making. It's making this point because, look at the next sentence after logical have been cut by you know rush do minAllah, the evidences are clear.

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Meaning once you have studied the evidences. Now, once you are convinced of the truthfulness of the message, at this point, now, the motivation will become intrinsic it will come from within you. This is very important in the way when we are cultivating Islam in our families, as parents, as elder siblings, as a community. When we are cultivating Islam, the cultivation of it rests on two parts. One is on the day to day rituals. That's a habit. That's like in educational psychology as a classroom routine. You come in you put your jacket on your coat hanger, right, you come home, you pray Salah, those are important aspects of learning very important aspects of telomere. But the

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other even more important aspect of religion of the deen is cultivating the desire to practice it, but explaining that this religion is the truth and addressing doubts that may occurred and explaining rationally how this religion of ours is the truth and is the only plausible explanation and the reality of of Scripture and salvation, that part of a universe to me it has to be part of the equation, but we are cultivating in our children that need the desire to pray. This should be part of it, the wisdom behind the prayer, the wisdom, why the times of the prayer are related to the movement of the sun, the the beautiful need of our soul to pray. All of these things should be

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explained from the source from the text of the Quran and Sunnah. That's something to think about. When we talk about the hijab with our girls, we shouldn't just talk I'm talking about Okay, put something on your head and that's it. Okay. There is a reason why this is part of the religion. The reason must be discussed because of the reason is clear. Then the motivation will come from within. And that's the point that this is making all models normal enough stuff a little

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spin on hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah he while early he was about in the la vida de Hassan al and maybe you have a ballerina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam to schema Allah, Allah, Allah Muhammad

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Nobody wants a hammer the philosophy was Alia Mohammed

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did a lot of money not assume that he did not. I mean,

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he was still I mean, how old is he out? Oh, but I mean, a llama I think musataha was a key to humans. And Who woulda Papa and enough Indonesia Hassan perfil. Cerro de Hassan joaquina Adama now walkie masala