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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast, season two, Episode One

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Assalamu alaikum productive Muslims. Welcome to the show. I'm your host me from Earth. And today we are here with Season Two of the podcast. Now what's special in season two is that we are going to be having the pre Ramadan bootcamp. And what this is, is that these are going to be daily short podcast, in which we're going to be helping you prepare for Ramadan, spiritually, socially and physically so that you can be able to get yourself ready when the blessed month of Ramadan comes. Now normally what happens is that, you know, the year goes by and then the next thing you know, someone tells you, hey, Ramadan tomorrow, so then you get into action to get start fasting, and then

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stop going to therapy, prayers, and all these changes that happen in your life. And it's just so hard to keep up. And then what happens is that some weeks go within Ramadan. And then you finally get used to Ramadan. And by the time you finally get used to Ramadan, guess what it's read. So then what happens is that we feel like we didn't make the most out of Ramadan just when we were getting used to what it ended. So we're hoping that through this pre Ramadan Bootcamp, we're going to be helping you make the most out of your preparation time right now. Okay, so there's a month left to the blessing month of Ramadan. So how this is going to work is that every day we'll be releasing a

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short podcast, which will contain a new idea a to do list, something for you to take action on. And then what we want you to do in return is that you check out our show notes of these podcasts. So the show notes are the accompanying blog post to each of these podcasts. So you can find that over at productive Muslim slash season two. So over there, you'll find all the episodes that are related to this season. And once you do, you can find the episode that you just heard and then go right there you can leave a comment and let us know what activity you're able to do and what was the outcome of it. So this way, it can be a more interactive experience. And we can all go through this

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as a group. So I'm looking forward to having you join us for this bootcamp. And if you are please do leave us a comment on the show notes of this episode. So again, that serve it at productive Muslim slash season three, so let us know you're in and let your family and friends know about this boot camp. And inshallah I will see you all again tomorrow with our next episode. So till then, remember to work hard and be sincere