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The concept of "the hellfire" is discussed, which is about finding the right thing for one's dreams and finding the right person. Islam subserves in situations where people are supposed to go to the fire alarm, and the "genom" image of the goddamn body is discussed. The importance of protecting oneself from fear and mistakes is emphasized, and transformation and staying healthy and safe are also discussed. The segment ends with a discussion of the transformation of the French police force and the importance of protecting everyone from the deadly jahannam.

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Robert, trying to think about how to begin the subject today is actually the opposite of yesterday's conversation. Yesterday we talked about when a person enters the paradise. And today, it's about when a person enters genom, or the Hellfire, when their eyes will be learned. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from them. When you think about the Hellfire, what comes to mind? What's the first thing that pops into your head? Do you think about the punishments? Do you think about what a scary place? It'll be? Do you think about Okay, I don't want to ever be part of that. Do you get

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frightened? Do you get scared? What's the first emotion or feeling that you get when you're confronted with this subject? Some people, they literally jump into denial, you know, they don't want to hear about it. Just Just get that subject away from me. You know, let's stick to something positive. And for myself as a speaker very often, more often than I would hope for, I would get people that will come to me and if I choose to speak on this subject, or I speak about something else, that isn't as pleasant. They will say to me, Look, why don't you just keep the topics positive, Lino, let's keep our, you know, spirits, strong, motivated, optimistic. And these kinds of

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topics just later, or just leave it, we don't need to hear about that we can read about it. And this actually happens. And I really, it's kind of weird. I don't know why that happens. Because with every reality, there's always two sides. You know, with every truth, there's a lie with every lie, there's a truth. So with every good, there's always a bad side. So with paradise, there's the opposite. There's the jahannam. And as a believer, we're one of the ways that we find balance in our lives, and make choices that are balanced choices is when it when we study both both sides of the coin. And so in this case, here, it is just as important for a believer, even though we're striving

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and we're doing our best not to be part of that group. we're striving every single day to make the right choices that's pleasing to our Creator, it's important for a believer to always understand the flip side of things. Because it's not just about protecting yourself, it's not just about, okay, that's where I don't want to be, but with those emotions and those feelings that you initially get, when you hear about the jednym, and you hear about the punishments, immediately, what that should do for a believer is that it puts you in check, you know, and so that way, when you open up the quote, and and you read verses or in any other religion, if you open up the Bible, you open up the total.

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And you read passages in the scriptures that talk about the Hellfire and talk about punishment, you as the reader now, what the what these passages and these sentences do is that they help you understand that, you know, there are consequences for certain choices. And that's one of the most fascinating things about the quarter end, that if you are in denial, or you're scared to open up the quarter end, because you know, it's going to expose you, you know, it's going to confront you, you know, this poor and we'll put you in check. And so you know, long story short, some people just choose Muslims I'm talking about choose just not to read it, or they flip over they breeze through

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some of these passages. But I want to share with you some of the things that Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about the Hellfire that I think would motivate us would actually turn our lives our feelings into something that could motivate and inspire us to be good people at the end of the day, one of these passages, if you go to the end of suta, to me known at the last page of the sutra, it has an really interesting conversation that happens with the inhabitants or the people that are been decreed to go to the fire. What Allah subhanho wa Taala how he speaks to them? And what are some of the responses he gives to these individuals that plea to Allah for different things. So the

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conversation starts off that

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these people when they were told that they're going to go to the fire alarm, so Joe tells them, Paula, Sophie, how well to kill the moon. So all that's happened prior to that is that they've been pleading their case. They've been saying for enough in an effort in volume or if you just give us a chance, another chance. Let us take a retake. Let's go back to the world give us one more chance that we can go back and we can try our best and do everything that we're supposed to do. But at this point, Allah's response is Paula Sophie How well are to Kelly mon laksa who comes from the word hustle, hustle or hustle means it's kind of like the term that you use when if somebody's bothering

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You say to them, be quiet Get away from me. Like if an animal you know, a monkey or a dog or something comes near you and you try to shoot away. That's, that's the action of hasi own. And so Allah is pretty much saying Get away from here, just be quiet while at to kill him on Don't say another word. Because Allah subhanaw taala knows deep well inside it if he did give give these groups or these people another chance, they probably end up doing the exact same thing anyway, it's just like when you when you look at those CT videos, when when teenagers and the criminal is standing in front of the judge, and you know, they're about to be led off, or they've served their

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time and they're about to be released, and they make promises, you know, I'll never do that crime again, I'm not going to mess up, I'm not going to have any run ins with the law. And lo and behold, most of the times what ends up happening, the same person falls back into the same problems all over again. So it's kind of like a similar comparison. The point is here, what happens when a believer or excuse me, when somebody enters the fire? What happens to that person? What do they see? Well, it all starts off at the gates of genom. The gates of jahannam are guarded by angels. And not just like the angels that you and I might think about these are angels that Allah has created for this one

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purpose to guard the doors of the jahannam. And the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam described that these angels are 11 she dead, that they are severe. They're mean they're angry. You know, when you go to somebody's house, or you walk into a restaurant, you expect that at the door, you're greeted with a smile. When you visit somebody's home, they greet you. They welcome you. They say Salaam Alaikum. Like it's a welcoming feeling. But in this case, here, there is no welcome. The anger, the punishment, even the expression on some of these angels that are guarding these doors, that alone terrifies those that are destined to enter the fire, then the gates will open, then these

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inhabitants start to enter the agenda genom is made up of Of course, fire. But what kinds of fire? No one truly knows the answer that is question. But what we do know is that there are several components to the fire of jednym. And one type of fire of the agenda we have in this world, which is the fire that we see, you know, you light a match you light a candle, etc. that fire that you and I are accustomed to seeing in this world is one and the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam tells us is one of 70 different types of fire, that is in the jahannam. Now, what does this all talking about? What that does now is immediately it goes back to previous conversations that we have, especially

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that we had yesterday, where we talked about the paradise and in the paradise, there are things that the eyes have never seen. And some examples of that work colors, the trees, the fruits, all of these different things, and animals and birds and so on, that will be in the paradise, but they're not the same as the one that we have in this world. So it's the same idea. genom is no different in the sense that there is there are things there that you and I don't have the ability to comprehend, or even imagine, there is no horror movie on the planet that could come close to try to give you some sense of imagery or understanding of what it is that you're going to see what it is that that

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individual will see when they enter the firewall dilemma Allah protect us from that alone. I mean, then there are also animals that are in the jahannam. Our Prophet alayhi salatu salam described some of them. And he mentions that there will be insects, there will be scorpions and spiders and other things. But they're not the scorpions and spiders that we're accustomed to seeing in this world. Prophet alayhi salatu salam tells us that the scorpion will be the size of a camel, and the sting of a scorpion would last for more than 90 years, the one sting of a scorpion. And obviously these things are in the jahannam because it's part of the process of punishing the inhabitants of the fire

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whether you will be left, then there are also birds that will fly around jahannam is also made up of valleys mountains, there are trees and as a matter of fact, one particular tree called the sheduled to Zaku, the tree of Zaku. This particular tree grows at the base of the genom and jahannam now are seven levels. And scholars would like to give us some sense of what this is going to look like because, you know on the one hand, you have this massive tree that's growing at the base of jahannam. And keep in mind that the base of jahannam has the worst of the worst and one group that resides

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At the base of the fire are the hypocrites in the mafia Poland. And unfortunately, this is so rapid. We've seen here about people that have hypocrisy that become hypocrites. All throughout our lives we see we meet people we hear about this all the time, Matt Alonzo, which will protect us from ever becoming one of them alone, I mean, and select the pit. And the base of this fire is the roots of this particular tree, as this tree grows, and it extends its branches extends to all the different levels of the jahannam. And the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam describes that this tree will have fruits, and the head of every fruit is actually the head of shaytaan, somebody will come and they

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would want to pick a fruit from this tree. And as they pick the fruit from this tree, they'll see the face of the shape lon, they'll try to bite into it, thinking that they'll get some relief from the pain, the heat and the torture of the jahannam. But it turns out that the fruit itself is filled with inflammation and pus and other disgusting things. And this is what their food will be. The Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam describes that the people of the Johanna will want something to drink, the drink will be hotter than the temperature of the sun. And that's what they will be given to drink. And it goes into deeper detailed descriptions of what will happen to the person when when

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they drink and eat this sort of thing, what would happen to their stomach and it's all part of the process of the punishment whether yours will be left. The Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam also told us that from the top level of jahannam, to the base to the bottom, if you were to take a stone and drop it, it will take more than 90 years to reach the bottom. So massive is is not even close to describing how just how big an enormous jahannam truly is jahannam also,

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the prophet Alayhi salat wa salam tells us that some of the inhabitants of the jahannam will have a molar teeth, the size of Mount Hood. Now those of you who have gone to Medina and saw the mountains of or hood, they're massive, they're actually the biggest mountains in the city of Medina. And so the molar tooth of an inhabitant of the jahannam will be equivalent to that of Mount Orford. So just to give you an idea of just how massive the people of the object dnm will be. And the winner, the wisdoms that scholars explain why that is, is so that it would prolong the punishment as it's happening in the jahannam people will be talking, but they won't just be having conversations and

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just be like, man, I got to get out of here. No, there will be screaming, there'll be chaos, there'll be confusion. It is non stop constant punishment and torture will be left. And so there's nothing left for them to do except to turn to Allah and plead to him. Call out a call to rob banner originaire minha for in an effort in a volley moon, they actually will call upon Allah and listen to the word of this is captured at the end of June, they will see Paulo robina originaire minha or Allah take us out from this, they called a load of buena. Now here's the thing, or Rob banner or Rob bone literally means master. But this is the word that they didn't call a low when they were alive

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in this world and that's the point. So now because they're in a situation they're desperate, and it's just like somebody that goes through a difficult time in this world. You know, when somebody is going through pain struggle, they're you know, they get terrible news they lose a loved one to become really sick. And so they turn to Allah Allah heal me Give me strength give me cure give me she found. And what is Allah subhana wa tada do? Allah decides if he wills that he cures that individual. So what does Allah say about the situation somebody similar to the behavior or the attitude of those that are in the jahannam there are some people that when they are cured when they

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are saved, Fela Mecca chef now on hold daughter Madeira, Colombia Dona Isla beaudry message so that universe, then they continue their life. So when Allah lifts the pain of struggle, Allah blesses them with cure, then they'll continue their lives as though they were never sick, or they were never in trouble to begin with. And this is the problem here. And one very classic example that we're actually living in and we're seeing with for ourselves, is this whole issue of the pandemic and what's happening around the world. You know, there are many people that have, you know, gained a renewed sense of appreciation, and gratitude for life. And so they don't take things for granted

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anymore. They

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Appreciate time, they appreciate money and wealth. And and they try to utilize these things to the best of their ability in a way that helps themselves and others around them. So they're good people. But always amongst good people. There's always these pockets of other groups and other people that just don't get the lesson no matter what, whether it's a pandemic, whether it's a serious issue of death in the family, it doesn't matter. They just don't get it, nothing seems to change them. And so ultimately, if that doesn't change, then these are the people that allow so a jug will say to them, por la Sofia, get away from me and don't even talk. Now you're going to call me up. Now you're going

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to call me Master, I gave you so many chances in the world. I gave you so many years, I told you that I am al Horford or Rahim and I was the most forgiving and merciful. Anytime you made a mistake, all you had to do was just turn to me, and I'll forgive you. And you could have moved on. But now it's too late. Now there is nothing that you can do. And as a matter of fact, in the surah in certain amino and at the end after this whole conversation about the jahannam happens a lot actually reminds the inhabitants of the Johanna that in this world, there was a 51 there was a group Yoku narrowband FM filter and they used to say constantly to Allah, Allah forgive me, or Allah have mercy

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on us, Oh Allah, you are the Most Merciful. So bless us with that mercy. This is the believers that Allah is referring to. So Allah is actually telling the inhabitants of the genom, that in this world, he left, you actually had people that were doing this, they were actually praying, they were talking to me, they were striving to do the right thing. And you didn't see that they were right in front of you. They were living in your neighborhoods that were in your classrooms, they were at your work, there were people there that were doing their very best, they stayed away from the things that were harmful. They treated people equally, they never discriminated. They never hated anyone. They

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were actually there in front of you. This was the example that I sent. But now today was too late. And finally, brothers and sisters, with the gentlemen, one of the things that we should always think about and reflect, is to know that jahannam as it exists, and at least we have an idea of just exactly what's going to happen in the agenda, and all the punishments that are involved. We know that there are some groups that will stay in the agenda forever. But then we also know that there are some that will go for a certain period, and then they will be taken out and they will be entered into the paradise. Our Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salam told us about this, that there will be some

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that will be there for a period of time. And once that they have fulfilled their time in the jahannam, I went Allah Subhana, Allah wills, they will come out and they will go to the paradise and there will be this healing process that they will go through. As a matter of fact, the head even describes how the healing process will be. You know, it's just like when you have a cut, and you put a band aid over it. And after a few days, you take off the bandage, don't you see a little scar, you see the dried up skin, and slowly it starts to peel off because the new skin is growing again. And that's the same process of somebody who comes out of the jahannam. And now being prepared or ready

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to enter the paradise they go through that healing process. And that's important to understand. Because then often when that what happens is when you mentioned this, this whole scenario, some people ask well, okay, so maybe I just have to go to jahannam, for what, like a weekend or something or a couple of days, I think I can manage that. You're missing the point. Nobody wants to even be near genom. And actually, the first taste of the jahannam happens in the grave. For some who are not able to respond to the questions that are given in the grave, their graves ended up becoming like a pit from the pits of the fire. And this is something that we talked in our previous video on the

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long haired youth of Alberta ignore it for the loved one that describes what happens to a disbeliever or a fragile, somebody who is a wrongdoer or a sinner, what happens to these individuals, and they're great. So we talked about that in one of those previous videos. So the point is, at the end of the day, now that you've heard all of these things that have mentioned to you about the fire, my question to all of you, to me, what now what do you do? How do you feel? You know, when when these kinds of reminders when you shut them off? What's your day going to look like? What are you going to be thinking about? What do you what do you what's going to be price? What are

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you going to be processing in your mind? And how are you going to take those thoughts and those feelings and those emotions? How are you going to take that and internalize it in a way that uplifts you and become and so that you can become a better person that you continue to strive. This is the whole point that every single time you come across a head dethrone a, that Allah azza wa jal warns about his punishment, that Allah subhanaw taala tells you about what will happen

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In the jahannam, you know, there's one a in su little hedge that some of the people when they are brought to the fire, they will be dragged. And they will be beaten and tortured whilst they're being dragged into the fire. In other words, they didn't even reach there yet. even reach into the fire, they didn't even come to the gates of the gentleman, but they're already being punished. They're already going through some some level of torture. When you think about all of these things, you have to ask yourself, what does it do? Like? How do you process this kind of information? Is it just really cool to listen to is just like, Wow, that's amazing. This is worse than any horror movie I've

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ever seen in my life. Okay, the last turn off the TV, turn off the full whatever, and just move on in life. That's that that's the tragedy behind talking about subjects like this is that you just never know. That is, is the listener actually internalizing this information in a way, okay, so they can develop some sense of fear. And like, I don't want to be part of that group, I want to do better, I want to push myself I want to strive, I know that I have the ability to protect myself from a less punishment. And all of us should be thinking this way. You know why?

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Because we are still alive. We're still here, when he left, you haven't.

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Despite that, this, this reminder is about the jahannam. And just to give you a little bit of insight, or at least an understanding of what the inhabitants of Paris of the jahannam will expect to see, and may align, so which will protect all of us from being amongst them. The the point of all of this is that at the end of the day, it's going to stir up some strength, it's going to motivate you and I to continue to strive, because we're still here. And as long as we are alive, we have what it takes to do the right thing. And that's the message that I want to leave you with. I know though, since we're talking about all of these things, I still want to leave you with a positive message

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with a message that's encouraging, that can uplift our spirits, and always give us the confidence and the motivation that we have what it takes to do what we're supposed to do. Because we're still here, when they let you, Allah did not close our chapter yet, we still have time. And we still have, you know, days that we can continue, we still have the ability to comprehend and understand. And so you have every opportunity to continue to do your best. And all the mistakes, all the errors, all the shortcomings that all of us make from time to time. And that's okay. That's the reason why we ask a lot of Forgive us, it is okay to make those kinds of mistakes. Things that Oh, you slipped up,

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you didn't concentrate too Well, you didn't say something, right? You prayed late, something like that. And all of this stuff was beyond your control. That's okay. You're still here. You know, even though you might have prayed fudger late, you still have voter officer and the rest of the prayers to get that discipline going. So that then when the next fudgier rolls around in sha Allah, you'll be ready for it. And you keep redeeming yourself every time you make that mistake. And that's how it works. And the thing that's motivating you, or at least part of the motivation, is you do not want to be part of the description of the jahannam. And what a lot so Joel has told us about them.

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Because finally my brothers and sisters are leaving with this, just keep in mind, there are no second chances. Once we leave this world, and people will plead to Allah subhana wa to eyelets mentioned throughout the Quran, they will plead to Allah or bitter jeroni or a bear God largely are metal solid, heavy metal rock, or like, take me back, take me man, just give me one more chance so that it can do the righteous deeds that actually ignored female, corrupt, corrupt is actually just like disregard ideas. I didn't even care. Just throw it out the window, I didn't even pay attention to it, or it picked and choose what I thought was easy for me and I stuck with that and I left

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everything else. We don't want to be amongst those who do that. We want to be amongst the people that are consistent, that are striving to do everything that we can and follow all the instructions of our Creator. That's what submission truly is. And so I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us the strength and the ability to always continue to strive to be the best. We have what it takes brothers and sisters I really truly and strongly believe that. I really believe that as long as we are still breathing and time is still with us that we have everything that it takes to be amongst those who will reside in the beautiful jack Jenna or genitori theodosian area. We have the ability

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to reside in a loss paradise and to be close with him. jahannam is there but we don't have to be amongst those who are in the jahannam Well, arias will be left so

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Let us continue to strive and do the things that we're supposed to do, until our time runs out whenever that time is, as long as we are here, Allah subhanho wa Taala sees that we have what it takes to continue his message, and to practice his message to the best of our ability. Male Lysa will continue to give us strength to be able to obey and follow His commands and his instructions may not so we'll continue to elevate and uplift our spirits. Amen. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us, our families and those that are close to us. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect all of us from the punishment of the Fire. Aloma mean, just a couple level Hayden, take care everyone and

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oh, before we go,

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let me just go into my box of treasures here guys. And let's see what we have for tomorrow.

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Let's see what we have for tomorrow. Oh,

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well, this is interesting. I forgot about this topic. Actually. Take a look at this topic.

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Limit a limit or higher? Why can't I change? That's our next topic in sha Allah for tomorrow. Why can't I change? So the method of transformation? Wow, this is gonna be interesting. Look at this, you know, again, everything is just everything when it's pieced together and it synchronizes so perfectly. It's just from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And no one else could plan such a thing. We talked about paradise. Today we talked about the hellfire. And now tomorrow we're talking about how we can change for the better some handle law. So that's tomorrow's topic in sha Allah as we continue with this series of spiritual growth. Tomorrow it will be Why can't I change? so look forward to

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that in shall line or I will be if they let heater Allah take care of me Allah so it will keep you healthy and keep you safe. Ama can wherever you are alone. I mean Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh to go to