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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah brothers and sisters. Welcome back to the Father and Son podcast. Last time you were watching us, we were in Macedonia, we in Madina, Munawwara very, very amazing experience, Mashallah. I miss it very much. I have made a personal decision to try and go back to Michigan Novi, Michigan haram Mecca, Medina, more than once a year. It's an amazing experience.

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Another thing that we need to mention in the beginning Subhanallah there is a tool happening very, very soon. You want to quickly tell them about that tool. Before we get into our discussion for today. Yes, Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, we are talking about our tore through Ottoman history in Turkey. So, this tour historic tour is going to take place from the 20th to the 25th of November 2023 very limited spaces. Go ahead book right now. Okay, you can find the details at Halal getaways.com Halal getaways.com Inshallah, you will find all the details there, how to book who to speak to, and all the details are there. Okay, so you will have to book your flights as soon as

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possible, because the tutorial is getting very close. So in this tour, we will basically visit Ottoman monuments from city to city from soltanto sopin from must match it to match it, and you will be completely fascinated, we can guarantee that you will not come back the same person. And if you have kids, if you want to educate them about the history of Islam and the great magnificent monuments and salons, then this is your golden opportunity to join us this November in sha Allah and check out halaal gators.com. This is our corner hidden. So without further ado, let's get into today's topic of discussion. And we cannot ignore you know, the elephant in the room, which is the

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situation that our brothers and sisters in Philistine are going through in Palestine. First of all, we started the podcast by making dua for them that may Allah make things easy for them is their affairs, you know, subhanAllah cure their sick, and really, really helped them in this difficult time. I mean,

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continuing from that, I think it's very, very important. Nowadays, we have a lot of activism in terms of support for Palestine, it's a good thing, and it's completely legal thing, okay, saying you support Palestine you support the right for Palestinians to live, etc. And saying things like free Palestine are not against the law. Okay, that's a very, very important thing that we need to mention. If they were over 100,000 people would be arrested, you know, because a million actually, you know, many, many people have been coming to these protests every Saturday. So that's one point.

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What's really, really important, in my opinion, a very, very important thing and place to start this discussion off is a brief history regarding the modern history of Palestine. I know there is a long history of Palestine, which includes Elise, Raul Mirage, and we could include so many things, and you know, the Israelites and Judah and Judea, and all of this, and why actually talk about that you've done a whole lecture on that it's on the channel, everyone can go on the channel and check it out.

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But where I want to frame this, and the reason, first of all, I want to mention why it's important, and then I'll pass it right over to you. So you can give us a brief history.

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The reason it's important is because instead of just saying Free Palestine and being one of those people who says it without really knowing much about the cause, it's good to know about the course it's important education is power, knowledge is power. So I want to start this off with the Ottoman period, the end of the Ottoman period, okay, where we have Sultan Abdul Hamid the second, okay, who is in power at the time? around 100 or so years ago. Okay. And Palestine is officially under Ottoman rule. Absolutely. What happened? It's only 400 years but yeah, yeah, for many hundreds Ottomans came to power in Palestine in the year 1516. See, to be precise, and they lost it exactly 400 years

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later, when in 1970, in General Allenby, during the First World War entered the city of Jerusalem, having taken it from the Ottomans. But before we get to that point, I want to very quickly mentioned that the Jewish people had been persecuted severely throughout the history of Christendom, the history of Europe. Okay, to be precise, US people were heavily persecuted, and they mostly found refuge in Muslim lands. Yes. for over 1000 years, Jewish people lived with Muslims side by side and prospered. They made progress they produce some of the greatest scholars, philosophers, thinkers, points, theologians, you name it. Some of the best Jewish academies in the world. I mean, religious

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Jewish academies in the world. Were in the Muslim land.

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like Iraq, the Iraqi Jewish community is the oldest Jewish community in the world. After all, that's where the Babylonian Talmud came from.

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So, why am I mentioning this? I'm mentioning this, that this pattern of persecution continued as later the 19th century, many Jewish people were persecuted. There was a lot of anti semitism in Europe in the 19th century. And having seen all of this, one of the Jewish journalists called Theodore Hutsul. He decided that something has to be done about it. The first Zionist conference took place in Switzerland in 1897, when many Jewish bankers, journalists, intellectual scholars, they came together, and they decided that there has to be a Jewish state for the Jewish people, based upon the idea presented in Theodore hurtles book, the Jewish state, hurtful is known to have

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approached Sultan Abdulhamid to buy off the land of Palestine from Him, He even offered him

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the prospect that we will pay off your debts you owe to the Europeans in return for the land of Palestine. And this is by the recorded history. This is not just rhetoric, this is not just a story, it actually took place, right. And you can Rican read that in the memoirs of Theodor Herzl himself. So Sultan Abdulhamid flatly refused this offer. And then came the the First World War, this group of Jewish activists, predominantly Jewish Jewish activists,

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those who came to be known as the Zionist later on, or this movement came to be known as the Zionist movement. These people, they started to become more and more active within the British political circles, and somehow managed to influence the British government into promising the land of Palestine to design this movement, not necessarily to the Jewish people, because according to the Orthodox Jews position, you cannot have a state until the Messiah comes. Okay. It's basically it's kind of it's like a blasphemy. It's like a blasphemous idea to have a state before the Messiah, the awaited Jewish Messiah. Okay. So but this secular group of Zionist, or, you know,

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Jewish activists, they decided that they will basically overrule or override the Orthodox opinion and go for a state, specifically in Palestine, and they called the land Zion. Zion means Palestine, okay. And they came up with this idea that the land was promised to the Jewish people in the Bible. They were we have a right over it and we will take it by hook or by crook. And in 1917, when Britain took the land of Palestine from the Ottomans, but then

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foreign secretary of Britain called Arthur Belfer, he promised the land of Palestine to design his movement. He wrote a letter of famous letter to Lord Rothschild

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at the time, and he promised him the land even though the land doesn't belong to the British government, the land belongs to the farmers, the Palestinians, of the Bedouin, people who were living on the land, and many Jewish settlers started to move to the land of Palestine, and, and some of the land was bought from the Palestinians. But then the Palestinians came to realize what's actually happening. And this slowly the land was basically occupied. I mean, it's a long story. There's a point about the Balfour Declaration, which I want to mention, obviously, as you mentioned, one of the things that modern historians would mention about the Balfour Declaration is that in

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terms of within itself, its significance was it's not a legally binding document, as in international law. Right. The actual legally binding document that is international, like recognized by international law, etc, whatnot, like the binding document was the mandate. Yes, okay. The British mandate the British Mandate, which which followed the Balfour Declaration, but the Balfour Declaration, there, we can't actually put that to the side and separate it from the mandate because from the context it basically it basically ended up it was it was the thing that led to the British Mandate. Exactly. And something about the Balfour Declaration was already there. Yeah, the intention

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was there for some reason. The land of Palestine was to be given to the Zionist movement. I don't like to say the Jewish people because the Jewish people are free from such oppression and tyranny. Okay. We can't say all the Jewish people agree with this. We can't say that right? Okay. No, they don't. They don't if they don't, of course, there are so many Jewish activists who are marching on the streets of London lately, protesting against the war that's going on

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So with regards to the Balfour Declaration, something I wanted to mention is today, when we were filming this podcast, it was exactly 106 years ago. Did you know that? Yes, exactly. From today? Yes. From today, 106 years ago. Okay, so 19 1917 Yeah, right, exactly. 100. And it was a catastrophe. It was a catastrophe, it was injustice. And it was theft. It was a robbery of land against the wishes of the people who inhabited that land. I mean, the local Palestinians were not even just just just just simplify things, someone walks into your house, okay, and you offer your living room to them

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out of your hospitality, right? You want to be kind to these people. And then these people decide to take the whole house to themselves, and then force you into a toilet. And then they force you to drink, you know, sewer, a drink from sewer and eat from sewer basically, literally, okay. And if you get sick, you can't have medicine. You can't educate your children. Okay, you're forced on gunpoint to live in the toilet. Imagine that. Okay, this is the kind of situation what's happening today in Palestine. So it was in 1948, when the State of Israel was eventually formalized, formalized by the den League of Nations later on called the United Nations, unjustly, the land of the Palestinian

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people was given to the Zionist movement. And as a result, hundreds of 1000s of Palestinian people were driven out of their homes. This was ethnic cleansing. This was terrorism on steroids. Okay. And you know, what, micellar, Musa can simply not cover all the history, there's so many things. I mean, there are so many things. How many job did a podcast recently with, with Abdullah Andalusi on this, they went through a lot of history, so people can watch that, that particular podcast if they want to go into detailed history of how all of this has been one of the things that I think might be good to mention is that historians actually discuss the reason as to why of the Balfour even wrote this

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in the first place. And there are various theories that discuss, you know, one of the theories being, obviously like to appeal to influential Jewish people at the time, right to appeal to them, etc, for the favor of Britain, you know, so that Britain, you know, can basically, you know, be in a favorable position in their eyes, etc. And there are reasons here, they're vice versa. There are various other reasons. The point the point is today, there's a war going on, there's a genocide taking place, right, right now as we speak, okay, there is a genocide taking place. Okay.

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Close to close to 10,000 people, nearly 10,000 people have been killed. And nearly half of them nearly half of them are children. That's only in the last since since October 7. Yes. Exactly. In the last three weeks. Yeah. In the last three weeks. In the last 25 odd days. 10,000 people have been killed. This is a genocide or unfulfilled. Okay. This is ethnic cleansing is a separate thing. This is basically people being killed in cold blood. Okay, bombs are being dropped on hospitals. in densely populated areas, powerful weapons are being

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employed. Okay. Hundreds of people are losing their lives and 1000s are losing their limbs. They are getting

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the you know, they becoming permanently disabled. They're not allowed to get medical treatment hospitals do not have electricity. There is no internet, okay, there is no water, there is no clean drinking water. Okay, these people are being treated in the worst way possible. Worst manner possible. We cannot imagine the only other parallels one can draw maybe the Mongol invasions in the Middle Ages or the Crusades. Okay. Or possibly, you know, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What happened in Hiroshima, when a bomb was dropped on the population and instantaneously over 100,000 people died instantaneously. Right? Okay, we have 10,000 is not far 10,000 is a lot of people. Where is the

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conscience of the world? People talk about justice, peace, okay, we want peace in the Middle East. We want peace. Where the hell is that peace? We don't see it. We don't see it for the Palestinians. We don't see it for the people of Gaza. Why are they why are they being punished for the crimes a few. Why is the collective punishment being given to them? And I wonder Musa this is the point. I wonder why global leaders important. Global Leaders in fact

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like Western leaders, why do they feel so terrified? In speaking the truth? Why are they so scared? What are they scared of? Why are they speaking this way? Everyone knows that human beings, they have a conscience. What is it that drives them to talk the way they're talking? They don't want the ceasefire. Some of them have voted against the ceasefire. Some of them have abstained, Western leaders, presidents and prime ministers in the UK, UK at the end, including the UK, why UK? My question is what what drives you when having seen all those images, and I can guarantee you, I can guarantee you if that kind of bombing, and if that kind of killing was taking place somewhere in

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Europe, or in the Western world, let's say there would be an uproar. There would be rightly so rightly so. Human beings are being killed. Humans are being killed. There are children dying. They haven't even seen the word. They don't know anything about the word. They haven't come out of Gaza. They are living in a boycott for the last 17 years. They haven't seen anything, and they're being killed. They're being taken away. Okay. And why are the global leaders so helpless, so powerless, or so immoral? That they cannot speak the word of truth? They cannot say that this is a genocide. This is mass murder. This is a massacre. This is war crime. This is a war crime. Why can they not say

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this? And when they are repeatedly questioned by journalists, they don't have anything to say. They're just playing games with words word games, okay. For some reason, when is the Palestinians being killed? legal interpretations come out. Okay. We don't know how to legally interpret this conflict. What the hell is wrong with you guys? What that is, I mean, 911 was bad enough. 3000 people died in one day, hey, we have 10,000 people killed already. When is this going to stop? When is this going to stop? How many more people do you want to kill before the stops, okay. And every single global leader who talks in favor of the State of Israel and defends these actions is

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complicit. You are complicit in this, you are part of it. Remember this, you will go down in history as mass murderers. As apologist of genocide. You are apologist of genocide, all the journalists, all the media outlets, all the newspapers and TV stations and radio stations, and all the politicians who are defending it, defending this genocide in one way or another, you are all complicit, you are all mass murderers, you will go down in history as mass murderers, okay? And you will not have peace in life, you will not be able to live with yourself after this is over. Okay, this will be over. And the good news is, this can never continue forever. We have learned from history of humanity, that

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oppression cannot last, it will collapse, it will decline. Whoever is perpetuating this

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injustice, this genocide, this is going to end organically it will go into and this is the Sunnah, or this is the way of the history. This is a something of Allah. This is the sunnah of our our being our recorded history has taught us that no tyrannical, oppressive power that kills innocent helpless people will survive forever. This is going to end

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Yeah, Subhan Allah, I mean, this, there's there's so many things to mention that directly relate to this topic. The dehumanization of the Palestinians. How in rhetoric. I mean, just today I was listening to, you know, Elon puppy, no, Ilan puppy, the historian. He is a university. He's a historian, professor of history of the University of Exeter and I was listening to me is he's got one of the most famous books on the topic, which I do recommend that you read. It's one of the main book recommendations on this topic is called the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians Elan puppy and what's interesting about him is he is in Israeli historian. Yeah, he himself is an Israeli so by the

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way, it wasn't even an anomaly in this situation, where you have an Israeli historian talking about the you know, there are many there are many moral voices coming from Israel. Okay, there are Jewish Israelis who don't agree with this. They want this to stop. They actually they want the Palestinians to have the land. Okay, they want the Palestinians to be free. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Now this doesn't mean the the the

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The end of the Jewish people absolutely not. Okay. All the Zionist propagandists out there, they're playing this game with the minds of people. They're trying to claim that everyone who asks for Palestinian freedom is calling for an Israeli genocide. Absolutely not. This is a lie. This is false propaganda. I mean, even if we just look at the case of the Palestinians in Gaza, you know, just when when we when we look at the situation 80% of the people in Gaza before October, the seventh were aid dependent. Yes, we're talking now before this is before the current happenings that, you know, in the news, and everyone has seen on Twitter and YouTube and everywhere, before the seventh

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of October 80% of the population in Raza was a deploy because there's a block. Okay. I've been to it. You've been in I mean, subhanAllah that, that I completely forgot that. So how is the situation when you went? What were you? Did you go in? I was obviously humanitarian. Yeah, I mean, when 2008 in 2000? Was the situation I saw buildings completely crumbled. I could not imagine that a people can do this to another people. I mean, people to point to the population of Gaza is approximately 2.2 million people. Yes. So I've just that's a lot of deals. A lot of people you know, when you think of us, or maybe some people they don't know, they think of 30,000 people. There's a lot of

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people in Gaza. And actually, historically speaking, it is the longest siege because they're essentially besieged. They don't have autonomy over their own water, their own electricity. Now, I mean, was showing us they don't even have Nazis, right. The Nazis did not keep the Jewish people for this long. Of course, they killed many hundreds of 1000s. Yeah, and they don't evil. Muslims, it'll be the first.

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We are the we are the people who save the Jewish people from extinction for over 1000 years. I mean, look, let's look at some historical examples. We have, for example, the fourth Council of Toledo. We have Visigothic kings, you know, agreeing, you know, to, to basically essentially persecute, persecute Jews. Yes. You know, persecute Jews. Okay. Muslims, Muslims save the Jewish people. Yeah, wherever they went. Spain, for example. Okay. Jewish historians have written this. They have designs or for examples with Jewish historian. He wrote this, that when Muslims came to Spain in the year 711, the Jewish people welcomed them as liberators, because they were facing heavy persecution. And

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the list. I mean, the history so vast, for 1000 years, there are so many Jewish testimonies, the golden age of the Jewish people was in under an Al Andalus. Right in Islamic Spain. Okay. So when people try to paint this image that this is anti semitism, pro Palestinian movement, is anti semitism in disguise, this is all a lie. It's a pack of lies. People just want good for the Palestinian people. People want them to have equal rights. They don't all have them. People want them to have food, medicine, education, freedom, basic human freedom for 17 years, right under our nose, right under our nose. 17 years of blockade is a concentration camp. I mean, just to give you

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an example, I mean, what was happening on October the 30th, which is only two or three days ago, right?

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The the Turkish Palestinian hospital was bombed in Gaza. This is the only hospital that is capable of giving cancer treatment to civilians in Gaza. Is the only hospital capable of that. Yeah, guess what happened to that hospital yesterday. Just yesterday. The hospital had to shut down due to fuel shortages. It's completely shut down. Yes. Right. So this is the situation that we are facing now. It's a humanitarian crisis. We have many Western people speaking out even now. So the masculine speaking, there's many things we can say about this. For some reason journalists and politicians have sold out. Yeah, they have sold out. They have sold their souls to the devil. I mean, there's

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some people that are speaking out there. I'm not. Yeah, that are speaking. And even some politicians are resigning. Yeah. And they lose. Some people have lost their jobs, etc. Yeah. You know, because of what they've said in the positions they felt. The fact of the matter is, I mean, there's so many points we can mention about giving you a brief history, about how Palestine was essentially handed over, you know, to the Israelis, and then we have the Israeli state. Okay. And we had various I mean, there's so many things to mention in 1948. The year within itself is very important to mention is almost 1 million Palestinians were displaced. Okay, this was one of the greatest crimes of the

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British Empire. This was one of the greatest crimes committed by the British colonial rule in Palestine. The British

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you know, after the First World War, they

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They had taken control of Palestine under the British Mandate, and they committed one of the greatest crimes in human history. And whatever is taking place today is basically as a result of what happened that. Okay, so this is why a lot of British citizens today, they feel that something has to be done about this. I mean, I was listening, I told you, I was listening to an interview with Elon Poppy about recent events. You know, he he's in Haifa the moment right, or at the time of the interview, and I was listening to what he was saying. And he actually explicitly mentioned, you know, it's a case of settler colonialism. It's just, it's the same thing that happened in the US,

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same year that happened in all of these elites. And the problem is people, it's just, it's just very recent. That's the thing. The unique thing about the Palestinian causes, you know, with the US, yeah, but hundreds of years ago, 100 150 years, you know, I mean, I mean, less than now, I would say, I would say just over 100 years, I mean, it's not when that when that when when the Europeans first found, you know, the, you know,

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European settlers were coming. They were driving the natives towards the west and eventually killed them off. Yeah, yeah. killed off the habitats, killed off the people, but 1940's is less than 100 years ago. Yeah. So it's, it's quite a modern case. A very modern, perhaps the most modern case of settler colonialism. Yeah, right. It's unbelievable. That is happening in this age. Yeah, the so called 21st century, the modern age where people

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ought to know better. We have Geneva convention, we have Bill of Rights, we have united nations, I mean, to talk of secular institutions, right? We have Islam as Muslims. Islam is absolutely beautiful. When it comes to rights of others. Okay. It is very, very clear. Islam is very clear. Okay. It is the Europeans, the Western world that needed these rules and regulations to behave themselves, right. Okay. But are they being applied? Are these laws being applied? Today? These laws are put in place, of course, because of atrocities because of mass murder, because of genocides that were taking place in the Western world. And these laws, I mean, after the Second World War, after

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the Second World War, you know, because there were so many atrocities committed by also all sides. Laws were put in place, are they being applied to the What lessons have we learned from our history is the question, What lessons have we learned? Okay, what lessons ISIS was evil, ISIS was evil people were making. Show me when ISIS killed 10,000 people as evil as barbaric as they were as evil as barbaric as they were, when did they actually kill 10,000 People in three weeks?

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In 25 days, 10,000 people, around 4000 of which were chill, the more than more than 4000? I would say half more than half are children. And And how about countless people who have lost their limbs 20 to 34? Permanently? Yeah, mentally disabled. And there are people still under the rubble, they are still there still, look, they will never be found. I mean, just recently, you know, within the last 48 hours or so the Jabalia refugee camp was bombed. It's the largest refugee camp in all of other

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bond, you know, in this manner. And and people ask a question, which is, you know, one of the responses that's given, you know, by Israeli authorities is the targeting Hamas. Right. But but, you know, someone caught posed the question, I thought, it's a really good question. And that is, if we found out there were there were Hamas leaders hiding in school in Israel.

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Would that be justification to bomb that school?

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According to Israeli subpoena, you never know, because they're killing the sausage on a moral level? There's a moral question here, which is, if we find that there's a criminal on a train, does it become justifiable to to blow the train or wipe out the whole train with the civilians and children's and babies and women and innocent men?

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So this is the first thing we need to remember here is that Israel is the occupier. Yeah, I mean, Israel is the occupied. Okay. The issue we don't we don't condone any attacks on civilian people, no matter where they are. Yeah, it's against Islam. It's against Islam, full stop. We are Muslims. We follow our principles, okay. Even if my own son commits a crime, I have to tell him that it's a crime. Okay. It's not acceptable, right? We have principles. You've taken the land away, and you put them in a concentration camp in a prison and a giant prison with no access to medicine, education, or even basic freedom, and then you're bombing them on top of that. Where is justice? Where does

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humanity Where is any standard? Well,

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What happened to people? What happened to all these journalists and politicians? I don't understand. I want to give you an example. Like for example, just recently and I think this really sums up you know, you know how some people are thinking in this whole thing. We had a an Israeli Knesset member she's an assembly member, Mira have been very okay. When When discussing, you know, concerns related to Palestinian children. She mentioned the the Palestinian children brought it upon themselves the children of Azad children of Reza brought it upon themselves. To me Musa, can you believe that these are the most I don't understand how they even running a state these people, these kinds of people?

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How can you run a state? How can you have access to such dangerous technology, when you think like that is unbelievable. This is These are public statements, by the way, it's not. They don't feel ashamed about it, you feel ashamed of them. They don't feel ashamed. They have the courage to come and say these things in public as bad as evil as these things are. It is unbelievable. I mean, even in this interview, I was listening to Elon Poppy was mentioning about Netanyahu himself, that he's only giving interviews to non Israeli basically news outlets. So he's not actually being interviewed by any Israeli outlets, okay. And he's putting on an image etc, and whatnot. And he's coming out

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with dehumanizing rhetoric towards the Palestinians. This is what Israeli historian is telling you. Yes. Know what I'm saying. So, there's a lot of things to mention here. I think one one question I would ask, which is, there's many things we've mentioned, and I think we should we should give the people some action points on this.

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Some practical action points I would like to mention is they should watch your lecture on the history of Palestine, to know the deeper history and some of the modern history related to the read up on the Balfour Declaration, as well read a read up on a Nakba, which is essentially the 1948 ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians what happened, how 500 or so villages were cleared out Palestinians, you know, around 800,000, Palestinians forced to leave their homes forced to leave the villages, etc. That's many people, nearly a million people read up on a Nakba read the book, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, and educate yourself on the matter. That's one thing I'd mentioned

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any points you would mention about this because, look, we can mention so many things randomly and stuff like that. The reality is people need to educate themselves. And we need we need Muslim Muslims who are actually doing productive things in this whole absolutely I would advise Don't Don't be silent in the face of this oppression. Don't ignore genocide. All of you have to be active, legally active, you have to remain within the legal boundaries of the countries you live in. Do not break the law. Do not make statements that break the law. Okay. You may feel frustrated, you may be very angry, you want to say things you want to do things. Please control yourselves and do not break

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the law. Legal

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freedoms allow us to do enough for our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Okay, be legally active. Do activism. Do not sit on this information? Don't just watch TV and cry at home. Okay, don't just sit on the masala Okay, actually da da da prayer sincere dua to Allah subhanaw taala is one of the most powerful of our weapons, but at the same time my brothers sisters be active when I say active. Okay, talk about it, write emails, okay. Join any

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demonstration that helps raise awareness. Okay. Again, do not break the law. Do not that doesn't help the cause it actually helps the oppressor. It helps the people who are killing our brothers and sisters in Palestine. And this is a human responsibility. This is not only for the Muslims, all people watching this program, this is for you. I'm talking to even Israeli citizens who may be listening to this in Israel right now. This is your right.

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This is happening in your name. Your politicians are claiming this in your name. You need to rise up you need to let the world know that you're not part of this. You have to change something because this cannot go on forever. You cannot do this to people oppression doesn't last for absolutely it cannot kindness compassion does. Compassion lives forever. But oppression and tyranny false by nature. It is to fall. Okay? That's what I have to say. So be active in your capacities. If you're a journalist, then you must talk the truth. Talk the truth to power. Okay, if you're a politician, wake up, wake up. You will face God one day, okay. This money this influence this power is not going

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

to remain forever. Okay? Even these prime ministers that become sad cases are

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

Do they lose office? Or can they go and sit home at home and the read newspapers and then just and then they hide, they're hiding from people, they're hiding for people, they can't face people because of the atrocities they committed when they were in power. And this power lasts for only few months, four years, eight years at max, what what's gonna happen, then you're gonna go home and sit somewhere in a corner hiding with people, you can't face people, because of your, your hypocrisy and your cowardice, your absolute cowardice in the face of a genocide. You're the last people talk about justice, and peace and law.

00:35:36--> 00:35:50

Right in front of your eyes. A group of people, an extremist group of people, the Zinus are committing a genocide, they are breaking all human laws, they are breaking all laws.

00:35:51--> 00:36:33

They are war criminals. And yet you have the audacity to speak for them is unbelievable. So remain active everyone. Do not sleep on this, do not sit on this. And it cannot stop. This activism has to go on until there is peace in the Middle East. And the Palestinian people have the same rights as everyone else. That's all I have to say. So academics, politicians, journalists, common man, everyone has a responsibility towards this, okay? If you will allow this to happen. As they say what goes around comes around, okay, if it can happen to Palestinians, it can happen anywhere in the world. And then the reaction may be the same. We don't want this to be repeated. Never again. You

00:36:33--> 00:36:56

know, the Jewish people say about the Holocaust. Never again, we are with you never again, no Holocaust of the Jewish people, no Holocaust of the Palestinian people, never again, against anyone, no matter who you are, wherever you come from, whatever religion you belong to, Never again, never a genocide against anyone. No one deserves it.

00:36:58--> 00:37:20

That's all I have to say. For now. Brothers and sisters, may Allah bless you all please do subscribe in sha Allah to keep up with the content. And as mentioned, do whatever you can. All of us are capable of something that makes a difference. Do whatever you can in sha Allah that is in your capability within your legal means. And in sha Allah to Allah. We will see you in the next episode. Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh