Builders of a Nation #16 – Maimoonah bnt al Harith (ra)

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In South Africa rahmatullahi wa barakato Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. We are going to be continuing the journey and living with another builder of this nation. This time, the name is Mia Munna may mourn Herb interhealth unique woman, and there is uniqueness in her in specially in her marriage. So she was born and lived in Makkah, and she comes from a normal family. Interesting. Her name was not Maimunah in fact, her name was Barbara. But when a Roswaal a salatu salam married her, he actually changed it to a Munna, which means a blessings or a woman who is blessed, or a person or a woman who brings blessing and Baraka May Allah make us all of that. Her family is very unique. Her

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sister Lumina, she was the second woman who accepted Islam. Her half sister, see design a winter Hoceima which is one of the wives of Rasul Allah, His Salah to Sarah. She is the act of saving 100 million Waleed and Abdullah have nobis two icons of the Muslims. She embraced Islam before the Hijra. And she stayed in Makkah, and then moved to Medina three years after her marriage to Rasul Allah salatu center for characters she was described.

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May Allah give us all this? Number one she was described as a pious woman, or Swati. His salatu salam said about her. She is the symbol of goodness. What did she do that her husband describe her like this second, very affectionate to her relatives. And you see this, when you see the Hadith and the scenes of Rasul Allah salatu salam that she narrated one of her relatives, usually, in the chain of narration described as being proactive. What does that mean? She was the one who wanted to marry Roswaal Esau to Sara, she, in fact, is a three stories are three possibilities. Either she send her relative, the husband of her sister, to go and propose to her Swati salatu salam. And another story

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said, in fact, she proposed the Rasul Allah saw to Sudan directly when they were in a caravan. And another one, she said another relative of her, she approached him to go and proposta Rasul Allah Sato, Sarah, she wanted to be one of the Mothers of the Believers and who doesn't want to be, as we have been covering in the series, the surah tool ZURB, the Confederate and the Quran covers a lot of the incidents around the Rosaria salatu salam in his house with his family. She proposed to Roswaal as auto Sara, as she wanted to be one of the Mothers of the Believers. And one verse, which is verse 50. What Allah subhanho wa Taala was describing or telinga Roswaal a salatu salam, which woman you

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can marry, or you can't marry. One of them is the woman who proposed the Rasul Allah salatu Sinha, scholar says this has saved me Mona. Now the fourth one is one of her legacies. Actually, she was or she is still regarded as one of the authorities in many of the sayings of Ross, Swati salatu salam related to ruling the rulings of how do we perform things in Islam is actually related by Seder Maimunah. For example, the Islamic bath, the hosel it's described by her and she said I prepared the water for Rasul Allah salatu, sunnah, and then she went on and described exactly what he did. So not only described the minimum needed for the Islamic bath, but actually the Sunnah, how he did it, Ali,

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his Salah to a sinner. Another one, which is really interesting and many of us knows this about the virtues of the mosques, especially the Mosque of Rasul Allah Salatu was set up. In fact, this hadith was narrated by her there is a woman in Medina who she was ill and she said, if Allah subhanaw taala cured me I am going to go and pray in the Masjid Al Aqsa in Jerusalem. So Allah subhanaw taala cured her and she was seeing this to see me Mona and see me when I told her Don't go, stay where you are and eat from the food you are making. rather pray in the mosque of Roswaal ASR to a Sudan because I heard him singing, praying in my masjid, meaning the masjid offer Rasul Allah He saw to a certain

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better than 1000 Stein better then pray

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In any other mosque, other than I will be to her on the masjid in Makkah. And the third thing which is very interesting, is actually described as it she also is very considerate and caring. She was sitting with Rasul Allah salatu salam, and say Nahata didn't unworried and then fogal her brother in law, and they brought food Tura Swati saw to Sarah. And the food had neat. And as about a Rosaria salatu salam to pick up that piece of meat. She said to him, this is a meat of a lizard. And Allah soiree salatu salam puts it back and he said, I don't eat that meat. If you want, you can eat. So this tells us and teaches us that it sometimes I was sorry, salatu salam, when he says I don't eat

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or I don't do this is his preference as a human being. So it's not the ruling, ruling, don't eat seydel Fabu and say now Hurdman will eat they ate it. She didn't. But look at what she said. She said I am not going to eat something. My husband or Rosaria salatu salam doesn't eat, very considerate. One of the narrations that she also narrated and taught to us Muslims and important ruling of hedge is that on the day of our alpha, and our Swati salatu salam was standing in our alpha and people wanted to know, was he fasting or he was not. Now we all know that the companions had so much etiquettes and all and respect to Roswell is auto certain that they don't ask him the

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right questions, but they wanted to know, so should they do it or not? So what did she do? She actually brought two milk to him, and he drank it. And then everybody knew that the person in hedge should not fast on the day of alpha out alpha. So again, out of her etiquettes and taking care of her husband, she passed in the 61 year after Hijra. Interestingly, he was not buried in Bucky, actually, she was buried in sort of on the outskirts of Makkah, the most important thing that we all need to look and say to ourselves, What will people say about us after we die

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and see what to say to Aisha or again, is our to woman, married to the same man said about her. After she died, secede. Aisha looked and says there is no more than a mourner by Allah. She was the most pious among us. And she was the most caring of her relatives. The reasons she said she's the most pious she was talking to herself, say to her, if you're saying Maimunah is gone. Now you can do whatever you like. Yeah, Heisha. She was by Allah, the most pious. Now you can imagine, say that. So what did she do? Everything pleasing to Allah, still or yet? So you don't mean when I was like the person she looks up? hi to her, in case there's something that needs to be done better in her

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funeral procession. Of course, her family were there saying Abdullah nobis the Hebrew depend? The most knowledgeable man of Islam was actually in her procession. And she was buried in the outskirts of Makkah. May Allah Subhana Allah bless her. May Allah subhanaw taala make us follow her footsteps and make us all builders. Oh,