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AI: Summary © The importance of good conduct in building successful businesses is discussed, including the use of words like good conduct and the importance of showing one's personality. The speakers emphasize the importance of showing compassion and compassion in order to avoid damaging family members and avoid showing one's weakness in one's own family. The segment also touches on the negative impact of showing one's behavior, particularly those who are criminal and causing harm, and the importance of showing discipline and compassion in speaking to people.
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Alhamdulillah Allah hilmi Heba ilmi well if we

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was salat wa salam, ala MB mursaleen. Kuala Lumpur he was happy was seldom at the Sleeman kathira kathira. Another dofollow Villa Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem la parada Manama many is ba Sufi. hemara su Rasulullah minha foresee him hit him it was a key him were you Alamo mala kita well sigma

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columna Vu sallallahu alayhi wasallam. In a minute he would recover who's Nicola? De Raja Tata Imola. It was him in okemah Kalani Salatu was Salam

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respected lsmw Brothers, Allah azza wa jal has created in our Deen various categories

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and various departments. In a very famous Hadith

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nebia Karim sauce limited Guney al Islam Allah forms

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the foundation of Islam rests upon five pillars. We all know the five pillars. Eman salud, zakaat, Rosa and Hodge. That is a five pillars. Now, this tells us also of the classification and the categories of deal

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because everyone knows

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that the pillars in itself is very important for a building, but it's not the complete building.

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You come to this beautiful Masjid Beautiful Names of Allah subhanho wa Taala inscribed. Now you need it for this building, you needed the palace. But the police after the palace no one finishes a building only by putting up the foundation and Palast and no one ever

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charges the beauty of a building by the good foundation. If you ever heard anyone saying what a beautiful building, because the foundation is so nice to never judge

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the beauty of a building by the palace as important as the palace is and one important factor and Department of Deen which I would like to emphasize on today is death of a helot and conduct.

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And this is one of the great objectives of nebia Kareem salsa in the ayat which I've recited and that Allah has described the objectives of NaVi salsa

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yet Lu holla himayat he will use a key him I don't want to go into a long translation of that but one of it is we use a key him to purify people the right the right to purify people from evil attributes and evil conduct and to adorn them with good conduct and manners. And maybe a cream sauce himself said in our boys to the booty mama Karim, Allah Allah. Allah hit send me to complete could conduct Allah has sent me to complete one of the great objectives of nahi sauce was to complete good conduct and good manners. Of course before we start off on the value of good conduct, it would be good to start off what is good conduct.

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What is good Aflac. Some will ama have made mentioned a set of behavior that defines what type of person or person you are. So you know, normally a person will say this is a very good natured person. He's very kind he's very considered on the opposite scale. People will say, he is very cheeky. He is very bad mannered, he is very ill mannered. I sometimes find it very interesting. When many times people say, you know, I've seen people saying this man won't come in front of me, people won't come in front of me because I will do such and such thing to them. I will I will go and tell them such and such a thing people get happy about it. But never a cream sauce limit said in a hadith

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that one of the worst of people are those people who people stay away because of the bad, vulgar language and the bad conduct. Yet people take pride in it. People take pride he can stand in front of me I will tell him a whole lot. I will tell you a lot by Missa solemnis call such a person the worst of all people.

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Now, what is good conduct a set of behavior that defines what type of person you are, I believe

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the very famous scholar in our religion was asked what is good conduct What a beautiful reply

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He gave he said good conduct conduct consists of three things a smiling face doing whatever good you can do for humanity and refraining from harming them so

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a smiling face and secondly he made mention he said doing whatever good you can one Kareem saw slim said absolute amahl it Hello sorry lol Muslim the one of the best deeds is to bring happiness to a believer.

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So, doing good whatever good you can do and refraining from from harming people or Muslim woman Salim al Muslim on melissani he was a Muslim is He Who others are saved from the evil of his tongue in his hands. Now that is a definition a small definition. Now let me give you the benefit of good luck. Let me give you what actually a flag does, what good conduct does Firstly, the alarm I have made mentioned is that Aflac and conduct is as important as the budget as important as the budget now this we don't make this distinction.

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When person a person makes a lot of divided in salad, we said very pious person born a manager, right? But when a person got good luck, we never say he is a pious person as most will say Haro Manas che is a good person. But look at what Muslim said in a minute. The youth rickerby Hosni co op de Raja taka milele was in a person to the means of good conduct gets the same reward as one who makes the 100 namaz all night. And one who fast the whole day enough Punisher in uniform fame is on

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the weightiest thing to be weighed on the scale of a person's good deeds on the day of Tiamat will be good conduct, but yet we never regard good conduct as part of piety. But this hadith tells us it is equivalent to making the heart to the whole night, this hadith the Hadith tells us the weightiest thing to be weighed on the scale of a person's good deeds. 1000 said, the person who will be I will love most, and the one who will be closest to me will be the one who's got good conduct on the day of Tiamat and the worst people in the above other Camila

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the one whom I will dislike the most on the day of camera, the one who will be furthest from me on the day of Tiamat will be the one whose o'clock is not good. A flag is part of piety is part of rewards from Almighty Allah is not only doing good because people say this is a good person. It is rewarding, it is the one that brings you close to them on the day of care. But the second thing about Aflac a person who's got good luck, who's got good conduct who is pleasant, he will lead a good life. He will lead a happy life and he will make the life of people around him pleasant and happy.

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The person was good conduct not only will he be pleasant, not only will he be happy, the people around him will also be happy. Whereas the person who has got rotten Aflac bad conduct, he doesn't smile with people. Although it costs nothing to smile, yet you'll find it difficult to smile. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile, but he can smile. Now this last one was called smiling, a sonata not to the wrong people, the right people, and maybe

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the one who used to smile most amongst us was the missiles.

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Yet we find it difficult. So the person who has good conduct and a good he will need a pleasant life. He will make the life of people around him pleasant. Can you imagine a person who's got terrible conduct? How is it the people who are closest to him? How will they live with him? He will make people's life a misery. Whereas a person who has good good pleasant conduct, he will make people's life a misery. I mean he will make people's life happy. So that's the second thing with regard to the third aspect with regard to good conduct.

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There's a hadith of Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam

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emulate and bring about in you, the characteristics of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Bring within you the characteristics of Allah subhana wa Taala.

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And the ooredoo poverty said gouf Dharma Dharma Allah Abraham, the believer is the evidence of Allah on this earth, of thermacore.

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He is the evidence of Allah on this earth. How will you emulate the characteristics of Allah, you can become Allah, you can become omnipotent, you can have the attributes of Allah, but you can bring in you the characteristics of Allah. Allah is kind and nice compassion.

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allies Rahim you also be kind, compassionate, you will have more manfield manaphy sama, have mercy upon the people on the earth, the one who is in the heavens and Allah will have mercy upon you. To the extent you show mercy to people in this world, Allah will show mercy to you. The third aspect with regard to as I said the benefits, one is it is divided, it is equivalent to a burden. Secondly, it makes the people's life around you pleasant, and it makes your life pleasant. Thirdly, you you become the evidence of Allah on this earth by you emulating the characteristics of Allah Allah, Allah. Then, the fourth thing Am I have made mentioned such an important point. It is only in our

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flock you can show people the beauty of Islam. I'm using this word deliberately only in our flock. You can show people the beauty of Islam, but it is very important. I will never ever been

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showing the importance of a clock and conduct and character undermine the significance of a bad many times people do that. They say so much emphasis on a flag then they undermine he bothered no aligned the Holy Quran said when the people in Jana mine Jana mala was a man.

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Why are you in love Naco mineral mousseline because we didn't perform Salat. So we buy that is very important. But the bad it is between you and Allah. No one, by and large, will become a Muslim by seeing your eba that you need the budget. Because it is for your own benefit, not for the benefit of Allah for the benefit of Islam. But people normally don't come on Islam, because of people's he bothered it is between you and Allah, people become Muslim by the conduct that you display. And it's important for us to understand that the greatest dauert to anyone else is the behavior of the Muslim Islam. to others. He says good or as bad as our conduct. If our conduct is not good people are not

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going to have a good impression of Islam if our conduct is good. That's the way people will look upon Islam. You know, there was a person by the name of Abdullah bin masura

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a very interesting incident after Fatima novia Karim Sal Sallam told Bella to make Assam now a group of young people who are in Makkah not Muslims. In fact they were some of the people of Makkah could not bear to see him he saw salami McCann they ran away now Abdullah bin ma has run a group of his friends they started mocking at the as

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they started mocking it as

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many times you see people making us on Cuckoo Cuckoo you know they make these type of things. They make this so he was amongst those who was mocking at Amazon so maybe a cream sauce lamb heard them and maybe system said come here who was mocking a dozen now the conqueror of your city comes in us who is walking or Everyone is afraid. Everyone is afraid not us not us. Eventually they said is a beloved mazara so maybe a cream sauce limb approach him Abdullah you got such a beautiful voice. Repeat. Repeat after me. The ASEAN tsunami so Islam taught him the ASEAN after he was working at the ASEAN and then the BIA Kareem saw Selim with his Aflac and conduct the vehicle himself slum had such

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an impression upon him. He became a Muslim and he told me so salami, Allah make me the more as seen of maca

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and go and read the history when we saw some left mcconaughy salsola made him the magazine of Makkah, some people have told me that up till now the sins of McCaskill from his own time.

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But one aspect of kindness now we saw slim change a person who was mocking the hazard into the margin of material harm.

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Only through the means of o'clock you will change people thermometer was put into mark in Medina. He was tidy among the pillars around Medina. You know, in one week, after one week, maybe Sal slim released, he used to cause a lot of harm to the Muslim so I asked him some ama What should I do with you? So let me kill himself. Solomon Tomas will say, oh, Mohammed, if you punish me, you will be entitled to punish me because I've done a lot of harm to the Muslims. But if you show me kindness, there is no one better to show kindness and to me. So when we saw Selim released him, he went outside Medina and he came back. And he said, I have become a Muslim. And I want you to become a

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Muslim long time. But if I become a Muslim, that time people would have said, I'm becoming a Muslim to become freed. I am freed, and I'm coming back. And he told me this awesome one amazing thing. You had a sort of law one week

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Before you were the most hated person in my sight,

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one week I saw your clock today you are the most beloved person to me. In my eyes, you are the most beloved person to me through the means of luck. So Aflac brings about the aspect of showing people. The beauty of one important point of which I'm going to emphasize upon is many times you and I we feel a clock is only for those people who are outside. We tend to not show a clock and conduct our own family members. Now that is so it is so foolish, maybe a cream sauce and said why should be good to your family members be good to your wives, right? Now wait, is it that we want to show goodness to other people, but we can't show goodness to our own family members here are

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the best amongst you are those who are good to their wives and to their family members.

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I would say it is more important to start have good conduct with your own family members, and then take it outside. Where do you find this hadith of Nabisco Salaam? Let me occur himself Salaam said. novia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam said to give charity to someone outside is one reward to give charity to your family member who is deserving his double reward. You get this award of charity and you get the job of maintaining family ties on this basis of this Hadeeth I would say to show good conduct to your family members is more important, and your love will reward you more. But today we don't do that. You know, we don't speak good to our work. You know, I was reading one

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by a man who has said that there was money. And he said an amazing thing. He said that. What an amazing thing he said he said one person passed away a very great scholar had the opportunity of seeing him Dr. Ugly in Karachi. He performed the janazah of monona be looted and I saw him. So he said when he passed away his wife.

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His wife went to go and see his wife. So while they were consoling the wife she said something. She said my husband in his life. Kirby ledger would say Buckner Hickey? Not once did he even change his tone in speaking to me. Nevermind, anger, not once did he change his tone in speaking to me. Now that is piety. That is a slap with your own washer.

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Today we don't speak because we are afraid you say one day our husband came to the wife. And he said Don't make me angry. I'm very angry. The animal instinct will come out of me and I don't know what will come out of me. So the wife they can who is afraid of a mouse

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who's gonna get frightened for you? But nevertheless what I'm saying this is part of it. You see, Allah Allah says in the Quran for Allah healing. It is.

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Allah who

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is kind and compassionate one of the first.

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If you were vulgar, the people who have come around you Now listen, this baby mind this ayat

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who wouldn't come around me salsola people, devoted people like Abu Bakr and Omar would not have come around you, if you would have been vulgar. If people devoted people like Sahaba would not have come to them because of vulgarity and bad conduct. Where do you feel that your family will come close to you if you are vulgar, and you have bad conduct?

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If you have good conduct, they will come close to you. If you show vulgarity, and you show rigidity, rigidity, and you show harshness, your family won't come close to you. This is the same of the Quran.

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And character defines a person what it was like when he came back from what he first when he he came to us

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and when he came to the

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MFC Oh Khadija Cover me I'm afraid of myself without being able to fulfill this responsibility Allah is placed upon me. What did she say? Well, law he.

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Obama, Allah will my husband Allah will never ever disgrace you Why?

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What did she say? Did she say Allah won't disgrace you because you read the 100 numbers every day? Allah won't disgrace you because you are so pious

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brothers go and see what did she say?

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Oh, my husband Allah own disgrace you. He Nicoletta said or hum, what that middle column with duck relief. What

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you are all the time bringing people together you are mending relationship. You are entertaining the guests. You are showing kindness you are helping the poor, you are taking up the causes of those people who are disadvantaged, will not be enough so

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I take an oath by the bead in whose hands lies the life of Khadija. Whether other people accept him or not.

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a witness the

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character defines you she defined the visa asylum by the means of his conduct character defines you your piety and yours doesn't define you

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by the respective weathers This is an important maybe I want to see one moment, one minute one moment as well very briefly say the root cause of good o'clock also is to give everyone importance give everyone importance. Libya Karim South Salem jabya bin Abdullah I'll just take about one more minute of your jam even Abdullah was a very poor sahadi he one day he was going with the missile Silliman and expedition but his camel was, you know, very, very lame. But we will say in today's time, a Katara. So in that particular way that camel couldn't move with other people. So maybe Sal slim came back. jabby What's wrong? Yeah, he had a Sula. My camel is very weak is very late. Maybe

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sell a syllable, say put the camel down, maybe sell some red something. The camel got up. And then it started moving with great speed and he joined the army and then maybe saw slim speaking to Java a poor sahami. java Tell me, are you married? He was about early 20s. Are you married? He recently got married. Who did you get married to? He got married to a woman who is much older than me in age. Why did you get married to someone who is older than you in age? Why didn't you get married to someone who was younger than you in age? Yeah. My father passed away, left me with small sisters siblings. And I didn't want to bring a young wife. I wanted to bring an older wife who could mentor my small

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sisters Subhan Allah and Islam praised him coming back Nafisa assylum comes to him. Jabir, although your wife is elderly, she must be so happy now that you are coming she will lay out the carpet and she will lay out the cushions for you.

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In our house, we don't even have any questions to be awesome decided to err to assist him jabby sell me your camera.

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Now via cream sauce them decided 40 Durham's, he will give him the camel for he will buy the camera. Allah will sell it to you but allow me to travel to Medina let him travel to Medina. When it comes to into Medina. Allahu alayhi wa sallam tells me after taking possession of the camel who Bilal take the spotted deer hands, go and take this camel give it back to Java.

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Give him his camel gave him 40 drams wanted to help him but helped him with dignity, respect the brothers This is to show everyone importance, even if perhaps they might not be so well off me unlucky was a topic of understanding to understand the importance of good luck and conduct and May Allah Allah make us inculcate in it well after that