How To Move On From The New Zealand Mosque Shooting

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In Al Hamdulillah

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nightmare no one is staring you know who want to stop Pharaoh when our beloved human Shuri m fusina woman say lt RM arena may NT level furthermore la mejor de la

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la ilaha illAllah YW la Sheree Cara shadow a number hamedan are apt to water solo solo la hora de he wanted to Eddie he was having women sir all right on G woman stand there be certain that he laomi dd buried for topo la you I forgot it modernization panel without a feat NZT. Yeah, you have Latina M and on the top of La haka to a party he wanted to move to Illa, one to Muslim on from buried. My brothers and sisters, let us all begin today by asking Allah subhanho wa Taala for his acceptance, His mercy and protection for all of our brothers and sisters around the world. We further as allies, so Adel to accept from us our good deeds, and forgive us of our shortcomings and our mistakes, a

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love of men. I mean,

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I'm sure that I speak for all of you when I say that deep down inside each and every one of us sitting here today, there is definitely a sense of mixed emotions, and feelings. And each and every one of us might be thinking of many things. But hopefully we are all on the same page when we're thinking about how sacred Our time is in this world.

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Today, I got confirmation that the Grand Mosque of Mecca, Masjid al haram had prayed a prayer for the victims of New Zealand may a large soldier will accept a low hum, I mean, I want you to just think about that for a minute.

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If any of those victims would have ever thought that the heart of the Muslim world would remember them, and pray for them.

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And when you think about that, and then you look at the news, as I'm sure all of us have been doing. We've been watching the news and looking at how leaders, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, all of the positive things that have been unfolding and happening throughout the world, even today, of this blessed day of jamara. across the city, there are people of all walks of life of all the religions and backgrounds who are supporting one another, not just the Muslim community, but they're supporting each other and coming together to somehow stand up

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and really send a message against this kind of hate, or violence that has happened not just to Muslims, but to somehow prevent it from happening to any community of any religion around the world, male allies so which will give us strength,

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a human above

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now that it's been about a week or so, since this tragedy,

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first and foremost, allow me that and we all of us here collectively, let us pray and make Dorian to align. So again, that a lot accepts all those who have passed away in that tragedy may align. So it'll accept them from amongst the Shahada, a lot of them mean male allies, I'll give you an ice strength. There is a wisdom and a reason why you and I continue to wake up every day.

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And for whatever reason, our lives were spared, and that this tragedy did not happen anywhere else. There is a wisdom why you and I are still here. And so we asked allies to put Baraka in our time. Bless our time that we have, no matter how long it may be. Perhaps maybe there is someone here today that is praying there last July,

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perhaps maybe for many across the world, they are still thinking about the same tragedy, but more on a personal level. What can I do? How can I save? How can I contribute? So that something like this never happens again? And this is a question that Muslims across this city are asking. So what do we do now? How do we move forward? Yes, we have the support of many What do you learn in hemt?

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Yes, we have prime ministers and we have leaders and politicians

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Many of whom have spoken out against the things that have led to this kind of tragedy. Yes, we've heard and we've seen some of them.

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But who's to say, what tomorrow will bring? Who's to say that every time you walk into a gathering similar to this, where we come as a congregation, that it's not also at the same time, somewhat nerve wracking?

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You know, me standing on this podium here today on this meant, but I can't tell you how difficult this is. It's difficult emotionally. But at the same token, it's the immense responsibility to address a congregation after something like that, what do I say? And this is something that people like myself, we lose sleep over this, I want you to understand this, we lose sleep over this thinking about how do we address a community to stay strong, to stay positive, as we continue to move forward? And I was thinking to myself for days, what is it that I want to say to all of you,

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and Alhamdulillah, here's what I've come up with. And I pray that Allah azza wa jal allows all of your hearts to receive it the way that I have something of hope, something to motivate and encourage us that there is light at the end of this tunnel.

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I want you to imagine yourself, that you were alive 1000 or 1400 years ago, and you were living in your home. And a man came and he knocked the door.

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And he said, Hi, I'm your neighbor.

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An angel came to my house, and spoke to me, and told me that now I'm a prophet.

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So I just want you to know that this is the message I've been given

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that we need to change a lot of the things that we've been doing, we need to change our belief. We need to refine our faith. And all of these things, was told to me by this angel, who was actually sent by God Almighty, Allah subhana wa Tada. So this man is in front of your door. And he's saying this to you?

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What would be your reaction at that very moment? Well, here's the reaction of what happened to this men, it was sold out to a seller.

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Immediately, when people heard this, when neighbors and people within the village heard about this man walking around, saying, Hey, I'm a prophet. This is a message. It's not mine. I didn't make it up. It came from God Almighty. But we need to worship him and him alone. All of the things that we were involved in, it needs to stop or change. So all of this continued to spread around the community. What do you think their reaction was? They immediately called him. You're crazy. You're Majnoon, you're insane. Something is wrong with you. Maybe a spirit went into you, and caused you to talk this way. Criticism after criticism.

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But then in addition to that, there were sparks of light.

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There were some when they heard about this man preaching this way. They said, it makes sense.

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A small group, a small minority, a few. They said, Yeah, I believe him. Yeah, I'm going to listen to his message. And I'm going to follow what happened next, change the entire world. And you and I are a reflection of that change.

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This group or these people that followed this men, we call them what we call them the companions.

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They are the Sahaba, or the alohar NGO.

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Their responsibility now is enormous. There is nothing in this day and age that compares let me let me explain to you. Now they hear a message. And they themselves now have to believe in this message. They don't have any other choice. This man has come and said to them, that he is a prophet of Allah. And this is the message that was given to him through this angel that visits him from time to time. The only thing that companions have is their faith that this man is speaking the truth and don't think that

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is easy. That is an incredible challenge. You know why? It's because there's no one else at that time with you that is following or believing the same message. You know, Darwin today is much easier. Because when you have conversations about Islam with anyone, you also have the support of millions of people around the world who did companions have no one. This is why a lot praised and honored them in poor enter. Or the long run home, what I'll do an alliance azza wa jal is pleased with them. And so all of us should also be pleased with them. Incredible, incredible sacrifice.

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So with that being said,

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with that being said,

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Where do we go from here?

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How do we move forward? What do we do

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at your lab? For the rest of the short time that I have with you?

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There are mainly two things that I want to leave you with inshallah, number one.

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If you think about how our Prophet Mohammed, Salah Harvey, he was setting them projected his message,

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he was given an additional gift.

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Aside from the Prophet hood itself, and the Quran and all of its teachings, there was something additional. It's called miracles, he was able to perform miracles. And so all of his critics

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and people who question and doubted him, whenever Allah will, he was able to perform a miracle. And if you think about the miracles of all prophets and messengers, you'll notice that there's a pattern. Almost all of the miracles are visual, you can actually see this see its begins to split, the moon begins to split, that that comes back to life, this clay this, this chunk of clay turns into a bird, like are you sorry, they just saw them. All of these prophets had miracles that they performed.

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And those around would see it and they would submit or not what are no we heard we obey.

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We don't have that anymore.

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For this oma

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Allah, so Adele left us a sacred book.

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And it's a miracle to you and I, we tell the world, our core n is a miracle from God Alliance. So uh, we told the world this.

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Here's the problem. Here's the problem.

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You know, as much as we can explain and tell people about how sacred and how important and beloved, this book is to us.

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Someone told me a while ago, that they had done a survey with 100 university students who are all Muslim students, by the way, 100 Muslim University students, so as a few years ago, and it was part of a research that the student was doing.

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And she asked a series of questions about commitment to the Islamic faith. One of the questions that was on the survey, she asked, How much of the poor end Have you studied? So there's 100, University, Muslim students. The conclusion to that question 70% of those students have not studied a chapter of the poor and from beginning to end.

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Listen to that.

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And then ask yourself, this miracle that we have this poor end, what have you learned from it? How much time have you committed to it? You see, when people come and criticize your book, our book, and they say it doesn't make sense. You believe in miracles. Why would you believe all of that fairy tale stuff? Immediately, what we would say is, we have faith. Yeah, I didn't see the miracles, but I believe that they happened.

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I have faith that I believe these things happen. And this is the same for all major religions. You ask members of other faiths, that Jesus Ireland Islam actually do these things. Did you see him do it? Did he send you a message? How do you know? And they say to you, I have faith. I believe that this happened.

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So with that being said, we have this belief, we have this faith. One of the reasons why sahabas became so successful through this enormous challenge in front of them is that they understood the quarter

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they spent time learning this book. And so we want to answer and begin to respond to this question. Where do we go from here? You will.

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If, if there is anyone here, who is not in a classroom classroom, learning something about this Dean, there's just one instruction for you get into a classroom,

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make time in your day, to learn a lot as Dean. And to learn this book, you know, it's amazing. Our messenger, I mean, salatu wa sallam told us seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.

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He didn't say, except if tragedies occur, then you can take a break, there was no exception. Keep learning, no matter what is happening in this world. Keep learning this deep.

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So the first responsibility moving forward

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is that there are millions of people all over the all over the world all around us, who don't know what this religion is, as a matter of fact, as a matter of fact, and this is not to trivialize his act and what he's done. But the shooter actually mentioned in his manifesto, that he believed that the average fertility rate of Muslim families in the world was five to eight or nine children.

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You know, what you and I know, it's really not accurate. I hardly know any families that are like that. But my point is, do you see how Miss information is carried?

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Do you see how all of the things that you can find online? Do you see how they quickly spread? And people have the wrong idea? People get misunderstood. And they question you how you look, why you pray, why you act the way you do. And so the second thing that I want to leave you with is a lot. So the first is the responsibility of learning this book. And the second and last and final point, do you know why? I shared this with you.

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One man came with the poor end.

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And he taught it to a group of people, and they learnt it, and they continue to teach it to others through one man

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1400 plus years later,

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there are billions of people in this world that have changed the way they dress, talk, sleep, eat, behave, live, or even how they go to the bathroom. All of this got changed through this one message of this one man through this one book. It is truly a miracle of a lot.

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And so this is the light at the end of the tunnel. The light right now where you and I need to be is we need to make sure that we are more proud of our Islamic identity now than ever before. And we're not just doing this for ourselves. But we want the world to also be introduced and to see that we are here. And we make the decisions that we make not for ourselves, but we also care about our neighbors.

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Actually, it's you can't be a complete Muslim. If you don't.

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You have to love your neighbors. You have to be concerned for other faiths and other religions.

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You know, we may disagree in theology, but when it comes to a life of peace, when it comes to all of us having the privilege of living in this world without being hated upon, or discriminated against, simply by existence, or affiliation to a religion, or culture, this is a right we all have and Muslims will now say this is what we are standing for. It's not just Islamophobia. It's all forms of hate.

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And so when you see a you hear racism happening at work,

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You stand up and you say something.

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When you hear about hate of another religion or culture or background or person, we as part of our faith, we stand up against that.

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So what are we really seem today? To summarize Today's message is what I will leave you with in the second part of the

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mail lines. So don't give us strength, strength that we can carry the message of the horin in a manner that is pleasing to our Creator, and that those around us will see the beauty of this religion and understand who and what we are, and why we are the way that we are meant allies which will bless this oma with knowledge and commitment. Allahumma amin, our parliamentary smarm was a federal law you want to call it certainly must mean I'm including them. First off, you're in the hall who Oliver foto

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de la Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, Hobart, someone told me who is in New Zealand and is attending some of the janazah prayers for these victims. You know, when you're there, you talk to the locals and you meet different people from the masjid. A brother messaged me a few days ago and he was telling me that he said you wouldn't believe wouldn't believe what I just learned about those victims.

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He said those victims were actually

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close members of the masjid. They were the regular attendees at the masjid. They were the ones that volunteered. They were part of some committee. They were the ones that were there for almost every prayer every Friday, that was their jamario place. Those are the ones all 50 of them had some consistent link to the question. I said, so Pamela Wow. Then he continues the people who were injured. They were regulars at the masjid. But not as regular as those who were killed.

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And those who got away or those who were not injured, injured. They were people that actually came to the masjid seldomly or for the first time that day, so panela.

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And I thought to myself, my goodness, you know, at the end of the day, when I heard that made me want to pray for these victims even more. But then I started to feel some strength, that there is hope that lrcs or Hakeem knows exactly what he's doing. Nothing on this world will not happen except by Allah's permission. And so I always reminded of that, and I hope that you are as well, that at the end of the day, perhaps on the outside for all of us who are still here we look at this and we say somehow all of this was a tragedy.

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But when we look at it from a spiritual lens on jomar day, perhaps they were in will do

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they were in prayer, mess Doodle, how long in Mecca Britain as a for them.

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The world is thinking of them, praying for them, making dawn for them. This whole debate here in front of all of you, we're still thinking of them,

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perhaps being the lead hitter on their graves have become a garden from the gardens agenda.

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And we ask Allah azza wa jal to bless us that our graves will be the same way a garden from the gardens of Paradise. And we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives strength and patience to the families of those victims. And we pray that Allah subhana wa Taala gives strength to all of us here that we continue to stay committed. And we've continued to understand that at the end of the day, we are ordered by a lot so a lot mo to Manila, one two Muslim, don't you dare leave this world unless you are in the state of submission. May alaris have a job bless all of us with that along with me, mail Larissa, which will bless all of us that our last statement when we depart this world will be

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the bus and Shahada of La Ilaha Illa Mohammed or Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. With that being said, we said Peace and blessings to the men that began it all to the men that sacrificed his life and his time to bring us this message. Our nebby our beloved Muslim, Mohammed ibn Abdullah Salama Toby was said morally as a lump order system the poor and when he says in Allah one eco taboo saloon Ireland Be yourself.

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Athena M and o similarly you were suddenly motors Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed came on so later Allah Ebola emo Allah early about our human in naka homido Majeed along masuri muslimeen are women mostly men? What meaning you know what I mean and even one on one in Korea on semi on Maji bow downward Allahumma in an endless loop agenda or macabre la hum in Poland alignment when I was becoming a noun mama para la Herman Polin alignment or a banner ad Tina dunya escena wolfville el Faro de hacer la tokina riserva no sapan ob Caterpillar is a tea I'm a seafood I was Salam ala mursaleen