Ramadan With The Quran – Day 8

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Surah Al-Buruj

In the final ayat of Surah Al-Buruj, an extremely forgiving and intensely loving Allah tells believers who were persecuted for His sake that their suffering has cleansed them of all their sins. In his interpretation, Ustadh Nouman makes a connection between Allah’s grand throne and the Quran, both of which are described as “majeed” (noble). Allah does not promise to destroy those who deny Him, but has instead sent His majestic Quran to guide them back towards him and give them a chance to repent.



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The speakers discuss the importance of believing in the next life and not letting go of things, with a focus on the use of "immost love" in Arabic to describe the love of a woman. They also discuss the history and origin of the Koran, including its significance in the way people speak and its historical significance as a mouth of the prophets. Additionally, they touch on the origin of Islam's "immost love" label, which describes the qualities of a king and its supposed supposed consequence.

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No, Who who are you? But do you read? He is the one who starts things off. And he's the one who brings them back. In other words in the La Jolla and aloha, you have to be him because he fell, but he will God, Allah has the power to get them in the beginning. And later on, I look and punish in this life and in the next life. He could start the punishment now and later on bring it back again like he has with many nations, hasn't he? He punished in our own in this dunya and He will punish him again in the era. He punished the nation of Athens the mood in this dunya to punish them again in the ask Allah, he started that punishment here and he'll bring it back again. Up do your eight

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also means he creates life he started it off and he'll bring life back again, don't you? Don't you ever wonder whether or not the life next the next life is coming or not? And this sutra isn't about believing in the next life. It's about believing that in the next life justice will be served. That's the point that Ally's bringing back just like this is happening right now a lot will bring all these people back in now who What do you need? Well, who will have forgotten what?

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And he is still extremely forgiving and intensely loving the word it will afford his comment everybody here knows that one. But I'll highlight will do it for you and what it what it implies. They say and would I mean what a colossal tamasak unlimited mirdif in our lane when you hold on to something and you don't let go of something but you hold on to it softly and gently it's actually the word in Arabic for love that doesn't come to an end love that you just stay it stays and it stays and it stays and it stays you know love can get rusty love can die out but not would you know and so it's it's a long lasting listing Radha what disarm but tamasak what the master Coco we

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actually hold on holding on to something with great strength. And so this word but by the way, this was used for in the pagan traditions the God of love, you know how you have like, what is a Cupid? Right, but the pagans had what a lot of them will not ever know what the God of love their god of love was what? Okay, from the same origin. So here we find hula, hula, hula de la jolla middle homeopathy, he will admit that he loves them. And he extends his love care and mercy to his slaves. In other words, there are two things here. One believers who have been persecuted know that you're this might be a way by which you will be forgiven.

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And on top of that, Allah will give you so much love, and he will take so much care of you. It's going to last forever who will have forgotten what dude. On the other hand, actually, even criminals are being told make dope on our level forgive. You still have a chance while you're still alive, make Toba and the record will be expunged and you will be forgiven. Well, who will have oral what would Laotian Majeed what to think of the the fortresses in the sky that are there? A much above those is the castle itself. It's the throat of a love the king itself. He's the owner of the Grand Throne of a large and Majeed. That's that word Majeed we use it all the time we save energy, right?

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energy. So let's understand the word Majeed a little bit inshallah, before we go on. So they say in Arabic, this is a suggestion by Latif la quwata to Catherine. Female use Lu radula, who kuntala elbonian Moscow, Radha Tama simplify all of this will code for Soto who will come Musharraf will be our Sahar will be coming about when the villa shut off. It's actually the word the word Mage is used when something when you eat good food and you're filled just perfectly.

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When you have an animal that's perfectly healthy, it's actually called time. You know much of that budget the table that the animal is perfectly healthy and full of great food. Exactly the food that was perfectly nutritious. You know, sometimes you eat really good tasting food, especially box any food, but you pay for it later. Right? But if you eat really, it tasted really good, and it was really good for you. That's actually food that has much in it. And from it developed this idea of nobility and dignity and generosity and being good to somebody and so they say what gem or virgin our shade Seyfarth and fadli, well, hireology radula, the best of all qualities combined in

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something are actually called something has much in it. The best of all qualities, the perfect combination of all the qualities would be much so it's noble, it's respectable, it's likeable, all of those things together. So when Allah says Laotian Majeed, he's describing the nobility of his art, the perfection of his art, and how all good qualities are attributed to that. You know, when you think of the throne of a king, you think sometimes of oppression, power, you think of injustice that stems from that throne, because people who are associated with that throne, exert their power on people and persecute people. And yet Allah azza wa jal says his arch is actually Majeed. It has

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all the good qualities associated with it nobility, justice, generosity, goodness towards people. That's what's associated with their house of Allah.

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making it an option Majeed. So he's the owner of an option Majeed Majeed and after saying that, it only makes sense that he says finally my read. You see, the ayat of the Quran should not be looked at in isolation. There can continuity. He says he does over and over again, whatever he wants.

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If you just look at this on its own, he does whatever he wants. You might think Ally's saying if he wants to, you know, be unjustice unjust if he wants to let people be persecuted religious persecution, but he already described the throne from which he rules his throne that it has merged in it, goodness in it, nobility in it. And in that throne from the throne. Allah azza wa jal describes he does whatever he wills In other words, only good things whatever he intends can only be hated.

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And he does it over and over and over again for either Lima you read Hannah Takahashi soldier note that these criminals that have been that have been getting they think they've been getting away with their crimes. Have you have been has the news of the armies reached you in this statement by itself is pretty shocking. Wait, is Allah sending some armies? Because if the Prophet has been told, by the way Have you heard about the armies coming holla takahito denuded the news of the armies reach you you Even though kuffaar might just start thinking this Alaska and watch the market on this liquid Katana there's an RFP gathered to fight is the profit being told about some reinforcements? No, no

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no no no historical armies fit I wonder what the mood the armies of the Pharaoh and some mood meaning what we're in this is again a button. It says it's an interesting kind of button in that arm. That's all they were were armies, phenomena and all they were armies. There was such military mites. And yet how did Allah deal with them? You think Allah can't deal with these criminals? He's dealt with much bigger before shadowman homebirth Shan he's dealt with powers that were much better at grabbing and torturing and torturing and persecuting and he's dealt with them, you know? And so he says now fit when I was a Muna Bonilla de la cafaro de tech leave. No, no no instead, these this

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disbelievers those who just believed they're just an outright denial, they're just going to call all of that alive. They don't even realize how much history has gone by. And how many more powerful than them have been dealt with. But don't you forget, they can they can deny it all they want, they can dismiss it all they want will allow me what I need. A lie in fact, has been behind them in circles and circling them all around. This is actually really beautiful in that you first describe an army and when an army attacks a village it surrounds a village. Okay, and when an army comes it's it comes from a strategic location and it comes from a location where it makes sure it cannot be

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attacked from behind. And unless as well la Homura him Mohit Allah has come from behind them, and has encircled them entirely. They're the armies who thought they had their victim surrounded, and Allah has them surrounded from behind. That's the image Allah has painted will la homie, Mohit and he concludes what is that great power? That testimony that Allah azza wa jal has them surrounded. It's not a weapon. It's not a it's not a physical it's not angels. It's actually karate itself. But who are Corrado? Maji? No, no, no. In fact, instead, it is a majestic Quran. What is this iron? What's been doing it Bell, who are Khurana Majeed. Allah says he has you surrounded if he wants, he

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can destroy you. But no, he gives you Quran. And Quran is noble, and it's generous, and Allah will not punish you because he's gonna let you come. He's gonna let you straighten yourself out by the nobility of the Quran itself. Just learn from the Quran. Instead of Allah destroy you by his hand he can. But no, it will give you a chance because this Quran is far too Noble. Had it not been for the Quran, nations would have been wiped out because they deserve it. But alas has no they still have a chance. Maybe they'll come back to the Quran. And through its majesty and grace, they will become dignified themselves but who are called are no magic. See no fools and I described much to you

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before. So from the outside that only gives nobility now it's the Koran that's being recited with grand nobility. Philo hanmer fools, it is guarded. It lies in a tablet low in Arabic actually means a board, a wooden board, you know something Safari husham Sophie has an enormous I mean Safari helicopter, a flat longboard, something that you can write on or carve onto. And unless as follow him are fooled, there are these guarded tablets in a large gap, guarded tablet, that's where the Quran originally is. There's a couple notions that I want to share with you in sha Allah. And then I'll give you an really powerful overview. I think it's a really powerful overview of the surah. So

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understand two things here. First of all, when Allah says core is Majeed, it means that we as believers should know that no matter how much people make fun of the Quran, no matter how much people ridicule the Quran, its grace, its majesty, its nobility should never be reduced in our eyes. And the way we speak of the Quran, and the way we

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recite the Quran and with the V the fact that we have something that shares the qualities of the outer shell of Allah. The Ash is Majeed

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and the Quran is also muddied. This is connecting us directly to the option of Allah you realize that this is coming from the owner of the ash. So these words have this this royalty to them that we have to internalize, we have to be in all of the word of allowance to recite it. We have to be like such an honor that you get to have access to the Majeed word of Allah. That came from Allah, Allah Subhana Allah. Then Allah says, By the way, right under his arch, what is the origin of this Koran that you're reciting? The origin is not the mouth of the prophets on the love learning of Sodom. The origin is not even gibreel gibreel is getting it from low homophobe. There's a tablet well guarded

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and well secured in the possession of Allah. And that guard that tablet is from where this Quran is delivered on to the heart and the tongue of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, and through that to all of us, we are now connected to this, this heavenly castle