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Juz’ 18: Al-Mu’minun – Al-Furqan 1-20

An-Nur 1-20

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the surah off light Bismillah Ar Rahman and Rahim In the name of Allah be Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. Sula, tone and then Ah ha. Wofford, nah ha, Wenzel nafi her item by Gina La La come to the cone, this is a surah which we have sent down who has sent the surah down who has revealed it Allah has what followed now haha we have made it obligatory who has made it obligatory. Allah has one zelophehad item by ina. And we have revealed their inverses of clear evidence who has Allah has y la lecan that a karoun so that you might remember. So this sutra, as we read it, we must know we must remember that Allah has revealed the surah the verses of the surah are the words of

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Allah subhanaw taala. The commands given in the surah are the commands of who? Allah subhanaw taala they are not the word of a human being. Rather they are the word of the Lord of the heavens and the earth. The one who knows most, the one who is the most wise, and the one who is the most fair.

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As any zania towards zanni federally do que la vie the men who marry me at agenda, the unmarried woman or unmarried man found guilty of sexual intercourse meaning outside of marriage, then lash each one of them with 100 lashes and do not be taken by pity for them in the religion of Allah. If you should believe in Allah and the Last Day and let a group of the believers witness their punishment. So those watching also take a lesson. The reality is that Xena unlawful sexual intercourse, this is an evil action because firstly it is the height of a modesty it is the height of moral depravity. And it is a source of much evil for the individuals who are involved in it and

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the communities that they live in. And Allah subhanaw taala has declared Zina unlawful. It is something that's not permissible. Which is why we learn that Xena does not co exist with a man meaning when a person commits Zina then what happens? The news of a man leaves his heart. Young zero Minho, neurol, Eman phocoena, the new of a man is taken away from him when he's committing the act of Zener. This is why Xena is unlawful and so any door that leads

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To Xena also, it is closed Allah says Allah takanobu Xena don't even go near Xena because Zilla is something illegal sexual intercourse is something that if allowed, it will not happen once, it will happen many times and it will not just affect the people who are doing it, it will affect other people also, it will disturb the balance that Allah subhanaw taala has maintained in this world, it will lead to many vices many evils. And the fact is that the Zener it spreads, it spreads very quickly. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that from among the signs of the hour are the following one, religious knowledge will be taken away, knowledge will disappear. People will not have

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knowledge of the deen gradually, gradually it will be forgotten lost. Secondly, ignorance will prevail. Generally people will be ignorant, not ignorant of how to read and write but ignorant of Allah ignorant of the Dean of the Quran. Thirdly, drinking of alcoholic drinks will become common, alcohol will become common. And fourth, there will be prevalence of open illegal sexual intercourse, meaning this will become so common people will not even feel shy about it, and it will become the norm it will spread. Remember that Zina is something that is unlawful for all but especially if a person does it in old age, it is worse. In this we learn that Allah will not even look on the Day of

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Judgment at an old man. And an old woman who commits in a meeting a person who, given their age still, they don't have any shyness, any modesty any higher whatsoever that they're committing this evil action alone will not even look at them on the Day of Judgment. And for a person who is married and commits the sin for him as a greater punishment. Then we also learned that Zina is something that will cause a person great humiliation on the Day of Judgment. Firstly, because Allah will not even look at this person, especially if he's old, right? And then we learn in a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said that two men came to me, okay, he was shown a vision while he was

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sleeping, and held my arm and took me to a very difficult mountain or this happened. When the prophets Allah was admitted large. All right. In either case, this is how over there were some people whose bodies had terribly swollen, they were people whose bodies had become swollen, and from them was emanating a terrible stench like that of toilet areas. Now, yes, at the time of the profits of the Lawson toilets did not exist. Many people did not have built bathrooms, but they had parts of their houses dedicated to be like a place where they could use the bathroom. And also there were certain areas like dumps now if you ever passed by a dump, or a sewer, I can open sewer Is there a

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smell? It's horrible.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I asked Who are these? And it was said these are men and women who would commit sin.

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So this is something that has terrible consequences for a person in this life and the next this is why, as you can see in this ayah has zero tolerance for Xena zero tolerance. No one is allowed to commit Zina no one at all, and the punishment is so severe, the fornicator does not marry except a female fornicator or polytheist. Meaning a man who commit Zina he should only marry a woman who was like him, or he should marry a woman who's not even a Muslim. What this means is that he should not be allowed to marry a chaste, pure, believing woman who guards her modesty who preserves her chastity. No, he should not be paired with her and nun marries her except a fornicator or

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polytheist. Likewise, on the other side, also that if a woman is like this, she should not be married to a man who is chaste and that has been made unlawful to the believers, meaning when it is clear that someone is as Annie, it is known that this person has committed Zina, then such marriages should not take place. Why should a pure chaste person be married to a fornicator? This is injustice. What this means is that a person who's committed Zina, it's quite possible, very likely that he will do it again. So he should not be married to a woman who is chaste because why should she be abused in that relationship? Why should she suffer in that relationship? And if you notice

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over here, Xena and chip are mentioned together, that he should either marry a zania or he should marry emotionally. Why? Because both Schick and Xena both of them are major since both of them are serious in

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And if you think about a chick, associating partners with Allah, the reality of it is to give a less exclusive right to someone else. What Allah only deserves, give that to somebody else. And when a person is married, then what happens? If he's committing Zina, then he's giving the exclusive right of the wife to someone else. This is injustice. And those who are accused chased women and do not produce for witnesses, meaning a person who accuses a woman of Xena that oh, this woman, this girl, this lady she has committed Zina, and they don't bring four witnesses, then who's the criminal? Who's the criminal, the one who's accusing, lash them with 80 lashes and do not accept from them

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testimony ever after that. And those are the defiantly disobedient, except for those who repent thereafter. And reform for Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. What we learned from this is that our religion clearly condemns this kind of speech. We cannot smear the honor of other people. We are taught to respect other people's honor, not to attack other people's honor. So raising and spreading such rumors and scandals, talking about these matters. This is low, it is waste, and it should be avoided. Never, ever indulge in such conversations. Because if a person indulges in a conversation like that, that Oh, so and so a friend of mine, she's committed Xena. Well, you know

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what, if you don't produce for proofs, then the punishment is on your back. And even if the punishment is not implemented today, which is the case that we don't live in a place where the punishment is implemented, it's not applicable here. However, it shows our position near a law, that if Allah who is most merciful, Most Merciful, if he has decreed that a person who falsely accused a woman of Zina, he should be beaten with 80 lashes, what does it show that this is not forgivable, we cannot play with other people's honor. So be very careful. And those who accused their wives of adultery, and have no witnesses except themselves, then the witness of one of them shall be for

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testimonies, swearing by Allah that indeed he is of the truthful meaning of a person sees his wife committing Zina with his eyes, he sees it. And then he says that my wife has committed sin. And then, if he doesn't produce for witnesses, he's in trouble. But at the same time, how can you remain quiet? Because it's his wife? He's married to her? How can you remain quiet? So over here, the process of Leon is given, which is an exceptional situation, where the husband accuses the wife of Xena. So in that, what is he going to do? The man is going to swear four times that indeed, he's of the truth will, will harm is that when the fifth oath will be that the curse of Allah be upon him if

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he should be among the liars. So now the woman is guilty, the guilt has established. But what if he's making this up? Doesn't she have the right to defend herself? To maintain her innocence? Yes, how can she do that, but it will prevent punishment from her if she gives for testimony swearing By Allah, that indeed he is of the liars. And the fifth will be that the Wrath of Allah will be upon her if he was of the truthful and if not for the favor of Allah upon you and his mercy. And because Allah is Accepting of repentance and wise, meaning this is purely Allah's mercy. This is why he's given you these commands, if he had not given you these commands, your life would become very

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difficult. So what there are the persons of their own that is mentioned over here we see that the man accused the wife by swearing oaths, and if she declares her innocence, then she has to swear oath in return in her defense. And after this, both are freed from one another, meaning they're separated for life, the marriage comes to an end. Why? Because this kind of marriage cannot continue in marriage. What's the main thing it's trust, and if the husband and wife cannot trust one another, and that marriage cannot continue very long. Indeed, those who came with false hood are a group among you in alladhina. Jia will bill if key arose by two men come, they are a group among you.

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They're the ones who made up this lie. Do not think it bad for you. Rather, it is good for you, for every person, among them is What punishment he has earned from the sin. And he who took upon himself the greater portion there off for him as a great punishment. These verses are about the incident of if, right, the following if these verses are about the incident of if, if means a lie. So the incident of the great lie what was the great lie, this happened in the time of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, when once on a journey, which was the husband of the prophets of Allah was going in a particular expedition, and whenever he would go on an expedition he would take along

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with him one of his wives, so I should have the lower honor this time it was her turn. So she went along with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and when she went on this journey, imagine this is a battle. This is a battle but

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She's going along as well. So when she went, she took with herself a necklace that she was wearing. Now what happened on the return from this journey back to Medina back home, the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, he had the Muslims rest for some time. And over there, I showed the lower honor, she got off her camel, and she went to use the bathroom. And when she returned to sit back on her camels, she realized that her necklace was missing. So she went back in order to look for it. And she went for a while she couldn't find it. But eventually, when she returned, she saw that everybody had left. Because when they came, and they took her camel, they probably didn't ask, they didn't

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have a conversation with her nothing. They just took the camel and they didn't realize that I should have the lower and Hill was not there. So I should have the lower on her. She stayed over there. She just lie down over there. And she slept, thinking that when they will realize I'm missing, they will come back to look for me. And eventually they will reach here. So I shed a little more on her. She stayed over there until eventually one Companion of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he came by because it was his duty to stay behind the caravan to stay behind the army, always to make sure that nothing had been forgotten. So as he came and he saw I should have lowered her sleeping. He said in earlier

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he were in LA he Roger on loudly. Because here is the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she has been left behind. So what happened? I should have lowered her she said on his camel. And he brought her into Medina. Now as they came in, of the Levin obey, who was very angry with the prophets of the Law Center because of certain things that had happened in that journey, and this man was a monarchist, he was a hypocrite. What he did, he said something evil has happened over here, meaning he accused our eye shadow below on how to have committed Zina with that companion. And what happened. He just said that, however, everybody started thinking about it, some people started

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talking about it. And rumors began to spread. I showed the lower income when she reached Medina, she fell ill. And she was ill for an entire month. And during this whole time, she had no idea what the people were talking about. But she noticed that the profits or the loss and it was not the way he used to be always there was something different over here. There was something strange going on. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam never confronted her even once he would come and see how she was doing. Spend some time with her angle, but she knew that something was not right. Eventually, I should have the lower and have found out what was happening. And she cried so much. She said that

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her tears did not stop all night long. she wept and wept. And then she asked the Prophet said the last time if she could go to her parents house, so she went to her parents house. And until this point, she had not even confronted the prophets of the lesson. And by the way, because you want to confirm the news with her parents, so she went to her parents and her mother said that, Oh, I wish every wife who is loved by her husband, people are jealous of her. So don't worry, this is just people's jealousy for you get over it. But I showed the lower on her she cried a lot. And then eventually what happened? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam came to see her. And he said to her that or

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Arusha if something like this has happened, if you are innocent than Allah will reveal your innocence. And if something wrong has happened, then just seek forgiveness from Allah. Look at the heart of that husband of that great man. Imagine Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is giving this option to his wife. He's saying, if you're innocent, Allah knows he will prove you to be innocent and you don't need to worry about it. You don't need to cry. And if you have done something wrong, then you know what? ask Allah for forgiveness, just repent. Simple.

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Look at the prophets of Allah said I'm over here. I said hello are untied. She was very young. And she said that you all have heard this so much that I have done something wrong, that if I were to tell you I am guilty, you would believe me. And if I were to tell you that I'm innocent, you will never believe me. So I will only say what the father of use of nslm said for sabalan Jamil will lahoma Stan Allah matassa phone I will observe beautiful patience. And Allah's help is sought against what you say about me. And I should have the lower on her set that then her tears just dried up. And I'm sorry woman she came in to see I showed the low on her. And she cried and I showed the

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low on her cried both of them cried together. And then eventually we see that while I shut the door and I was sitting at this time the prophets of Allah was there. Abubakar the lower end Who is there? I showed the lower in his mother is there a loss penalty reveal these

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establishing the innocence of our Isha little de la hora. Allah says indeed those who came with falsehood, Allah calls it false or it's a lie. There group among you do not think it bad for you. Just imagine so much pain the prophets of alarm himself went through because I showed the lower and I didn't know for an entire month but the prophets of Allah sort of knew

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For him to have that subject, that she is unwell, I should not disturb her. I should not talk to her about this, it'll be difficult for her to have this conversation with me. He waited for so long. Allah says do not think it bad for you. The fact is that no matter what happens in our life, no matter how painful it is, remember, it is good for you, Allah who will bring good from it, for every person among them, is the punishment that he has earned from the sin. And he who took upon himself the greater portion there off meaning the one who invented this, who started all of this, which is our beloved and obey the hypocrite for him as a great punishment for him as a great punishment. What

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do we learn from this incident?

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That when something happens like this, when you're falsely accused of something, then just stay calm? If you're innocent, just stand your ground and be firm. And don't get upset. Yes, it's a very, very difficult test. But if you're innocent, then have trust, have faith in Allah, He will defend you because we learned early integral hearts that Indeed Allah defends those who believe then Allah reprimands the Muslim community that why when you heard it did not the believing men and believing women think good of one another. This is the lesson to learn over here, that when someone is accused, then put yourself in their position? If it was me, would I do that? No, I wouldn't do that.

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So don't even blame someone of something that you wouldn't do. Why did you not say that this is an obvious falsehood? Why did they who slandered not produce for it for witnesses, and when they do not produce the witnesses, then it is there in the sight of Allah Who are the liars. And if it had not been for the favor of Allah upon you, and His mercy in this world, and the hereafter, you would have been touched for that lie in which you were involved by a great punishment. When you received it with your tongues, you received it with your tongues, meaning without even thinking about it, what you heard you passed it on. And you said with your mouth, that of which you had no knowledge,

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because the fact is that who was the third person over there with the lower on hand that companion there was no third person. So you had no knowledge about it, you had no witnesses. So when you received it with your tongues and said, with your mouth, that of which you had no knowledge, and you thought it was insignificant, while it was in the sight of Allah, tremendous, accusing an innocent, righteous woman is a crime. And this shows to us that careless use of the tongue is very, very dangerous. We have to be very careful about what we say with our mouths. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that a man utters a word pleasing to Allah without considering it of any significance

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for which Allah exalts his ranks in gender. And another person speaks a word displeasing to Allah without considering it of any importance, and for this reason, he will sink down into hell. Why? Because of what he said, and he didn't even think about what he said, most disliked people are who, those with uncontrolled sharp tongues. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Indeed the most beloved among you to me, and the nearest to sit with me on the Day of Judgment is the best of you in character. And indeed, the most disliked among you, to me, and the ones sitting furthest from me on the Day of Judgment are those who are talkative, those who are sharp in tongue dominant over others

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because of their talk, abusive in their speech, and the arrogant, meaning those who are arrogant in their speech mean those who speak without controlling their tongue. So if the lacuna will be alternata, calm, we need to watch our tongue. What is it that we are saying? And why when you heard it, did you not say, it is not for us to speak of this Exalted are You Oh Allah, this is a great lender, meaning Why did you not express amazement when you heard this? Why did you notice upon the law, this is not true. Why were you not shocked by even hearing something like this? Because hearing something like this, that the wife of the Prophet could have done something like that? I mean, this

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is something serious. So Veronica Hannah butanna. Aleem, you should have spoken against it. Allah warns you against returning to the likes of this conduct ever if you should be believers. Will you be you know, la hola como la la hora de mon Hakeem. And Allah makes clear to you the vs and Allah is Knowing and wise. In the Medina your head buena anta chiral, Fantasia to fin la Vina Amano, la humara de la manfredonia Well,

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indeed those who like that a morality should be spread among the believers. They want that immorality should be spread it should be publicized. How should it be publicized in speech or in lewd actions or

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clothing or through other ways that indecency. immorality should spread among those who have believed such people will have a painful punishment in this world and the Hereafter, and Allah knows and you do not know, because you might defend this immorality and say that, Oh, this is part of life, but Allah knows how dangerous it is, once it spreads, and once people lose their hideout, they lose their modesty. Now, the question is, what does it mean by spreading a morality spreading in decency, this is done in several ways. One is through words through speech using words that are inappropriate, that are farsh that one should not be uttering, or things that a person should not

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really be talking about because they contradict modesty. Likewise, this includes wearing clothing, that is immodest, because when a person is wearing immodest clothing, then Okay, they are doing something that's immodest, but they're also spreading in modesty. Right? They're spreading in decency, likewise, committing actions which are indecent, and then talking about indecent things like we saw in the previous verses about slanders, slandering other people talking about love stories, or love affairs. These are things that spread in morality. And Allah subhanaw taala does not like people who spread in decencies, we learned that once a group of companions, they were

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sitting and they were eating and there were some other people there also, this is after the death of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and there was a woman over there who was serving them. So one of the men he called her zania. He said, Hey, use Ania that just because she is of a lower social status, he just called her zania and even our bus of the lower on who was there and he said, easy. If you are saved from the heart, meaning if nobody punishes you today, in this world, you will be given the punishment in the next world. And the man said that what if it's right What if it's true? Meaning what if she has committed sin? Even our best low the lower and who said in the Lucha lay your head

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will Farish element of a hash. Allah does not like the indecent person who spreads in decency, meaning even if you know that she has committed Zina, you should not be talking about it. Unless you are in a court with four witnesses, then Okay, you have a right to talk about it. Otherwise, you don't need to talk about it because Allah does not like people who indulge in indecent talk. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in Allah hilarya hebbal feroce. Allah does not like indecency. Oh, you believable Fantasia? Well, most of our Hush, he hates the in decent person, and the motor fish person who's done with a fish person, the person who's striving to perform acts of indecency and

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who's also spreading in decency. And remember that this is something that contradicts our culture Islamic culture is a culture of higher. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that indeed shamelessness and indecency. They are not from Islam in Nepal for sure what the laser aminul Islam officiate, they have nothing to do with Islam. So indecency shamelessness, whether it is an actions or in words, this is something that has no room in our religion. So acting out indecently in the way one dresses up. All of this is something that is incorrect. Because it contradicts higher when Oh la la la jolla la Kumara. To who? What Ana la hora opha Rahim and if it had not been for the favor of Allah upon

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you and his mercy, and because Allah is kind and merciful. It's because of his kindness, His mercy that you are saved otherwise you would be in great distress the entire society would become corrupt.