Mirza Yawar Baig – The Carpenter story

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The story of a carpenters who had a dream of building a house and eventually ended up building it in a fastest way is discussed, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right materials and design. Other topics discussed include Jana's level of Jana, the value of Jana's wealth, and the importance of gold in the federal government. The host also talks about the importance of being the absolute Owner of money and the value of money in modern government.
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In an umbrella salatu salam ala Libya Mohammad Rasool Allah is Allah highly who he was and he was among one of my grievances this

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there is a famous teaching story in America called the carpenter story.

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The story goes that there was this contractor who had used to build houses

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and as you know mostly in how in America and North America basically America Canada houses are built of wood, everything is good all the beans in this scenario

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so, they had this master carpenter who used to build houses for him

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and he worked for him for 3035 years close to 40 years and

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did a good job he used to do his work.

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So one day he decided that he wanted to retire so he went to his to the boss the contractor and told him that look, I have worked for you for all these years and I want to retire now so give me whatever terminal benefit you have to give me and let me go

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this was a dream that

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I let you go but I have one final house that I want you to construct

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build a house and you can go

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this one well resentful is what is this I mean, I worked for him for so many years and all that what is one house or whatever it was they didn't build somebody got people and all that Why does he want me to build

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so anyway, it was a no no, this is what condition you want to go build once.

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So anyhow, we we had to listen to him. So he said okay.

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His boss showed him a nice big plot of land. So he said the house has to be built here.

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And he said that

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normally I used to come and supervise and once in a while has to come and check and so on. So but now I have no time. So I'm going to leave this entirely do do whatever you want, build it however you want.

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And we will do a good job. Leave everything to use whatever material you like. Design it whichever you like, go talk to the architect.

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Whatever you like I was this is house that I want you to build and I'm not going to be coming to check what you are doing or not doing as well. Is do whatever you like, take the help of whoever in the organization that you need and build it.

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So this guy thought the longer this thing takes the longer I will have to be here I want to retire and go

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so he built the house. But he

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did it in the fastest way that he could do it which which means that

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you know normally if you had a staircase I would have these nice banisters and they will be carved and he forget all this. Everything takes time. Like he would have beautiful parquet flooring beautifully joined in Forget all that. Put some tiles

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right, you would have the best kind of sanitary ware and in all kinds of faucets and showers and put one tap on shower fellas. Right. So this way,

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even material I mean sometimes you know some kinds of wood are not easily available there is a high quality wood

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lasts a long time looks beautiful. But obviously it is not available easily which means that you are there is a waiting period is figured out that get some plywood and do the job. Right. So he did this whole thing. He finished his house in record time. Fastest house that he ever built in his life where it was slipshod it was all kinds of shortcuts is there.

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And he came to his boss and he told him you don't need to build his White House. I've done it was that you built it faster than you ever built any house in your life? Is that Yeah.

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So the boss said No problem. Thank you very much. I appreciate the fact that you did this last job for me. Here are the keys to that house. That house is yours.

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Is says that is your terminal benefit you wanted me to give you final benefit before you go. This is my gift to you That house belongs to you.

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That is the famous carpenter story.

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Why am I telling you this story to remind myself in you that we are those carpenters in this version?

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We are the government is

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the last one that has given us this

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live this life the last one Arthur has said that do whatever you like.

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Do whatever you like.

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Jana is a flat piece of ground. Right? There's nothing in it.

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You are Janet and my agenda is a flat piece of ground. There is nothing in it.

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You want trees, plant trees. You want goddess blonde gardens. You want to make rivers. You want palaces build palaces. Right? You want Ferraris or McLaren? Get them? Whatever like

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whatever you like Allah subhanaw taala did not put any condition to say you can have this and you can't have the no whatever you want in your Jana you can have

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choice is yours. Choice is mine.

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Otherwise it's

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not talking about disobeying Allah and doing haram and ending in Jannah. I would say even if your agenda regarding Allah is Allah

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He said that there are Raja Jana

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and he said that their job in general is how was the wrestler How do we understand is the raja Jana levels of Jannah. He said it is like looking at the stars.

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Looking at the stars, he said you are sitting here in this region not only is not Jana, Jana, but the nice Jana is like you see a staff

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that far away that high up

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so as a result of said in one of these, he said as a man, he will be sitting in his Jana and he will feel very beautiful and fragrant breeze that you never felt before.

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We will ask the hotel we will ask the

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desserts, where is his visa?

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They will say this breeze is from the Jana which is one level above yours.

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Only one level, one level above yours.

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So mine was a Allah,

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that man whoever is there, that woman who is there to do to whoever agenda will also the person must have done so many good deeds and so many wonderful things which I could not do in my life.

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They will tell you no, no.

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They will not do anything more.

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except one thing.

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What is the one thing he said? They said Suhana Allah one time more than you. That's it.

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He said there that person's life and your your life is identical. There's no difference.

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No difference, except one difference. And that difference is one word of rigor.

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One single word of the one Subhanallah more than you did.

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Last round Allah is added.

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So once we're on levels one,

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the value of the ones who are Allah has to give up because this person said it one time or

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what is the value the value is Jana one there is a higher

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reason I'm saying is yesterday we said that somebody will come to the masjid for Salah not only

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for every step the person takes Allah subhanaw taala increases one the region.

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But every step

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and as I said the journal was done well as Martha make what I'm saying to do. For those who are driving him coming, every turn of the wheel is equal to our step. Virtually right? That's why they come in small cars, they have smaller wheels, they revolve more began with the car, the bigger wheel was less.

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One there are more.

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There is a story which says so never really CERAM was going somewhere.

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We honest,

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flying through the air, whichever way he used to play a lot of and he had obviously I mean he was Nobby he was an emperor. So obviously he wasn't traveling alone. So he had his own entourage with him. And his father and the gins and whatnot right so big, massive

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so there was a farmer who was standing on the ground and he looked at Warren ledges you look at Zillow misses one Allah

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dueling Adam and Jake, look at this. This whole cavalcade and whatnot

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Subhan Allah.

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Allah is rather than a college, whatever is around to hear that Islam came down he landed in front of that man.

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And he said to him, What did you

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Was it

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just now? Was it something What did you say?

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When got afraid, obviously,

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is only the gigging rat or even all the RV and everything else. So these are well, I never said anything bad to you, you know is there one?

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I'm not saying as you said, I just want to hear what did you say?

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He said, I saw you going with all this glory and pomp and splendor that Allah has given you and all your army and everything else. I look at his eyes are so hon Allah.

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So Reverend Islam said Wallah he by the one who that is my soul.

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You are so Subhanallah you are one Subhan Allah is better than everything I have

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your once one Allah

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is Allah subhanaw taala caused me to hear this. So I came to tell you that you are one. So

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the worth of that is more and that is better than everything I have

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all this go back then.

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Well, then,

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no power. Why did Why does anyone have wealth?

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Money by itself is what supposing you have wealth. Supposing you have, supposing somebody gives you, you know, $1 trillion.

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Right? $1 trillion. Just imagine this seriously. People live like this, people actually like this $1 trillion.

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But it's $1 trillion. And this is $1 trillion in gold, not not in the Federal Reserve's paper which is worthless. I mean, actual gold $1 trillion worth of gold, gold bricks and biscuits.

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But they give you this $1 trillion. And this they give it to you in the middle of Fort Knox, with multiple security. And they say, here is here is this trillion dollars. And the middle of June in dollars, they put this fantastic double queen size, the king size bed, very comfortable. And they said you will be given whatever food you like. And then the door is locked.

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You can sit here with your $1 trillion, you are the Absolute Owner of this $1 trillion.

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But you are inside this prison,

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you are inside this prison and you're surrounded with this gold. Right? So you're not being tortured, and you're not being waterboarded or you know, nothing. Nobody's having you

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referred and so on. So would you be comfortable.

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That's it. You can leave this

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tell me what good is admin?

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You are the Absolute Owner of that. No doubt about it. You are the Absolute Owner of that. But you can spend it you can use it what will read the word?

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Why does anyone want wealth. People want wealth for the freedom it gives them. If I have the money, I can go where I want. I can do what I want. I can buy what I want. I can live whichever way I want. I can move from one country to another country. Citizenship rules don't apply. Nothing applies. I want a British passport. I give 2 million pounds. I buy a British passport. I want an American passport, I whatever I want I can do, right. I don't have to wait for

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cues and planes and whatnot. private plane customs officer will come and check my passport on the plane itself and that also my secretary will give it to him. Why walk off the plane? I mean, what does wealth give you? Wealth is supposed to give you power and supposed to give you freedom. That is why people want wealth. Nobody wants Well, like I own a trillion dollars I'm sitting in the middle of a prison surrounded by gold. I mean, nobody wants that.

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So what is it is that I've had he had wealth and power and freedom and authority. So when he's saying my one, Zuma, you are one SWANA is better than what I have is not more money.

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He's talking about something which is far more important than money which is power.

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Money is nothing compared to power power is what people actually want. Money is a means of getting by not only means but that's one way of getting power otherwise without power, what's the good of money?

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Without power you have money is like most of our all our Middle Eastern countries, their bank account. They're not they're not economies.

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You're sitting on that

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sea oil but somebody else has access to it.

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This is the issue. The issue is the carpenter story. The issue is what do we want to do with this time that has been given to us? How do we want to use this time? What kind of house do we want to build?

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As I remind myself renew, Allah has given us complete freedom.

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And unlike the man, unlike the governor who did not know that he was building his own house, Allah did not even leave that as a mystery for us. Allah told us in advance. Now imagine that carpenter had been told in advance with the ban, I told him do your terminal benefit is this house, do whatever you want, spend as much as you want? What do you think the man would have done?

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He would have built that house. You know, maybe he would have built walls of gold or something God knows.

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Because he were absolute freedom spend whatever you like, build the most beautiful house in the world. And this house will belong to you suppose in the van, I told him that in advance, how would that carpenter have worked

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would not have taken a single shortcut, he would have used the best materials he would have spent all the time and energy and all his talent to build the best house because he's got this vibe. This is mine.

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Allah subhanaw taala unlike the boss of the carpenter, he didn't give it in suspense. He told us right now. This is your house.

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Build it whichever way you like.

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You want to go and live in a shack that's up to you.

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But that shack is yours, whatever. There's no nothing else happening after that.

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You want to live in a beautiful palace there is also yours that also is yours forever.

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As Carlos Mandela did Taala DeLallo to enable us to make the right choices and to do that which is pleasing to Him and which is beneficial for us. Was Allah Allah Allah will carry Marathi. He was average mind Africa.

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