42 Mistakes In Ramadan

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Dr. Zakir Naik advises us on 42 mistakes we must avoid this Ramadan

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common errors committed by the Muslims in the month of Ramadan can be broadly classified into four categories. The first category is the common errors committed by Muslim regarding the obligatory rules and regulations of fasting.

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The second category

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is the common errors committed by Muslims, which are contradictory to the school now of fasting.

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The third category

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is the errors committed by Muslims, mainly

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due to neglecting the obligated duties in Islam and

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indulging in Acts which are prohibited.

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And the fourth category is the other common errors committed by Muslims in the month of Ramadan.

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The most grievous amongst the era of in the first category, that is errors committed regarding the obligatory rules and regulations of fasting use. The most common is that Muslims, many times they don't do the near fasting. intention is very important. Without Nia, without intention, the fasting is not accepted. So making intention is obligatory. The second error is that many times, Muslims, even after the forger hasn't started, yet they continue eating. And they think that the end of food time is only at the end of the project. In fact, the moment the fire alarm stops, the moment the beginning of dawn starts, the soul time ends. So this is error, which normally nullifies or

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invalidates the past.

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The third error in the first category is that many people, they delay paying, there's a catalyst

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and many times they pay after the booster

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SPP does the catheter after it is better, then it is like normal charity, it does not come under the supposition. So these three are the most grievous in the first category, the common errors committed in the second category, that is errors that are contradicting the sooner of the past. If number one many people, they skip this for some people, they have an early server, that is they have just over one or two hours before the budget time. In fact, it is a blessing, every Muslim should have it. And the Prophet said

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we should delay the food as much as possible, we should have it that is just before the project.

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The third mistake committed by Muslims in this category is that they delay opening the past the delay they thought and a prophet Musa Lawson said that the people will be good as long as they hasten in breaking data. That means immediately after sunset, they should big data.

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The fourth common error in this category is that many Muslims they read an authentic dua

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the most authentic door as far as I'm concerned is

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xaba sama Papa Lu

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inshallah, which means that

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my thirst is quenched, the winds are moistened

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the other is new.

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inshallah, God willing to devote his new God willing.

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And some people when they read this book for breaking the fast they state before breaking the fast

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before they put the date in the mode, they say this and it's contrary to the meaning. The meaning says that my thirst has been quenched Zomba sama, wok de la te ruku my thirst has been quenched and the way that we moisten, your thirst cannot be quenched before baking. phenomenally it shouldn't be said after you do after your water and you're satisfied. Maybe After some minutes after you break the fast then you can eat this dua as the habit sama cappelletti ruku.

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inshallah, which means

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my toast had been quenched, the winds have been nice and

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the reward is new, inshallah, God willing.

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The sixth

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common error made by Muslims in this category is that many Muslims, they eat excessively during Easter, and many of them even eat for the night.

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The seventh common error is that many of them, they are negligent as far as that I was concerned, because the ROM is not a firm, they think it is no problem. If a Muslim, Mr. Ravi doTERRA Vitara. It's a very important son, and a Muslim who Mr. Ravi is missing a great deal of reward.

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And many Muslims who performed Ravi, very, Ravi very fast, and mph. They try and finish it in a short time and the defeat the purpose. In fact, you should read with a moderate pace, so that people understand and the correct message of Allah subhanaw taala.

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The ninth common error is that those who go pick up in the mosque, many of them, they socialize during Ithaca, as though it's a time to meet people and friends, which is totally contrary to the sun.

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The 10th

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common error is that many of the Muslims think that the lead record is on the 27th night of Ramadan.

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And the only worship Allah subhanaw taala on this night. In fact, a beloved Prophet Musa Lawson said

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search for the lead record in the odd nights of the last 10 days. The last Ashleigh the 10 days, therefore, they recovered can fall either on the 21st night or 23rd or 25th or 27 or 29. For this one, the common errors made by machines dilemma a common error is that these spend the time during the month in unprofitable

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rather than spending in soccer, and worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. They spend the time rather for offering besides the complicity Salah, the novel, the voluntary, Fela de la sala, the 12th error made by the Muslims is that they should have

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the 13th is they should ask for forgiveness, this moment of forgiveness.

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Putting this they should read the Quran as much as possible to get the rest of the last minute Allah, the 15th is that they fast and they keep themselves hungry. But basically, they're not mentally prepared for the fast and it is as though they're staying hungry. But the main purpose of fasting to acquire tequila is not obtained. This was in brief regarding the secondary, the common errors committed by Muslims in the third category, that is errors regarding negligence in performing the five W's due to that Islam, that Muslims, many of them this day of April night, they have an early server. And these people they do not offer the missing project Salah is many of them because

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they stay with the full night sleep the whole day. And they even miss them. And they offer Salah, which is a grave sin, we're trying to acquire blessings, and you're neglecting the obligated duties which is totally prohibited. Many Muslims do not give support to the supportive. And that is one of the pillars of Islam in which every Muslim who has a saving of the nisab level. That is those who have a saving of 85 grams of gold, they should get 2.5% of their savings. Every lunar inch It is called a socket

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and the port error and the third category is that most of the Muslim gives a crap but they do not calculate the socket properly.

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As far as common errors committed by Muslim ban, indulging in prohibited acts. The most common is though these acts are prohibited for a Muslim, irrespective whether it's a month of Ramadan and Ramadan. But specifically, we should be more careful. We should be careful trying to avoid these acts toward a life but in our land, we should be more careful. And the most common number one, the Muslims involved themselves is backbiting concentric

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backbiting is a great sin.

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And Allah says in the Quran in sort of chapter 14 verse number 12, the dude who backbite they are people who eat the dead meat of the own brother.

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To backbiting and slandering is one of the grievous sins. The second common error in this category is

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Muslims, many of them

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they use for speech that allies

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the third

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If they use

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abusive language,

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which is contrary to spirit of Islam, and

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the fourth is the vulgar language.

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And the fifth is the involve themselves in gossipy,

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the 60s

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some of them involved in force action

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70s many of the Muslims

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to kill time, didn't listen to music, and understand that song

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was just totally private.

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The eighth common error is

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many of the Muslims to kill time they watch on Islamic television programs and an Islamic movements. The ninth common error from the Muslim is that many of the Muslims, they read unfamous magazines and Islamic books and family pictures,

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which are private Islam, the

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common error

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Muslims and this month is many of them, they go to an Islamic sites on the internet, which again private

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development community is that they

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spin excessively

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and become an extravagance

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and that was this there is a lot of wastage of food.

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So, this was in brief regarding

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the list of mistakes done by persons commonly in the third category, that is indulging in Acts which are prohibited and neglecting acts which are persons.

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The other common areas covered by Muslims in the month of Ramadan. The fourth category is number one is that many of the Muslims, they stay awake the whole night, and then sleep in the day.

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And they do the normal activity, the nighttime and sleep in the daytime, they're converting day into night, and then today, and the whole purpose of fasting is defeated.

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The second error in this category is that many of the Muslims they remained lazy and inactive during the daytime which is contrary to the spirit of fasting. The third common error is that many of the Muslims they try and kill the time during the day by playing

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by a movement by games, which defeats the purpose again

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the common error is Muslims, they give lavish parties and they spend a lot of money many times to show

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the fifth common error many of the Muslims, they ask the woman in the family to prepare a variety of dishes for Easter and Passover does making the woman in the family spend the majority of the time in the kitchen. In fact, the family should spend most of the time in the movie and last but not Allah and if the woman for the mood was inshallah even the men will benefit I mean this will be for you ensure

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the sixth common error is that many of the Muslims they renovate

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the house and the shop in the month of Ramadan. Spend more time in that men and women Allah subhanaw taala the seventh common error is that many of the Muslims

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they spend their nights instead of removing Allah Spano tala, in activities which are unproductive. For example.

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They spend the time

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in excessive socializing after

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the 1890s. Many of the Muslims, they spend many nights and most parts of the nights in shopping.

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The 10th commoners many of the Muslims, they spend most of the time in the night in eating.

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The women's is many of the Muslim they spend their time in Roby.

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And in loitering during the night. And the most common error is the last 10 days of Ramadan are mainly the days in which the Muslims should do more bother. But most of the Muslims, they spend time in shopping in celebrating and preparing themselves for it.

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And most of them spend time in activity with the unproductive rather than spending the time in America. These are some of the other common errors that Muslims commit and I hope inshallah that day will extend from the letters