Are Those Really The Footprints Of Prophet Ibrahim In Makkah

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Whenever you visit Makkah, you will see a golden stand by ka’bah where lies a pair of footprints. Most of us know it to be the Footprints of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH). Is it really though? Could it be just a symbol and not the actual footprints?
Shaykh Hasib Noor clarifies and answers the question

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Are those really the footprints of the Prophet Abraham in Mecca in that golden dome?

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As we know, the prophet Abraham Ibrahim out of his setup was the one who was commanded by Allah subhanho wa Taala. To build the Kaaba, he was not the first we believe that add them, at least to them and some scholars, even the angels built the CAD the first and it was destroyed in the flood of new holiday setup, then we believe that Abraham was sent to Mecca to build it with his married Ishmael. Now one of the most powerful things is that we believe Yes, the macom available to him, which is the golden dome, in which encompasses a casing, which has a clay slab does physically have the footprints of the Prophet Ibrahim Ali salon, and this clay brick was actually against the Kaaba,

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and the family sent him would have his feet on top of it, and it's married. It said I would give him the clay bricks to build the walls of the Kaaba. And he would stand on top of it later on in the tongue, but a lot of the hubbub of the lawn, who he saw that it was actually impeding people stole off them circulating around the cabinet. So what he did is he pushed it back and kept it in line to where it used to be, and pushed it backwards so that it would not impede the loss. So if actually you go to the cabinet now, you will see that there's actually gray I'm sorry, brown bricks that are against the wall of the Kaaba, which mark where the macom or the station or the footprints of

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Ibrahim used to be. So you still have that brown mark and that is actually where the Imam and usually the morning prayer, that is where he prays. So this is what we believe to be the Mohammed Ibrahim and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was commanded as well. What does he do mean Muhammad Ibrahim masala and to take the Muhammad Ibrahim or the station over him or where the foot prints of Viva La he worked as a position of prayer and the prophets I seldom used to pray behind it when he would face the Kava much later on when the direction of the capitalist change.