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Ammar Alshukry


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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this 32nd episode he talks about the name of Allah – Alhasib


AI: Summary © The 99 minor league series introduces Hasib as the hassy and one who suffices. He is the best looking man to be in the world, paired with the Whirlpool concept of the Hassy. The Hassy has a lot of power when faced with fear and is the best looking man to be in the world. The Hassy has a desire to be a member of the Muslim community, desire for people to be empowered by knowing that actions are not just a lie, and the need to figure out where the source of strength is.
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to another episode of the 99 Names of Allah. I'm your host, Milan and I'm here with a moto shoukry in this dungeon by example. All right, so today we are speaking about an hassy. But

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speaking of Allah say one of our latest additions to the roster, ignore has ignored indeed. So we've got a signal. For those of you who don't know, Hasib is the name of Allah and nor is a sifat Mashallah, yeah.

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So, we have

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an hassy. What does that mean? Hasib means the one who suffices suffices. He's enough, okay. And so, you have

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the law as it says, woman You talk a lot of life or who has ever depends on Allah. Allah is Haskell. He's enough for him. or her. Okay. Right, you depend on Allah, then

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you're covered. So it's very much paired with

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the concept of the Whirlpool and a local, very good, and we're gonna get to it with kena gelatin and a little bit, but that's very good. Exactly. So Allah azzawajal he Israel, I guess I'm jumping the gun. No, no, that's fine. That's a good connection. Okay. So you make to look good upon allies, and allies, again, is sufficient for you. And that's why whoever

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whoever is, in a moment of fear, if you're ever afraid, yeah. What are we commanded to say has to be a law Who? When am I lucky? Okay. See there you have your two your two names. Nice. has to be a lot. A lot is enough for me. And he is the best looking one No. Near Milwaukee. Near means he's the best, workI Disposer of affairs best to be interested. And so has to be a lot when I'm really lucky. I've lived my boss, he says, and I like my bosses, the cousin overdose loss and lemon. He's sort of demanded or is one of the greatest scholars of the origin. And he's also a little bit and he's also an bait and it's also where the name of the ambassade come from.

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Exactly. His father. Yeah, sure. Exactly. So the lightning bustle of the line, who he says has to be a law in Milwaukee has to be a law in Milwaukee, this phrase that we just learned,

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or we just mentioned, Ibrahim, I think Sam said it when he was cast into the fire. Oh, when he was catapulted into the fire okay. By His people they had built a fire that was so high that birds can fly over and this is where I became a no fly zone.

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Yeah, that's how high the fire was. The This is one job realize that I'm comes down and says hey, you need me to help you out and he says has to be alone. No, I could always do something else he was saying has to be alone. And we look at the the story of jabril coming to him and it's controversial. Oh, is there really a point being is he got cast into the fire or catapulted into the fire? And then he said has to be alone and murky, so even embassy comments and he says, has to be alone. Mr. Rokita Ibrahim said it when he was cast it or catapulted into the fire, and the companions of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said it when it was said to them in the NASA or the general docking for show him

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for that whom he Manohar has no luck when we look at it in the Quran, and I'm wrong. Sorry, I'm not yet but saw it. And unfair. Okay. This is where they're going to battle. Sorry, it is. Milan.

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I don't know why I said it was in a fight but it is I am wrong. Okay. Yes. When the people it was set to them in the NASA demo locking function because I don't know, when it was set to them. The people are afraid. In a NASA position. People have gathered against you for that domain mandate, only increase them in their email. And they said husband Allah and Mr. Lucky, you know, the Muslims had the sun duck. Oh, this is not better an army of 10,000 people, okay, which had never been gathered before, okay, ever in the Arabian Peninsula. 10,000 people. And so these are the Confederates. I mean, these tribes had gathered together one tribe after the other and against the

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most against the Muslims. They're gonna wipe out Medina. Okay. And so

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what did they say? It was set to them people have gathered against you. Yes. It's all the whole world is against you at this point. Yeah, for sure. fear them for that. Oh, man. It increased them in their email. They didn't get scared. And they said hashman Allah and Emma looking. They said, uh, last weekend is enough for us. And he's the best Disposer of affairs.

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However, in sort of them, in fact, a lot of yes says yeah, you have to be hashmatullah, who are many, many allies and he says, oh,

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Prophet, Allah is enough for you and those who follow you from the book.

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beavers okay, right and so a lot of it is enough as well as those who support it also loss of the lightest element a lot as he says when you read the ruka in his book in for inasmuch Allah, He says if they desire to deceive you trick you plot against you, then allies is that is enough for you. And so what are some of the the emotions that come to your mind right now, with regards to this concept of Eliza being an assay? I mean, just I was just playing back, some stuff that was coming to mind right now is just like some of the stuff that's happening, like the Syrian refugee crisis and the things that they're dealing with.

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Like, no, can they they're, they're not safe at home, and no country wants them. And it's like, what do you do that? Yeah. Right. And, and that's who everyone has, which is a lie. So again, a lot is enough. For me, a lot is the best Disposer of my affairs, you know, holding on to this concept is incredibly empowering. in your day to day life, knowing that a lot as of yet is your hesi. The, you know,

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Khalid maybe later down the line home, you know, the famous general when the Muslims squared off against the Byzantine Empire, and they saw an army, a host that they had never seen before. It was covering the horizon, like scattered locusts. How did the majority said how about the LA? Se? La? How La La quwata illa? billah? Okay, you're saying to his, his army, you think c'est la la la COVID de La Villa, there's no source of power, and there's no source of strength except for realizada. Right. And so you see these concepts ingrained in the hearts of the companions, whether it has to be alone, Mr. Loki, Allah is sufficient enough for me, and he's the best Disposer of affairs, or how

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low inequality lab allow you to progress. The lesson, I'm says is a treasure from the treasures of paradise. Yeah. also incredibly empowering that my source of power is not this or that or this or that it is a lot as origin. And it's not, you know, if we have that source of strength, and the Romans don't have that source of strength, then we're the ones who are stronger, no matter how much they look like scattered locus in front of us. Okay, well, I guess the question is, in today's day and age for us who are living the privileged first world problem type of life? Like, how does this apply?

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Whether you're living first world type of life are not we are all fearful. You're I mean, we all have once we all have needs, we all have things that we you know, we all it can be something as simple as, as,

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you know, walking in the street by yourself. Right? And you have that moment of fear, you say has to be alone, am I lucky? People are against you, in whatever way that they are. You're being wronged by your family, you're being wronged at your work. You're being wronged wherever, yeah, you realize that a lot as well is the source of he's enough for you. Right? And he's the best disclosure of affairs. And I think this is the perfect time to wrap up because we're getting some outside noise that we're going to need to figure out where it's even coming from.

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We're being invaded by Gremlins. Yeah.

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Sounds like it's coming to be like

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it would be so appropriate because Hello is around the corner hashmatullah net Motoki yeah if y'all trick or treating and you're afraid some some trick or treating, so there we go.

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I meant was that if there were Gremlins coming to take us now have someone alone and

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fair enough. All right. So lightest in Cyprus in Simcoe