Ibraheem Menk – IntaLIVE #31 Stories In The Quran – The Signs; What they left behind

Ibraheem Menk
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi he may be even left Today we will be going over the 25th use even a lot we will be touching on two stories. Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about fear around again in the 25th just touching on his story. And Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about it again from different angles, speaks about how masala Salaam came was a science even says how Frauen rejected the times and he rejected Musa alayhis salam in the latest war. In the second story we want to latch on the same story as a whole but from a different angle. Allah

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subhanho wa Taala mentions how Iran and his people were left behind. And Allah subhanho wa Taala granted all that to when we saw Solomonic

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violet was set him off to learn how to cut a hole you

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have hamdulillah How are you?

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And hamdulillah well, and we hope the viewers are well as well.

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Sharla we hope everybody's well to Shere Khan today on the 25th of June. Again, Allah subhanho wa Taala. He mentioned some of the MBA he speaks briefly about Ibrahim alayhis salam before that in Surah Shula he speaks about Ola Assam the MBR alaykum. Salatu was salam, the five he speaks about Nohara is Salam. And he mentions them in brief, get into the story of Musa alayhis salam Allah Allah Allah then speaks about how Musa alayhis salam had come with signs to the people have been around and his people and they carried on asking for more science or they asked for assignment when a sign came they rejected it. Allah subhanho wa Taala says how these signs they came one after the other

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one after the other. Eventually, they tell masala, his Salah, Makana, USA, hereunder, Atlanta batavi Magadha indeck basically, you know, ask your Lord and tell him to bring what what is coming from you literally. And there was so many times where Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions some of these signs like in the ninth juice, he says for our son and he mapusa Anna will Jada will mellow further, so many different signs in terms of, you know, whether it was

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the lice and the locusts, etc. And these people carried on rejecting I think what's interesting is Allah subhanho wa Taala says that he sent these signs last year on one of the reasons, these signs Yes, they were punishment, they made things difficult for them, but one of the reasons is that so they returned back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And in the same way, when it comes to our life, so many times you find something difficult going on in your life, something goes wrong. Yes. Whether it's, you know, a form of punishment or not, it's always an indication to 10 back to our last panel, which either call back call out to Him, become attached to him again, you know, improve your

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relationship with him.

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Yes, absolutely. A loss of credibility. wa Taala sends these signs. And as we see, he says, woman would he mean, I think La Jolla Akbar, amin Bhakti here and we don't show them a sign except that it is bigger than its sister, the one that came before it.

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So sometimes in life, you'll get signs and one sign, two signs and three signs and slowly the signs will get bigger and bigger. And then you realize that, you know, this is Allah subhanho wa Taala calling you back to him. So I think when a person takes heed, and the sign is very small, you know, at the slightest stop signs or understand then that would be more beneficial to them rather than to wait for the

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it becomes too late or something of that nature.

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Yes, as you mentioned,

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Jeff and I, the point you have when it comes to the story,

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chef and I can Are you there? Yes, yes.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala after speaking about these signs he speaks about how fear around you know he didn't try to address Musa alayhis salam humiliate him speak bad about him always picking on more Sally Sarah so much so he went as far as picking on him in his speech he says and uh hi Roman had a lady who I met him while I Academy you beat Am I better or this person has come who's you know, he's not even at a high part of society while I Academy you been and he's not barely able to speak clearly. And I think a lesson again, we take from this as we mentioned before, if you've got a message about something good you

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To say, Musa alayhis salam in the same way, it's mentioned that he had a stutter, where he couldn't, you know, speak as well. And he makes your eye to Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant him the ability to speak. He also makes to Atala Kanagawa Allah to send his brother with him What if he one of cipher, mini lisanna is somebody you know, he's more eloquent, he can speak better. Again, there's a lot we can take from this because our mo Salah is Salah, he knows that his brother in this particular field, is able to speak better is more eloquent. So he calls he asked her last panel what Alice's send her own with me. And this shows us that sometimes, in fact, there is no time in life

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where you will be able to master every single thing. This, you know, being complete was not made for anybody else. And that's one of the reasons why we have to live with other human beings is because a human in general, you need something from the other person, whether it's goods, whether it's services, whether it's whatever it may be, you are not complete in yourself, you need other people. And from that, also, you have to realize that at times, when there are certain jobs or certain things that people can do better than you and you have access to them, you might as well use them and acknowledge you know, their skill or their caliber in that field. Look at Musa alayhis salam.

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When it came to his brother Harun Allah His Salaam, is saying, Oh Allah, how own he speaks better, he is more eloquent. So send him with me.

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One line, that's so true, you know,

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this is the sign of a true leader, someone who can acknowledge and admit where people are, the way they skills lie, and recognize these skills and utilize them in the best possible manner in order to build a society that is performing at its peak, so to speak. Because, you know, the leader himself can't do everything, but he needs to learn how to deal with people that might be even better than him in certain fields, and utilize those skills in order to build a society and a community and to develop the people. So some kind of love that's something that we can really learn from this. Also, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Where can we are you have a ruler now Becca, we made it their index,

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they call out to musala salatu salam calling him a magician. Now. Even Jerry Rahim, Allah Allah, he mentions that this wasn't some sort of abuse, but rather, they looked up to him. In this manner, they called out to him within a title of honor, because they saw magicians as good people amongst the honorable people amongst them. So

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from this, we can learn that, you know, calling people with a title of honor when you want something from them, is not necessarily wrong, or you trying to honor them, when you want something from them, don't go to them and abuse them or act like as if you don't need what what you've come for. Rather be be respectful and decent. You don't have to also become a person who's begging, but at the same time, be respectful and honorable in the best possible manner.

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And interestingly, why do they ask Musa alayhi salatu salam, why didn't they go to fit around? The isn't it around was saying to them that I'm at Arambula, Allah and Arambula Allah so go to your Lord, why do you go to Moosa? Who, who's calling you to the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It only is so powerful, and go to sit at home. So it's strange how people in times of hardship, they know where to benefit and harm lies. So how am I you know, also the point you mentioned, where as even Jerry wahala mentions that this could have been also a

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sign of honor or status of honor. I personally didn't know that. And just before we came on, I was passing through one of the books and they mentioned the same thing. And that's the first time I ever learned that. And I think it's, it's important to mention that the more you read through the books of FCA, the more you expand your knowledge you you learn things which you didn't really know, you see things from a different angle, you see different opinions of the facility and all that, whether it's in Tafseer, whether it's in Hadith, whether it's in film, whether it's in your whole life, you know, the more you get from other people, especially when you've got somebody you know who's telling

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you something and you know, they're not just bashing you down, but it's constructive or they bring you a new point which you didn't know that helps you be led to grow. And it's important to surround yourself with you know, such resources, people like that in general. So you yourself can grow you know, sometimes people they hold lives, they they have the same company, we're not saying the company itself is wrong, but you're saying that what they

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involved in sweets mainly only for example let's just say watching sports or doing things which I'm about this you it might not be hard and you might benefit but also try and find with if you don't have the people physically this books you can read all this with you know the internet today you can learn so many things start exposing yourself or getting yourself used to learning new things which are beneficial.

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Absolutely. Schaffner. You know, I also didn't realize this I didn't know this point. And when I was looking at it, I thought, look at these people, they want something from him and they're abusing him. And when I looked into letter C, I realized that so panela it's it's the complete opposite where they were trying to give him a title of honor because and and that makes sense because they really looked up to sorcerers and magicians at the time.

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Pamela Shannon moving on, again, the story of Musa alayhis salam mentioned in another surah in the 25th Jews, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about how Fira Allen and his people they had so many things Allah subhanho wa Taala says come talk to me jannetty what are you and how many gardens they left and rivers or springs was ruined in one mataman Kareem vegetation you know nice places. When I met in Canada we have our kids so many bounces you know they were enjoying in the analyst panel what atlases kinetica, Ola, Pokemon man, hurry. And in that way, you know, we literally gave it to other people, there are other people who came and inherited it basically fit around and then had

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everything. And Allah subhanho wa Taala took them out of their own lands, everything that they had tried to get, and they worked hard to put an a mass and enjoyed. And they thought that these venues would live under them, and they will keep them as slaves and asked them you know, to carry on with this forced them to maintain this lifestyle. It's amazing how Allah subhanho wa sallam speaks about this, the verses are so amazing that they had this, this, this, this, this, and all of it went to somebody else. And I think this shows us that, yes, it's not wrong to earn wealth and to live with, with so many things, as long as you're not doing something Haram. But ultimately, it's not really

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yours up here, you use it in your lifetime after that is going to somebody else. So you'd rather make the most of it in terms of doing good deeds, and also use it sometimes people you know, they might buy a new car, or they might buy something of benefit. And you see, it sits for 345 10 years, they didn't use it, nobody else uses it. Eventually, after you die, it's going to somebody else anyway. So you might as well use it.

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Online, that's so true. So true, you know, the fact that they were building and it's literally like Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us that they were building for someone else, you know, they they left all of these these things behind them. So sometimes, like you said, We amass a mess, a mess, and we don't realize that we're not benefiting from this, this wealth in our lives, we're not using it, we're not spending it. So what's the point of it, ultimately, it's going to go to people who will spend it and who will use it and who will benefit from it. So some kind of like you've only got access to it for this timeframe, which is your life. And then after that, you know, it's not real

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ownership, you only have access to it for that timeframe. And then and then it's gone and it's done, and it will be passed on. And other people will use it, whether that's your children or people whom you've left your wealth to whom Allah subhanho wa Taala gives that wealth to, to. So I think this is of absolute benefit, what you've mentioned, and sometimes this is why I feel that experiences are more,

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you know, beneficial than just amassing wealth all the time. So if you're going to, you know, if you've got an option as to whether to buy a home, or to go out and do something, you can't buy a house and living a decent house so you know, what's extra and more, when you've got an option to have an experience with your family or to go out and do something that might be worth a lot more than just amassing and amassing and amassing beyond what is necessary. So using that wealth, because ultimately your time in this dunya is what is of real benefit and what is your your real asset is your time. And we know this very well. But I think beyond a certain point, it just becomes about the

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figures and and growing and getting bigger and bigger.

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Yeah, I guess it's becomes like, you know, you're part of the game then. You just wanted wealth, wealth and wealth and you don't really know how much is in the law. How much good

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Do you can do with that wealth, also the fact I think a lot of people don't realize it, that as Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam says in the Hadith that the son of Adam, he says Money, money, my wealth, my wealth, and he goes on to mention that your wealth is only that which you use in this dunya with eight in this dunya. After that thing, you die, it's going to somebody else. So yes, if you have wealth, as you mentioned, you know, sometimes you've got your essentials, you've got your home, you've got this, Allah subhanho wa Taala has granted you you spend on others, maybe take your family, for a new experience with the correct intention, as long as you're not doing something, you

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know, Haram, and that is fine. And that is commendable. You know, it's amazing that the Hadith explains to us so explicitly that it will never be enough for the son of Adam, you know, he'll always want more. And I was speaking to a brother once and he was telling me how, you know, no, we need to build we need to build and I said, Brother, but Allah has given you all of this, what more do you want to build, you know, and, and the brother, Allah, he, he works very hard, he works very, very hard. May Allah grant him goodness and reward him for his efforts, etc. You know, he, they also do a lot of good charitable work. But he was telling me, he works very, very hard. And he's been

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working like that for 10 years now. He personally opens his own place. He goes days working from morning till evening, and he says, one day, someone walked into my place. And the guy says, he had golf clothes on, you know, and he is going to play a game of golf. So it's Wednesday, nine o'clock in the morning, him telling me, what are you doing? Don't you work? So this guy says, No, you know, this is my, this is my job. I go, I play golf at nine o'clock in the morning.

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You know, I enjoy myself. So he says, No, but what about work and what you're doing? He says, Listen, if you've got $20,000 coming in, in rental every month, what you want to work for in your life? Are you on work for money? When Subhan Allah was I was looking at this brother and I said, you know, you've got more coming in them that why are you working the way you are still. And I came to realize that for some people, the joy and the experience is in the, in the pursuit itself. So they enjoy it, you know, and that's what he likes doing. So Subhanallah he was talking about building more. And as I said, a you know, that's up to you, those are your decisions, but I don't think I

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would be living the same way, you know, and Allah, so

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hamdulillah good for him, whatever works for him, you know, we happy for everybody. But I just found the perspective that he had, and that guy had were two different perspectives all together.

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Yes, as we mentioned, at the end of the day, you know, it's some people like it, they like to be part of the game, and they like to be meaning the business game. And that's, that's what keeps them going every day. And if that's what keeps you going, that's what keeps you going. point we were just raising is that if you've got so much wealth, sometimes you you amassing it because of wealth, not because you like it or not, because now you're saying, well, let's, you know, we need this, we need this, we need this, we need this, if you know you've got enough, and it's only stressing you more, and you're living you're going like a machine and you can't keep up if you can't keep up, it's

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different. You're going and you can't keep up and think about it that you know the wealth that you've got already. It's going to go to somebody else who use it in a good cause. Use it for yourself, spend on yourself, spend on your family spend on those around you. And also, you know, spend for the sake of Allah hotel.

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Yes, absolutely. We're lucky. That's the mindset that I have actually is that you know, build until until the point where hamdulillah you're comfortable, you're benefiting others you're benefiting yourself. You're okay. And then beyond that, you should try to fall for the alpha not to say that you can't use your wealth as well to build for the RTR is a lot of people who do it for that particular purpose.

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You feel less leaving behind an empire?

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Yes, or people you know, for other people to benefit from whereas you didn't really benefit that much from in, you know, sometimes. I wonder sometimes what the whole what what the whole point

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is, you know, speaking on the same point, since we talking about it, you know, if we look at our lives in general, our you look at your life as a whole, you might have reached 2030 years or 6070 years, there's a lot of people of different age groups who listen, if you take stock of all these years, you would find that when it comes to sleeping, just look at your day. When you sleep generally, a normal human being is basically anywhere between six and eight hours in the data. It's 1/3 of your day, which means roughly 1/3 of your life roughly is gone in sleeping. So if you live in 60 years, that's 20 years is already gone. Then if you're talking about

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People when you need to eat and you've got your basic essentials and look after yourself, and also look after those around you, you know, you also need to eat, you need to survive, that's probably another eight to 10 hours of your day. Right? So roughly you've we've mentioned about, say, 18 hours from there, you've got about six hours left. And people, you know, they didn't want to relax, they didn't want to do things that day for you, but at least a small portion of your day at least try and invest it in the affair, because all this Your life is like this. So, so much from here to here, what's in between is where you live, and then that will come to an end. So it's important to try and

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invest in the RV. Remember, the best investment you can make, without a doubt, is the investment of the afterlife doing good deeds. And there's different ways to invest for the alphabet. Basically, what we're saying is this different good deeds you can do. So sometimes people, you know, it's like, a fort and everybody is at a certain position, what you can do, I probably can't do what I can do, maybe somebody else come to not everybody can be,

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you know, doing or giving so much soccer or so much voluntary charity, let's say, not everybody can read so much voluntary prayer, not everybody can help, you know, orphans, for example. So you do you, you play the game, to your strengths, so to speak, you try and do other good deeds, but you also don't forget your strength. And remember that this life of us is short, it will come to an end, you try your best to do as much as you can. Now before you know, your life comes to an end, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to grant us the trophy and the ability to do that, you know, when you take a look at the bigger picture, you just take yourself back, look at the years you've lived, you know,

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sometimes you sit and you think and you say that, you know, what you 20 odd 30 odd? And what am I What am I achieved? You know, before what have I done in these past two years, you know, the other time I was sitting and thinking about, you know, footballers, or people in professional sport, and you find them not saying they're role models, I'm saying take the lesson to say that is some of them may be but

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when they 14 1516 at times you find people they burst onto the scene and they, you know, they they've done it in their field. What about us as Muslims doing good deeds, someone is still saying, Let me start when I'm 40 and 50 you might not reach there and if you reach there, you know, what you might not have the strength or ability, the the wealth you once had, you might not have intent. So I think I always find it quite amazing when looking at the people who are working very hard for the dunya and I say that, you know, if only people have the dean had the same, a similar drive.

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We would be successful, you know, that tribe of doing good deeds for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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absolutely, chefman absolutely, you know, there's, I think the balance really helps a person where you've got to work for the dunya the archaea, and you know, make sure that everything remains within certain time frame etc. It's, it's not, it's not always easy, but it's not hard either. If you think of it, and you plan your day out, etc, it doesn't become so difficult. It's just time management etc

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jeopardize anything else you like to mention, whether it's to do with the points or anything else you'd like to add.

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Like I was just thinking of how Ramadan has already come to an end nearly it's nearly come to an end. And I think that's something that we really need to think about right now. Because you know, when sales so to speak is coming to an end that's when people rush to gain most benefit from it. So we need to try and do the best we can in these last few days. You know gain as much as we can. It's a time where you know whatever we've lost in the in the rest of Ramadan we can make up for right now. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has been so kind and merciful to us that he's told us that these last days are the most important updates. So I think and the Knights as well you know when I say the

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days I refer to both the nights and the days I important for us to really take full benefit from right now. So I think that's something that just to remind the people and myself, we can really benefit from each other.

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So reminder that constantly we all need to be reminded a few days left of Ramadan. You know you put it so beautifully. A sale at the end of this when there's a sale people want to try and get the most and maximum benefit. So here is there's an offer. There's a sale. If you want to

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Put it in our terms are much more than that. A little temporary hieromonk Alfie shall not equivalent to 1000 months better than 1000 months and that better could be anything much more. So we asked our last panel which artists that are fit to be able to make the most out of these few days of Ramadan, you never know there's a whole year left before the next one comes, whether we'll be living or not, unless pentwater Allah knows best. You know, so many times we we want to look at that thing in the future when I get away I'll do this when I get better. I'll do this when I get a look at what you have. Look at you know, sorry to say that play the cards you've been given right now don't wait for

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this one to come and that one to come up. Now you've got it. Now you've got these few days even Yes, you can plan after Ramadan. But we say look at these few days of Ramadan you've got now whilst you're living right now, and make the most of them as for those who say that, when this month comes in next year, hydro next year Ramadan, or after five years when I get married, you are not guaranteed that at all.

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Absolutely. You know, I was just listening to this. She was talking about how he lost his son recently not too long ago. And you know, he's, he's the way he expresses himself. It's really heart wrenching. When you sit in and listen to how he had to say, you know, he's saying, I buried my son with my own hands. And I'm looking at my hands and thinking, what are you doing these hands are supposed to have protected your son, but you're bearing your son today. And Subhanallah that's something that really struck me because the fact that, you know, the way he passed on also was very, very heart wrenching. And the fact that he was so young, and he just left this dunya you know, all

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that he was ever guaranteed was the moments that he lived. And we're living we're here right now. That's all that we will guaranteed you know, the connection between everything we own and have and, and, you know, family members, etc is only that life. That's all if it's gone, it's gone. That whole connection is cut completely. So it was it was very, very interesting to listen to his experience and mail us know what our grand team is, you know, it's not something easy to lose it's on and to lose someone who you expect it to outlive you so May Allah Allah grunting is 100% is not something that any of us can really understand fully.

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I mean May Allah subhanaw taala grant him is an all those who are suffering right now may grant and ease and all the Muslims who have passed away may have mercy on them and raise their ranks in general, Army. General anything else you'd like to mention inshallah we meet tomorrow? We meet tomorrow and shall

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we come see you tomorrow. Sharla. Solomonic Mohammed Allah robotic cat. Alright eco said our labor

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