Why is eating of ‘Prasad’ Prohibited for a Muslim

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My next question is about the presidential nominee that's given in the temple. I would like to know how is it different from like, when Muslims go to Hajj they bring dates and sums of money. So why is it like Muslims have to stop themselves from having the pressure either taking the turn on their toes a different? Very good question. She's saying that when Hindus go to temple they give prasar Muslim go to Hajj they give dates. So what's the difference? The difference is prasar is food which is put on to Gods.

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In Hinduism, you find the Hindus Hinduism is separate the Hindus what they do, they go to the temple and they give the food to God. Allah says in the Quran in surah Anam chapter six, verse number 14, Allah feed everyone but does not require to be fed.

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How can we human beings the food to God

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Furthermore, Quran says no less than four different places which I quoted earlier. So chapter two was 173. So reminders app number five was number three. So random chapter six was 145. And it's renamed chapter 16 verse 115, for metallic to the word the mala Mackenzie mama Allah Allah gala be forbidden for you for fouda that meet blood, the flesh of swine, and any food on which any name besides Allah is the mistaken so if you take on a food, any other name besides Allah, his name, it is prohibited it's Haram. When Muslims go to Hajj or Umrah when they give date. No one says this data has been given to Almighty God did you know because one of the main fruits of Saudi Arabia is

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dead. So when you go, we get that fruit just as a gift. No Muslim ever says that this date has been given to Almighty God to Allah and data is very nutritious.

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It very nutritious and it's very healthy. So this is just as a gift, how you get sweets. You know when you come from India go abroad you give sweets. So this is a very delicious fruit.

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And it is the main fruit of Saudi Arabia. It has no link no one says that the data has been given to Almighty God. If the Hindu gives data to Almighty God even eating that data is haram.

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If a window gives it to Almighty God and says if you prefer eating that it becomes Haram. So anyone takes any name besides Allah on that date, that date will also become Haram. So that the difference between Muslims and Hindus we don't believe that Almighty God requires to eat we human meat why to eat? Hope that answers the question sister