Abu Bakr Zoud – The greatest reasons people lose steadfastness

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the reasons behind people falling into the fitna of Google and the stance of Islam. They touch on the idea of the promise of Allah being fulfilled soon and the desire for people to wait patiently for his promises. The speaker also mentions the idea of a "weird body" and how it is constantly shaped and shaped in the shape of a flying aircraft.
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And we're learning through this, that this is one of the greatest reasons for why people fall into the fitna of gopher and shake or whatever it is. Why do people fall into fit and why?

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It is because they assume that the Promise of Allah is very far away. This is one of the greatest reasons for why people fall into the fitna of Google and check and sin and disobedience and rebellion. And this is the reason for why bunny sloth even at this time, worshipped a calf. What was the reason? Because they had assumed that the Promise of Allah is very far away. Why aren't they I won't say you're promising us a good life or the paradise where he's where is it? Too far away.

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For Bala

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Musa alayhis salam is saying to them, for Paula Ali.

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Did you see the Promise of Allah being fulfilled very far away? And you see Subhanallah for a believer, the promises of Allah the promises of the afterlife are not fun. They extremely close. Allah azza wa jal, he said in Nakamura who bury that one, Allahu kyriba, the disbeliever he sees the Promise of Allah very far. As a result, he rebels against Allah, nothing is coming anytime soon. It's far away, I'll deal with it. When it comes. That's the attitude.

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Allah azza wa jal, he says one Allahu karimabad The believer sees Allah's promise very close, very soon, Allah's promise would be fulfilled, in the very same sort of sort of, but towards the end, there is a conversation among the people on the plains of the Day of Judgment. Allah azza wa jal said the other half a tuna, but you know whom Illa beef Tamila joura The people would speak among each other on the day of judgment, and they will see, perhaps we remained on Earth for 10 days, she found quickly goes on the Day of Judgment, what Allah He is, people would be seeing on the Day of Judgment, that our life on Earth was about 10 days approximately no more. Then Allah azza wa jal

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no, no, I love will be McAloon if your fellow cotton Elizabeth to me lay OMA, so a person among them, and Allah who would refer to him as M federal body gotten the best person in calculation, the best among them in count and calculation. Who would say to them, no.

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Perhaps we stayed on this earth one day, not 10 days, one day, look how quick it is. But the earth and life on Earth is quick,

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super quick, quicker than what you can think on the Day of Judgment. This time we spent on Earth, the best one who can count we'll see we spent that they only look how close Allah is promises. Allah azza wa jal brings even a closer reality and makes this even shorter. So that the Messianic Allah azza wa jal he says can I know me? Oh my god, oh no. Let me go through it Allah she yet an Omaha the people on the day of judgment would then understand and know that their life on Earth was measured in our she Yetunde 20 minutes, although her probably half an hour to 40 minutes. This is what people on the day of judgment would think about the time they spent on Earth. Even how quick is this?

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And people they have the ability to wait patiently.

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So why can people wait patiently concerning worldly matters? And then have the same attitude concerning hereafter matters in the promises of Allah? Today?

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If a person applied to the housing commission, he has no problem to wait at knees 20s Oh wait patiently

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play what's the difference? When Allah azza wa jal had promised to remain firm and committed upon your Islam, and the moment you die, or you leave your house in the Paradise?

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Allah long lasting house in the Paradise

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in the company of Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah builds it for you. What's the difference? Why would you remain patient 20 years for a house here? And you have the certainty and the attitude and you wait patiently?

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But you don't have the same attitude. We ask Allah azza wa jal to instill this attitude in us that we wait patiently for his promises. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, this is the reality. Allah azza wa jal promised the believers the Paradise, the moment they die.

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As soon as the believer dies, immediately, he so is taken all the way up to Allah. Then Allah azza wa jal would command the Angels send it back to us.

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Buddy for the questioning, and he would say me now Haluk to whom What are you do whom I created them from the earth and they shall return to the earth. So the soul of the believer travels once again from Allah, all the way until it reaches its body and it enters the body. The questioning happens, the questioning is over. And then the believers so where does it go? It goes to the paradise and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, as narrated by God, even Malik Ravi Allahu Anhu in Nevada sama to remote Minh PA, Iranian, official Jana, that NASA to the movement, the soul of a believer.

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It becomes molded and shaped in the form of a bird and it hangs on the trees of the paradise and it rooms around whichever way it likes. It eats and drinks and it enjoys its time in the Paradise had deja ealerts yesterday he young woman bath

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and its life would remain in the Paradise until Allah azza wa jal resurrects mankind from their graves, then the soul would leave the paradise it would go back into its body, then a person is resurrected, then the events of the day of judgment will happen. And then finally, the believer enters completely as a body and soul to the paradise. However, it's not far away. It's very soon. It is very close. Well, Allah subhanahu wa taala said from a wide net who I didn't have center, for who Allah ke comma McDonough who madonn hayati, dunya, Allahu Akbar, Allah azza wa jal is saying I for my word now who is the one who we have given him a good promise for whom you will suddenly meet it?

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Allah would suddenly fulfill his promise to his slaves.

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Allah azza wa jal doesn't betray the promise.

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In the law Hello Honey fooled me.

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