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or will they be lurking in a shape or you're watching? For them Marbella now who sent your call, goon born a year in the era of filming me and the book from Golden mother Tara,

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about a FileMaker novel strategy Dooney in sha Allah who saw RBD fellow philam Slama water Hulan Jebi anyone who is

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able raw, he always had the portal in Kedah, Nicanor JC more CD, probably shiny solder you are silly MD. Dr. Melissa Ania Kohli for hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam o Allah rasool Allah, Allah Allah He was ivh vain and my bad cinematic camera tadagra koto so today inshallah we'll be talking to you about the ayat pertaining to the instruction given to Ibrahim alayhi salam to sacrifice his child. So the last thing we read was that Allah gave him the good news of a boy that is highly Ismail Ali Salam has interesting attributes in the Quran. Classically, there was a difference of opinion among our scholars, Imam Razi, has done a pretty good comprehensive job of collecting the opinions on both

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sides of scholars who thought that the son to be sacrificed was his half, as opposed to the son to be sacrificed. That was a smile. From my own humble opinion,

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I find the evidence for a smiler they seem to be far stronger.

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And, you know, our historical evidence, textual evidence, what you know, Quranic evidence, even that points to is, how are they so I'm not being the son to be sacrificed, but rather, it's my this and I'm being that son, and those evidences can be discussed at a later time. But for those of you that are that are familiar with the Arabic language, Imam Razi is, you know, synopsis of the subject is really comprehensive, it's a really good read. Anyway, so now he's, he's got a child who's a boy now, but then Allah says, fella Bella, who's Syria, when he was when he when the boy reached the age of running along with him, meaning along with the Father, the Word certainly can be used literally

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for running it also can be used for performing tasks, you know, making effort meaning helping with the chores around the house, you know, taking care of the cattle building, the bill digging the well, whatever work is happening, right. So, now the boy is, you know, some other might say 13 years old, other say a little bit even older. But it's interesting, the language that Allah use with the word ma who, so the first thing we should notice here is something about Ibraheem Alehissalaam Boozin is very old age, and yet he is doing tasks and his son is doing them with him. Right. So it's actually the son that became strong enough to keep up with the dad. That's how the language is. So

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he's a man in his 80s. And yet, he's running around, and he's hunting and he's doing farming or whatever the work that he is tasks that he is doing, is what he's doing. From it, you actually get implicitly a powerful sunnah of Ibrahim on Instagram, of actually being physical, or of doing your best to remain physically capable, right to actually physically develop endurance to develop strength and to maintain that strength going into old age, to the point where, you know, what happens in so many cultures is we have unhealthy eating habits. And we have basically sitting around all day, barely walking around. And if we somebody walks, 10 steps, they're like, Ah, today was

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exhausting. I had to walk, you know, we have that kind of a culture. And as a result of that, there are lots of joint problems, like lots of dietary issues, lots of, you know, gastroenterology issues, directly related to psychological issues, too, because your physical health expense, you know, affects your psychological health,

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cardiovascular health, because of our diets, and things like that. And all of that is actually implicitly against the spirit of the legacy of Ibrahim is he's in his old age, and he's running around, and his son, his young son is keeping up with him like he gets strong enough and fast enough to be able to keep up with his dad. So we have to make it a point to actually to do that. If you if you think about the sunnah of our own prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he receives the rissalah he receives the message when he's 40, which means the heaviest burdens the heaviest tasks physically, psychologically, that he had to lift in his life started at the age of 40. And for a lot

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of people by the time they're in their 40s, they're like, Oh, I'm done now. My youth is over. You young people, you know, he's, you know,

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Just just to comprehend the swords back in the day, right, the swords were a good 5060 to 80 pounds, you know, we're talking about 40 to 50 kg sometimes have a sword. And they have to, they can't just pick the sort of this way, they've got to wield it this way, this way that way, and defend and the shields were heavy and the armor was heavy. These people were carrying heavy weights and they had enough mobility and enough, you know, strength and agility to be able to do that, you know, riding on a camel riding on a horse, right, you have to have an incredible amount of lower back strength, core strength, shoulder strength to be able to hold on to the reins and that for hours and hours and

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hours. For hours, right. So this this is actually something that is

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implicit, even in the Quran, where I do like Homer stata to Minnkota and gather for yourselves wherever you can have any kind of power. Right? And then back in the day, that meant gather swords gather bows and arrows. But you know, what, if you don't have good background, how you going to pull a bow? Have you ever tried to pull a bow and you kind of strengthen, you know, endurance it takes and the kind of muscle, you know, you know, stability, you need to have to be able to do something like that. Right? So when Allah says gain power, what's what good is a sword? If you can't pick it up?

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You have 1000 swords, you know, so that's not so the point. The first point I'm trying to make is actually physically remaining active and mobile and agile, to the point where a lot of people are actually they're much younger than Ibrahim Ali Salaam and their grandparents, right? So because he Allah gave him a childhood, a very old age, people much younger than that people in their 60s, late 50s, early 70s, they become grandparents, right? And if you're a grandparent, and you're like, Well, my my, my job is now to sit back on a couch and watch my kid. No, you know what, maybe you should just get on a treadmill, go for a walk every morning. Do a little bit of exercise. Don't hurt

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yourself. But at least even if you're if you're a senior, if you've reached a certain age, it's never too late to try to fix yourself up. And that's actually something I wanted to emphasize that's embedded inside of this iron. It shouldn't be ignored. That's inside the words fella Bella Mara who asteria so now he's reached the age where he can run around. And then Ibraheem Alehissalaam tells him kala Yagoona Yeah, in the aura film, anime and as the hookah he said My beloved Son, I keep seeing in my dream I say I keep seeing because the aura is Medallia, which you do analyst in raw, it alludes to continuity. So use of Elisa rams dream was used with the past tense, suggesting he only

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saw the dream once the dream of the 11 stars, the sun and the moon. But Ibrahim Ali salaams dream is in the present tense form, suggesting a kind of continuity. I keep on seeing this dream that I'm slaughtering you, and the black polka. And the reason he's telling his son his dream is because a lovely woman and a surety of humble. The intelligent one can take a hint. He knows his father is a prophet. And if his father is saying, I keep seeing this in my dream, he knows his son will know that this is actually revelation. Mind you, this is a 13 year old boy. So we have to take a step back and say, he's speaking to a boy instead of coming and spelling out to this boy, that Allah has

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given me revelation that I need to kill you. This is not for me, this is from Allah. That's not how he spelled it out. Because you know, a young kid is stupid. So you should try to spell things out to a young child. No child is pretty intelligent. And what's implicit inside of these ayat is never to underestimate the intelligence of children. And to actually treat them, treat them with intelligent conversation, to not coddle them and baby them. It's a very unhealthy culture where, you know, parents talk to their kids like they're idiots. Or they they you know, from the very beginning I've talked about this in some videos before we we talk to our kids and when we talk to them we sound

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like we have a mental disorder like who would you go to the union? They don't even their teachers don't talk to them like that at school. Their teachers talk to them normally could even Did you finish your homework? No, why didn't you finish your homework? How was school? You like what are you doing? You're you're you're you're actually melting your child you're teaching them not to be mature around you. You're you're robbing them of maturity and you're robbing them of intelligent conversation and you know what they develop they develop the sense that my teachers my friends, others, they can have they can they have the capacity to have intelligent conversation with me, but

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my parents don't. My parents will say that was good news. The good Oh, good. That's that's what they want. That's what I'll give them kids are smart enough to turn into chameleons Yoda chameleon is it changes colors? Right? It camouflage itself. So your kids you will be surprised some of you who baby your children. If you were just to hide behind a wall and hear your kids talk to their friends. You go that's my child. That sounds like an adult. How are they talking like that? I didn't even know that.

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hang out there, that kind of vocabulary. And then when you say, How are you, you know, they turn into somebody else. Why because we don't have real conversations with our kids. This is the same thing that happens with you. So Jacoba lay Salam tells us and don't tell your brothers this stream, he has a very adult serious conversation with his child. Why? Because even though children are developing, you know, psychologically, they're developing emotionally. That doesn't mean that they don't possess a great amount of intelligence, and a great amount of analytical skill. But we have to foster that Allah has the human mind is an incredible thing. It's a sponge, whatever you give it, it

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will take that's why kids that are five, six year old years old, can memorize Quran faster than older kids, they could because their minds are sponges. So we have to, we have to, you know, hone in on that. So the fact that Ibrahim is I'm turnstiles 13 year old boy says, I see a dream that I keep killing you. And he doesn't get a teenage response. And I don't have to give you scenarios of what teenager response looks like. Right? You get teenage responses at home all the time. In fact, you even get teenage responses now from seven year olds. You know, what are you doing? What

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was it the attitude? Why doesn't he have an attitude is this like something Allah just, you know, some blessing rain came from the sky and dropped on Smiley's around his head, and now he talks like this. No, he was, he was trained a certain way. He was raised a certain way. He was he was developed, he was nurtured his his mind his heart, his emotions were nurtured a certain way by his father, to the point where even when the father brings such shocking news, that he's able to handle that maturely. You know, adults couldn't handle something like that. But surely, there are adults who don't know how to handle their own emotions, how to keep their composure. And here you have a

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child who's keeping completely composed. And he's so composed, that the father can tell his son this, you know, by the way, by the way, the Bible does not say this, the Bible, the Quran is actually contradicting and correcting the Bible in the story. You know what happens in the Bible, he doesn't tell his son.

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He says, we're going to go for a sacrifice. Allah wants to sacrifice on top of the mountain, take some wood, take some oil, take the stuff, take the rope, let's go and halfway up the mountain, the son says to the Father, we didn't take a lamb with us, what are we going to slaughter? And he says, Allah, God will provide us a lamb to us when we get on top. Like he liked his son. And then when he falls asleep, he ties him up and lays them down to kill them. That's the conversation in the Bible. Right? Because in that account, what does it seem like the the kid wouldn't be able to handle the news. The Quran restores the integrity of a smile, Allison restores the credit that is due and says

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no, he actually told his son when he when they hadn't even acted on anything yet. He just saw the dream, and he told his son.

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Now the thing is we have we have family situations. Some of you have parents forget children, you have parents, you couldn't tell them something, because they can't handle it emotionally. You keep things from them, you have a spouse, you can't tell them openly, because they'll lose their mind. They can't handle that kind of conversation. If you're having some kind of a serious conversation, you'll go in the other room and have that conversation. Because if they overhear, there's going to be drama, because they don't possess the ability, the stability to actually even deal with their own emotions. And they'll put their own instability on you, they'll bring their chaos and exploded on

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top of you. Right. So when we study these ayat, we should actually just look at the human side of them, too. Like there's a human component here of a father talking to a son, and the son, the father, actually recognizing as wise as he is that he can share this with his son. Right? Now compare this to another situation. Jacoba Islaam sons, he tried his best to nurture those kids. They didn't come out that way, did they? So he can't, they can't even be told basic news. They can't even be told your brother has a dream. They can't handle that. So there are different psychologies, right. So there is this incredible dynamic that was nurtured in this remarkable boy. And he has him

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in him. He has this forbearance and this maturity, this emotional maturity in him that is able that he's able to absorb that news. So he says, I keep seeing in my dream that I'm slaughtering you, funboard mother, Tara,

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then you take a good look, think about it. What do you see? What do you think? He's asking a boy what he thinks when you know, we do we do we honestly take counsel or advice or hear out what our kids have to say. Like if I if I tell someone to do something, do we say so? What do you think, hey, I want you to I want you to do this task. I want you to clean up this. But what do you think? I think I don't want to do it.

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There's no room for what do you think you know what you should think you should think that told you to do it. That's what you should think you should

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Think you have 10 minutes left? That's the only thing you need to be thinking. Like it's a very top down, because I said so kind of approach, right? This is a command from Allah, he could be telling his son, well, this is from Allah. I can't say anything about it. So you can't say anything about it.

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If I can't even question it, who are you to question? But even then what does he do?

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He takes his opinion. He says, Tell me what you think. This is actually a profound lesson in leadership. Ibrahim Ali Salam is our Father and that and before he's our father, he was a father to this child wasn't he? And so his role as a father becomes a role model for all fathers and all people in any power dynamic in any situation, where you have leadership Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam was commanded to take consultation from his Sahaba a man who receives what he from Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, he gets consultation from Allah directly. He doesn't need consultation from other human beings. But Allah commands him showered him Phil Emery, take their consultation

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when you make a decision. Why? Because this is important in giving someone space and making them feel valued. In fact, if somebody in your family, there are kids that are going through depression, or you're going through depressions, somebody you know is going through, they feel worthless, they feel useless, etc, etc. One of the big secrets behind that might even be nobody ever asked their opinion. Nobody ever values what they have to say. nobody even thinks maybe I should ask what you think. Maybe I should ask what you consider. You could feel like that at work if your manager never asked you what you think.

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Right? They hate me at my job. They think I'm worthless, because they I saw him asking this one I saw are asking that when they never asked me because I'm worthless. Right? If you want to acknowledge the worth of someone, then you don't just ask for the sake of asking. You ask because you really want to know. And he both words funboard, medalla, Navara and Aurora. Both of these words are used for seeing. So take a look. What do you see literal translation? Take a look. What do you see? Right? But looking and seeing are actually figurative words for thought, I want you to think about this deeply for Navara is actually take your time and look at something. So he's telling his

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son, I want you to really contemplate this. I've told you this, I'm gonna give you time to process this ticket do and then let me know what you think. So it's fun, Voldemort dattara. So he's giving his child time to process what's been said, and give it a lot of thought and then come back to him. And so when he does that, gonna, and all of this is one idea. So this is a continuum. He says the son says, Yeah, but if Alma took Morrow, my beloved Father, do what you've been told.

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The son does not say. So you want to kill me? How? Oh, yeah. Okay, first, you leave us in the desert. And my mom had to go find water.

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And now this, you just hate us, don't you?

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Like you just want to get rid of us? This is this is you're just the best dad ever. You know what? You know, you don't get any other. You know why? Because he understands that some things that his father even did, were never his doing. They were a command of Allah. Right? So he's able to sit, he's able to, even though the words are coming from his father, the instructions are coming from so the actions are perpetrated by his father. But there's a distinction between what came from Allah and what's actually being done by the Father. And a mature human being a mature believer is able to separate those two things, what is Dean and what is the person

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right, and he's not judging his father, for what Allah is telling him. He and him when he's when he sees that it's from Allah, then he has no person, in fact, he doesn't even have a grudge towards is that he says yeah, about the My beloved father, like he loves his father, he recognizes things from an empath. From an empath point of view, he sees how hard it must have been for my old father, who finally had a child by the way, he's the only child at this point. Right? The only child and now he's old enough to run around to be the future to be the aspiration that he should have been. And then on top of all of that, now Allah has told him to sacrifice. In fact, this is the second time

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Allah has told him to sacrifice his child. Now the first the first time Allah told him to sacrifice his child is when he left them in the middle of a desert. Wasn't that sacrificing your child to

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that's death? And then when he finally did this, right, Allah does it again says it again. You know, I'm judgment a human beings will run from their parents, their spouse and their children. Right.

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So, you know, mean, we only he will be he will Sahiba he will Bernie he, right. And then after our kids, the parents, the spouse and the children, look at Ibrahim Ali Salam is like he had to he was tested with parent, spouse and child and child. All three, all three in this life will remarkable test. And so when he says yeah, the son says to the Father, Yeah, I bet

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The My beloved father, he's actually recognizing things from father's point of view. He's not he's not drowned in his own feelings. He can actually see my dad's actually having a really hard time and he's still coming before Allah with a sound heart. I love him for it. I could see what he's doing for the sake of Allah. So he says, Yeah, birdie, and says, If Alma stockmar, do what you've been told, Do it Do as you've been, you've been commanded, I know, this isn't your mother not able file is actually really interesting here. Because he's saying, I know this isn't you. I know this is from Allah. Now let's bring this to real life situations in your life in mind. Because these stories we

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the crew come, these are your stories and my stories, this, the lessons inside of them apply to all of us. You can have a father who comes home and says, Listen, I know I couldn't find a job before. And that's why I took this job, even though it's not quite Hallel. But now I found another job, it pays 30% less. So we're gonna have to make some sacrifices at home, we might have to sell the second car, we might not be able to go on vacation, we might do this, this, this, this, this, we might have to move to a smaller apartment. But we'll be in the halaal. But I missed I made a decision that I'm leaving that job and I'm taking this job, because my conscience is clear. Yeah. And the family

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explodes. Oh, you hate us, don't you? You just want us to be miserable. Oh, you think you're just this, this is not because of Islam. This just because you hate us. They can't separate the Command of Allah from the person. Right. But if they could recognize if we if we, if we nurtured our kids properly, and we saw that, uh, that the head of a household is making a sacrifice, but he's doing it in order to stay within the shade of Allah's command. Right, and you wouldn't, you wouldn't direct your hatred towards them. You wouldn't direct your spine towards the mother sometimes have to make a tough decision. Spouses sometimes have to make a tough decision only so they can obey Allah. And

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then on the other hand, you don't hear Yeah, but if Alma tomar they don't hear my beloved Dad, do what you've been told. You're right and doing what you're doing. I know, it's hard for you to, you know, this is the supportive nature of family that Allah azza wa jal describes in the life of Ibrahim alayhis salam and this is actually one of the most powerful answers to the DUA, ya, Allah gave me good people and give me the gift of good people in my life. Right, the good people is that your family that supports you when you're trying to obey Allah, your family that is supportive of you when you're trying to obey Allah because the vast he has lived a life where he was trying to

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obey Allah His father was against him remember, a new Hyundai salaam his wife is going to be against him. And luta Ali salaam his wife is going to be her is going to be against him. And also Salam is uncles are going to be against him. Yakov Ali salaam, his children are going to be against prophets had families that were against their, their practice of the deen. But Allah answered his daughter after testing him with that, you know, that antagonism? Allah gave him a child that is surrendering to Allah like he is. Yeah, but if Alma tomar Certegy Dooney, in sha Allah Who Mina, Siberian, what you know, and I will conclude with this, what a remarkable expression of self awareness,

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you will find, if Allah wills that I will be from those that have suburb.

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So he doesn't just say, I'll have somewhere I have somewhere I got this Dad, don't worry about it. He says you will find if Allah wills that I will have some middlewares theoretically, I'm in agreement. If Allah this is Allah's command I'm going to do, you need to do what you're told, let's head to the mountain, and you do the sacrifice that you've been commanded to do. And I cannot guarantee you that I will continue to have sub i have the intention of it. But I don't know what weakness will take over me later on. So I'm going to add what words that ensure that the guarantee cannot come from me in sha Allah, my intention is there, you will find me a cyber, but human

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weaknesses, human weakness, you know, to the best of my abilities as far as I can give a guarantee, I'll be cyber, but beyond that it's in Allah's hands only Allah wills only if Allah wills that I'll continue to have that sub, the sub the resolve that I have right now, I don't know if I'll have it tomorrow. And this is again, a very powerful lesson, you and I can have the intention of doing something good. You and I can have the intention of getting away from something bad. And as you're sitting in the masjid and you hear a reminder, you make a really strong intention, and you have the sober to stay with that intention. But a couple of hours later, the weakness comes back. And then

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you know, that same resolve that was there that you had made up your mind that resolved that strength of will is weakened, isn't it? It goes down. And so this these words, acknowledge that I'm going to try to commit to this as best as possible. So thank God in sha Allah who you know slavery. You will find me if Allah wills from those that have suffered from Islam

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And then finally, when both of them surrendered, one of them surrendered his his incredible love of child, the other surrendered his love of life.

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Who wouldn't want to live a young man with a whole life ahead of him, but he has this incredible reliance on Allah. And so he they both surrender, what Allahu Allah is like sarara. Right? So he's he wrestled him down. And he pinned him down little Jabeen Jabeen is your cheek. Right? This is jab Ha, and this is Jabeen. So when he laid him down on the side of his face, and he's holding his head down, you know, because and the idea of holding the head down is because when he cuts, it's natural, if you're cut, you have a jerk motion, right? So you have to hold the sacrificial animal down. So he says the law who little jump in when he laid him down on the ground with his cheek to the ground

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holding him down. And the knife is in his hand. That's implied already. Because the only time you hold the animal down like that is when you're about ready to cut. When they both surrendered. And he laid his hand down on the cheek. Can you just imagine the emotions at that moment? The surrender, they both had to have the fear they both had to overcome the anxiety they both attack overcome. And whenever they know who Ania Ibrahim, and in that moment, when we called him Ibrahim. So voices heard Ibrahim are they Sam is about to cut and a voice is hurt. Because it's abductor cancer. Dr. Ruja you've confirmed the truth in the dream, you fulfill the dream, the vision that you saw, you've

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you've fulfilled it, Allah brought him to the brink of the ultimate sacrifice, and then said you fulfilled the dream. You know, God said doctor wrote, yeah, now the thing about it, I'll say one Billahi thing here and we'll conclude in sha Allah as lemma. So, in Arabic as lemma is used for he surrendered, Sal lemma is also used for he surrendered and is this lemma is also used for he surrendered. So, so you could say as lemma you can say. So, Lemma and you can say is this lemma, but as Lama also conserve the loom and tidy, what that means is they both surrendered. And it can also mean they caused others to surrender, or they gave peace to others. And in those words, there's some

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very powerful echo, not only the day surrender before Allah, it is their surrender, that became an inspiration for millions and hundreds of millions to come after them to find it easier to surrender before Allah. Because what Allah has asked us after that is nothing close to what he's asked of them. Just think about the comparison. What do we do every year as an OMA that celebrates this moment, this moment that we're reading about Fela? Muslimah what Allah who will Jabeen one other you know who Ania Rahim called. So Dr. Ruja. We do this at hajj when we sacrifice the animal. Yes. Now think about that for a moment. What did Allah ask of of him? And what's ALLAH asking of us? Is there

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even a comparison? There's no comparison, like the demand Allah made from our father Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam and the demand that is made from us. You know what that tells you that Allah showed us that his our father, Ibrahim alayhi, Salam was willing to make what a remarkable sacrifice. And in comparison to that Magi, Allah Allah confit Dinniman. Raj, you haven't been given anything hard at all. So you and I should never find ourselves in a position where we say, oh, life is really hard. You know, the hardest thing in the life of a Muslim is probably

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most money, most second most most difficulty, most exhaustion, right. And there in the end, that hardest sacrifice that Allah has asked, even then you're reminded this is nothing compared to what your father had to go through. Allah has actually made things way easier for you. Bye bye, the blessing and the inspiration of Ibrahim Ali Salam. So he the the Islam of Ibrahim Ali salaam, actually gave us Salam gave us peace gave us ease gave us comfort, you know. So this is Inaka Dalek energy Mycenean. And so in the conclusion of the Saya, Allah says, and that is how no doubt about it. We can't compensate those who excelled as if to say, after that any who tried to do their best

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in this team, we will we will, you know fulfill and we will have them overcome the most difficult trials where they think they're on the worst verge of doing something that is so painful and Allah will rescue them from it. And this is the kind of desire that Allah will give for all those that tried to do their best. May Allah azza wa jal makers from Al Mazzini BarakAllahu li Walakum Quran Al Hakim on a fire anyway, er combine it with the Santa Monica. Right Honorable