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Help Your Neighbours

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Zakir Naik

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And the goddess Quran says that you should love and help your neighbors. The Quran says in Surah chapter 107 was number one to seven or eight or less because the COVID Dean for Xilinx Alessia de Alia team while I hope to Allah Camila miskeen favela, Lil mousseline LSE gnome and Salatin sanghoon alizee. Nomura owned by unknown amount, that fee is Tao not the person who denies the Day of Judgment.

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these often with harshness, and encourages not the feeding of the indigent vote to those who are neglectful of the prayers more to those who pray only to be seen of men who do not even provide neighborly assistance. The Quran says that vote to those people who do not even provide neighborly assistance. And our beloved prophet masala Salam said that he is not a Muslim

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who sleeps with his full stomach while his neighbors are hungry.

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That means

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any person who sleeps with the full stomach that means had a good meal while his neighbors are hungry. is not following the commandments of online is resold.