Characteristics of two-faced people

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See, people who are too faced are normally very weak people.

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They are people who don't who want to appease everybody. So they will sit with you. And they will say, you know, say good things to you behind your back, they will say something else. And then they will go to another group of people, they will sit with them in front of their face, they're very sweet, but the heart have enmity for that person. This is a person generally, generally the case with these people is that they are not strong characters. There was if he was a strong individual,

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this person would stand his ground and say, mill, if you would need to say something Alhamdulillah. Nice, he would say nice. But he wouldn't be a bulwark hain, he wouldn't be a person who says one thing in front of a person as another thing behind that person back, then the person will go somewhere else exactly the same. Why? Because this individual is a weak individual. So if you see oversee a person

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who tries to appease people in their face or front of their faces,

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and then behind their back, they'll say something else, or he lied to a person I remember I was once with a group of people in Pakistan, and I know they voted for a particular candidate.

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And then they met the opposition, I was standing there and I knew where they voted for. And they were saying to him on a we voted for you Don't worry. So these are individuals who are of a weak character. But secondly, a person who is two faced is a person who likes to be loved by everybody.

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That's that's the second characteristic. You know, this person will be sweet to you because he wants to be liked by you. He doesn't want you to think anything negative of him. Then we'll go to another group of people.

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And he'll do exactly the same because he wants to be liked by everybody. He wants to appease everybody. In appeasing everybody, he attains the displeasure for last panel Darla at the mercy of Allah said that the worst of people imagine is the worst of people

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will be that person who has two faces.

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And he will be called in front of the entirety of humanity. And he will be asked, he will be asked. And in some, some scholars even go to the degree that they take literally that they'll watch hain on the Day of Judgment, Allah will give him two faces.

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So the entirety of humanity can see that this person had two faces in the dunya.

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Brothers, sisters, now endeavor to please everybody will lie. You're on a losing battle.

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people stay low body, that is the nature of people. You spend your entire life trying to appease people. And then you know, be sweet to this person, feel sweet to the person or Alhamdulillah for the sake of Allah good.

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But this belief that you are trying to appease this individual, and somehow humanity will become happy with you It's never happened. Please Allah subhanaw taala and Allah will place it in the heart of individuals that they will love you