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Jumu’ah Lecture 18 Nov 2022

Adelaide Australia

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah hymnody had Donnelly hada amaku Nalina daddy Allah Allah, Allah wa to be law Himanshu Rudy and fusina What means Marina Marina de la HuFa la mobila la Who among you will in who Fela hottie Allahu wa

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Ilaha illa Allah Hua who now Sherry Keller who shadow under Mohammed Abu rasuluh who was Sophie you who was Ali Liu who was hero to whom in kullfi Salah Torah be wa sallahu alayhi wa sallam he was been Kiran Amma feta Kula Ebert Allah what Taku Yeoman told Jonah he in Allah He sama to have couldn't don't have SCIM cassava to hula hula Moon for Indian kg salmon Dan and if so who am Ella Lima.

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Well, geez woman at Bannister whom Hawa Waterman, Allah Allah,

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my beloved brothers and sisters,

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it is important to recognize the favours of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon you. And this will only happen with pondering in Nephi, one piece

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to one hour we walked in if anyone,

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law, TV only.

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Allah Almighty says indeed, in the creation

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of the skies and the earth and the rotation of the night and the day are Signs for those with sound intellect, those who are prepared to think Allah Almighty says, A Lavina yakun Allah Hachiya man

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June wubi him Why go Nephi Kunti sama.

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Allah describes those who ponder over the creation of Allah Almighty and He says they are the ones who remember him constantly engaging in Wicked by repeating what we know as tests be had or Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah Allahu Akbar, Glory be to Allah all praises due to Allah, Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the most magnificent, etc. Repetition of these terms with concentration is also known as the remembrance of Allah and it has a powerful impact on you, your body, your mind, your spirituality, your surroundings, those who live with you, and those who interact with you. So my brothers, my sisters, remember it is part of the remembrance of Allah to repeat these beautiful

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words. When you say a word of praise of Allah subhanho wa Taala or when you send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad, peace be upon him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it will show within your character on your body on your face, in your words, it will show around you and it will be a pleasant beautiful positive force that will be in your company.

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So therefore, remember, it is part of the remembrance of Allah. However,

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what is greater than that is to understand the instruction of Allah upon you and to be able to stay away from what he has prohibited and to be able to fulfill that which he made compulsory and to be able to continue to do good where it might not be compulsory, but it is recommended as a sunnah.

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Your zakat of your wealth is compulsory you need to give it but over and above the zakah there is a duty it is recommended. It is good if you were to give

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kindness to your parents, it's your duty to go out of your way for them is recommended. May Allah Almighty grant us that goodness. So if you would like Allah Almighty to bless you in your life, learn to remember him. As we say, staying away from prohibitions is remembrance of Allah. When you want to do something wrong you remember Allah and you remember Allah so it makes you stay away from the wrong you

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are already close to Allah, you are proving your relationship with Allah and you are stating Oh Allah You mean more to me and my relationship with you is far more important than this sin that I'd like to commit. So I'm not going to do it because I love you more than my attraction to the sin Subhan Allah, Allah Allah.

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Ponder over this, think about it. But Allah knows that sometimes because you and I are human beings, we might fall we might falter. You remember Allah but your human weakness makes you do something that was not pleasing to Allah. So guess what he says Subhan Allah Hera Bill Allah mean when levena either have an affair he shanton Oh, vana Oh, oh, who sent whom that long that can have a cell phone a Google Bing him? Why me? Field Uber in a long one a music

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man for whom you don't

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want to

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be him? Weijun

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Subhan Allah. What a beautiful, powerful verse. The Mercy of Allah is encapsulated in this verse. Allah says those who wronged themselves by committing immorality,

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those who committed fascia fascia is adultery, fornication, or any form of immorality. Allah says all the wrongs themselves. Look at how Allah is in power and in grandeur and in majesty, when you commit a sin He didn't say you went against me. Wallah. He said you went against yourself Subhan Allah, why he doesn't need you or me. He is Allah.

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What Allah will Rani

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to Moodle for

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Allah reminds you and I he is independent. And you and I are the ones who are dependent on him. Wallahi my breathing, my eyesight, my body, my organs, my limbs, my sustenance, my existence. I am totally reliant on Allah. If he wants with one pin prick, he can miss my whole life. May Allah not do that to us? May Allah keep us in the condition we are in better and may he help us to improve our relationship with Him. So Allah says, Those who have committed immorality, they did something wrong. Or they wronged themselves and I explained what is the meaning of wrong themselves because it's a sin, but you're not wronging Allah in that sense, you're not affecting him, you're affecting

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Allah says that karula For still thoroughly do Ruby him, they committed the wrong but they remembered Allah and they sought forgiveness for their sin immediately when a Musa Rwanda, Marfa moon, and they did not continue engaging in that while knowing. Allah says you know what we do for those people.

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They seek forgiveness for their sins, and they try their best and ultimately change their lives. Allah says those are the ones whom we have forgiven and granted paradise. Hula Iike Jezza Oh, those are the ones hula is a beautiful terminology. Allah is pointing out who he created Jana, for he created Jana, for those who sinned and sought forgiveness. So when you have sinned, it does not mean Jannah is out of your reach my brothers and sisters, Allah has promised in the Quran, no matter how much you have sinned your toe but you're turning to Allah your repentance is good enough to render you po once again and you deserve paradise. During your stay on Earth. There needs to come a point

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when you recognize your maker during your stay on Earth. There needs to come a point when you recognize that you are not going to last year forever. No matter who you are so prepared to meet with the one whom you are going to return to make peace with him. Make peace with Allah, your life will go easy. The day you

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you die, you die a beautiful death, my brothers, my sisters, a reminder for myself and yourselves. Allah loves you. The question is, Do you love him?

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It's easy to say yes, I love Allah. But it's shown by your actions by the way you treat the other creatures that Allah made today we're not prepared to greet one another. But if you love Allah you will remember Allah made me Allah made him I need to make peace with him. Subhanallah it might not be easy because stubbornness overtakes humankind shape and and the devil comes and

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plays with our minds. We call it what's worse. Shaitan will come and temper and whisper but you keep trying for the sake of Allah. Allah will judge you based on your trial. Did you try did you intend Did you work towards even if you did not ultimately achieve, we wrote the reward for you. Similarly, my brothers, my sisters, no matter how much of sin you are swimming in, or you have swam in, you need to remember, the only one who judges you, based on your repentance is Allah, the rest of the world will judge you based on your sin.

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Today, if a person is witnessed by others, committing a sin, be it a bottle or gambling or drugs, whatever it may be, may Allah protect us and our offspring from those bad habits. People will spread rumor, they will spread story when they see you. 20 years later, they will continue to talk this brother's a gambler this brother is a drinker. They will not know you quit it some time back. Allah says it's irrelevant what you did in your past. P A S T that's what it is. Your past is your past. It's not your present and it will not be your future. That's what it is.

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Allah says We judge you based on your repentance, we don't want to look at the past. We want to look at who you are now. Now. Therefore, my beloved brothers and sisters, remember Allah develop a relationship with him. Your love and my love for Allah should be way beyond something sinful. That is going to displease Allah you and I know what is halal. What is haram? What is FARA? What is haram? And so on. We know what it is May Allah strengthen us Allah Who mokwena Behala Lika and haram Ik was Nina before today governments you are Oh Allah, grant us sufficiency in Halal so that we do not go into haram and oh Allah grant us sufficiency in your sustenance so that we rely on none other

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than you. That is a dua of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam my brothers, my sisters.

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When you remember Allah and you look and you ponder over the greatness of Allah, you realize how insignificant you are as a man as a human being. We might be a shuffle, hunky or a shuffle Matthew karthi humankind definitely has been granted nobility. Humankind has been granted honor. Wala thordon Come by bunny. Allah says indeed we have honored the Children of Adam meaning humankind, indeed.

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And Allah created us in the best posture possible. He challenges in the Quran regarding the posture, what is the posture? Let me tell you, what is the posture? Where are your eyes? They are here. Where are your where is your nose? It is here. Where is your mouth? It is under the nose? Where is your chin? It is under the mouth? Where is your hair? It is on top my head? Where is your brain? Where are your ears? How are your fingers? Where is the thumb? Where is the baby finger? Where is the first one and so on? Allah says La Baden fall upon in Santa Fe, sunny, double wing. We have created men with the best posture. Can any one of you think of a better place to put your eyes? Allah

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challenges you? Impossible? Can you think of a better place to put your nose? Can you think of a better place where your baby finger or thumb will be? Allah says never we may do the best. There is no chance. They created robots upon robots and robots until they got to a robot in recent times that they had to mimic what man looks like right? Because they know that's the best posture you could have. That is Allah your Lord challenges you. He says there's no chance. Think of it if you had one eye at the back what would happen La ilaha illallah with look like little devils, my beloved brothers, my sisters. This is the favor of Allah upon you.

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Now now that Allah has favored us with the best posture, he wants us to also be the best of creation, the best of all the other creatures. May Allah Almighty, not make us from among those who forget him.

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Not too late, my brothers, my sisters, not only today, today, I ask Allah to forgive me, all my shortcomings and I invite you to seek the forgiveness of Allah. I invite you an invitation better than an invitation to food and drink. I invite you an invitation better than any invitation to any function that can be that is an invitation to turn to the Lord of the worlds with a warm tear that rolls down your cheeks and you say, Oh Allah, enough of what I've been doing. I turned to you yeah, Allah, Allah, Allah me. I promise you one tear will grant you paradise. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam speaks about a person who remembers Allah all on his own. And he thinks of how

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insignificant he is and what he's done and how forgiving Allah is and how loving Allah is. And Allah Almighty says, if we had to punish you, because of the sins that you committed, you would have been destroyed, but we give you time, we give you respite. The Prophet peace be upon him says Roger lun Dakar Allah Ohanian for file but

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one of the seven categories of people who will be granted the shade on the Day of Judgment. It's called the VIP status today you're a VIP, you get excited you get preferential treatment, you're happy mashallah, you look like someone important. You want to be important. Have you ever shed a tear for Allah all on your own? In fact, not even shedding the tear? Just that your eyes became filled with a tear for Allah? What hasn't ALLAH given you? Yeah, are you hidden inside? Oh my God, look at me being can carry him in Levy.

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And the funnel conquer?

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CAFOD fee a useful warranting man Sha.

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Allah is reminding Man oh man, what has deceived you against your own Lord Who made you? Why are you distant from your makeup? What has deceived you against your Lord who made you?

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He fashioned you he gave you your shape, your posture, whatever you have. May Allah Almighty grant us all steadfastness, my brothers, my sisters,

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Friday has been given the greatest importance from the days of the week, because we come to the house of Allah, and we show that we are one Ummah, and we listen and see and watch, we change our lives and we are softened so that we can change the lives of others. You give out a little charity as you're entering or exiting. You come in a little bit early, you listen to a short message by the Imam, that message should be driven from the messages of Allah that he's delivered to us through the blessing lips of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and guess what that will do for you a small dose, it's not going to be long. It's going to be a short dose but what Allah He it should be life

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changing. That's why we come to the masjid or any of you have come to the house of Allah today. I'm sure the intention is number one, to please Allah to fulfill the duty I have. But I want to come in and listen to a word that will move me to be a better person. And guess what, just as the battery needs charging every so often have a mobile phone and you and I know that we as human beings also need charging every so often. So when you come on a Friday, and then you come on the other Friday, two things happen. Many things happen, but I will mention two number one, there is a recharge. You come and listen to a new message just when you were dwindling and becoming weak and starting to

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sense the waves of all the challenges of this world you have recharge Secondly, and Jumuah to Elon Jumeau Urtica Farah to Lima by

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all the minus sins between the two Fridays that you have committed, wiped out Allahu Akbar, just by your attendance wiped out. So come early, come early to the masjid Masha, Allah. May Allah Almighty grant us goodness and may Allah Almighty bless every one of us. Remember to ponder over the favors of Allah upon you without pondering, you won't be able to count them or understand them, and they should make you realize the insignificance of man

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Take a look at the James Webb telescope that we have right now download the app if need be just to look at what they are discovering every single day in terms of planets that are bigger than the biggest planets they've ever discovered. And they're discovering millions of these planets and as it moves, it is discovering more and more and more facade bihon or a bill Allah.

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That is Allah. Are you aware of what's going on? They said we have a galaxy there is now saying we have many galaxies. Where does it end? They don't know. They do not know they will not know and it is Allah who knows. May Allah Almighty forgive all of us and grant us ease BarakAllahu li Walakum Ville Quran he was Suniti whenever anyone can be Murphy him I mean he will recommend it occurred only ha what a strong fear Allah Holly welcome Melissa it will Muslimeen for some zero inner who will have who Rahim.