Do you Hate the SIN or the SINNER

Mufti Menk


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of hate and how it can be a habit. They explain that hate can come from a person or group, and that individuals and groups may choose to use hate as a excuse to avoid physical harm. The speaker also mentions that hate can be a habit and that individuals and groups may choose to use hate as an excuse to avoid physical harm.
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As we are connecting with people we begin to connect more and more with Allah. When you know Allah and you love Allah, anything that Allah loves is beloved to you. Anything that Allah made, you will be kind and respectful even if you disagree. Why do I say disagree? Sometimes we hate certain things.

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We hate what do we hate? We hate sins we hate, go for those whom perhaps blaspheme against Allah and His messenger, we hate the deed. As for the person, there are stages, in the early stage, we would still try with the person, we still continue, you made a mistake, you made a sin. Look, if you had to hate everyone who sinned, you would have to hate yourself. You follow what I'm saying? If you had to hate everyone who sinned, you have to start off by hating yourself, look in the mirror and say I hate you why you committed a sin.

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That itself shows you that initial teaching of Islam is that you hate the sin. As for the sinner, they fall into many categories, the initial category, you cannot just hate the sinner, in the initial category, you correct them, you guide them, they will come and so on. Sometimes they are sinful and you know, they are passive sinners. The only time that changes is when they become promoters of the sin. They are harming you, they are oppressing you. They want to remove you from the goodness you have and take you to the sin they are committing then you say you know what? I hate this guy Subhanallah it's a bit heavy, it's a bit strong. But that is the final utmost level. I'm

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going to stay away but I still pray for them.

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And I will still continue to have hope for them. But there comes a level where say for example, a man may Allah forgive us. I'm going to give you real example a man who killed your child or who killed a family member of yours. You can't say I love you my brother but I hate what you did. Oh come on. You're a human you also have feelings. You love me okay, let me kill someone else you might love me more.

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No chance. You have the right to say I hate this man. He killed my child. Don't you have a right to say that? You have a right?

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So if someone is killing your deen completely, you have the same right? But go easy go easy. Why? Allah says

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as Allah Who are you ala gyla ina Komaba in a Lavina

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my word done was ALLAH who kadhi Allah is all able and capable to create love between you and those whom you have been fighting those whom you dislike those whom you hate. Allah can create love between you and them. How many times you have people who hate each other for some reason their children or their grandchildren begin to marry intermarry and then what happens? You forget about everything. May Allah Almighty help us