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I want you to go through the whole Quran with me. Join [email protected]

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rubbish actually sorry we are silly. Emily Wagner looked at me lasagna of cocoa leaf and hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, he was very bad. I was number 33 and 34, We're now entering into a very long section by the way of so this is going to go for several IR. So we're going to be studying this for quite some time. And this is an idea of what you can refer to as biblical history. So there's going to be references to characters, individuals that are very important in the Bible, that are going to be talking about now in the Quran. The backdrop of these IOD from a historical point of view, I've mentioned a few times that there was a delegation of

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Christians that came from Milan to engage with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And of course, these are people that believe that they have the right scripture from a lion and adulterated uncorrupted scripture from Allah. And Allah is going to correct their views. And these is the section that we're dealing with is actually that direct engagement with that audience, even though the IOP before we're in a more subtle way, prepared, preparing them for this engagement. Now, it's going to be very, very direct. It's also important to note that this section, how is it, you know, connected to what's come before? It's often you know, the the culmination of this section is going

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to be the struggle of a silence. Everything that's being talked about culminates, the climax of it is really the engagement and the struggle and the mission of a salesianum. Some have extrapolated from this, that the notion that the fundamental call of the surah is though he'd like you know, a lot of talk about La Ilaha Illa. Who else are you? You know, la la la la Caesar Hakeem. And so the heat the heat and now now to heat in regards to an entirely Salaam You shouldn't have done shift, it should have been, he should have only been considered a messenger. I, though that argument has some merit. I don't see that that's uniquely the case in this surah I do believe that what Allah azza wa

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jal has done here and the surah is something I mentioned in passing before, I'll reiterate now, is that Allah has superimposed two enemies atop one another. In other words, the rabbi's of Venezuela, that are in direct opposition to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam have actually in a subtle way been compared to the rabbi's of the Israelites that were in direct opposition to the Saudis.

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And in doing so, the struggle of the profits of them has been juxtaposed has been made parallel with the struggle of a Sally so I mean, that's why you'll find actually later on from an A ha, sorry, Simon, whom we'll go for Carla man and sorry, in Allah, when we started a Salaam sensed this belief from them, he said, who will be my aid, you know, towards Allah, and in Surah, to serve in another sort of Quran, when it's a sort of fighting in the path of Allah, and the messenger system is calling you in the at the end of that sort of also, Allah makes reference to the example of, you know, the Hawa de manansala de la la colline, howdy, Yuna. manansala. And that was also in context

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of the struggle of the Prophet himself. Salallahu alaihe. Salam in sort of the same thing is gonna happen here, because literally, in the Battle of erhard, because, you know, the backdrop has to do with also, in the Battle of boyhood, there's going to be a point where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was believed to have been killed. He was he was hit hard, he on the face, and his face bled, and he passed out, and he was unconscious, and the rumors spread that he's been killed. And after he got up, literally people risked their lives to become a human shield for him. Right? So they were the unsolved of him, in his cause of Allah. Right, so, and ready to sacrifice themselves for that

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purpose. So this parallel is important, because before the Christians are told, no, no, Jesus is not the Son of God. He's just a messenger of God. Before that, because you know, that, that that idea that the Christian has, it's not an idea of logic. It's not a philosophical idea. It's they don't believe in that because they were rationally convinced of that notion. They were they fell in love with that idea, because it's an emotional attachment. And you know, when you argue with someone rationally, as opposed to when you argue with someone emotionally, it's completely two different things. You can get into an argument with your spouse, your mother, your you know, a child or

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whatever, let's say with your mother. You can win logically, but you have lost emotionally. Your mother will say, oh, congratulations, you win. Do you feel good about yourself? Winning irrational arguments sometimes is the worst kind of loss it's the worst kind of loss with the Israelites who are very keen on evidence Mohajer for enhanced geographical Islam towards here in LA. When they win, the argument was essentially fundamentally logical rational. Then they had to cut to the heart of the problem. You had to go go after their evidences for you know, to be towed out, flew around the center on bring turret retort. You think you have evidence go ahead and bring it we went through

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those I have to, but with the Christians The idea is that of loyalty

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Love and you know the sacrifice of Jesus and the struggles that he made in that love and bond that they've created with him while I was using that love and bond, first of all, to empathize with the struggle of the silence around, and then show that actually this messenger sallallahu Sallam is on the same side. Right? So it's a very soft approach to teaching that very hard lesson that he's not the Son of God. Right. And if you'll notice also in these ayat

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that Allah will not take a very aggressive stance until the very, very end, it's actually a very soft approach to get to that point. Right. So that's, that's the other interesting thing that's happening here. Finally, I mentioned to you that a recurring theme that keeps you know, coming back in this surah is consistency, the consistency of all revelation, the consistency of all you know, the previous books, Islam has always been the same. Justice has always been the same in Medina and the light Islam. Allah has always testified that he stands by Justice, we need any Prophet was given the same standards of justice. Now we're gonna get two different prophets that the Bible considers

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different from Islam. It's not consistent from Islam, and Allah will show no, they're also consistent. Not only has a law always been the same, and a sense of justice always been the same. Not only has a lot of revelations always call for the same message, his messengers have also stood by the same things. And so he iterates that. The other important thing for the Christians is lineage matters in the Bible lineage is a big thing. The Chosen nations nations that were blessed, which would revelation would Prophethood you'll find if you are a student of the Bible, that you'll find, you know, pages upon pages of lineages, son of so and so son of so and so son of so and so. And this

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was important, allows origin draws on their sense of lineage, and actually begins the discourse from there. And so he starts in a lot of stuff Adama 101. What Allah Ibrahima what Allah and Chrono and and I mean, it's certainly a lot. He's the one who chose he's the one who you know, did testify I'll get testify in a second I'll translate for now is just chose he chose Adam alayhis salaam, new holy Salaam, the family and the the legacy family legacy of Abraham and the family legacy of Emraan lm Ron, I mean, it is not just family that's all you think of as long standing legacy dynasty, even long standing family names those become and so you have all around because it's a dynasty it's been

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going on for many, many generations. Here you have ally Rahim Allah and our long standing families. names that have carried on for for many generations. That's alibre him and Allah and Ron now for names have been mentioned to individuals Adam and Noah. And then to family legacies ally Brahim and other emlen what I'm going to do today is emphasize more Adam and nor are the hemosol because understanding algebra human Allah and Milan is an in depth study that requires quite a bit of background. And of course I Milan was someone sort of alien to even the Sahaba many of them didn't know who it is. It's kind of a new name Abraham has come up over and over again in Milan hasn't

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right and Milan is not a name that's been emphasized. And Milan is not a name that's been taught. We don't know who he is. We don't know anything about his life, Life and Times etc. So who is that this is this is how the hottie buenas Allah Cody recording him. People with Christian background, people with Jewish background will know who Emraan is. For those of you who don't know who Emmeline is, I mean, maybe your uncle's name is Imran like I know that is but your who actually is Imran is actually the father of Mossad is

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the father Musashi. So I'm the father of our own alums from the family of Milan. Okay.

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And that's an important thing to know that the legacy of our art big was given in the family of Emraan. The legacy of Dada because Milan had two sons, how don't end Mussa here the original carriers of torrid right and then the family of Avalon keeps getting the revelation until the meaning of the affirmation the confirmation of Talat until a Saudi Salam and he sadly Islam is the last member of the family of Avalon along with by the way his mother right cuz she was part of that just like heroin and moose are a couple together and they're chosen as a family

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you know?

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Yeah, hey, Alicia, and actually along alongside them, their mother his mother has also been chosen allies chosen her in the last of hockey with a hockey is divides us for her also. So that that family of Enron that started there, the legacy ends here. So it's the start point and end point of that now, as I mentioned earlier and Ron, but he's not going to go into Moosa and how long now he's going to go into a salary slam and medium Solomon only have meaning where this legacy came to its culmination. Okay. So we'll discuss that in some more depth because there's also Western criticism of the use of Wrangel Island doctrine. And, you know, maybe this is a historical mistake on behalf

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of the author of the Quran itself.

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So we'll deal with some of that in some more depth tomorrow. But today I want to deal with the word Estefan and I want to deal with Adam and New Orleans Salaam and some some lessons drawn from there. So the first thing about is the fact there are a number of words in the Quran for choice or selection hdbuzz is one of them if the artist one of them is the fire is one of them. So

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if the art comes from the word hide, when you choose something that is better than you use hide meaning something was less or something was better. And you see good in something that's when you do if the start to occur. This is the word used by Allah for musasa Wanaka. Foster Malema.

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HTML is used from Jabu Jabu actually means tax collection. You don't collect tax from everyone, you collect it from people that are qualified. So when you when somebody meets certain requirements, and then they're selected, that's actually called HTML. And from it, you can, you know, take like, you know, if there were five markers here, and only one of them was working, I use that one that would be HDR, because I made the choice for the task at hand. This is the word that's used for the oma who was who were my Giada alikum, freedmen heritage, he's the one who didn't have all of you, meaning every one of us was chosen to to have the honor of saying la li la la not randomly, but because

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Allah sees something in us that should be put to work for this oma for the for his service. That's why he allowed us to become members of this oma who watch tabacum the word that is at hand here is defined and is different from some software. Software means purity. Like Urdu speakers, no soft chef have.

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Okay? Or a sofa sofa also means purity with aside, okay.

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The word software suggests when a choice is made, in which no one can question you, except the one question the one who made the choice is purely their own choice. Okay, so if I decide, for example, that you know, I'm going to get a new phone and they say you want the black one or the white one, I say I want the black one. I don't have a logical explanation for why I want the black one, it is purely entirely my choice that I want this one. That's called a stiff arm. And you can't say On what basis did you choose the black one? Why? What is the scientific rationale, the logical explanation why you didn't choose the white? Well, according to physics, I like black.

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That's, it's my choice. That's it, you don't have any place in the room to question my choice that would be called is Tifa.

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Is the fire does not work in many choices in life. For example, if you're going to hire somebody, you can't do a stuffer. You can't just say it's my choice, I picked this person, well, you have to see qualifications, you have to do HDR, or you have to do tr, this is a better candidate than that one you have to do is defy is done when it's entirely up to you. And you know, when it comes to us, sometimes we don't even know why we like a certain color. Why we like a certain flavor. It's just we're programmed that way. But when we're talking about a law making a choice based on sofa, it actually means we of course all of his choices are based on wisdom. But we don't have any room to

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question why this one? Why not that one? Because it's purely his choice. The implication of using the word justify is that we do not decide. We don't decide who Allah chooses. This was important for the audience to hear because they believe Allah has already chosen and nobody else will be chosen. And the prophets of Salaam should be dismissed because he can't possibly be chosen. Who are you to decide what let chooses and chooses. You know? And you know, Miss Lama Otto, this is what the Israelites had a problem with one of them. Well, you know, someone else was given what you were given? How can that be?

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I can't accept that. You know? And so Allah azza wa jal explains, in his own words, yes, he did, in fact, select certain individuals, and the first choice that he made was the choice of Adam.

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But that creates a logical problem. He's the only human being How is he a choice?

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My choice is when you have a million to pick from and you pick one, that's a choice, but other others that are is the only one there. So how is he a choice? Some have used this I have to say, See, the Quran talks about evolution,

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because it must have been a lot of pre human, you know, species and have them Allah chose Adam Ali Salam and made him into human put his little hand him the rest of them did not have a ruler, cetera. I cannot confirm or deny whether that's the case. I don't know. And I don't say that that's not possible. I don't say that's absolutely false. I just say that I don't see that the text and the original original context of the text is going in that direction. There are classically However, other ways of looking at this text, allow them what the evolution argument that's for Latino, and you know, for some people to theorize that's, that's fine. That's just not my field. And I don't

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claim that everything that I share about the Quran, that my background in the study of the Quran, is the only background that you can approach the Quran with. Some people will disagree

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scientific background and anthropological background, a sociological background may see things in Quran I don't see. Or even if they see it, I can't be convinced either way of it because that's not my area. Right? So I'm okay with accepting that. In any case,

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the the choice of other Elisa Lam has been described classically in a number of ways. One obvious one is that Allah azzawajal chose him over all of the angel.

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Right? And in all of the jinn, he made a choice, and even the angels were kind of shocked by his choice where where alternatives are available. Now kununu sahbihi homme de Kanaka de sudak were already here, why are you choosing him? So that literally said that's not for you to question in the Alamo. moratalla Moon so that's perhaps an explanation of that choice. Allah azza wa jal chose the human race and through the human race, he chose Adam alayhis salam by creating him. And that's, that's the reference that's being made the special place of humanity itself by saying in the last of Adam, others, others have said that Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah created all the

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all of the souls were created and and one body was created, and of all of the souls that were created, Allah took one and put him inside this body, you know, one of us tofi he Min ruhi mean if you look at rule has assumptions of all the work that I have that I possess, of them, I picked one and put inside of him. So the other idea being that the soul of other Madison, the rojava, Madison was chosen over all others to start this humanities legacy off. Okay.

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The other is, of course, that Adam alayhis salam was sent to the earth. And when he was sent to the earth, Allah azza wa jal gave him a special place. And just you know, he didn't just leave him as a human being alive soldier chose him to receive revelation also, he made the choice to reveal to him and he

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basically Martin fatale that allows xojo brought him into contact with words by means of which you could make Toba so this also is part of the implication of in the last of item

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so now from other malayalam, the journey of humanity starts and eventually the next main profit that comes from the lineage of our family Salaam from humanity that's now starting to spread. There's a small community that's formed and in that community alleged alleged chooses a man named Noah had a solemn when no one suddenly becomes a messenger when no Halesowen becomes a messenger, he's the is considered Adam assignee,

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which Allah home Albertine Quran says that his people, we made them the ones that Henrietta who reata whom Wilbekin we made his lineage The only ones that survived.

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Meaning when when the flood came, and sort of no hi talked about this at length, even Ashura discusses this others, some have the image that the entire Earth got flooded. The entire planet was underwater, when the flood of normal day Sam came. Well, no, humanity hadn't spread all over the world, yet they were in a valley. all of humanity was just one town at the time populations not much. And so yes, the population, much of the population of the of the world drowned because they were all in one place.

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You know, and the ones that survived were the ones that were with no holiday, Sam and his offspring. And so that Doria are the only ones that survived and there were basically descendants of North Salem in that sense, or new la Salaam or those that were closest to him. He now says Allah chose Adam, just like he chose No. And Islam basically Adam alayhis salam, the start of humanity, no Halesowen the restart of humanity. Right so it is the second Adam so in that sense he's mentioned as a second universal messenger and the subtle Salaam. by mentioning these two messengers is another beautiful implication is that Allah has always made choices that apply to all of humanity, even

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though messengers came to one particular nation at a time. And you know, a lot sent in different towns, different prophets with different languages. Well, Marsala Marsala, nullability, Sonico me him we never sent a messenger except in the language of their own people. So not always send culturally specific, socially specific regionally specific messengers. But he started this particular prayer. He started this prayer with a with two universal messengers, everybody believes in Adam, he's father to all of humanity. Everybody know Holly Salaam is a messenger, not just as people but actually, in a sense, all of humanity, because that's all humanity was. Right? So he

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started with the universals. And then things got more specific. Of course, there are so many nations in the world. There are so many ethnicities in the world. Somebody some one time asked me. What about Chinese profits? What What were they mentioned in the Quran? What about Australian profits Aborigines? Why aren't they in the Quran, etc, etc. Let me have given them Prophethood. But a prophet that was given the legacy of prophethood, meaning in his descendants profits will come and profits will come and profits will come. That's what a lot decided to do with Abraham.

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So from Adam and newer, then you find Li Rahim Allah

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Prime the family and the family legacy of Ibrahim was also especially chosen. It is my reading of the Quran that this family choice that was made of Ibrahim al Islam is a result of the tests that he passed. And the dollar that he made the dollar that he made that amount from my oma for my children, there should be at least a Muslim oma and other places in the Koran. Other times he mentioned the owl for all of his glory and not just the ones that he was building the Kaaba next to, you know, he included a smile and his Hawk when he made that door or Abidjan de Maki, masala tea were mean to deity. He said Alhamdulillah Allah de wobbly lol kebari is Mariela was hoc and Nabila. semirara

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colombiana Maki, masala tea woman Doria tea, so he mentioned you know, it's mine and his Hawk, and then said of my offspring, yeah, Allah make us those who establish prayer and those who inspire others to pray. And so like accepted that prayer and kept Prophethood in that family and kept that going. By the way that does not mean that no other family in the world or no other nation in the world receive profits at the same time. It could very well be that in one corner of the world there's a prophet Allah chose a messenger Allah chose for one nation and somewhere else there's another messenger doing their work completely disconnected and doing their own work and preaching

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their own message at the same exact time. But the point here being made is that this family kept getting messenger after messenger after messenger not at the exclusion of other nations. So other you know, other prime and then within alibre him what by the time things got to

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musala Islam. By the time things got to Mossad Islam, Allah azza wa jal did something very special with the meaning when when the time went by the time you reach the family of Milan within the descendants of Ibrahim as the family of Mr. By the time you get to the family of your Milan and Mousavi Salaam and the Torah being given, then Allah azza wa jal describes hula hula can be used, or the Prophet describes called llama Holla Holla Holla. Beyond that Allah azza wa jal kept giving them prophet after prophet after prophet there was no generation without a prophet. He kept continuously giving them prophets.

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Allah says cofina Allah assadi him below Selena and Quran we gave them a continuous chain in their in their legacy with our messengers. So the idea of takfeer, meaning the prophethood got, or the choice of a law got concentrated, particularly in the family of Iran. And so we're going from the most broad or the Malian Salaam, to the second beginning of humanity

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to the family that was chosen Li Rahim. And within that family that's the most concentrated choices are long run. But one does not negate the other. Our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not an Emraan.

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Our messenger is not

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what we're going to learn in these IOD is where the legacy of Anam Ron came to an end.

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But that doesn't mean the legacy of algebra him came to an end. You see, so alien blonde is gonna get described and the Christian will understand, okay, yes, I named on the family legacy of the dot and the confirmation and the affirmation of the talad started with musala salaam and finally the one who was retaught that a lot and retorted a lot with the addition of the Injeel was easily said, I mean, that's it, that came to an end. And then from then on, it is the time for the family of Ibrahim alayhi salam to pick up that legacy from Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam so that's the sort of the framework with which these ions are beginning you'll notice when we get to the end of this

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entire long section, you'll notice all the way at the end Adam Allison will come up come up again. Just like he came up in the beginning all the way at the end of these I consider this particular Ayah or these two is written by Mohammed Bala who sent me on semiannually. Actually I didn't explain Allah Allah mean yet, so I'll do that and then we'll return back to him invaluable la semana de these are the opening parenthetical notes to this entire section. And then we get into the section and just like there's an opening comment, there's going to be a closing comment in this discourse and in the middle, you have a you know, all of the history that's necessary for our guidance. So he

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says either I mean over other nations over other peoples of the world, and I mean, some have included the will Rahul because ina in the Arabic language can include human beings angels and Jen. Okay, so if that's the case, as Melissa makes sense of the chosen Wolverine over angels of love chose him Oh virgin. And then as time continued love chose these families and these profits over other nations on an island mean, with no holiday salam, all of his nation. Allah chose him. A lot chose him to carry that legacy. And then after that, with Abraham Ali Salaam, with everybody else around a lot, exclusively told him chose him.

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Some have taken a somewhat weaker, I don't consider it as strong of an interpretation, but it's there. It's found that as I mentioned these four names because these are the people that were given victory.

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So and they try to tie that with the promise of victory that's been given previously in the sola, sola buena moto chanela Johanna Wabi Sabi had, and later on and tumbled Alona in meaning you're going to be superior Supreme, if in fact, you believe so they hold the view that these were mentioned because these were given victory. I don't necessarily see that to be the case because a lot of the profits of Enron were killed. You know, you have to lose the inability to be ready. How can you know if Rahim Ali Salaam was not necessarily given victory over a nation he was just expelled from one nation after another?

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So I wouldn't really count that as victory you know, no honey Salaam you can maybe argue was given victory over the disbelievers but even that was a tragic victory is crying over until the last moments so and with other maladies, lung diseases, they try to add that he was given victory over shaytaan kind of after a loss though, and I don't know if that's victory. But was it was a it was a trial and it was a pretty tough trial. And you could even argue that is you know, as a llama ship on ship on cause them to slip.

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Most of them just slip so I don't necessarily buy the victory argument so much. But I do say that the choice that Ally's mentioning here is essentially driving home the point that he's always been making choices. So the fact that this profit is chosen should not come as a surprise to you. Allah has always been sending revelations so the fact that he sent for con is not a surprise to you. So this the same way with the way he said, you know, De La Liga, kitabi will have masala Colima, Grenada and gelato Right, well and gentlemen, orderliness was a lot of work on the same way now in the last item when you Hanwha Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah mean, he kept making all those choices, one

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after the other after the other, the return Babu Hummingbird, they're all offspring, one of the other, they are one continuous, you know, family legacy, starting what with other medicine in a very subtle, crafty way, the Quran has just now undermined the divinity of Jesus. Why? Because the family of Milan from whom Jesus eventually comes to eventually comes is just a child of Milan, who is a child of Ibrahim, who is a child of nor who is a child of Adam.

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So they're just children of each other. And in things and the you know, the Christian wouldn't even think this is a theological problem of course, yes, there are children of each other. Oh, okay. Gotcha.

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Well, ah, who sent me on a limb and Allah hears every Allah and Allah hears everything he knows everything and this the manassa the correlation of those two names here that a lot here's everything knows everything is important because you know, Allah azza wa jal with Adam alayhis salam told them for MIT and knock on mini Holden from Antalya Daya for the whole finale him What a home yes or no. And whenever guidance comes to you from me, Adam was told whoever follows my guidance there will be no fear no grief on them. And those those the the original, you know, message that was given to

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to others at a salon where lm dot fildena was 100 an akuna Milhouse has been those words a lot heard. But human beings are going to need forgiveness and the only way to get it is through guidance. Those words a lot harder than so many 1000s of years ago, Ibrahim Ali said I made about his children, Allah says Allah is listening. I actually tend to think that the words will law who sent me on a limb are closer to the words of Abraham it said I'm here.

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They're closer to the words of Abraham or the son because the family tree of prophethood starts with Ibrahim alayhis salam really that's why I'll start with the prime algebra him and then go on. And that's when and if you study Quran, you find he's making dua to Allah and he's actually saying in the contest similar Taco Bell Mina Anika into a seminar on him in the hula seminar da You know, when he talks about his shoulders, Allah listens to the DA, Allah, you know, he relegates that to a large xojo. So, it's actually a blessing. Allah has always listened, meaning Allah answered those prayers. Those prayers did not go unanswered, and nobody had known about those prayers. Nobody documented

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them only alone knew about them. They were made in the absolute solitude with just two of his children and nobody else around and yet a lot knew all along follows me on it. So from within that now we're gonna get to the wife of Enron, I'll make one comment and we're done for the day. inshallah. This is the opening of the, the the 30 34th or 35th, even though I'm going to go back and discuss alien Abrahamic alien running and some depth tomorrow in Sharla. But I'll just say one thing for now. So Emraan is considered the father of

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musala salam and Harun Anima salam, okay. From the biblical accounts, that's his name. And here you find him to be the father.

00:30:00--> 00:30:01

I have Miriam.

00:30:03--> 00:30:14

Which is why Western critics looked at this and said this is clearly a mistake in the Quran. And another mistake that the Quran seems to have made. My other law is regards to, Madame they confuse medium with medium.

00:30:15--> 00:30:22

medium is the sister of heroine, you know the sister who ran after Musab behind the basket. Her name is Miriam.

00:30:24--> 00:31:02

And so when you know when Mary came back with Jesus, when Lydia Matsuda, came back with a slice of the baby, and they were like, what have you done? They said yes to her own currency to her own sister of her own. And this I was clearly confused that the Quran thinks that this is a sibling of Harun Ali Salaam, even though this is generations later, this is the story of Jesus, this is what you know, you know, millennia later. So how are they confusing? These, the Quran is confusing these two things, take a step back and appreciate something. Let's talk about Costa heroin first. And you'll understand this. That's an easier case to explain, and under an important one to understand

00:31:02--> 00:31:03

and you'll appreciate this.

00:31:04--> 00:31:11

Madame Salama, Allah was chosen to be the, you know, to stay in the machine. And that took off permanently.

00:31:12--> 00:31:15

And she was given the custodianship of that,

00:31:16--> 00:31:17

you know, by her uncle,

00:31:18--> 00:32:01

you know, the cardiologists, lambda, arrows were drawn, and this was an exceptional thing. Women did not stay in the machine. Women were no, that's why when the mother who was about to, you know, was carrying her was praying and we're going to see that prayer. I want to dedicate this child of mine to Allah service. And she assumed it's going to be a boy who's gonna recite, memorized, thought, teach in the masjid, lead the prayers, you know, serve and worship. And she had a girl, but the exception was made. And everybody accepted the exception I'll put Baraka in this family that even though Can you imagine nowadays that somebody is there's a special room made for a sister in the

00:32:01--> 00:32:12

last day that she's just going to worship like that? It doesn't sit well with it. Is that is that okay, is that you will follow what's going on here? So they had the same reservations, but a lot of put this school board and all of them

00:32:13--> 00:32:33

and, which is why lessons for Taco Bell, a horrible hobby, a Boolean Hassanein, it's not a lie, I accepted her but when I like someone, everybody accepts them. So this exception was made. And she got accepted literally with the other spelling into the house of Allah. She gets to stay there. She is doing she and he she's supporting the teachings of Taurus.

00:32:35--> 00:32:45

Because Taurus is the book of a length of time, she's learning Torah teaching a lot. She's carrying the legacy of masala Salaam. She's supporting the legacy of Masonic Islam like once heroine did.

00:32:47--> 00:32:51

So Haruna Alice lambs name heroine is the backbone of musasa.

00:32:52--> 00:32:58

In any generation, someone who re revives the legacy of masala Islam is considered a heroine.

00:32:59--> 00:33:08

They're considered a heroin, we're actually not literally a heroin, a brother of heroin, meaning they have the same camaraderie with with heroin. They're doing what heroin once did.

00:33:09--> 00:33:28

When you consider yourself the brother of someone, basically, you know, the brother and cause brother in arms. Right? So when they call her sister of her own, they're saying one of the direct meanings is you play the role that how one one's played, you were the heroine of our time, how could you do this? How could you have done this?

00:33:30--> 00:33:39

So there's a juxtaposition. And by the way that the the beauty of it is her name is very similar to literally the sister of heroin. Like you should have been like, medium.

00:33:41--> 00:33:52

You should have been like, what Why are you like this? And so what what happens in Semitic culture, is that you call someone as though they remind you of someone generations ago.

00:33:54--> 00:34:15

Okay? And you are you are, you're saying you're just that legacy, restored, revived, relived. That's what you are, you are the heroine of our time, you are the medium of our time. Okay. That's the that's a it's a very beautiful literary thing to say. Nowadays, we don't speak in that kind of language, we just say you remind me of you of your grandpa, or something.

00:34:17--> 00:34:32

We don't literally say the name. You know, or you don't call especially you don't call them brother up. She didn't say excuse me. That's not I'm not a sister of her own. I'm actually the great great, great, great, great granddaughter of her own how you call me sister. We're not even the same age. No, that's not what that means.

00:34:34--> 00:34:40

So now, the family of Milan, the family of Milan, and Milan is the father of Musa and heroin.

00:34:42--> 00:34:45

And it is as though just like his children were chosen.

00:34:46--> 00:34:48

This woman's about to give birth.

00:34:49--> 00:34:50

And she's about to have money.

00:34:51--> 00:34:54

And allows oh just says it's Emraan all over again.

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

This is where the family legacy began. It's coming. There's a juxtaposition.

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

The two it's a it's it's Enron's family and restored. So even I would argue literally his main his name may not be in Milan. Her husband's literal name may not be in Milan. But he is playing the role that once Enron's family played that's why his name is being used here. And that was important because this is the final chapter in restoring the legacy of the family of Enron. This is it, there's no more continuation of the legacy of everlands family, meaning the legacy of the Taurat. Okay, so that's why those two names are juxtaposed on top of each other, if Carla temora to Amazon. Okay, so we'll talk about that in some more depth and shall delicata tomorrow. There's some very

00:35:40--> 00:35:53

interesting research papers. I'll cite them, and I'll mention them for your own reading. I'll share that geography with you tomorrow. Also barakallahu li walakum pickled onion Hakeem and apparently we're coming out with in Santa Monica Mercado Libre.