Dealing With Ocd, Doubts and Wasawis

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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Bismillah your Walkman you're walking

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with him and handled in little bit Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa to add he was happy as you might need well respected brothers and sisters that said, Oh my God come to light and no America.

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I would like to discuss with you today a very important issue that I feel many of our brothers and sisters are faced with. I have had so many people over the years, contacting me via email or telephone or asking me in person about this issue. And this issue is regarding obsessive compulsive disorder, OCD, or doubts was always was was. So many people find themselves in this difficulty. I've had pupil who have complained that they spend half an hour Some people even an hour performing will do an ablution. So they continuously think that certain parts of their body are dry.

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Maybe the elbow has not been washed or toe is left dry or water hasn't reached this part of the body or that part of the body. So continuously, they like spend 30 minutes, 40 minutes, sometimes they won't even an hour, there are people who continues to keep on thinking that they will do ablution is invalidated because they think they've passed gas or air or wind and is broken. There are people who spent long hours in prayer not for sure and concentration, that's good, but they keep on thinking that they haven't recited properly or certain words or letters have not been uttered, or pronounced properly inside out. Or maybe you know, they think halfway through the window is broken is

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invalidated. So they go back and perform a solution. Then they come back and

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I remember there was this one brother who contacted me once he actually good 2025 days continuously every single day he found me and I would give him the same answer every day. But he was still not convinced. And the next day he would call me and asked me the same question. He kept on thinking that he has divorced his wife, because in Islam as you know that block and divorce is given by the husband, and it's uttered by the husband pronounced by the husband. And it can be very easily pronounced. But a lot of people find themselves in this obsessive compulsive disorder situation in waswas in misgivings that maybe I attended to maybe he said that I go into the bathroom and I'm

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taking hosel and I'm taking a bath and I think that I've set the lock to my wife and I'm so scared is my marriage over every day. For 20 odd days or more he kept on calling and asking the same question. I remember there was an older lady sister

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she would came to my office she became suicidal she came with her son and the son was saying that like we can't control her because she thinks everything's is impure Ledges in her house. So she washes the you know, towels two three times and then she thinks that the tower touched the you know, the walls so she started washing the wall, it's touching the sofa she was she started scrubbing the sofa.

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She takes like 20 minutes washing her hands and this is an art you know COVID 19 Washing hands this is just decree COVID-19 Washing hands so she thinks she's bought everything that gets touched you know whether shoes and she actually became suicidal this this could lead to even to that degree that people can become suicidal. And it's to do with not just, you know, cleanliness, but a lot of these issues are to do with purity with wardo with the horsell with

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Salah with a prayer of the place of offering Salah.

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So a

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lot of people ask this, and this actually is basically really it's an illness, but also it is from Shavon it is from a bliss. You see sharepad A bliss is a very astute, very clever, he

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he traps people in different ways. So for the nonpracticing people, he traps them and he puts his wasa in a different way with people who are practicing, he uses a different coin. He has different you know, ways of chopping them he's not going to go to a practicing person and say okay, you know what, don't pray because they are practicing. So he uses different ways and this is also was was a plural was service over swas is from Chopin and this is why the last song of the Quran surah tennis, what do we recite min Shahril was wersal a nurse

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We seek the protection of Allah. Allah say, although there have been nurse Maliki nurse, Illa hiddenness militia really was worse I see I will translate the whole Torah but we are seeking the protection of Allah subhanaw taala from the evil of the Miss giver, from the evil of the one who is placing this was worse into the hearts. The one who's pulling these doubts. Another word in Arabic sometimes used for this as one will have means like just doubts and thoughts like, maybe this is not right. Maybe this has happened. Maybe there's like I said, it could be about purity. It could be about voodoo, it could be about the hustle. It could be about salah, also about Philip, like I said,

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sometimes it could also be about Sarah, that every time something goes wrong you think someone's done black magic, some people have this like they start doubting everyone. So there are married people married men, they every time they just think that their wife is involved in some sort of illicit relationship they doubt about why Who are you on the phone with? Why were you looking that way? You walking outside what why was done man staring at you. It's like your whole life becomes a misery because it consumes you.

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So sell as well black magic, people start thinking everything is black magic and someone's doing this and someone's doing that. So this was was a Wareham or misgiving or OCD. Once you start believing in them, and you start giving them importance and you don't try to stop them. Then it actually continues continues continues. And especially with matters of Deen

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This is a ploy of SharePoint.

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The end result is that you start thinking you will think that Dean is so difficult to practice, because you're taking one hour to perform the whole prayer half an hour to do will do, you know, it becomes really, really difficult.

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So at the end, you'll think that I just can't be bothered with all of this, this is too difficult and you just leave praying. So what is the solution with with this? What is the solution? There's two things one is what I just mentioned, that makes a lot of dua to Allah subhanaw taala recite, in abundance Surah two nuts. That should be a habit anyway before going to sleep but after prayers and all is making dua to Allah recite Surah Koolau the verbal Philip but specifically Surah to nurse and ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to

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protect you and protect us and ask Allah that Allah removed this illness of doubt from me

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with your mercy and in sha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala we remove it.

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But the second very important way to deal with this is that and this is the most effective way

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and the most effective way, which is that

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you have to we have to fight with this doubt that comes into our, into our minds and hearts head on, you have to fight it. It's like consider it to be your enemy. So really fight it fight against it, there is no other other than the dua to Allah. There's no other real practical solution. Then

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fighting it willpower, you will need willpower, you will you will have to have willpower. You will have to say okay, I don't care. I'm going to fight it. I will mention one thing here which I mentioned a lot of the time that look, we have to keep this in mind. And I've mentioned this before as well, that all these rules of Islam.

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They don't, they are not the objective. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't become more rich because we pray or we fast or we give zakat. Actually the Hadith says that if all of you know in a walakum wa Huracan we're in second Virginia, kind of Allah cocklebur originally men come Masada female Keisha if every single human being from other married Salatu was Salam peace be upon him, till the last person they all became really pious and righteous like full on Taqwa.

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And have the heart of the most righteous person amongst all of them which is the Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah says that will not increase my kingdom one little bit. And if all of you that will that first one of you and the last one of you the ends, the human of you the general few.

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If all of you became like the worst, like all of us are the biller. But all Allah says if all Hadith Lord see, if all of you became like the one who has the most wretched heart like Emily's, for example, Allah says my na Casa Verde can be multi share that doesn't decrease anything from my kingdom. So Allah doesn't get anything from us praying and not praying. All these rules are not the objective.

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The other objective, Allah subhanaw taala only wants to see from a submission. Now look, if there's one person who is heedless, if there's a person who doesn't give importance to who

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I don't care I don't really like this so much burden five times I have to pray and five times I have to perform ablution and doesn't really take it seriously just goes into the washroom or into the bathroom opens a tap whatever, or whatever, I don't care if my hands are washed or not properly and just Collect treasure and Mother Mother, just splash some water like Okay, it's done. Who cares? Then of course, Allah will take that person to task. Reason being is because the person didn't take Allah's command seriously is neglectful is in hafla is heedless,

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but there's one person who genuinely in their heart, want to they want to that person wants to obey the command of Allah wants to submit feels bad, wants to offer salah, that person washed, but one small, tiny speck area was remained left dry. They didn't do it intentionally. They're submitting to Allah. Do you think Allah is going to be on normal piano? You know, say okay, you prayed Salah all your life. Wait, there's at least 26 prayers that were not done. January 23 2018, as our Salah your left foot was dry, your left toe was dry there was a bit of water that didn't reach in between your your toes. So therefore, that Salah was invalid so there's a crossing them okay. February 2017, Isha

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prayer, your left

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elbow was dry. So therefore that Salah isn't it, I lost I'm going to do that because we tried. Because for Allah the prayer itself is not the objective. The objective is the endeavor that we are trying, we are submitting to Allah. Allah is not not going to check if in between the fingers you know, slight bit of dry, even if technically your will do wasn't done, but you tried, Allah will accept it as though it's done seriously. And this is I'm not making this up. This is from the Hadith.

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There's a hadith and Sunnah Vida hood, where a man came to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said O messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I have this doubt a lot. I always keep on thinking that I'm passing wind or gas like my wood always broken all the time. So every time I'm praying, I think, oh, no, I think I've passed wind I think I've passed wind or CD

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or outside prayers. Well, I always keep on thinking that I have invalidated my ablution will do.

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So now look what the messenger SallAllahu sallam said to him, pick this is not the normal ruling. Because when someone is in such a situation of obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD or doubts, someone who has worse worse,

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you have to tell that person emphatically So the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to this person, Lao will do a insulting array Hey,

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don't worry yo will do will not be invalidated until you don't smell something or you don't hear a sound illumines floating sound array you don't smell. Now we all know the HMR of Domo, the whole all the format hubs that if someone fights or passes wind, okay, passes gas

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despite no sound normally you either get either or there's a sound but no smell. And if you get smells silent, but you know they say silent but deadly. So you whether you you know you have either Oh, but if someone didn't have both no sound, they passed wind, no sound and no smell, but they know 100% million percent of past wind. All them at the hubs agree will do is broken. But for this person, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said especial ruling for a person in OCD, that look because you have too many doubts. Whenever you think you've passed wind or not. Did you hear anything? No, I've never heard anything. Smell Can you smell anything? No, that means you haven't

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fought it. Now many times he must have passed wind and his wudu may have been actually broken. But because he's trying the messenger SallAllahu sallam said to this person specifically

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until you don't hear a sound or until you don't

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smell something your will do is not broken.

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So it's very, very important. This is from SharePoint and shaytaan puts this worse worse into the mind you know that saying that look, you know your window is not done.

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You've washed it three times, but it's not enough for you, you know, washing three times the arm. That's for normal people, not

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for you, because you don't wash your property, you need to do it seven times you need to do. So people actually wash it more than three times and that's against the sooner, it's actually like it could be mcru.

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Because Chapin keeps on putting in the mind, and maybe your elbow is left dry, maybe your left foot is dry, maybe this is dry. And once this comes into the heart, you will perform ablution again and you will take an hour, like I said, and then a tie will come you think this is so difficult. And I'm just going to do it. So this is why the remedy or the solution is that

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whatever we are finding of experiencing doubts regarding any issue regarding which we have these doubts, or this was worse,

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we must have absolute willpower. Like force yourself to go against it, like fight it and say look, I don't care, I'm going to fight it. I will do what Islam has told me to do, then leave it and say even if it's not done now don't worry, Allah is not going to worry about this and check your left nail or whatever, Allah will accept it because I have done what is in my capacity. So if you're performing we'll do three times washing just fix yourself a time like okay, my will do will be no longer than seven minutes, stopwatch 70 minutes and each organ you could say like, I'll fix my time. Fix yourself, like five minutes maybe or even, you know, whatever you think. And you say okay 123

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That now I will not even think about this. Finish that if something was left dry. Allah is awful, right? No problem. Allah will forgive you. Because in your heart, you want to do it. And remember, the issue is that for Allah it's not the will do and it's not the salah anyway, I've mentioned many times that same Salah becomes haram to pray at sunrise and sunset, fasting in Ramadan is farther than fasting on a day sinful. So it's not the first itself and it's not the parade. So it's the effort is the submission.

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So do that. And then after that, force yourself to go against any doubt that comes and say this doubt my partner, and I'm not going to entertain these doubts, I'm going to fight it.

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There was this one share from the subcontinent, shell Nola Rasheeda. And I'm gonna go here I've got a lot of data he has mentioned and I'll end with this story that once he said that I performed we'll do we'll do ablution

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performing I will do and then I started walking after a while doubt came into my mind that

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you know, my right elbow is probably I didn't wash that. I think the water didn't reach there. So I said, Okay, you know, this doubt has come into the mind and let me go and wash it. So he went back to the bathroom, and he just made sure that he washed his right elbow, and then he went away. He started walking again. And after a few minutes another dark came to his mind

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that I think I didn't even wash my left elbow. So he said look, this is a doubt why not just go and wash the left elbow as well. So he said he went back to the bathroom and took some water and washed his left elbow.

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And then he started walking to the plate please sort of prayer. He walked up a bit of distance and slightly another dog came to our mind. And he said the doubt was that

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I think my left ankle was left dry and I didn't put water on it. So when the thought came the third time

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he said to himself to me Um, okay, now I know this is this is shaytan it's you he spoke to himself and he said okay, now this is you who've come to spoil my will do on my prayer. Don't worry today I will offer my prayer without will do. He actually said this said it's you. Okay, now I know if it was the first time okay, maybe adult came into my mind, second time. But now after right elbow, left elbow now left ankle then you're gonna go to now I know who it is. Today, I'm going to offer Salah without voodoo, no problem, and Allah will accept my salah without.

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Now this is how he dealt with it. And he performed your Salah. And he said that look, if I entertain that third doubt, you would have reached to the fourth doubt would have taken me to the fifth doubt and it would have become a lifelong issue a problem for all all his life. Every will do but you see once you go against it and you fight it and share it all I know is that this person is not going to be deceived by this you just speak to shut down shut down you buy. I'm going to perform Salah without what we'll do today. Just fight it. Once you fight it, then inshallah chiffon will just run away and won't come and trouble you again. So this is the main solution.

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of dealing with waswas with OCD doubts one all these things that come to the mind whether it's to do with Lulu whether it's to do with uttering the law whether it's about black magic, whether it's about prayer, you know doubts about prayer etc you know regarding prayer just follow the fifth ruling which is mentioned in the books of Aqaba what happens if you have a bit of doubt, but you don't have to keep on repeating you see D and Islam the rules of Islam have not been prescribed to make our life a nightmare Islam is to bring peace to our hearts bring peace and happiness and bummer Nina Salah is not there to make things difficult for us once Salah starts becoming difficult then

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that means that this is from SharePoint once Salah becomes difficult in a sense that you know it's it's a struggle because you know you're really fighting against all these doubts. They remember this is SharePoint who has come to take your way away from your server. So fight it and inshallah pray, make dua to Allah as well and recite Surah to nurse Michelle really was was a nurse, a lady was faced with usado in us in a genetic oneness keep on reciting that as well in abundance. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah protect us all in sha Allah remove these doubts and these was worse from our hearts and our minds. bakoma Mahara Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.