Manju Singh Accepts Islam after asking the Differences in the Scriptures of Hinduism and Islam

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Good evening, sir, came from Nagpur. I want to ask you one question about Vedas, because I believe Vedas are main scripture of Hinduism. So, I want to know if you are telling or putting a common point which is similar to other scripture, why you do not put different points in front of non Muslim people, which are contradict double or which are opposite to each other because I believe in common point as a being a Hindu girl, it is very important to know which are the common point and which are the different points in Hinduism scriptures. Sister was asked about a good question. She said that accorded the Veda I did point out similarities. Why don't I speak about differences and

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she wants to know the similarities or differences sister.

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If I can give a talk on similarities between Islam and Hinduism for a few hours, I can give a bigger talk and a longer talk on differences between Islam and Hinduism. But the reason I chose to speak about smell it is because that is the advice given by my Creator Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran in surah. Al Imran Chapter number three was number 54. We say cool, yeah, hello Kitab co People of the Book, tallow Illa Kelly Mateen, sava inband. Albania come come to common terms as well as a new which is the first term Alana the Illa Allah that we worship none but Allah will Anushka be che yo that we associate new partners with him while I,

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then Alibaba and Manila that we erect not among ourselves, loads and pages other than Allah for interval law, if then the turnback for Colusa do say a bear witness be anomalously moon, that we are Muslims by having a will to Allah subhanaw taala. This was of the Quran shows us the way how to speak with different kinds of people come to common terms as US and EU, which is the first term, the most important term is a law, not the law that we worship. None but one Almighty God. Regarding differences, sister, I can give a talk for us together about differences. Not that I can't, but it will bring animosity, maybe it will hurt the feelings of someone that we may be forced to do during

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a debate.

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When they're the debate. For example, I had a debate with a person by the name of Dr. William Campbell.

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If you heard the talk, sister, yeah, I've seen your videos that talk was talking about differences between Christianity and Islam. Why you wrote a book saying there are 30 scientific errors in the Quran. And for eight years, no Muslim replied in USA and became a hot seller. So the students who have us, they call me and we are a dialogue with the topic was Koran and Bible in the light of science. Whatever allegations you had against the Quran, I reply to all I post 38 points from the Bible, which is against science, he could not apply to any.

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So in that debate, I may have to do that. If I have a debate with the Hindus, Carlos says that with other completely with signs.

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So then I can talk about the unscientific things. But if I talk about differences, maybe you may feel offended. So if you want to go on a higher level, surely, you can ask where he's at IRF will give you all the things but in public, I personally don't want to talk about contradiction, unless someone forces me not that we aren't aware. But if you know the similarity, what I'm telling you let us agree to follow what is common.

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For what I tell the people what is common in the Vedas, in the Bible, in the Quran. Let everyone agree that at least one book is the word of God. Hindus will say whether the Word of God, Christian will say Bible is the Word of God. Muslim will say the Quran is the word of God. I tell them a thing which everyone will remain agree, let us agree to follow what is common. For when you follow the commonality then the way that in the Bible in the Jewish Scriptures Talmud, in the Quran, we find all the scriptures say there's one God, all the scripture says the last and final messengers, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So I'm asking the Sister, why don't you believe in one God? I

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want to ask you the question. He says that beautifully. There's one god I believe in one God, do you believe? And do you believe that the last and final messenger of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? Just because I'm asking you the question because it is very difficult to understand the Quran and Vedas. And I'm so much confused which scripture is more important for me to achieve? To the God I mean to worship? Have you heard my lecture on similarities between Islam and Hinduism? Or mamma salatu salam in the Hindu scriptures? Have you heard that? Yeah. Do you know that your Scripture say that the last and final messenger of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? Yeah. Do you know that?

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Yeah. So do you believe Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God? Yeah, definitely. Do you believe? Yeah. So if you believe there is one God and you believe that Allah

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Ship is prohibited. And if you believe that Prophet Muhammad is the last messenger in Arabic we call you as a Muslim.

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Mr. Do you believe in one God? Yeah, I believe in when you believe that no idol worship.

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Do you believe that Almighty God has got no images? Yeah, you believe that? Yeah. And you also believe that Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God. So what do you have entered, you may not have gone very high, but by saying that there is no God, but Allah, and Prophet Muhammad is the messenger, you indirectly become a Muslim Muslim means a person who submits his will to God. So do you submit that I'm indirectly Muslim? No way does telling the same thing and Quran telling the same thing. So which, if you're indirect also no problem. Indirect also most welcome but they're come direct or indirect. We welcome you, sister.

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Now, you know what is coming. Now if your VEDA says that the last and final messengers, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and you have to follow him, so by following Prophet Muhammad, you're indirectly following the Vedas also.

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Then you have to find out What did Prophet Muhammad say? Then you have to read the Hadith. But slowly, slowly, so now your nursery, then Jr. kg, then SR kg then first and then you'll reach 110. But have you taken admission? I want to know that Do you agree that you're a Muslim?

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Muslim means a person who submits his or her will to God, why it is important that the person who believing in one God is called or she is called a Muslim? Yes. Why? Muslim means a person who submits a will to God and the first important creed, to submit your will to God is believed this one God, believe there is no idol worship and believe Prophet Mohammed is a messenger. If you say this, that means you have agreed to submit and then it takes time then we go to standard one, then slowly you may know what is required about fasting about charity not to rob not to see all this come late. But do you agree to submit your will is important? And do you agree to follow the teachings of

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Prophet Muhammad is important for him to ask your sister? Yeah, I agree. So would you like to say the shahada shahada me would you like to say in Arabic that there is no god but one God and Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger

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Yeah, dad is a one God and

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last Prophet, Mashallah. Mashallah.

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I will just say it in Arabic and I want you to repeat it. You know what you have said the same thing. But I want to ask you sister, is anyone forcing you to say this? No, no.

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No, it is completely out of free will? Yeah. Okay. If it is in Arabic, just repeat it. I shall do.

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I should do Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah wa shadow do though I should do an anna muhammadan Muhammadan I do what a solo virus.

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I bear witness.

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I bear witness.

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I bear witness that there is no God, that there is no God but Allah, but Allah and Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Please be upon him is the servant is the servant and messenger of Allah and messenger of Allah, masha Allah. Thank you.

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Congratulate sister, Nora, we have entered the fall of Islam and insha Allah for getting more knowledge for going to first and second standard third standard, be in touch with the Sisters of the Islamic Research Foundation and it will be a pleasure to guide you. And if you have any queries regarding Quran regarding Islam You're most welcome to us. If you have any queries even regarding Hinduism, etc, most welcome sister and I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that Megan to Jana sister