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The Day of Judgment is a title that is both teachings and affirmations, and is a combination of conservative and liberal writing. The book is a reference to the time period before Islam was officialized, and is a source of inspiration for people to write and read about the book. It is a combination of conservative and liberal writing, and is a reference to the time period before Islam was officialized. The book's teachings for those with the consciousness of God are also discussed, and listeners are encouraged to take action to empower them through awareness.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam Allah said over the market in the Vienna Mohammedan, while alihi wa sahbihi wa barik wa sallam,

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our praise are due to Allah, Lord of the worlds, and peace and blessings be constantly showered upon our beloved Prophet, Mohammed, his family, his companions at all those will call to his way, to the Day of Judgment,

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my beloved brothers and sisters Alhamdulillah, I take this opportunity to welcome you and to greet you, at the beginning of this blessed month of Ramadan.

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May Allah subhanaw taala accept it, from you and me, and all of the believers, and make this month a source of love, a source of good health,

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a source of forgiveness, hedaya guidance, a source of unity.

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I pray that Allah through our efforts, our da would have mercy on us, and would give us the opportunity to correct ourselves and to really get a benefit out of this month, in this life for the hereafter.

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Alhamdulillah we have begun

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our beautiful journey into the last revelation of Korra.

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This is Columbia Law Manasa. This is the revealed words of Allah subhanaw taala that came through the angel gibreel alayhi Salaam,

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to the heart of the Prophet Muhammad SAW seldom.

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And then to us.

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This is an eternal book. This is an eternal set of revelations that are way beyond human

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Human beings cannot imitate it. Human beings cannot even begin

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to fathom the depth of this book. Because as we go further and further in time towards the Day of Resurrection, more and more gems of wisdom are coming up from this beautiful book.

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And so we need to take time to identify time within our days and our nights that we are going to this book, not just for tillow.

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And many people in connecting the Koran with Ramadan have a tendency to connect it through cultural things. In other words, what used to happen in my village, what used to happen in my country,

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what are people famous for doing.

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And in many parts of the world,

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the Koran is being read by specialized reciters by corys. And in a group affair, as established through the companions of the Prophet, so send them all mobile hottub, where they allow on when he was a mirror meaning

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establishing the group press because people were praying in all different types of fashions with different numbers. But we have to remember that the apostle the basis of this month, and the relationship with the book is what each individual does himself or herself.

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It is our relationship with the book.

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It's not coming out in a large group and listening to the parties and that is a beautiful thing, because they are specialized in the Quran itself. But to recognize that if we are not able to come out in that large gathering, that we still have the basis of our relationship with the book of Allah, and that is that we read it in the best possible way that we can and we ponder upon it. introspection, contemplation, thinking

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About what is being said in the book, thinking about what Allah revealed, because he revealed this book over 23 years, we have to remember this. We are not reading a novel

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that has an introduction

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that has the body has a conclusion, as a summary, a nice book that was printed, and put out by publishers. No.

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This is a revelation that came over a 23 year period, a living experience that was guided by the Creator of the heavens in the earth.

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And so we need to look at each chapter, to look at the verses to try to understand what Allah subhanaw taala was putting in our laps.

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And after the beautiful fatty How to Get up, after the beautiful opening of the book, we have entered into certain bacara

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the chapter of the cow.

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And this chapter

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is recorded by emammal quarter to be in his famous Tafseer that this was the first chapter that was revealed in Medina.

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And so after the 13 year struggle, the trials and tests, talking about the aka talking about the character, establishing the dean with tawheed, as the basis after that, and the great persecution and the migration, the Muslims found a home a place to settle down

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a place where Allah subhanaw taala could then give them the meat of the message. And so the first 13 years is giving them the structure,

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giving them the foundation of the oneness of God.

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But the actual meat, the actual bones of the body. What fills in the structure came in Medina

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and so we need to consider this as we are reading through it and going through our tafsir that this is so important that the prophet SAW seldom said lead Touch, touch Alou to come macabre in the shade toleriane faedo min elbaite Allah The Accra ofii is solid to

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one's process Salim said do not make your homes graveyards For verily the shade torn, flees from a home. He runs away from the home that cirtl bacara is being read.

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right in the beginning of this powerful chapter.

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A lot establishes for the believers.

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Yeah, jazz.

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A lot establishes the miracle, the miraculous nature of the book. And for those who could speak Arabic. In those days, Arabic was the main language and it was the classical form of Arabic. Allah started this book Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim I live Lam Meem Valley Kalki tabula re Buffy houda Lin Mata pain, Latina you may know Annabel Hyde or up Mona sala marzec now home Yun.

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Allah started by saying Alif Lam me

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This is the book in which there is no doubt

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it is guidance who donlin Mottaki is guidance for those who have the consciousness of Allah.

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Those who believe in the unseen and they establish prayers and from what we have given them they give back

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they give it back

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this is a beautiful beginning and rightful right in Arabic from the beginning

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although I stabbed establishes makes a precedent for the rest of the reading of

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I left la meme Valley colicky tab Laurie Murphy well we study Arabic we know is a Shara. If you have something close you say have a key tab for something which is close to you has something far away you say Dally Kalki tap that book. So when an Arab would hear that speaker he would think about something far away.

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But the way it is coming it said

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Valley Kalki tabula a Buffy that this book.

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It is the book in which there is no doubt

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and so it is like something coming from

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Far away, which is coming to the reader

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had so it was with the revelation for above seven heavens, it came down to the prophet SAW solemn, and in that came down to humanity.

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And so I pray that Allah azza wa jal, who would make us have the motor pin. Those who have the consciousness of God

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will make us of those who establish their press.

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They believe in the unseen things, and they will give in charity, they will give sadaqa they will give from what Allah has blessed them. May Allah send his choices, mercy and blessings to all of us during this month, for every letter that we read, Hasina, for every word that we read, Hassan is a blessing for every chapter that we read.

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And may Allah enable us to understand what we are reading and put it into our lives. I leave you with these opening thoughts. I asked a lot to have mercy on me and you and to empower us through awareness that this book will give us, empower us for the struggle ahead. I leave you with these thoughts was Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh