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propitiously sadly we're silly Emily loksatta melissani koko de familia de la salat wa salam O Allah, Allah Allah Allah He was a PHP, I'm about one second if you want to go to my ricotta. Today's da is actually something that may not apply to everyone but the lessons from it apply to everyone. It's a draw of zecharia salaam, who is the uncle of medium Sarah, Nadia, and Zachary Ali Salaam was responsible for taking care of medium when she was dedicated to stay inside the sacred mustard. And this is the first time a woman was allowed to live inside the machine just doing about there was an exception that was made, especially for her. And when this exception was made, the only one who was

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allowed to visit her was security setup. So the fella has a career for answers, the career took responsibility for her caretake Food Protection and all of that, so the only one who would ever visit her is him. So he comes to visit her one time. And actually, every time he would come to visit her mother in law had his banker answers, he would find that she has food around him, you know, around her, and she has some say fruits from out of season. And you know, nowadays you you and I having fruit from out of season is easy. You can just you know, we have you know, artificial ingredients and we have you know hormonal growth of plants and you've got food coming and flying in

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from different parts of the world. So even though it's not our season, we can still get it. You can have strawberries, you know, year round, you can have bananas around, etc. But of course, in the old world, you couldn't do that there's a season for certain fruits, and there's other seasons for other fruits, right. And if you're going to travel from a foreign land to bring the fruit by the time it gets hit, it'll go bad. So she would have fruits that don't belong to that season. And they would be right there and he would be in shock. And he would come in and say another kihavah who answers How in the world did you get this? How do you have this? And her response would be who I'm in Angola,

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it's from Allah. I just that's an easy response from it's from Allah. That's it. Like it wasn't even a shock for her. And she wasn't even trying to convince him otherwise, I can know whom Angela woman Angela, this comes from Allah. That's it. In aloha Yasuko, Manisha Oh, the Lady hisab. She tells him and she's, you know, if we accept the Christian narrations, she's about 16 years old at the time, and even from before then this food is coming. So from like 12, the age of 12 onwards, she's getting this and he's seeing this all the time. And this one time when he when he first sees it, or this particular occasion when he sees it and he sees this out of season fruit. He makes this draw, or she

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tells him in the La Jolla Zoo Manisha will be ready. hisab certainly Allah provides, without any limits, Allah gives to whoever he wants, without any limits. There are lots of lessons behind a lot of giving without limits. You know, and I've given a little bit about this before but a quick recap just a couple of things. One, you know, when if I was to give you I would first check my account and see how much do I have? Before I give? So I would count first, how much can I give? And how much do I have left? That's hisab. Also, Allah doesn't do that from his treasures, his treasures are endless. He doesn't look at what's there and what's left before considering what to give and what

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not to give. That's one of the meanings of ballydehob hisab also means Maha Sabha meaning nobody questions Allah, why did you give? Why didn't you give? How can you give this one this much? How can you give that one that much? Nobody can question Allah. So when we Lady hisab also means Allah doesn't we don't question who Allah gives and who he doesn't give. The other meaning of hisab is that sometimes, you know if, for example, two of your kids, they took an exam, and one of them did really well, one didn't do so well. So you have chocolate in your head, you're like, Hey, you got 100 here's two bars of kid cat. And the other one, here's the wrapper, you know, like,

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cuz you're gonna it's based on performance you're going to give and if they did well, you give more if they didn't do well, then you don't give more. But a lot doesn't do that. lugging around so much kingdom. Allah gave him Rue de nada. Hola. Hola. McCullough given milk. And Ibrahim alayhis salam was homeless, you know, and he's been kicked out of his home. So you've got a lot of giving, and he doesn't necessarily see this

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Are you a good believer? Were you performing well? Were you praying all your prayers? Okay, now I'll let you breathe. Now I'll give you food and if you weren't performing you don't get anything. It doesn't work like that. A lot gives you a sense he's basically telling him also it's not because I deserve this. It's not because I'm something special. Allah gives and he doesn't check me first and then give you just he decides to give in the La Jolla Zuko Manisha will be Lady hisab. hisab also means ft sub sub means imagination. Allah gives from where we can't imagine. That's another meaning of in aloha Yasukuni shareability Hassan. So this young woman tells zecharia his Salam that this has

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nothing to be surprised about. Allah azza wa jal gives and he gives in such profound ways, and it's so beyond our imagination that that should never come as a shock to us. Now he was an old man in another place in the Quran it Salaam Zachary Ali Salaam, is described by Shaban that my hair, it's like a fire went over it and it's all turned white, you know, like ash turns light. That's how he describes his hair and basically means I've burnt over burnt my ears out. I'm done. I've got one foot in the grave, basically, I'm about to die. And I'm worried that nobody's there to carry my legacy on. So in this old age, he's been asking, by the way, he's been asking a love for a child all

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these years. And now he's an old man, he still doesn't have a child. Actually, since the time he got married, his wife was incapable of giving a child and now they're both old. So Canada Marathi apparently sort of Madame. My wife has always been barren. It's not like she became incapable of having a baby when she got it became an old woman. That's obvious. But even when she was young, she couldn't have a baby. That was her case. So he's never been able to conceive a child with with her. And in this old age, he sees this young girl with fruit from out of season and Allah says here's the de una de casa de aza karela. Who right then and right there, when he saw this, immediately he, as a

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career as a history, major drought has probably Milla don't carry a Tonka button in the casimiro da master from your special behalf from your special treasure vaults. Grant me Give me the gift of a good child, or good offspring, you're the one who always here's the profound thing for him to say, a couple of things I want to unpack here for you, I'll start with the end of this there are in Mecca. semirara, you certainly are the one who always hears the.he spent an entire life making the same da and he didn't have a child. And you know, when you and I make the offer something over and over again, and we don't get it, we start saying to ourselves, or even save some to other people.

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Sometimes man Allah is just I've been praying, but I don't think it was listen to this law. It was just, he's not listening to this prayer of mine. And this man, a lifetime of that same prayer not being answered. And even now he doesn't know if it's gonna get answered or not. But one thing he'd never ever let go of one thing he's always aware of allies always listening to every single door.

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And there's no doubt about that. There are that I saw answered the door that I haven't seen answered to my expectations. No dry wet, went unheard by Allah in Nick asked me, if he was only referring to one draw at the time of that, that time, it would have been in the casimiro draw. Sam is the one who was listening at the time. Samir is the one who listens all the time, who's been listening. So he turns to a line says, I am not doubting all those 1000s of times, over the over decades and decades that I've been praying for the same thing that you didn't listen, I don't doubt that. But my heart sees something. I saw something right now. And I just had I couldn't help myself. I made this door.

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So now what made him make this door? You see, it's a lesson to be learned that sometimes you meet people that Allah has given a gift to sometimes a miraculous gift. You know, you meet somebody who was diagnosed with a disease and they were given six months to live. I've met people like that. And they went and made the out to Allah. They cried before Allah made Toba to Allah. And they went back to the doctor, and they said, Where's the where the cancer cells? What's going on? What treatment did you do? And they're like, well, I just made off. That's all I did. And it's gone. And the doctors are scratching their head. You know, I've literally met people like that. And when that

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happens, you're inspired. If a law can provide them healing, if a law can grant them such gifts, if a law can take someone who couldn't find work, who couldn't find any, you know, all the doors seem to be closed and allow open doors from where they couldn't imagine. You look at that. And you say to yourself, if I can do that for them, he can do that for me. Why do I have to limit myself to I'm too old as this man says, I'm too old. My wife can't have a child. Well, if I these out of season fruits are possible for this girl, then even if I'm out of season, and my wife is out of season, what's the big deal a law provides without beyond imagination. A law provides without these limits without

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without these these, you know, restrictions. So I should ask Allah and so he got inspired to ask a lot, but he didn't ask a lot of the same thing. That's the important thing here. He didn't say well, she got food. Yeah, like give me some fruit to know. She got her her wrist. That's what she needs. And he says, Well, what do I need? What do I want? It's not that Yeah, like you got her. I want to see

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thing, not necessarily, I need my own form of this. And here you get something truly profound about zecharia, the Salaam, his foresight is forward thinking. And that is, you know, compare, she got food, and he asked for a child, right? There's a big difference between food and a child. Food is something I need for my body for my sustenance, it will actually only last inside of my body within 24 hours, what is useful of it will stay, the rest of it will go, that's food.

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A child however, and by the way, for a man who's almost close to death, for him to ask for a child, he's actually asking for something that he will not even live long enough to enjoy. Like, he'll have this child, maybe he'll see a few years of this child, but he's basically close to death. And this child and child love lives longer. Why is he asking for something he won't even get to enjoy, really? Why in the world, because he understands there's different kinds of risk. There's this for my body, like food, then there's risk provision that doesn't feed this life of mine, it will feed the next life. It'll feed them, that's also this, and I will die. But this child of mine, see, he

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didn't just ask for a child, he said to return by a button, a good pure child, a good pure child that has been purified, especially by you Yala. So at this old age, he's not just asking for a baby, he's saying Yeah, like, give me a baby, that's going to be good, that's gonna leave a good legacy behind. So whatever good deeds this child does, it's going to actually become risk for the Father. Because even if the Father is not in this world anymore, he's being provided for by that child. What a profound thing to say. And that teaches us actually, that there's two kinds of risk. There's the kind of provision that you and I asked for that we need right now some of you need a job, some of

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you need, you know, healing, from a sickness that you're going through, some of you need relief from some other people that are hurting you, you need all kinds of things that you are in immediate need of right now. That's the kind of it is, but there's another kind of it is the kind of list that will live on in your favor, even when you're not around. That's the only kind of savings that we can take with us. You see, you can have a lot of money in your bank account and you die. And maybe that money is being invested and the money is growing and the stock you invested in or whatever took off. And now it's 100 times worth more than it was doesn't matter for you your gun, you're under the ground,

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it doesn't make any difference anymore. The property you bought its value went up. So what you're actually deteriorating in the ground. But there are some things that you can invest in as your provision that even when you and I are under the ground, they're actually still growing for us. And that's the kind of this we should ask a lot for to we're learning from this. The lesson from this dog's equity, Artesia, in is number 38 of the surah is actually this is a gift from Allah, that the gift from Allah, yeah, like, give me something and it may be a child, when in the case that we have children, that our children become Nigeria, they're already really become the real diva. They become

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good children, children that carry our legacy. And if we don't have children, that Allah give us the gift of allowing to make the kinds of investments, the kinds of deeds that will carry good forward, even when we're gone. This is why somebody gives sincere charity to a Masjid, or helps build a school or helps take care of, you know, sponsors a teacher or something like that, because the good they do, will actually perpetuate and will, you know, serve other good and other good and other good even when they're gone, you see? So now the last thing about this kohlrabi hubballi min. De Luca de Rio Tinto eba, in the Casimir de la is that his daughter was immediately answered after that.

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Actually angels came and told him you're going to have a child that that that happened. And it happened before he passes away. Right? So this is at the very, very old age that he made this door, and Eliza decided to answer that one. It's not like he wasn't making that dog before. But there was a plan from Allah. This is the right time for this door. Why? Think about the wisdom Allah gave him? Yeah, he is.

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Yeah, he is a Salaam played a very important role in supporting the mission of resolving saddam. Actually, if you study the mission of Islam, he could not easily Sam could not fulfill his role unless he had who with him. You're here with him. If he's a career Elisa, Allah answered his door seven years before, 50 years before you're here on a Salaam would have lived and died and you would not have a year to support who he saw the salon. So and that, by the way, the fact that he got to support essentialism and he was Shaheed in supporting these artists and he was killed while doing so that honor would not have come to the family of zecharia salam that that great noble status that you

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hear on Instagram achieved would not have been there. And so alas plan sometimes you go through years of sadness, but that's part of a less plan to increase something more for you that you couldn't have gotten otherwise. He became for you here became very sad Islam. What how long

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was for massages. And that's what happened. And that's that was part of a less plan. So sometimes a lot delaying the response to our prayers also wisdom and wisdom I can't understand because I want things right away. But we don't ever lose hope in the prayers of with Allah. And we don't ever decide, well, I've been asking for two years allotted an answer. Clearly this data is not valid, or Allah is not interested in answering this one. So I'm going to stop asking if it's a valid thing you need, and it's a valid thing you want to ask for you keep on asking, you don't decide when the best time is for the relief to come. For the response to come. You know, just ponder over this. Two

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children were separated from their parents. Yusuf Ali Salam was separated from his father musala salaam was separated from his mother musala salaam was reunited with his mother, they both made dua, to Allah to be reunited. musala Islam was back with his mother within few hours, Yusuf Alayhi Salaam was back with his father many years later, same door, and both good people go both good people. Some people say my daughter's not being answered because I'm not a good person. Don't blame yourself so easily. That's the schedule and the wisdom of Allah when he decides to answer a prayer allows me to grant all of us righteous children that become a continued sacajawea for us. And then we actually

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internalize that the most important thing actually for our children is that they lead good lives, their education, their food, their their careers, their you know, their marriages, all of that stuff is important, but nothing is as important and that as them becoming good people, allows them to grant us the ability to raise good children and children protect them from all kinds of evil barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato