The Pursuit of Certainty

Yaser Birjas


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Sh. Yaser Birjas, Yaqeen Board of Advisors member, discusses the 3 levels of certainty and how to attain the highest level of conviction.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah mama but I hope you guys are enjoying Ramadan if you notice if you didn't notice that it's already actually the third night for the month of Ramadan right and soon is going to be the last night probably will lie this how time flies so has so so quickly and even though we barely started with the month of Ramadan we already feeling that it's going so fast. So how should we benefit from this look into the Quran inshallah Baraka Darla, one of the things that I actually was listening to some holiday we were

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reading from Surat Al Baqarah, the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam, the story of Ibrahim Ali salam, like the story of masala sound like the story of each and every one of us human beings in regard to the pursuit of something very important for us to feel safe in this dunya. And do you know what that is that we all look for in this for the Jamaat? What is it that we're pursuing? Exactly? What is it? To give us that sense of safety in everything? What is it? Have you ever thought about it?

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storybrooke Rahim Allah Salam when he went in front of that tyrant, and he debated with him about who Allah is to him Allah is the one who brings gifts life and death and the man he challenged that but then Ibrahim gave him another example the sun it comes from the east Can you bring it from the west? But the later on Ibrahim Ali Salaam in the story, he asked Allah subhanho wa Taala very unique question What was the question ask Allah zosen

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he said, My Lord, can I see how bring the dead back to life?

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What was that question about like the story of Musa alayhis salaam with Benny Israel in when Benny Israel he the worship the calf, they were supposed to be bringing in 70 of their elite leaders to go and stand before the lies of origin. And there they need to bring their their Toba and repentance on behalf of Bani Israel.

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And as Musa alayhis salam was speaking with his lords of Hanover data without translator was out without any sort of German or medium or middle person. A loss of Hana that speaks to him of course directly the people don't don't hear it. And most of us conveying the message to the people who very sorry, the leaders, but they couldn't see and they couldn't hear so what did they say to most Allison? Carla? No Munna laka hatanaka la hora. Like you know what? We're not going to believe until we see Allah as our own eyes. Like we don't know if you're talking to anybody or talking to someone else. We don't know we don't see it. We need to see. So what happens when you sign in that moment,

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the leaders have been insane what happened to them.

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They were all taken by a shark that killed them. And Moosa standing before our last panel with Adam in the middle of all these people did and if you're a

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philosopher Amina, don't take us accountable for what the superhot the losers the you know, the ignorance of done amongst us Europe. Just like what's happening today that oh my Zuma momstown so Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted that and the plea of masala Santa, and he brought them back to life. Allah says we're untrimmed on the rune while you were watching with your own eyes you how you were coming out from the dead.

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What musala is what I'm doing afterwards.

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Later on in his private meeting with Eliza gel again? Well, he doesn't say Allah Subhana speaks Allah xojo he says Carla, Robbie, Ernie Angela, like, Can I see you?

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Like forget about me Can I see?

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What is it that Ibrahim alayhis salam he when he was challenged by that man that tyrant and he went and he asked a lawyer be Ernie cater to her mother Let me see how you bring the dead back to life. And when Musa was asked by Benny Israeli we want to see Allah azzawajal Moosa himself later on. ask Allah Yara be Can I see you then?

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What is that we're looking for Gemma and all of this. Can you guys guess now?

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It's called the clean, nada Institute

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as the mortician

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we're looking for your kin. We're looking for certainty certainty of what? the certainty of faith the certainty of everything when you're hungry, you go eat what are you looking for? the certainty of what safety that you can fill that stomach and you can feel safe for the next day probably. When you feel exhausted, you go to sleep, what you're looking for the certainty the certainty of that safety, the ability to rest, and rejuvenate and come up afterwards that's in physical matters. The same thing when it comes to the subject of faith. Our children are nuts. This is why unfortunately in our time, a lot of our kids they lose faith so quickly. They're young. Why this happening because

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we were raised as children to believe in a

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Upon amatola to worship Allah azza wa jal, and we loved our parents, our parents, you were always our heroes until we hit puberty.

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They were happens, everything was being taken care of for us. So we had the certainty of everything through our parents, the moment you hit puberty, you start developing your personal identity, your first sort of freedom, your personal choice, which is why you become accountable. This is why every instance count for you right now. Only these young ones, they're looking for what for certainty that once their parents were taking care of everything for them, including their food, and their clothes, and their schooling and everything. Now, suddenly, they start to develop their own personal identity, their independence from their parents. And this is why they start having all these

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questions in their mind.

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They question everything you always taught them even though that everything about faith becomes questionable. Why because that certain right now is left for them to pursue.

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You need to pursue it, because that's your test right now. Your parents did their part.

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That's it. I was so new, between you and the last surgeon, which is why, what is the highest level of a badass college Mr. called son, and what is the son perfection, excellence, which is the base of this creation and the reason for this creation. Then Allah subhana wa sencilla tabarrok tabarrok Allah the big hill muku Allah.

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Allah, Allah Kal Mota well hyah Talia Beluga au Kuhn, Santa am Allah Who created life and death, why we have lucam to try you and test you for what is anomala who's going to be most excellent in their good deeds. Okay, so well how do you define excellence? We define excellence, the way the prophets Allah Sam define it in Hades. jabril, when he came to him in the form of a man and he asked about the three degrees of our faith, he said, What is that Islam? What is a man and what is what? A son? So he asked me about this. He gave the answer to Islam, they gave the answer to the mandate came the answer to the sun. What is the sun, the highest level of faith? He said, and taboo de la Kanika

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Torah, fell under control of Iraq, then you worship Allah azza wa jal, you're certain as if you're certain that you see him. That's called the certainty of sight. I in eliakim, if you couldn't get to that level of certainty, then you're so certain that he's watching you and he sees you

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through level of your cream. And there are actually three levels of you have three levels of certainty people they pursue, and they look for. Number one is called El Monte affine. the certainty of knowledge, they're all mentioned in Surah takato. Allah says upon Allah Allah, Allah Allah tala Muna L. Melia kin, says, verily, indeed, if you have l Malathion, the certainty of knowledge, how do we get that certainty of knowledge from the information we get from reliable sources? If you're a believer, you trust the Quran, it was the son of the Prophet selasa, which has the whole ama around you. If you have someone you know, looking for on your own, you can have to have that experience to

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get that certainty people they look for that everywhere. And that's why they question the people around them the reliability of the source, like the beginning of the month Ramadan, the sera Jima, we're looking for certainty through evidences of knowledge. So if someone comes from outside says, hey, it's raining outside. And if the person is known to be a prankster, do we believe him? Now with whatever. But if the person who's coming from outside telling you that it's raining outside, you trust that person is a reliable person. We believe in we develop what I have in the certainty of knowledge. But then some people certainty of knowledge is not enough for them, what do they need?

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They need the identity of clean the certainty of sight? What do they do, even though they believed that person was at a training outside? What do they do? They go to the door to see.

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But you go to the ones that say, Oh, really, it's raining, it's raining? What do you believe them when he said that, but why did he have that idea? It gives you that sense of security and safety and just like comfort, like Ibrahim alayhis salam when he says color color Bella, I believe it it's not going to change my my belief in that Allah is able to bring the dead back to life, but will actually add in Nickleby. It's my thing as a human being. That just need to see it. That's all. Not that I'm, I'm one I'm actually questioning it. I just want to see the lightning how it works. That's all. When I can live in Colombia. We need sometimes I actually have been to see that. And then what is higher

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than that? There's something higher than I in earlier when people come in. They say it's raining outside. Some people they go and they watch and they say oh, it's really raining. Other people that's not sufficient for them. What do they do?

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They get out. They want to touch

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The water first. Oh wow it is raining so hon Allah. This is called Haqqani Hakim.

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That's the certainty of experience, as Allah says, Can Lalo talamona l Maja pin letterwinner. If you truly have that certainty of knowledge, let our own knowledge of Him. So mulatto, Sumatra, Luna, if you if you have the certainty of knowledge, you will have that sight of the mind that are a wonderful gem, you're gonna see jahannam in your mind, the eyes of your mind, not the eyes of your head basically. That's the first thing because of the knowledge you bring that certainty. But if that's not enough for you, Allah says de Murata Ravana Anna Laughlin, and then you're going to see it I in eliakim, that they will come, you will be resurrected. And he will see it with your own

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eyes. And then what? Some monitors aluna Yama in another name. And then the day will come when you're going to be asked about if you ever had any name, which means when you experience May Allah protect us from jahannam you're going to be asked, Have you ever had any any any name before, so that you're going to have that experience? So when it comes to the certainty, that's what we're pursuing in this life, from the time you're born, or at least reach puberty? all the way until we die? It is all about the pursuit of your key in the pursuit of certainty. Some people it's enough for them to develop what certainty they have knowledge I trust you so that's it and until I'm happy

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with that, and by the way, these people are the happiest people on earth

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because they trust the source call us whatever you say I'll take it inshallah Tara. Others know they want to be custom made the appeal. So they want to have iron eliakim. So they argue they discussed they want to see for themselves or read for themselves. And then other people not that's not enough for them. They want to take it to the next level. So if you trust the source, you have no problem with that. Look at Oba Casa de la grande, the highest man with come to the subject of faith in our Deen among the Sahaba de la Tron. Why is that? Because he trusted the source, no doubt about him. He knew his man. He was with him. They grew up together. They saw him he followed him basically he knew

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the inside and out from the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he didn't need no extra information evidence about the truthfulness of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So when the when the people they start talking about the journey of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam at a slower Mirage, they came over and they said Yeah.

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Did you hear what your man is talking about now? Seems like he's saying a book comes to him from service Mr. That's why but to travel from Mecca to Jerusalem to seven heaven and come back again one night. Do you believe that? What did he say? He said in Cana kala, who for cansado

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if this is true that he said that, like I don't know if it's true or not yet, but if he true that he said that, then I believe it.

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What is that as a man?

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That's a thing. I don't need to see it because I trust the source. If you have that trust in the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the source of your deen will lie you will be the happiest person on earth. We live in a time of confusion and that's what the prophet SAW Some said about the fitna that will happen before the day of judgement. Time will be so confusing that people knew that they would become believers by the end of the day they lost it

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at night they will they are believers. The reality is so high. By the time they woke up they lost it. Why so because of the confusion is happening around you need your clean, go back to the source. This is the time Ramadan, the source of the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala so let's go back again to that source inshallah Allah get engaged more with the Quran. Read more, listen to it more, studied more about the meaning of it and shallow to Allah and trust the source Sarah Marie warahmatullah wabarakatuh