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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves into Ayats 37 and 38 of Surah Al Baqarah.

Iblees had defied the commands of Allah SWT and thus had become one of the disbelievers. He tricked Adam AS and Hawwa AS to eat from the forbidden tree because he resented the fact that because of Prophet Adam AS, Iblees had become one of the disbelievers and was thrown out of Jannah. Adam AS ended up committing the mistake of going against Allah SWT order and as a result, they too were ordered to leave Jannah and live on earth for a temporary period. Prophet Adam AS was sincerely regretful of the mistake he had committed and wanted to ask for forgiveness but was unable to express his regret in words. Allah SWT forgives the sins of whoever repents, thus exhibiting His Kindness and Mercy towards His creation. There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful.

Indeed Allah SWT is very Merciful, He forgave Prophet Adam AS and assured that all those who will follow His commandments on earth need not fear except those who disbelieve and deny the Ayat of Allah SWT. 

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propitiously sorry, were silly. emri rakata melissani califa hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah, Allah. Allah Allah He was here to mama bad once again everyone salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We're moving along with the story of Adam alayhis salam, the last thing we learned was that he was sent back towards the earth. And Allah azza wa jal, you know, he told me and hugged me and he said to him, he said to all of them descend from here all together. And

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then I'll do that you aren't going to be enemies to one another, actually not the word Jimmy and before but you know, you're all going to be enemies to each other. Welcome to the RV, Mr. Caron, Matan ilahe, that you're going to have a place to relax for a little bit and find coolness and find stationary, you know, rest for a little bit, and utilities to enjoy and to take advantage of until a temporary time that was the injunction about the earth. You'll notice, I'll highlight once again, that you don't see anger of Allah in these words, you don't see a Wrath of Allah you don't see that you are going to live a cursed existence on the earth. This is very different from the Christian

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narrative, the Jewish narrative of what God did to humanity when he sent them on the earth. So Allah azza wa jal did not not only is he merciful towards other mother, he said, um, and he's actually giving him an opportunity to start fresh on the earth. By extension, he's giving that opportunity to all of us. Now Allah azzawajal describes what happens on the earth. Adam alayhis salaam we were told about him thought Takada, Mojave Kalamata, each one of these words deserves attention. The far in the beginning of this ayah mm ignore ashore Rahim Allah and to deal with the real he mentioned something brilliant, he says Java 11 and B mobile Dotty Adam bitola bill awful. The far indicates to

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Adam alayhis salam was so eager and so desperate to seek Allah's forgiveness The moment he got here, you know, there is a there is a certain quality that decent people have decent people if they Everybody makes mistakes, but decent people when they make a mistake, their guilt overruns them. it overwhelms them. And they want to make sure they make up for that mistake, as opposed to this. Not very decent people make all kinds of mistake, but feel no guilt. As a matter of fact, if you remind them that they're guilty, they get upset at you, like you're guilty for reminding them. You know, this is actually one of the salient qualities of profits, profits, even when they do a good job. As

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a matter of fact, I will always tell them is doing the best job any human being can ever do. And he still feels like maybe I'm not doing enough. And he's worried that maybe there's some shortcoming on his part. And that's why the people are not listening to me. Maybe I could have done this better. Maybe I could have preached the message better. Maybe I could have carried it better. Maybe there was an opportunity I didn't take advantage of and ally xojo constantly has to remind the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that he has to take it easy. He's doing his part. They're not they're just that's the way they are further unlockable here on the left side, Is it him? Are you going to kill yourself

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in grief over the consequences of their actions. don't overwhelm yourself, you're doing your part. So part of decency is to actually not only be ashamed or be worried when you're doing a mistake, but actually even be worried when you're doing a good job. Am I doing good enough? even look at the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salam as he's building the Kaaba, one of the most noble acts that's ever been done is to build a cover every prayer that's ever been prayed since he has a share in the good deed. And as he's building it, he's worried if it's good enough or not. So he says Robert, a couple minutes in the seminar learning and you know, he adds what to Ballina? That he's bringing Toba in

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first he says you're all like except from us. Obviously Allah has accepted him over all of humanity at the time making him any mom to make him build a combo. And on top of that, as he's building it, he's asking Allah Allah accept our repentance. What same as has Ibraheem alehissalaam done that he's making Toba? His Toba is actually Yala. Maybe I didn't put a brick in the right way. Maybe I didn't do a good enough job at constructing this maybe there's some shortcoming as as a human being. Yeah, Allah overlook those that accept my Toba Subhana Allah that's the humility of you know, noble people radical sama, canto. So, for tilaka other movie Ravi Kalamata suggests that he was in a hurry

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To seek that forgiveness, he wasn't reluctant. And that's a powerful lesson for all of us. Also, when we make a mistake, Siobhan comes to us and says, Listen, you're a disgusting human being, how could you have done that? Now what face Are you going to take before a line apologize, you should be ashamed of yourself. He takes advantage of a human tendency that we have, that when we embarrass ourselves before someone, if you're if you've embarrassed yourself or disappointed your teacher, or if you disappointed your parents, if you disappointed an elder, if you disappointed your boss, you avoid eye contact, right? You don't like to see them face to face. Or if you relate to class three,

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four days you decide maybe I shouldn't even show up, man, I don't know how I can show my face to the professor now. Because even just him looking at me, he's gonna kill me, he's gonna melt me, you know, or if you fail a test, and you you're humiliated, you don't even know what face to show before your teacher. Or Same thing with a boss. If you've been embarrassed before your boss you avoid eye contact. So shaitan uses this tendency of shame. And what does he do? Well we disobey Allah we disappoint a lion he kind of tries to get us to delay or is too far. Because to make a stepfather you have to talk to Allah, you have to turn back to a lion face him and say ally messed up. Right

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and so he actually uses that to our to his advantage and delays is too far from us. The fire in the I suggest that, you know, Adam and Sam had no hesitation to turn back to Allah immediately. But the fire also suggests something else. It suggests that a lot is delivered these words to him quickly. Allah did not let Adam and Islam suffer on the earth for a long time. And said, basically, you ate from that tree, I'm going to make you squirm. And I'm going to make you suffer. And eventually I'll see I'll think about forgiving you. You know, sometimes there are people in a position of authority when it comes to forgiving. They feel like no, I really need to teach this guy a lesson. So they

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delay the gratification of, you know, letting the child or the student or the employee know that they're forgiven, right? And they delay that gratification. So the child keeps saying, sorry, sorry, sorry. No,

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I don't want to talk to you. Even though they've already forgiven. They're like, No, no, but he or she needs to suffer a little bit more before I let them know that things are okay. You might even do that among your friends. It's actually a sunnah of Allah, that when a person when the slave turns to Allah and apologizes and turns to a lion shame, then a lie does not delay in giving him the opportunity. The words actually came very quickly that Allah delivered to him. So now that's a little bit about but then I'll translate this first phrase for you so you get a picture of what's being said. Allah says Fatah Adama Robbie he can imagine that Adam and Islam are roughly translate

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Adam and Islam came into contact with words from his master.

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He came into contact with words for his master strange language. A lot as always, he could have said just like he talked before allama Adam Allah Allah tala Adam the names, but he doesn't say Allah Allah Adam will kalimat fatale Allah taught Adam alayhis salam the name so he accepted his Toba. He said he came into contact with these names, or he was brought into contact with these names. The verb teleki is used, which is a strange verb to use in this context. It's part of the unique style of the Quran, and it suggests something so let's read a little bit about this word. What teleki is thick bamboo acraman masala tin, kala tala takahama Malaika this word is used when you greet someone

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with joy. When you welcome someone you know like there's sometimes a greeting party at an airport. And they're everybody's hugging and taking pictures and all of that that's actually telepathy. So in the Arabic language, the word the verb is for those of you that are a little bit of solder for a little bit of morphology of the Arabic language, the verb is luckier luckier means to meet and if you are sure we'll go on I won't take time to read the Arabic because you won't understand that anyway then I'll have to translate out summarize it for you luckier means to meet in any context it could be meant to meet the cost I'll be ready cost you meant to meet someone or you didn't meet

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someone like you ran into someone in the street or you met someone happened to meet someone at the office or something like that. This is luckier than the next and it could be good or bad by the way. It could be good or bad. So either lucky to meet Latina cafaro

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Mohammed when you meet the enemy, that's not a good thing meeting the enemy meaning meeting the enemy in battle. Then another version of this is locka EULA key. And Naka EULA key is not done in a good context, it's actually done when one party is responsible towards the other or in somehow is actually in a position of being answerable. So anomala could be him. Well, anomala here, Roger on this kind of come later on. That you know, there are people who are absolutely convinced that they're going to be meeting with their master when we meet a law on Judgement Day. Then we're answerable to Allah. So locka is used, but Tanaka is using the Quran when angels come and greet the

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believer at his death, or even in heaven. The angels come and greet you. They don't they don't just meet you they meet and greet you. So the word taraka in this beginning of the alpha Tanaka Adamo, Robbie kalama Adam met and greeted words that

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came from his master. You know what that tells you? It tells you quite explicitly that these words were not harsh words, that the words that Allah gave him were not words of punishment. We're not we're not. We're not a scolding. We're not a cop. We're not attached. They're not punishment. They're not like, you know, retribution. They're not words of anger. They're not words of warning, because nobody gets threatened or had either, you know, warned or, or, you know, scared and then that's how I love these words. Nobody does that. But when you're given words of hope, when you're given words of consolation, when you're given words, it's okay. Let's start over again. He You know,

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I'm not holding the past mistakes against you. Those are words that you meet with joy. And so the joy of Adam alayhis salaam is captured inside the words that occur. So Fattah la caja de Muro de Kalimantan, actually, interestingly enough, the grammar expects us to say Kenny Martin mirabai patella cada mukuni Martin memorabilia and jarwin Maru Tatiana Casa de Colima. The mirabai means words from his master, and that's how I translated it words from his master. But the mirror Biggie was what's called an Arabic is mocha Now what does that do? It actually suggests something very powerful. Allah gave him a kind of joy with these words that could only have come from Allah.

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There's an implication here that the words of Allah carry happiness, carry a tranquility, carry a greeting in them, that no words from any loved one can ever give you. It's an era in the Quran towards the power of Revelation, and the kind of joy it brings to the human spirit. Allah azza wa jal, for example, says for the Delica philia, for who who are higher on the marriage, Marilyn, because of this Quran, and only because of that, they should be filled with joy. They should be overwhelmed with joy. You know, the word fara in Quran very rarely used very rarely, there's a lot of talk about being overwhelmed with happiness. And actually, in one context, it's not even used in

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a good place. That's a frog in Hello, hello humble fairy hain, it's actually used for qarun, who used to get overly happy when he saw his piles of wealth, like his eyes turned into dollar signs and stuff in the kitchen like that. And he looked like, like, that's what he looked like. And people said, don't be happy like that Allah doesn't like that. People often don't understand that and they miss translated, and they misinterpret it and assume Allah is saying, don't be happy. Allah doesn't like Happy, happy people. So like, people are having a good time, but he then some guy walks in was like, learned a little bit of have to see it, I don't know where he got it from. He's like laptop

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rock, and a lot of trouble for him. That's not what it means. It means when you're looking at your wealth, your material gains and you're like, you know, you've got an evil bad guy laughs going on. Because you're, you know, you're so happy about your money. That's, that's not acceptable to a lot. That's not a good thing to do. Okay, you know how, like, if you've seen, for example, people who win at a slot machine in like Vegas, or Atlantic City or something, and the coin start coming out, they're like, you know that that's Latifah in Ohio.

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But in what context are you supposed to be, it's okay for you to be overwhelmed with joy. Like, you're just ecstatic, you can't contain yourself. That's actually the word of Allah. On the side, I want to share with you this is a very powerful, very powerful feature of the Quran, its power, to change sadness, to joy, the power to change sadness, to joy, or art is not just teachings about God being one, or there's a day of judgment, or here's calallen, here's her arm, and that's it. Human beings in this life, we suffer or we're not suffer, we experience a range of emotions. Actually, a lot of our life is running after one emotion or another. A lot of things you do are running after

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happiness, or running after satisfaction, or running after somebody else's happiness. You want to make your parents proud. You want to make your family proud, you want to make your children happy, so much of our life is run by these emotions, you know, and what, you know, in our, in our literature, in our, in our constitutional literature, even you find the pursuit of happiness, what a fundamental thing to the human, you know, human quest, you know, why do people want to move to a certain country? Why do they want their children to get an education? The most common answer is, you know, we're gonna have this and this and this and we will have happier days, we'll have better days,

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we'll have reason to smile, you know? And so this idea of how does the Quran impact happiness? I'll just give you one quick example of that. And then inshallah Tada, keep on going.

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That is that actually is my favorite example is of armor of the Allahu taala no armor of the Allahu taala and who when when the Treaty of Pavia happened, everybody was really upset. I mean, the Sahaba were, I could argue that the Sahaba have never been more upset than that day

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than the day of Libya.

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And especially because of what happens with Abu jandal. You know, they're making negotiations and the Quraysh say, look, if any of your Muslims run away from Makkah, and they run off and they come to Medina, you better send them back. So that's part of our treaty.

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If you want a peace treaty, that's how it's gonna work. And we're like how can even though so how about you know, I told you before when you hear something blasphemous the Muslim psyche is to say Subhana Allah Subhana Allah nowadays This is especially when they see something nice like Subhan Allah, Masha Allah. That's what Subhana Allah back in the day is actually when something like horrible is going on you like so patola meaning, oh my god, this is horrible. This is blasphemous. How can we accept this, when they propose that clause that a Muslim will run away from Mecca and you will have to send him back? The Sahaba started screaming the Prophet hasn't even signed it. Yes, I'm

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so mad Allah Subhana Allah. And as this is being discussed, with jungle who was actually hidden in a dungeon in Makkah, used to be chained and beat regularly by his father because he became Muslim and his father was the one negotiating the treaty. He got out of those chains somehow caught up bruised, you know, beat up this this torture slave, this torture prisoner got out of there somehow found the Muslim somehow escaped mocha and reach them right there. And the Prophet slice has to sign that treaty. And he says, Can we just at least have him? And the father says, No, if you want him this deal is off. And so they signed the deal. And the Sahaba are just they're losing it. Because gendell

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himself was crying. He saw the Muslims, he's like, I made it, I made it out. And now they have to send it back. And now they're all watching is there, they're helpless, as they're watching their own brother being taken back. And now that at least the deal is he won't be tortured, but they can't trust that, you know, so some are just overwhelmed with grief. They're overwhelmed with grief. And when they're going back, and there's so many other reasons to be grieved in that journey. I'll summarize when they're going back. I'm not about the Allahu anhu. You know, he has a lot of Lila has a lot of self respect and dignity for Islam. So when Muslims were signing this treaty, and the whole

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salon was signing off on it, that has every clause against the Muslims, he actually raised his voice. He got upset, you know, and he even asked the prophesied, didn't you see a dream that we're gonna make it this year?

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Are they on the RV? Not on the truth? Why do we have to accept this humiliation he got upset. And also Sam didn't say anything. He didn't say anything. And Omar was still not satisfied. His anger still hadn't calmed down. So he went to Abu Bakar and said, didn't he say we're gonna make Hutch this year.

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And abubaker said, you better know your place.

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You better calm down. Because if you keep this up, any good thing you've ever done will be taken away from you. All of your good deeds will be gone. Watch yourself. So I'm gonna have you lon comes down. Now they're traveling back. And normally when the when the temperature, you know, when the temperature descends a little bit, then you realize you were out of line. So I'm going to do lohana just kind of moves his using the back camera. So sometimes in the front of the caravan, he speeds up his camel, he comes up to the soul, as I said, and he also likes to talk to you know, Sam doesn't even look up.

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And he slows this car down and you know, and then he speeds up his motorcycle and comes back up. Can I talk to you?

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And then No, he slows down again. He third time, doesn't even doesn't even look up at him.

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And he pulls back and he says almost destroyed. I am done. He was so depressed. And then not a few moments later, a Sahabi came to him and said, We're so sorry, Solomon's calling you

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and he was horrified harshly to another lafiya Koran. He said I was terrified. Maybe some IR came against me. And when I go so someone's gonna recite the Quran on me. I was horrified. So he goes up to the soldier said, I wanted you to understand the scene because everybody's depressed. Everybody sat in the scene. And he goes up to Sosa. And he says, I saw a smile on his face I have never seen in my life.

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And he said it was brighter than the sun.

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His smile could light up the earth. He used these kinds of expressions. And he says, so someone calls him close, and he calls him close. And Allah had revealed so total, total total loss Alicia

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and he recites the entire soul on air.

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And the surah begins with his victory like enough attack Malika tamina no doubt we have given you an open, clear, unequivocal, undisputed victory

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listens to the whole sort of 24 pages. And his head is still spinning about the first time because the first is what this is what victory. So when the Suicide Squad was done reciting the entire surah he says a fatawa.

00:19:47--> 00:19:49

Is that really victory?

00:19:50--> 00:19:56

Are you serious? That's victory and also some answers. Yes, it is. And then almost

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in a split second is overjoyed.

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Now he's overly happy. What changed, they still made a negotiation they still have POW is back in Makkah, they still have a humiliating treaty, nothing physically has changed. Their political situation hasn't changed, their economic situation hasn't changed, their psychological state should not have changed. The only thing that's changed is Kelly Martin. Kalamata just words from Allah, and their entire emotional state, completely transformed, completely transformed. And that's part of what we're learning here. Ultimately, salaam has just left Jana, and he's on the earth even though we know now that it's not a punishment, it's part of his test. We know now that this is part of his

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journey, but he doesn't see it that way. He himself is gonna think I'm being punished and I'm I don't deserve gender and I've been thrown on the earth. And yet, even after leaving gender, and there's no worse demotion like you being demoted from the heavens to the earth. There's no more depressing move than that. And yet these words come and he receives them with joy. That's the that's the that's the power of these words. delicado mirabai, Adam and Islam came into contact, Joy received joyously the words that came and can only have come from his master. The other interesting thing about Luca Thea Rahim Allah, his recitation of this ayah is a little bit different. There are

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killer art in the Quran. There are some halaqaat that are recited differently by different Cora and they still all make sense and they're all considered part of Revelation. So his reading is for tilaka dama mirabai Kalima, tone fatawa Allah He, so the Kalima is actually the file of the fear Now, what does that mean for the rest of us who don't know what that means? What that what I just said? What that means is the words of Allah received Adam alayhis salam lovingly,

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it's not just that Adam alayhis salam welcomed the words, but it's also that the words of Allah Welcome to Adam Subhana Allah, and you know, teleki comes also in the meaning of catching something that falls. It says though, by saying the words of a lock caught up at a salon before he could fall, so beautiful Metallica, Robbie Kelly Martin, and if there was any doubt left that these words are supposed to be those whatever those because I didn't say what those words are. But whatever those words are, certainly are words that filled him with hope. How do we know that because the immediate next words are fatawa la he will fight if loconet Kalamata tobyhanna masa had the sub. If you know

00:22:35--> 00:23:15

if those words were full, not full of hope, why would Allah say immediately after them, and therefore, Allah accepted his repentance Allah turned lovingly back towards Adam and Eve Adam fatawa Allah He, as a matter of fact, Allah from what I can understand in the Quran. taba Allah is a unique usage of the Quran. The word taba typically comes with Allah. But what led us to this Koran establish Allah is used for human beings and taba Allah is used for Allah xojo. So we are available so Allah is the web. Also in the law, you have boo Adobe, where the web we make over over and over again that means we are the web. Allah is also the web because he accepts though by and over and

00:23:15--> 00:23:51

over again. So that's one of the names of Allah in now who who tabara him. There's a name we share with a lover but they have two opposite meanings. How do we know the difference? One comes with Allah the other comes with Allah. Allah means we turn towards Allah. But Allah means when someone turns on to someone and you can only turn on to someone from above. So it's appropriate for Allah that He says taba Allah, and we look up towards him. So it stopped by either. So it's actually the humility of the slave in adobo. Illallah and it's the power and the grander of Allah, then he looks down on to the slave with mercy, that you know, October to Island and so fatawa la, he turned back

00:23:51--> 00:24:23

on to him with mercy. In other words, I was describing this image, you know, when someone's upset with you, they don't even look at you. They turn their face away from you. And ally is saying, I gave him these words. And then I turned back my face towards him, I turned back towards him verbally, literally, verbally, to turn your face towards someone to return back towards someone lovingly, and allows me just as I restored my relationship with him, in case he was feeling something, how do we know where we stand with Allah? We don't know without the word of Allah. The word of Allah is the only hope a human being has will lie. Sometimes there are people who come up to

00:24:23--> 00:24:44

me, and they're so lost of hope. They're so like, Allah is going to punish me. I am a horrible person. I made a terrible mistake. There's no way Ally's gonna forgive me. And all I do is I share an idea with them. Just an idea. Just to to hear hear. And you know what's happened a lot of times, they don't even believe it's

00:24:45--> 00:24:59

like their weight unless this merciful. You seriously alone? Forgive me. Seriously? No, no, no. Can you show me where this is? Then I'll show them but I don't care. But can you show me a translation? I was like, I don't know where I get your translation from. Let's look it up online.

00:25:00--> 00:25:14

Is that what it really means? Yeah, that's what it really means. You know why? Because we've fed each other. Unfortunately, one of the worst in justices we've done to each other is we've painted a picture of God to each other, a depiction of Allah to each other that is so far from the Quran.

00:25:15--> 00:25:18

We are so quick to say, Allah will throw you in jahannam

00:25:19--> 00:26:02

I'll punish you. Allah hates you. I pray to Allah that He does justice on us. What are you doing? And we've heard these spiteful words from each other, calling on God as the executer of punishments as the taker of revenge, as the thrower of people in hell. This has been said so much to us that our psyche has become such that we're terrified of Allah. And we don't think of him as someone who will have love mercy and who loves to forgive and he loves for you to come back towards him. Man, Adam Adams Salaam was given only one commandment, one commandment, he can't even argue Yeah, a lot of times were tough. I had nowhere else to eat. So I you know, there was nothing I was starving using

00:26:02--> 00:26:44

Jannah he was in Jannah. And, and that happened and yet Allah still still accepted as repentance. We hide behind excuses, but I'm telling you, even if you don't have an excuse, even if you don't have an excuse, the door to doba is open. And the Sunnah of Allah is established through other medicinal there's a very powerful reason that these words are in the beginning of the Quran. That this story as you go through a journey in the Quran, this story is the first story in the Quran, because this actually is Our Story. This is why if Allah Allah he would have been the end of the ayah he acts he came into contact with words I'll accept that as though by likes after his repentance statement has

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done a lot as in know who the wobbel Rahim no doubt he he is the one who continuously and repeatedly accepts repentance. Wait a second. La Salam is not making continuous mistakes. There's no reason to say that statement in the context of Adam. In the context of Adam, there's one mistake, and there's one forgiveness done. So why can why conclude the statement with in No, what the wobble Raheem the rest of this ayah is lithiumion Lana, it's actually to open it up for the rest of us. Listen, this is the story of Adam, but it applies to you too. I keep on accepting Toba. I keep on accepting your mistakes, I will come back to you over and over again. You will make a mistake and I will forgive

00:27:27--> 00:28:06

you don't take advantage of it. But don't lose hope in me that's captured inside and know who what the wobble of him you know how he have in storytelling. You have the story and then you have here the lessons from the story. What a lot does is it's in the story. The lessons are they you don't wait till the end and then I'll tell you the lessons. It's as he tells the story. He fills it up with lessons. The next thing I want to share with you is about kalimat Allah azza wa jal wanted to take someone who is lost, who has lost hope, Adam alayhis salam, he's lost hope. And he wanted to give him revelation. And when when a human being has lost hope, they need the word of Allah. But the

00:28:06--> 00:28:30

word of Allah is many things. The word of Allah has warnings. The word of Allah has description of jahannam, the word of Allah, his description of gender, the word of Allah is highlighted Haram. The word of Allah describes them when African the word of Allah describes the word of Allah describes the highest, the best of the believers. It describes all kinds of things. But when somebody is at a loss of hope, which words of Allah do they need?

00:28:31--> 00:29:08

This is the discretion that human beings or believers are supposed to have, at that time, they need the words of hope. They need the words that they can receive, that they can find that a large soldier will forgive them. Unfortunately, we've forgotten that. So novela we say I'm sharing Koran. Look, the oma by and large, the oma is today in a state of hopelessness. individual people think they've sent too much that they can't find their way back to Allah, nations we feel about nations we have gotten so far away from Allah, we are so corrupt, we have done so much harm. And we're so politically, economically, socially, morally, ethically, you know, we're corrupt and spiritually,

00:29:08--> 00:29:40

were corrupt on every level that we are so far from the mercy of Allah. All that should be done now is just throw warnings and people and remind them how they're on a highway to hell. That's what you need to do right now. And I would argue, actually, when people are in a state of hopelessness, then the tie that is the time actually, to remind them of a loss hope. You know, the word shutdown, shutdown, has two origins. It's our future. Todd has two origins. It can come from Shabana or shatta if you comes from shodhana it actually means to deviate off the road.

00:29:41--> 00:29:59

Okay, it's a deviate off the road, meaning he was going fine, and he just took a turn and then he just kept getting worse and worse and worse, he spiraled out of control, and shotta actually means to lose hope, and then to become angry and Tibet become engulfed in flames with anger. So hopelessness

00:30:00--> 00:30:42

turns into rage and rage engulfs you. Anger engulfs you, a lot of people a lot of you know, young men that have a sad childhood are very angry young men. There's a direct correlation between sadness and and rage. You know, they experienced trauma in their childhood or in their youth, maybe from an abusive parent, maybe from an abusive household or a society. And it translates into them becoming very, very angry, you know, abrupt, violent young men. And that's actually the process of of what shaytan went through. You're supposed to put the fire out with the words of Allah. Why do you think Allah constantly describes the revelation with the parable of water?

00:30:43--> 00:31:28

Like Quran is compared with the rain in the Quran? Why? Because water puts out fire. It takes away hopelessness, it takes away rage, it brings calmness it gives life in refurbishes life. And then the closest thing that the only other parable you'll find a revelation in the Quran is light. So there's either water or light. And these are the two essential components of making sure life exists on this earth. And if you look at it from another way, water isn't is a necessity for purification. It's a necessity for purification. And light is the absence of darkness. Light removes darkness and all dark emotions, dark feelings, anger, rage, hopelessness, jealousy, these are dark emotions. light

00:31:28--> 00:32:11

comes on, it removes them. And it just sheds light on all of them. And they just you know, john Huck was up and about him. This is the role of the word of Allah and you have to restore that word, restore that role. There are people who unfortunately have an anger problem themselves. They have a disorder. They have a personality disorder. They're enraged, and they read the Koran and they teach the Quran and preach the Quran, with the lens of rage. So all they can ever say to you and all they can ever show you is an angry, vengeful God and an angry, vengeful religion in which your chances of going to gender are slim to none. You're probably not going to make it anyway. I mean, look at you.

00:32:11--> 00:32:47

So that that's the picture that's painted. And that's unfortunate because it's not that what the word of OLED deserves. You have to let the word of Allah speak for itself. Yes, Allah is angry sometimes. Absolutely. And we already read hatami Allahu Allah kulu behave more or less American while upside endure some people reserve the anger of Allah. But to take that and throw it on everybody is just, that's one. That's just one. That's not what the word of Allah does. So Fatah wa alayhi inaho. What awaba him I found something very beautiful written by international Rahim Allah. I'll share with you about the idea of Toba, but Toba to the Torah kabu mineral. Meanwhile, Khalid

00:32:47--> 00:33:27

Rahman, he says the act of Toba is actually made up of three parts. The robot is made up of three parts. You can think of it like an image and an image of a plant that has three leaves, okay, we're not discussing the roots. We're just discussing what's above the ground. And he says those are knowledge, your state your condition, and action, knowledge, condition and action at hand. And what does he mean by that? For me, who am I to refer to them? Knowledge means you recognize what wrong you've done, you know what you did wrong. That's the first step though, by means you have to at least acknowledge what you did wrong. When somebody says, Hey, you shouldn't have done that. What

00:33:27--> 00:34:05

are you talking about? I didn't do anything wrong. Or I know it's wrong. But and as soon as you add that, but and you justify, then you don't know that you did something wrong, you still see that you were justified. But when you say, I know that was wrong, there is no justification. That's when you truly know that you've done something wrong and admission of the sin. That's the first step, we'll have an unknowable knifes, Mandela Kabbalah, and the state is that you actually feel pain because of the harm you've caused yourself or harm you cause somebody else, you yourself are hurt because of what you did. you're disappointed. You feel the pain you recognize the pain caused to yourself or

00:34:05--> 00:34:45

caused to somebody else as a result of your action. That's one. So the first was knowledge. The second is the state your own state of affairs, when you summon another man and it's also called shame or embarrassment or guilt, the fact that you actually feel guilty? How can someone feel guilty and they don't even realize they've done something wrong? They don't even know that they've done something wrong. They'll never feel guilty. So knowledge is first and guilt, the state of guilt is the second well I'm Allahu Terkel Islam with adara Kumar younkin. And Luca who will mock pseudo Manitoba, and the and then the action is for number one, to drop that sin. The action that comes

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

after that is whatever device you were doing whatever wrong you were doing, now you're going to drop it because you feel ashamed. You won't go back to it again, or you're going to try to attain what should be attained. There. nobody's done for two reasons. One, you did

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

Something wrong, too. You didn't do something you were supposed to do. Right. So if somebody, for example, earned impermissible income, they should make Toba. If someone did not give Zakat, they should make Toba. They didn't do this something they were supposed to do. So now they have to fulfill that and give it make up for it. You can't just say sorry. You know, there are people who like, swindled business partners, like they 50% partner walked away with 100% disappeared for five years. And five years later, he calls the guy back. Hey, man, it's Ramadan. I'm making a lot of tober I hope you can forgive me. And the guy says, I want to forgive you. Where's my 50%? No, no, I

00:35:43--> 00:36:01

didn't call about the money. I think you should leave donia behind. We should think about the fact that I just forgive me. It's like, I forgive. What do you mean, forgive? You're still holding on to me, you have to make up for what you did. And then it has evidence, you don't get to hold on to it and say, Look, it's a little cutter. Let's come on. Let's just you know,

00:36:03--> 00:36:03

you know.

00:36:04--> 00:36:44

So now this this idea of, you know, making up for the wrong that's been done. These are the three pieces of Toba. Now, the next part that I want to share with you about this is this supposed punishment that Adam alayhis salaam was given, it's actually like I keep saying it's not a punishment, and several of them I have commented on it, that it's actually adultery. dB. I will headman beautiful expression. Allah azza wa jal actually disciplined Adam alayhis salam, you know, in English, we say, we discipline this child, we punish this child. And it's actually means the same thing. It's not the same thing. To punish someone is to make them suffer. to discipline someone is

00:36:44--> 00:36:46

to teach them how to avoid the mistake in the future.

00:36:48--> 00:36:51

If you simply forgive and keep forgiving, and keep forgiving, and don't discipline,

00:36:52--> 00:36:54

then what happens to the one who makes the mistake?

00:36:56--> 00:37:04

They get addicted to making the mistake. Because they get the idea that they are, it's not that bad. It's not that bad. Look, your teacher may be very forgiving.

00:37:05--> 00:37:41

But part of his healthy forgiveness is that he also has to discipline you. I'm not going to fail you from the class. I'm not going to expel you from the school. But you will have to make up these these assignments. Why are you punishing me? I'm not punishing you. I'm disciplining you punishing you would have been you're no longer in the school. You understand? There's a difference between punishing and disciplining? What did a lot to do with Adam and he set up he disciplined? He disciplined other malissa? He didn't punish him? This is that deep? And what is the what is the discipline that Allah gave him is very powerful. He dropped him from Jana into dunya. By the way,

00:37:41--> 00:38:21

does that mean he no longer has fruits to eat? Does that mean he no longer gets to see any trees? Or gets to see any rivers? Or any mountains? Or eat? No, no, he still gets all of those things. But they're not what they used to be. Isn't that the case? So he still has it is he still has guidance, he still has a connection to a lot. He still has life. He still has a spouse. He actually still has pretty much everything he had an agenda. But what my underlying hiren waka what Allah has is better and longer lasting. Isn't that the case? So you've been you've been given less now? What are we learning about the idea of discipline, even when someone's under arming our students are under our

00:38:21--> 00:38:46

wing? Our children are under our wing, when they make a mistake. What's the best way to discipline? Our idea is yell at the top of your lungs. And somehow this child will become, you know, an akuna Minal Sally hain will become righteous if we just yell and scream. The problem with that is children are very good at tuning out very loud voices when they hear them all the time. So as soon as Mama's volume goes up above too high.

00:38:47--> 00:38:48

They're like, Here we go again.

00:38:49--> 00:38:54

And they don't hear nothing. They hear nothing. And even the model says, Are you hearing what I'm saying?

00:38:56--> 00:39:01

Like, yeah, they're not. They're not hearing what you're saying.

00:39:03--> 00:39:09

What is the way to truly discipline actually is not deprived, but take away some of the luxuries

00:39:10--> 00:39:21

as a consequence of doing something wrong. And nowadays, men, our children rule us, they rule us. There are children if you were to take their iPhone away.

00:39:23--> 00:39:25

It's like taking their oxygen supply away.

00:39:32--> 00:39:51

You know, they will make a scene. You can't do this to me, and they're gonna bang their face into the ground and they're gonna, I'm gonna die. I'm gonna kill myself. I'm gonna do this. I mean, I've read letters. I've got letters from children, written to their parents. Dad, you took my iPad away. Next time you do that I will kill myself.

00:39:53--> 00:39:56

I asked the Father What is on the iPad?

00:39:57--> 00:39:58

What is on there?

00:39:59--> 00:39:59


00:40:00--> 00:40:01

He really likes Angry Birds.

00:40:06--> 00:40:21

He is one Angry Bird himself, man, that's crazy talk, the idea of you can't handle even a little bit of deprivation, a little bit of taken away from you, and our children flipped out and you know what we've done as a result.

00:40:22--> 00:40:23

We don't want to touch it.

00:40:24--> 00:40:49

Okay, leave it, leave it Leave it, we're just gonna yell and scream and let them get more and more and more. And we give them and we give them and we give them and they mess up. And we give them some more and give them some more and give them some more. We are going in the reverse direction that was used by Allah to discipline Adam alayhis salam to bring him to the right path, we are actually facilitating the wrong path for our own children. We're facilitating them. We're saying, Oh, you ate from the tree. Here's some more fruit.

00:40:51--> 00:40:57

Just don't do it again. And he does it again. Oh, I don't want to make you cry or nothing. So here's some more fruit.

00:40:59--> 00:41:31

This is insanity. This is ridiculous. But that's what we've done. You know, because we can't handle it's not punishment or beating its head or mind. It's deprivation. You don't get to enjoy the same luxuries that you you've got to enjoy. Some of those are taken away from you as part of your discipline. This is this is embedded inside the IRA. And this is actually a very powerful way for us to learn. That's how tober works. I'll tell you sometimes ally himself teaches that lesson. Sometimes ally himself decides that I'm going to teach you how to do Toba by taking some things away from you even Antonia

00:41:32--> 00:41:52

we read total gaff every Friday. When gardener is very wealthy. The other gardener has assets not even worthy of being spoken of. And the gardener who's wealthy who is proud of his who is proud of his assets and showed them off and assume that he has done no wrong by claiming that Allah loves him no matter what he does. What does Allah do, destroys his garden.

00:41:53--> 00:42:31

But he's still alive. He could still plant the garden again. He could still remove the mess after the flood or the earthquake, whatever came and try to irrigate the land again, the land is still there. His health is still there. His life is still there. What did he do? He gave him so that he could learn back that he needs to rely on Allah. So by the end of the story says yeah, later Nila machinic will be Anita. I wish I didn't do shake with my master meaning you may Toba. Sometimes Allah will take things away, just to bring you back to him. And that's good for you. But when you get too addicted and too entitled to this world, a lot even takes a little bit away. And you and I

00:42:31--> 00:42:37

forget that when he takes away it's so we can turn back to him like Adam Amina was to turn back to him, we go even further away from him.

00:42:39--> 00:43:13

We go even further away, and that's the way of at least at least was looking for entitlement. It wasn't given to him, it was given to them and he went even further away. So you and I are going to have to pick which road we want to take further. You know so now, this last part, Allah azza wa jal when he did tell us family, Sam, you know that you're going to become wrongdoers, but akuna manabadi mean, it's something that, you know, what are these words? A lot of us don't say what Allah said, Allah gave Adam alayhis salam words what those words are, some assume them to be the words that are given and sorted out off. The seventh surah Allah describes the same story from a different angle.

00:43:13--> 00:43:44

And there he says Carla robina Valentina and Susannah lm Tavella. Now what are hamdulillah lacuna Nam aloha city, very famous doll most of you have memorized it. Maybe some of you didn't know that. Those are actually the words of our parents. The first obviously far in the history of humanity. Bah, bah, bah, and for Salah, were lm tequila. Now what I'm not an akuna middle hustling Master, we've wronged ourselves, we've done wrong to ourselves. And if you don't cover for our mistakes, and if you don't show us love and mercy, we are absolutely going to be from those who ultimately lost. You know, he mentioned something even I should have mentioned something about these words that I'll

00:43:44--> 00:44:03

share with you. While volman knifes be magnet assemble the Harmony Hub and love that he kathira bizerba believes that in kalila. We have wronged ourselves, he means that Yala we had the entire agenda in front of us, and how wrong what a crime we did to ourselves that we lost all of that for that one silly fruit.

00:44:05--> 00:44:41

Like we ended up putting ourselves in trouble. People run after haraam ways of making money or haram ways of earning or acquiring pleasure, thinking that they're going to get something more for themselves. They don't realize when they run after the disobedience of Allah in pursuit of pleasure in pursuit of more that the only one they're harming and the only one they're depriving is themselves a lot. So agendas Dean he gave us these guidelines he gave us are so that we have a better life. He didn't put these guidelines on us so that we would have a difficult life. As a matter of fact, the only things he made haram on us are alibis where you hardly more than a human

00:44:42--> 00:44:59

life. So he could make filthy disgusting things haram on them forbidden on them, you know, and he could make the order the beautiful thing is good things permissible for us. Now, finally, inshallah Tada. I want to share with you the idea of our Rahim Allah says in the who who what the wobble

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

him in this ayah when classes are him which we translate as always loving, caring, merciful these are all acceptable translations of the word Rahim. Why is it here at the end? Dr. Boo Boo Rahim Allahu Allah but what are the heck of it one of the wisdoms in it that is that is recorded. The unknown Rahim jarama Jor el and it is kabu October and everybody he bought a woman aroma TV him. Allah azza wa jal is basically saying he's the one who keeps coming back and accepting your Toba because he's so much full of love all the time. It's our Rahim is the reason for which he accepts your Toba? Had he not been a Rahim he would not have been a web for you. So he's explaining the

00:45:40--> 00:45:57

reason for which he turns back to you. This should be our fundamental understanding of our relationship with Allah when it comes to Toba. Allah will accept my elbow because he loves me, because He cares for me that's captured inside of him. When somebody makes the word they should not say I don't know if I'll accept it or not.

00:45:58--> 00:46:43

shouldn't be saying that. You should not be saying that when you make Toba when you turn to Allah, and you say, Well, I'm too enough. See, you know, I've done myself wrong. Forgive me. That is it. That means a lot of His love has forgiven you done deal. Don't look back and say I wonder if it was good enough or not? No, no, no, no, you should still keep making doba. But you should never assume that Allah does not acceptable. The only people who stole by Allah does not accept. Allah tells us himself. When they said the Toba to Lila de la luna say Toba is not something that exists for those who keep on doing doba and keep on doing since. So you're eating some pork sandwich. Home stuff or

00:46:43--> 00:47:23

law stuff. I'm sorry. Yeah, that's that over. I don't know who you're kidding. You can't keep doing the wrong and keep making tobuy and doing the wrong and keep making tobuy and figure Hey, you know, it's like I it's a it's a it's a it's a stain, I washed it off another stain. I washed it off another state then you can't play with a lot like that. That's not how it works. It's not like every time you say the word Toba. Done deal. No, you have to leave. You have to do your best to leave what is humiliating? Finally, I said finally that was finally about that. I was happy to win ha Jamia. Allah says we said come down from it all together. This is the second time Allah saying it not the

00:47:23--> 00:48:02

first time. He's already said it. But the first time he said it, he said wakulla veto by bukem liberado. Notice there's no while here, it's just called a veto mannheimia. This is what's called an Odin levy bid, we're going back to where we started. In other words, it's not a separate we said it's going back to that scene. This is a little bit tough to understand pay attention and you'll get it until it's something beautiful. The core on the storytelling of the Quran is actually close. In some ways it we have an easier chance understanding it. Because unfortunately, we watch movies. So what happens in movies is sometimes you have a scene and then they cut to a scene in the future.

00:48:03--> 00:48:21

And then they cut back to the scene in the past. Okay, so they leave the scene halfway. They take you 10 years into the future, and then they take you 10 years back in the past again and finish that scene. This actually this transfer of travel through time is something that actually happens in the Quran all the time.

00:48:22--> 00:49:00

Allah azza wa jal was, you know, talking to Adam and a Salaam How was Illuminati engineer telling them come down from here, come down from here. Then the story moves forward. They came down there on the earth, then they come into contact with the words of Allah. Then they make Toba, Allah accepts their Toba. All of that was happening were in general on the earth that was happening on the earth. Now let me take you back to agenda. I'm not done with that scene yet. So we're going back to that scene again. called nappy to minhag. Jamia, we said come down from here altogether. Why go back to that scene? It is as though Allah is saying that when you go when you think about that scene in the

00:49:00--> 00:49:50

world, where I gave you words, and you made Toba, you won't understand what happened and why that happened until you go back to another missing scene from gender. So I mean, let me tell you that scene, and you can go back to the angle. Oh, that's how that works. So what is this ayah he says come down from here all together, for in my knuckle mini hodan. If and when, then if and when, especially from me, and only from me. Any kind of guidance whatsoever comes to you. If you get any kind of guidance whatsoever from me fermentable yahuda, then who ever were to follow my guidance for how often I lay him one afternoon. Those are the people that are not going to be afraid. They're not

00:49:50--> 00:49:54

going to be in fact the ones they're not going to be the ones that are suffering with sadness.

00:49:55--> 00:49:59

This is the promise of Allah if ever guidance comes to you from me

00:50:00--> 00:50:13

So he's sending other money some he hasn't even sent him down yet. And he says to him, listen as you go, watch out your enemies to each other. But let me tell you, and by the way, when your enemies to each other, what do enemies do to each other?

00:50:15--> 00:50:56

They attack each other, they hurt each other, and you're supposed to be afraid of your enemy. And if your enemy was successful and hurting you, you are sad that they caused you pain. The two feelings you get from your enemy before the attack is fear. And after the attack is grief, yes, hope and hosen. Allah says, yes, you will be enemies to each other. But I'm going to give you something that will get rid of those two things. What two things fear and sadness. Whenever some guidance comes to you from me, whoever follows that guidance, despite having whatever enemies in the world the legions of Shelton, though endless, go for being your enemies, it won't matter. You won't ever feel fear.

00:50:56--> 00:51:33

You won't ever, ever feel grief. That's my promise to you. If any guidance comes to you from me, now go back to the I have donia. What is the guidance that Allah gave him? Allah gave him hope. The first step of guidance is what his hope is to turn back to a line just ask for forgiveness. If you say what is the call of this of Islam to the world? What is the call of Islam to humanity? As a matter of fact, it's one simple call. People should ask forgiveness. That's it. That's it. And it's not just here. It's everywhere.

00:51:34--> 00:51:38

You know, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam is the center of our religion.

00:51:39--> 00:52:21

rasulillah salam, fulfill the legacy of liberal humanism. I'm breaking the surprise to you. The center of the surah is Ibrahim alayhi salam. The center of the soul is Ibrahim al Islam. Our entire religion revolves around Ibrahim al Islam. Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam, his greatest contribution is he built the what the Kaaba and you know what the purpose of the governor is that people can come and they can worship Allah and seek what forgiveness when what maka was promised. The profits Isilon was finally going to clean up the gap But once again, open to humanity once again for the worship of one God alone. Allah says Lila fear Allah Allah Houma Takada min Tomic so lucky and forgive the middle

00:52:21--> 00:53:05

of Silicon Valley la he will go sumati will young Pharaoh Nemanja Shah, Lithuania, the end of Sultan Fudd what Allahu Allah Xena Amano men who had more than one zema the entire idea of conquering Makkah and cleansing the house of Allah, restoring the role of the house built by Ibrahim alayhi salam, so people can earn forgiveness. What is your motivation for going to Hajj? What's your motivation? forgiveness, everything forgiving, forgiving, clean slate when you go to make Hajj. The entire religion revolves around this idea, or revolves around this idea. So when we learn here, what is the call of Islam? What is the ultimate guidance of Islam, to humanity, it is actually for human

00:53:05--> 00:53:48

beings to want to come back to Allah and apologize to him for messing up. That if you have that you have everything. And if you don't have that you don't have anything. You don't have anything. You imagine why Rasulullah isonem says that he he asked Allah for so far 70 times in a day and more. Why would he because he understands this is the religion is still far is the religion. That is actually when you truly understand a lie is your job and you are his job. You are constantly in a state of seeking His forgiveness. you're seeking that and when you do that, everything falls into place. everything falls into place. You are filled with hope you are given protection from Allah. You know,

00:53:48--> 00:54:20

this guidance, Allah says law hopefully Allah him alone, alone. Now we're learning in a time of fitna. There are people worried in America, if Trump becomes president, I don't know what's gonna happen with the Muslims, I'm already starting to look at real estate in Canada, you know, and there, there are people that are worried about the state of affairs of the Muslims and the politics that are happening around the world and the policies that are being made and the the aggressive, you know, attitudes towards Muslims and the way we're being smeared in the media and all of it, we need some kind of protection, which politician will come and protect us, which group can come and protect

00:54:20--> 00:54:45

us, which block which organization, which policy, you know, which advocacy can protect us, India, at the end of the day, Allah azzawajal is describing that his guidance protects, his guidance protects. And the further you get from the word of Allah, you can be as politically active as you want. You're not going to have protection. Protection only comes from molars book, the ones who hold on to it law, hopefully,

00:54:47--> 00:55:00

they're not gonna have any fear, they're not going to have any grief. This is the beauty of the column of a lion. This is for MIT and nagamine who then couple more comments about this ayah inshallah, this is all we'll do today. Tomorrow, we wrap up the entire story and give an overview three

00:55:00--> 00:55:44

Exciting Sharla but about this I do, I do want to share with you in sha Allah that when he says for MIT and nakum actually you can say in Arabic And yet decom but he says Mr. de ma is either Tolkien and then yet he becomes yet tn na Tolkien, Tolkien in English in English would mean emphasize or on top of emphasizing on top of emphasize so put this in English translation you would say, if at all at all at all, any guidance whatsoever comes to you from me, like a legend, not say that lightly. And he said, any guidance, you know what that means, throughout human history, every child of Adam, at some point was exposed to something from guidance, maybe not all of guidance, maybe not a full

00:55:44--> 00:56:02

book, maybe not the entire thought, or the engine, maybe not a messenger in the flesh, but some piece of guidance, some little bit of sugar, some little bit of sub some little bit of fun, little snippets of guidance, whoever can hold on to whatever guidance they got, then I will protect them.

00:56:03--> 00:56:08

I will secure them. Think about what Allah did for us. How would God have inserted?

00:56:09--> 00:56:27

These young men don't know any profits. They don't know any book. They don't know any book. They don't know anything about the ark era or angels or they have no anything like this. All they know is London, the Roman dooney Ilan.

00:56:28--> 00:57:11

All they know is our king. And our town is obsessed with Greek mythology. They worship Zeus, Apollo armies, they worship those gods, we cannot do that we believe there's only one creator, one master. That's it. That's the only guidance Allah gave them. That's it. They have no other guidance. And can you imagine what a legend for them, he protected them. And he secured them from grief. When it was impossible to protect these people. It was impossible to protect them. Now imagine that when they had just one tiny little piece of guidance. All they had was La ilaha illAllah. That's all they had. They have nothing else. You and I have the entire column of Allah.

00:57:12--> 00:57:43

We have the full speech of Allah, that stands tall to protect, that gives us security. And if we fail to seek Allah's protection from this word, then that's our fault. By the way, that promise of Allah, any guidance in my idea nagamine hodan. That word is repeating itself, isn't it? Because the surah began Valley Kalki tabula rasa fi houden. Why is it repeating itself, Allah is actually telling us implicitly that our final installation of that promise has not been fulfilled.

00:57:44--> 00:58:21

as Adam was coming from the heavens to the earth, he was told look, seek out guidance, seek out guidance. It'll help you it'll protect you. And Allah kept sending guidance throughout the ages throughout the nations he sent guidance one way or the other. And then finally, the last chapter of laws guidance has been sent. And that's this book. And by the way, as an extension of this book, it is the people who carry this book. So if you're wondering how come the aborigines don't have guidance? How come the people in the middle of South America don't have guidance? How come the you know, several African nations don't have guidance? How come the European nations don't have

00:58:21--> 00:58:25

guidance? The question is how can we haven't shared it with them? Not how come they don't have it?

00:58:27--> 00:59:02

It's Allah is not going to give them like a mobile device and they can download it themselves. Allah sent this oma, this Omar was supposed to carry it to them. Ibrahim Alayhi Salam does not complain to Allah, Allah sallallahu Sallam or any, any company any any messenger doesn't connect to a light yellow, why don't these people have guidance, they knew my job is to give it to them. My job is to share it with them. Allah has sent us Omar to share the guidance with the rest of humanity. Instead of developing a hatred for the people who have power today, people who have you know, civilization today, we look at them and we feel bad about ourselves. How come the Muslims are behind and these go

00:59:02--> 00:59:39

far ahead. They're not Kfar. They're human beings. And those human beings deserve the message of guidance. And if they haven't received it, that's our fault. And if we haven't been able to give it to them the way they should have received it, then we have only ourselves to blame. This is my Athena caminhada. From Entebbe, Allah Who ever might follow my guidance, and that's in this last minute, whoever might follow it. These can be enemies of Islam, the moment they follow it LSP security falls on them. And this has happened before the Ottoman Empire supposed to be the pride of the Muslims. The Ottoman Empire before they became the Ottoman Empire weren't even Muslims. These

00:59:39--> 01:00:00

were the people who massacred Muslims, and after massacring and making piles of their heads of scholars in the middle of city centers, mass murderers, then Allah gave them the gift of Islam. And those same people became the carriers of Islam for centuries. So the people you think are the enemies of Islam. The only thing keeping

01:00:00--> 01:00:28

For being the guardians of Islam is the message of this Deen. This Islam is not a race. It's not a nationality. It's not a it's not a skin color. It's not a it's not a continent it's a message and that message does not discriminate who it reaches. So we know there is no race that is condemned and they will never have guidance. May Allah protect us from thinking in this way. We will as always make us the carriers of his guidance and bless humanity with the power of this message. barakallahu li walakum. Philippon and his team won a fight anyway. Er COVID iottie was lucky