Imam Ghazali On Fasting ā€“ Part 2

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He told us that we are two

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that have been infested with him to those who own the truck. So if you're given a choice, and somebody tells me this uninteresting, but this is mine,

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this is mine.

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This is the one.

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Allah has given us a truck

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he brings back the sound

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of cotton,

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who's the one who pollutes this cup that I like giving it because the length of the cup, and like that children are trust,

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teaching us how

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to be a soldier.

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He does all the things he wants it to be free at that he wants to be

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is to be free as soon as he wants to be free

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to be paid going around,

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going into a place that's hot on your stomach, or in Bible or eating anything that's hot. That's what he wants us to protect these trusts that he's bringing up. And the way he's teaching us to do that is fasting. That is

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to name these things.

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aspirations, aspirations,

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is that

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aspiration is not

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because getting out

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was in the elementary, busy trying to cry. in Ramadan, you should be busy trying to get rid of wealth for the sake of our life.

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And then,

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one of the things about the

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scanners scholars have said that the case to deal with a loss is

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is to begin to take into account.

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That's the beginning of his resume.

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That he begins to measure the fact based on the design of the salon. That's what that's what the wedding does. And that's why he's early. Ramadan is a time to do in the hospital of your heart. In other words, if you begin to think about things that are demeaning things, because you didn't want to be none of us want to be at

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somebody who's like

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is in the marketplace.

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Anything about Islam

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does not mean that there's a lot of scholars because they're not

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because they can be the street sweeper only knows and knows a few

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how many people

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They are not fasting, that was holiday fasting, and how many people who are fasting but will they rather not fasting, because those people

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who are guiding eyes that time the truth, they're gonna tell their stomach that

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they're doing the purpose of

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this exercise to learn how to do it properly, whereas other people go faster and

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they think that somebody who knows.

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And he's a great guy.

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That's not what he's talking about these people can be almost illiterate.

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I mean, look at

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women, Mohammed bin Salman, who's the standard.

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He had a necklace, and

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every day,

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would come in and walk over people's shoulders and go up to the shape he was teaching in the chair. And he started whispering into his ear for a while, and then he would leave. And he was doing this every time the sheriff,

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the sheriff actually told people to move away so that he wouldn't have to go over there hoping one day the man stopped coming.

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setting in Mohammed, we asked some of the people who used to come here every day. And they said, We don't know. We ask somebody to go find them. He found them. And he came. And he said, What have you stopped visiting me, and the maintenance of heinola.

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also explained, explaining myself, some people who

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are very poor, and I have a lot of doctors that I need to get mad at because he was a coffee. And they said, they paid me and said, go and follow Him every day, as much as they can, if you can make them angry, and humiliate him in front of all his students will give you money to know about it. So I used to come every day, and I would curse.

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And I would say all those horrible things. And I realize it wasn't having an effect on you. And so I just gave up and

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said, Why don't you just come and ask me for some food?

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Is that what you want? That's a

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of the people have been message

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of the family, that's our

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He, he was patient. He was exhausted, he used to see them going out at the fire get blown up, and they live it when they tell them that never goes out. And he was fine. He was in charge of it. So he is alive. So he wanted to find ways when he went to the Christian. He was with a monk saving him for years, and he saw the monks stealing other people's money, and then your backyard. And then you get to another month and you sort of lose it a good month, you told them that there's a profit in the wintertime kind of the opposite. And that's what he went

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through this entire journey. He just seeking the truth. And the patience of the protocol. I said all through that tribulation that we saw that that is what Boston really was about is about learning how to control

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the heart and gaining this ability.

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in terms of this month, was not suggesting to myself

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first and foremost.

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I mean, I'm saying a lot about that that would break the

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line and people lie and so you know, people do things that are hot on

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and off about it anyway, according to the mannequins the download is prohibited according to

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them. It's considered mobile without any fantasizing. He considered like his own or something like that. So it's an issue that I was using, or something like that Foster was just

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sexual relations with somebody else but it includes that for any type, even to Petco

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But fantasizing

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that would lead to that all that's

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doing this month, and then

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two things that that various month, basin to myself and all of you is don't do a lot of talking, utilize the time, everybody should be appreciating that all the other missions, don't waste your time, this is a month that the seller needs to for six months, but

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not to let them see the next round. And then six months after

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to accept the previous one. So this is not a time, like any time to understand that. Another thing is none of us

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really make it to the end of this.

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So this is

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not the most part. And then the last few days, I should have done more, I shall do that anyway. But hopefully it will be it won't be as bad as we were.

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And then hopefully we'll do a lot and still there's going to be a sense that we would be not considered

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the greatest proof of the deficiency of man.

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Except that he realizes afterwards, we could have done it better.

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Anything. So always always improvement because utilize the time we utilize the night,

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take some portion of the night,

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it's meant to happen. And

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is this effectual. So even if you did,

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and you did

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not count it.

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So you want to do that

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every night, even if you're going to just do

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it ever heard him says is really kind of good to do my prayers with with like

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others in the theaters that have a lot of reward mentioned in them, just because there's so little time at work, people don't have to be a lot anymore. So utilize the time try to do the

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MVC, try to get up before the federal, do some PR on the first address. And then utilize the time after February timeout to sleep after that time. It's my career, in any case, that Ramadan that we should be doing in that time, even more so than other times. And then try to do the heart

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to do the heart not to leave ever. And so we should try to do it with numbers. And it's a very strong,

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strong method because the Prophet did do it continuously to for six or eight records before was allowed up to was around for the molecules and the Hennessey's to have the during the time of the Hadhrat had to present for the master. And then

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on time, on time should be at any time, you know not to kind of be one of the

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most important of all your faces. And then half an

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hour half of the other half.

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vigilant about his times has gotten his woman by

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his negligence ever more about

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And then we heard earlier but the message of a lot on his deathbed.

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He's lost a lot. As last words, were a follow up, follow up

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over everything.

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And use this time to discipline yourself to be paying on time.

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really use it to discipline yourself if you weren't paying on time to hold on a dime, and you should have been but if you weren't, then use this time to discipline yourself to content if you're working just stop.

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Because your prayer is more important than your job guarantee

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is more important than your job.

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deal with that. And then

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particularly the time between asset and negative is a very strong time dense rock we're at the time of Vicar. That's the time when

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it's a very special time in Namibia, except for the people who believe that it's a time of law for other people. And that's in this culture. You see people at the end of the day they're worn out

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They drink and they called Happy Hour in this culture.

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They call it happy.

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Oblivion, so that they don't have to think about how meaningless their lives are not the time they were preparing for sunset, which means death for sunset is a metaphor for death, an offset from all sorts of negative that's

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in the mouths of man that killed his representative and the fast thing, breaking the fast is like the messenger

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was to jail.

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So there's a

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maze, that the breaking of the past is is similar to leaving a room

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when when when the day is over, and death is over, you go back to our bosses.

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And then after, after you break your thought, the best thing they can do.

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If you don't have any of that on anything, you can just base the fact that there's a feeder on them.

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And the delay is only

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if it's delayed out of thinking that it's better right when it becomes a bigger but if you had a valid reason to delay

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perfectly fine