Ramadan 2022 Reflections – Day 20

Mirza Yawar Baig


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The speaker discusses the importance of forgiveness in Islam and the need for guidance on forgiveness. They emphasize the need for guidance and guidance to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. The speaker also mentions the importance of providing guidance and guidance to avoid confusion.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Shadowfell Ambia Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam one one hour but

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my brothers and sisters I remind myself in you in this final

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reminder inshallah reflection on the value of dua, that Ramadan al Karim is the time for dua. So spend a lot of time making a lot of is the FAR and changing our lives and making resolutions to change our lives making the need to change our lives and actually changing our lives and making lots and lots of

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the most beautiful reminder of this is the question that our mother say the Ayesha Siddiqa Radi Allahu anha asked Rasul Allah is a solemn

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on a side note when I'm saying our mother this is not a not a statement okay that alone, this is the status that Allah subhanaw taala gave to the wives of Rasul Allah is Allah is Allah in the in Surah Tala hisab in the ayah Allah subhanaw taala said, as well as you who Omaha to whom his wives or your mother's, the status of say the ISIS DeCaro Delana and all the wives of Rasul Allah as rasilla is a status of being Mothers of the Believers, Omaha to me Nene. And this is a status granted by Allah subhanaw taala and recorded in the Quran. Anyone who dis agrees with this, and who does not give any of the wives of Rasulillah Salam, the status of being a mother of the believer is going against the

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So let us be clear about this. These are things that are part of our Aqeedah and part of our AMA, as Muslims, we believe this and we follow what Allah subhanaw taala has told us to follow. Now ISIS, these are the law and I asked her sudo Salam is a very, very beautiful question. And may Allah bless her, and may Allah grant her, Jonathan for those who Allah will vary is up May Allah Subhana Allah ingresar the Rajat, she is responsible for asking such amazing questions, which are the reason why we have so many

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beautiful explanations for the things that we do in our the, she asked us was a solemn, she said Yara surah Allah salAllahu Salam, if I were to get later to call them and we will come to there to cover inshallah. She said if I were to get letters to color, what do I should I make? What should I ask Allah subhanaw taala rasuna Sarah seller told her he gave her the DUA and he said, Ask Allah Allah Houma in Naga 412 hibel Affo five.

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Oh Allah, you are the one who forgives. You like to forgive. So forgive me. Allah my nigga for one to herbal alpha one. Sometimes we will ask this question, Should I say Allahumma Naga foon Kareem to herbal alpha one. This is not haram but the best form of anything is the way that Rasulillah Salam did it not to add to it not to subtract from it for because of our own wills even though that will maybe a goodwill but it is

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most beneficial if we do it just as the province or salaam advisor so Allah my Naga for one, two hibel Affo five one, Allah you are the Forgiver you are the one who forgives. You like to forgive so forgive me. I'm not saying forgive me because I deserve forgiveness. I'm saying forgive me because you like to forgive.

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Please yourself and forgive me. What a beautiful devices and imagine this is the Mother of the Believers. This is the person that wins when this heavy asset Mr. Salami said jasola Our Rasul dylanglen said I asked her sorrows and salaam I said jasola, who do you love the most? As soon as an Assam serratia he said he thought to himself, well, you know, he was wanting to preserve a citizen to take his name. So he said yes.

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Among the men who do love the most now, he said, I said, I'm said the father of Asia, how we're gonna do.

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Our international Delano said, I decided to keep quiet I'm not asking, not asking anything more.

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Let's make this job for forgiveness. Because that is the ultimate benefit the ultimate Name of Allah subhanaw taala is forgiveness. We only need two things only to the rebirth, we need guidance hedaya In this life, and we need forgiveness baqueira in the in the next life. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for guidance either as Robin was takim and we ask Allah subhanaw taala for

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Forgiveness Allama Nagar for one to Hibbeler 451 We ask Allah for forgiveness for all of us are some of the add on that we will carry while he was being maimed to God