Ahmed Hamed – Explore the 10 Ways to Make your Ramadan – The Best Ramadan of your lifetime

Ahmed Hamed
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of preparing for the upcoming legal year and achieving productive plans in order to achieve the goals of the year. They emphasize the need to make a plan in a structured way and prioritize one's priority over others. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of practicing and forgiveness to achieve success in the legal year.
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My beloved brothers and sisters, Let's now get into the ways how we can actually spend a productive Ramadan number one, number one, everything starts with a near you and I have to make a new year now. Now you and I have to make an intention now to make this Ramadan as the best Ramadan of our lifetime. Make this near to Allah subhanho wa Taala that this should be my best Ramadan ever because we don't know. Perhaps this might be might be my last Ramadan, this might be my last fasting Allahu Akbar. So have this near to make the best in Ramadan. And even if we were not able to do it Subhan Allah we will be rewarded based on our intentions on the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam he said

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enamel Amma Binney yet our actions depend on our intention so make this Nia This is the near and this near is only for Allah subhanho wa Taala not to impress anyone but to express your absolute gratitude to Allah bully Riza to make Allah pleased, this is your near to make this Ramadan, the best Ramadan ever insha Allah that's what Nia pray for witnessing and utilizing it. You know, we have been taught this drag lama boliviana Ramadan, Allah help us to reach out in the month of Ramadan help us to witness this great opportunity so that we may utilize it to the best of our abilities make this drought that's number way to make it productive insha Allah number three,

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nothing happens productively without a plan. I'm sure you all agree. So you as you plan as we all plan for our marriage, for our career for our events for our you know, you know, jobs for our parties, for our weddings, for our marriages, for everything, we need to make the best plan, meticulous plan in a very articulate way about Ramadan. You just can't afford to miss this, my beloved brothers and sisters, you just can't afford to miss out to check out the proper plan for Ramadan. And it may differ it may differ from person to person because everybody has their own schedule. Everybody has their own, you know, availabilities their, their own capacities. But the

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point is, the point is you and I need to make a plan. As we know, if you fail to plan you plan to fail, prepare, you know, obviously this is the greatest event of our year Subhan Allah the month of Ramadan, the greatest time of the entire year, we need to really really prepare well and that's what we are doing well hamdulillah and I really congratulate each one of you for being a part of this preparation of Ramadan when hamdulillah you need to program you need to really start igniting your you know, mental strings and start thinking what are you going to do submerge yourself in the in the programming of righteousness, you know, start visualizing, start imagining, you know, how beautiful

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the fast would be how beautiful your engagement of the Quran will be how beautiful those you know moments will be with Allah subhanho wa Taala so start programming, prioritize, you know, you need to really prioritize your, you know, Ramadan over everything, you know, whether it's shopping, whether it's anything that that comes on its way, make sure that you prepare you complete all sorts of other things before Ramadan, but when Ramadan begins, your priority is Ramadan, and to make the Ramadan, the most productive Ramadan, so prioritize yourself as well insha Allah

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and then obviously you need to practice there is no point of planning without practice. Of course plan is the first step but then it's not the it's not the last step. You need to really practice what you plan in sha Allah and then obviously start purifying yourself. Start forgiving people start asking Allah subhanaw taala to to really forgive you to forgive your shortcomings to forgive your sins so that you are starting to purify and to present yourself in this beautiful and the pure blessed month of Ramadan in sha Allah, promote promote the beauties of Ramadan amongst your family tell them you know what we'll be witnessing Ramadan in just a few days in sha Allah Are you planning

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for it? What are your you know goals of Ramadan inshallah start promoting when you start talking about Ramadan you know with others when you start sharing Ramadan with other Subhan Allah you will be programming yourself as well. And this is the beauty of promoting you know the message

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Have Islam to others you will be the first one to gain benefit out of it insha Allah and then obviously the last is patience you need to start building a patience because

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all these things you will not be able to really achieve well if you don't have patience with you, so you and I need to start building the momentum of patients insha Allah for the preparation of Ramadan inshallah, these are the 10 ways, how you can actually make and spend your Ramadan in the most productive way insha Allah, Allah Allah

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