Majed Mahmoud – Ramadan’s Last Night & Zakat Al Fitr

Majed Mahmoud
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Subhan Allah, I just was driving to your bliss had missed it. And I passed by a massive graveyard. And I'm looking at this graveyard and I'm like, the way we get over death is unbelievable. You can bury someone in the day and that night you're trading stocks. Right? It's not haram or wrong, no, but just the way we get over things. And what came to my mind is how people get over it once I die. You think the world will stop for you? It will not.

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It will not not even me for a minute.

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They actually might even talk about okay, how will we sell his car? How will we distribute his house and wealth and I don't want the couch no one want to sell it. Then they start making deals with sons and daughters and so on. People move on. So you have to take care of yourself. Subhanallah just few days ago, a brother was saying how he allocated a portion of his wealth almost 1/3 of his wealth, which is the limit Islam allows you to how much you can donate. The Bank of America still didn't donate everything at one point because it was $1 what it was an emergency. But it's let me don't donate everything that's not from your top is 1/3

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and then Subhanallah another father was saying Inshallah, when I die I'm sure my kids will do something for me. Don't wait for your kids did something for you. You never know what happens when your kids see that those numbers in the bank that they never heard from you before. They may never donate on your behalf. So set yourself before you return back to Allah subhanaw taala and take care of yourself may Allah bless everyone's life young and old era

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and why we do say this about death and so on because even Ibis Rahim Allah, He says that on little cuddle Allah subhanho wa Taala he shares with the angels who will not make it till next to each other is authentic. So now the angels have a list of names. And if there was on the 27th, the names are set.

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And even at best says Tara, Virgil EMC field as well, you see a man walking in the mall, and his name is on the list that they will die, they will not make it to next Amazon. So if my name and your name is there, may Allah make our last words La ilaha illAllah La ilaha illallah all that stuff. SubhanAllah.

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Tonight is the night of the 29th in sha Allah. And I was thinking

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very honestly, on my way, and preparing for the hotbar to talk about steadfastness, which is the karma How to Be steadfast after Ramadan. And I was so disappointed in myself and be very transparent with you. I was so disappointed. I'm talking a lot about about how to be steadfast after Ramadan. And I was telling myself, yeah, imagine Do you have the 29th left, and you have the 30th left? I feel like it would be sad that I mean, like he ignored us. There's no respect to us. Subhanallah but we're not right or wrong, but spamela So that's why I want to adjust that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he explicitly said explicitly, that the 29th night is a strong candidate for lead

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to Carter. Very strong and I have proof for that authentic hadith. Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, I left my house to tell the people the exact date of letters Lucado. Exactly.

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When I was going to announce it and given that announcement, right to I saw two people fighting,

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you know, arguing back and forth why you did this and fighting back and forth. So the Prophet was addressing this issue. Once this issue was done, he wants to give the announcement he forgot. It says follow Fiat Allah took it. And it happens even in our lifetime. I can say the hotel right now and someone can say Salam aleikum. So then I say, What did I just say? What was my last point it happens. So rasool Allah Azza wa sallam Allah intentionally took this date away. And you know what he said? He said, with Alex Kouwenhoven, liquid amazing. He says perhaps it's good that Allah took the data away from us. Because now you study and now you work all last and myself Ramadan, but the

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end of this hadith and that's my main point, the end of this hadith. He gives you suggestion of the very strong candidates and the first thing that he says felt me Soo Ha seek little other fifth car on the 29th. That's the first day T games. Then he says Serbia the 27th will Harmison the 25th There's another meaning to this hadith, which is what the last nine nights the last seven nights than the last five nights. So there's two meanings to it. So it's a very strong candidate. There's another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in authentic narration Alayhi Salatu was Salam. He says a very nicely he says il temi Suha secret Lucado foetus Abba pain I will save about

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pain outcomes Belkin just like what I said secret other in the last nine in the last seven in the last five in this hadith he says two more additions pay attention in the law.

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Ask three. And he says, oh, sad Leila or the last night. So this product can be not just the 29th it can be on the 30th it's an even night. This is authentically also Asana. So some of you were like, bro, I'm so confused. Is it even? Well it is it odd when is it 27? Well, what is it? That's why Mmm No, we should have been Tamia, even Hajra camomilla. Many of the elements What do they say? Later two cards are actually changed. It's not on the same night this they said hi, the Atari colorway. This is the only way to make sense of all these authentic narrations is that it moves from year to year. So may Allah Allah was to grab this little cuddle whatever night it may be, and allow us to

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work the remaining nights. Tonight is the night of the 29th and tomorrow is the night of the 38th in sha Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to work really hard, be able to pray the piano specifically for young why? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says man calm and I little cuddle whoever stands up at night during the latest quarter which Allah knows which Night Out of Eman faith that you believe it's worth than 1000 months you believe Allah's rights that decree and shares it with the angels you believe it's a month it's a night in which the angels descend you believe it's Salem, it's peaceful until the federal you believe that what December you hope in the

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real world, you're optimistic that the paycheck you will get on that night will not be for one shift, it will be for 30,000 shifts for 30,000. So that's a paycheck that you will get inshallah you're optimistic, why do we get this the number 30,000? Because 1000 months, about 30 days in a month. So that's 30 times 1000? That's 30,000. And I'm very sure I'm very sure no matter how rich you are, no matter what kind of car you have,

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if you're being told that you will get 10 times the hourly wage on Monday, May 2 You may not show up for each other. You're like okay, John, I'll be there for work, right? You're not being told 10 times your hourly wage. If you make $100 An hour you'll be told to give 1000 an hour Allahu Akbar, no, you're being told for your one hour $100 An hour 100,000 hour I will pay you $3 million an hour. This is actual equivalent. This is not an exaggeration. Seen AlFalah 30,000 Nights May Allah Allah was to get the reward of these nights admirable alameen and not to miss mental clutter, not to miss in these nights focus on the following. Pray Aisha and Gemma, pray share and congregation Rasool

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allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Whoever prays Aisha in a congregation for Captain Nemo Arma and his family as if you prayed half the night because I don't want the whole night. And then whoever prays Fajr in congregation, just these to the indicator over here, then it will make you prayed the entire night So may Allah make us all pray Gemma Aisha and February are the other thing also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says that whoever prays with the Imam all the way till the end, then Allah will write it as if they prayed the entire night. So you do a shot you do that you do fail just to maximize your chances. I see whatever I have said and they ask Allah to forgive us

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all the other bill I mean, and feel free to move forward and show love for others to join with stuff in Allah and the one before right. Before I jump to the second segment in sha Allah does have something very important to share with you.

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Without a doubt, without a doubt, there are people sitting right now in the masjid that they have disasters in their homes, in their families, maybe sometimes in their health in their spouses and their kids that no one knows but Allah

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so when you look at someone in the eye, and they seem smiling, don't think their life is going smooth all of us including my own self, you have no clue what I'm going through. I have no clue what you're going through as well. With all this introduction I want to share with you something Do not miss out on little cutter because of an unnecessary fight. Please Wallah it's not worth it. I'm not saying for the person that you have a fight with. It's not for their sake as much as for your own sake it's just not worth it will lie for your sake. Just like I would says you having a grudge towards someone it's like you're drinking you you drinking poison and you want them to die it

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doesn't work you're killing yourself having all these thoughts in your mind you not want to move forward in life and so on why you're bringing this brother because that was the reason we don't know when is it because the people fighting and sometimes that's you why you and I miss out on Ramadan and the reward because we're obsessed and so angry at someone and you might be right don't get it don't take it personal. But try your best to fight and get over that postpone things so after eight or whatever the case may be if you can forgive them May Allah make it easy for you out of a lot me before I ended in sha Allah something very important and critical it is the Cattle slaughter the

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cattle, not the cattle in Malaga cattle man is the animals the guy that you paint, but the cattle filter is what you must pay before Salah to light and they asked the wonderful Masjid organized the organizers are here. I believe there's a box for the cattle footer. But let me just tell you to narrations and we end the whole bunch on number one had been a best selling author

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entik narration he says for Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet of Allah has made a word for it. It's an obligation to pay the cattle photo. Why? Then the Hadith says to wisdom, sometimes we bring our own wisdom, what's the wisdom of hijab? What's the wisdom of Kevin? You've just made it up sometimes right? It makes sense. It may not make sense. But here they tell us the wisdom number one to rotten the saw him. This is an A way to purify you from any mistakes you've done throughout your fasting beautiful. It's like an eraser. In Ramadan, yours was not perfect. You messed up every now and then you may have said something that's supposed to say, you heard something

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you're supposed to defend, but you can a messed up. So this is the cattle foot cleans all that SubhanAllah. And remember, this is how sadaqa works. Remember the very famous Hadith does charity extinguishes sins the same way water extinguishes fire SubhanAllah. So that's your charity. It helps you before it even helps others, the ones that you give, so keep that in mind. Number one, what is it 210 Recite and then the prophets of Allah, Allah the Sahaba said, well, Mattoon Misaki and the other wisdom is to feed those who are poor who are incapable then the second then he says, Even Abbas min Deha whoever gives the cartoon footer before the Salah, for he has a cartoon mock Ebola,

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then it's excellent thumbs up. It's an accepted Zika. And if you give it after Salah tonight for your South Dakota and Minnesota, then it will be counted as a regular charity. So be sure to pay your Zika before that's about allayed the other and the last narration as I mentioned two of them the second one is by Ibn Ahmad Radi Allahu Anhu man, he says Follow the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the prophet has made that while there was an obligation to paint the cattle photo. So I'm in Tamil and he gives you exactly quantity saw of dates are sort of in shape. Now the PSA is roughly 2.4 kilograms, roughly speaking, and some of the other math they say rounded up to three kilograms.

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So we're talking a little bit over six pounds, the whole discussion comes what do I give it in food or they give it in money? In summary, there's a difference of opinion Both are valid insha Allah so we respect both whatever you follow, don't remove the other party. Please don't do the whole issue again and fighting again, unnecessary. So you have the money, and then you have the food. Both are acceptable. How much do we pay? If you want to confirm ask your local Imam but some of the Imam Council in Michigan, they're saying $12 per person. Okay, that is a $12 per person. Who do I pay it on whose behalf whoever you are responsible over you pay the money. You have a wife, the member

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yourself? You yourself? Your wife? You have three kids so you paid 12 times five Are you responsible over your mom and dad? elderly parents and you pay 12 and 12 the man you want to go over go over what was giving you the minimum? Fair enough? It's a sunnah it's a sunnah to even pay if your wife is pregnant for the child that she is having this is under some states watch if something's not right, I mean sunnah might be held accountable. And this is not our words I've been I've been Ahmed says, well here I'll deal with its obligation upon the servant the slave and the free man was the curry will own for the male and the female was the lead will carry the young and the old man and

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Muslimeen So may Allah subhanaw taala Allah was to perform the cattle photo

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