Ramadan Ruminations 2019 ā€“ Lesson 5 ā€“ Goodness and Purity

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Mr Narayan Rahim Salam O Allah say Mohammed vida de osaki will send them to steamer, the hamdulillah Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh shala. We've been looking at taqwa and this idea of the people of taqwa, another car, or principle in the Quran is the idea of, of

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leap or goodness.

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And, and the opposite of what is by is called, hopes, or, or hobbies. So you have a pie you born and then you have the whole betta. The big boon are the people of taqwa. These are the people that have trained their souls discipline their souls to be good in Allah Hata Ivana la Eva, Allah has his his pure and good and he only accepts the pure and the good. So, this this is this is a very important quality in the Quran, Allah subhana wa Dallas's on layer stoian habito. What if they're not equal the hubbies to the thigh, they're not equal to fall to the pure, they're not equal, the polluted to the, the, the pure. And so this is a very important principle in the Quran, that the Bible not by

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you bad, pure people, pure men for pure women.

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And so pureness is, is a quality that can be found in anything.

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You can have pure water, you can have polluted water, you can have pure money, which is money that was earned through halau means you can have impure money which is money, which was earned through haram means. So understanding what purity is is very important. And this is one of the things that Muslims are working on on themselves to get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala through getting pure, Allah subhana wa denniss we have a lot of hobbies. about them, they are como Jamia vieja, Adolphe denim that Allah will have the hubby's that some of it on on others. So it piles up for your coma home means it piles up all together, and then he puts it into the hell. So the hubbies is headed to

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hell or pi tube is headed to paradise. So this is something really important to remember that we want to be by Allah subhana wa tada when he says polarise that we are habito piab then he says well Angelica katha to hubbies even if you're impressed by so much of the foulness for taco la Ha. Yeah, hula and Bab have Taqwa Oh, people have innermost understanding. Lando come to flee home. This is this is in America is reminding us that hubbies is not the same as by you. taqwa is not the same as its opposite, which is a state of disobedience to a law. But then it says what oh, Angelica, Catherine or Hubby, even if you're impressed with so much of the hobby, because when you look out in

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the world, you'll see all of this cubbies and it seems to be flourishing.

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Don't be impressed by it. So you see, if you want a successful television program today, it has to be foul. You can't have a pure television program. That's how you're going to have success in the dunya but not in the era.

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If you look at people now that it's found this is what seems to charm other people. Pure people by young people now are looked on as what's wrong with you get with the program.

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Why aren't you drinking? Why are you dressing modestly? Because to dress immodestly is hope to dress modestly is label but it's it's it's something that reflects purity. And so that's what the Quran is saying. And then it says Fatah cola. This is like the in the there was a airplane crash that happened

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several years ago. And there was a Syrian family that when they were getting on the plane in order, they they were demanding that this woman take off her hijab, and she refused and the family was she said, I do this for God. I'm not going to take off my hijab was for identification, and she wouldn't do it. And and then

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that she she ended up not getting on the plane with her whole family. The plane went down. There was a woman who was adhering to a principle and Allah Subhana Allah rewarded her with that adherence. It doesn't mean that good people don't die in airplane crashes they do that can happen, but that that's an example of somebody who adhered to something and a loss of power.

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danis showed her that reality and we will find that very often in our lives that when when we when we adhere to these principles, Allah subhana wa tada will show you will reveal to you the the blessings of adhering to those principles. And so we shouldn't be fooled by this. Another verse in the Quran, Allah subhana wa tada reminds us man, I made Asante ham in decadent own there were who are mcminn on Fernanda yen are hired on by UVA, so that whoever does a good deed, whether a male or a female, whoever acts righteously, whether they're male men that canonical into well who are more coming on and then they have belief. In other words, they're doing it because they know that, that

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Allah subhana wa tada is watching them is aware of them. Allah subhana wa tada says, falana inhome hyah Tompa we will cause them to live a life of pure life. In other words, when you act according to taqwa, when you act according to these principles, Allah subhana wa tada is going to give you a good life. These are axiomatic truths that Allah subhana wa tada has promised His people. And so another thing alladhina to a thermal melodica to bikey been that there's people that the angels when they cause them to die, they These are the people that are bikey been, and these are the people that Allah subhana wa, Ana will will protect. Another

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important aspect of this concept in the Quran of pious is food. And we often don't think about this, but Allah subhanho data tells us yeah, you have natural Kudo me method or the halaal. And by yeva, what are the tibial hautbois to ship on?

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Each of the good things halonen by yerba these halau things and biopure things. Well, that tiberiu hautbois to ship on or hotel auto ship on. Don't follow the progress of Shelton. If you want to understand Iblees it pleases a progressive.

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It pleases not a conservative Iblees is always changing the posts, he's always moving them a little bit further. So now he's telling you that marriage

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You know, hear Oh, what's wrong with

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intimacy outside of marriage. If it's two people that love each other, they agree on it, and then

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move it to the next stage move it to the next stage. what's coming next are things like in Germany, incest. Making permitted in says this is what Chetan does, he takes people progressively he doesn't take them. Whereas what we're trying to do is conserve the best of the past. We don't want to conserve the negative aspects of the past. Racism was something in many places in the past it still exists today. That's not something you want to conserve. But family, you want to conserve family shaitaan wants to destroy family. Marriage, you want to conserve family, Siobhan wants to destroy family. And so he takes people by progression. And so Allah subhana wa tada reminds us to eat these

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pure things. Hello, Adam by Heba. And this is very important to understand that food can be allowed but not by you. So for instance, there's a lot of food now that is actually harmful for you. Much of the chicken that's raised people eat a lot of chicken, if you look how the chickens are raised, if you look what they're being fed, if you look at the hormones that are being put in them, these things all affect people. The other thing that if you eat good, then you will do good, it's the nature it when you eat by your your actions will be higher. If you eat hubby's, your actions will be heavy, if you eat good, your actions will be good if you foul your actions will be foul. So there's

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a direct relationship between the caloric energy that you derive from food and how that caloric energy is used in your actions. If that caloric energy is derived from halaal and by your sources, pure and permitted sources, then what you will do will be pure and permitted if it's derived from Habib and hot um, sources. In other words, prohibited and foul sources. Then what you're going to do is prohibited and foul This is axiomatic. And so it's very important

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to to do this and this is why Allah subhana wa tada says to the messengers, you have rasuluh Kudo minute by you batty, metal Sati ha, eat from the pure things and do righteous

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actions in nibi ma Tamar una le that I am completely aware of what you're doing in soda mineral. So that's a good example of the direct correlation between what you eat and what you do. And this is to the messengers. Yeah, you have Russell. Oh you messengers, right Kudo. minify you batty eat from the pure things what middle side and do good things. In other words it's axiomatic that if you eat pure, you will do pure if you fall you'll do foul. So food is extremely important to watch what you're eating is arquilla higher on a Samadhi calm Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh