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Episode Notes

by Dr. Fadel Saleh Al-Samerai


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The speaker discusses a book on needle karate and a study on Barbara's similar problem. They emphasize the importance of finding out who uses words in political thought and provide examples of words used in the paper. The transcript describes a discussion on the use of letters and numbers in poetry, including the use of "word" and "word," and provides examples of "monster" and "monster" in French. The title of the book is not a complete introduction, but rather generalizations about the culture of the world.

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We are started. Okay, so now suppose that

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it was up to us rain. I don't know holding the book just feels nice.

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So we're gonna continue with shallow reading from where we left off yesterday, this is again, the introduction to the book about needle karate by Dr. Father solid, some of them are preserved.

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And yesterday you read some of the challenges that suppuration had given, and how they responded to them and how they even may be status on on their own, without making them public, right. So we're gonna pick up from there, and this is the next subject. It's basically he's changing the subject. Now, he's going to talk about something that we didn't talk about before. It's a totally new topic, but it's still part of the production.

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So he says, the pod in teboho demo in the sewer, and the solar on liberty, but the proof is more

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money at Allah daddy can help in the limited party, for the issuer to call up

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when it matters for the year, the hot desert issue, he saw what happened, that scholars realize they paid attention to the fact the early scholars that the sutras that began with certain individual products, like there's a circle to a pop off, well, maybe, right. And then there saw an even bigger society as a matter by itself, or no other viewer is school. Right? So there's some schools that begin with a single letter. He said, they noticed that the sooner that begin with that letter,

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when you

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can imagine coffea they you will find a lot of words from that same letter, more of them in that song. So there's lots of moon words, or words with moon in them in numeral kalevi, or milestone, and more than other students or there's way more cops into the car. And there's way more songs and sort of thought like that. So that's that's also like a subtle, stylistic thing that happens in the jockey market that we'll what's been mentioned in the book market that we will talk about is a really amazing book about the miracles of the very early book about the language of Brooklyn.

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It's written by an amicable Java by him

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for coffee. So he's, he's, this is an early book. This was tea died in the year 708 after

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but he wrote this really incredible book on the subtleties in the from his point of view. So Jackie Malacca sutra is so.

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So in Malacca, when he was commenting, the author was commenting on the sewers that begin with those letters like the lip love the

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harmony cafe inside those words, in the heaviest word in America, copy over the cul de sola caminhar. Kufa kodagu fema.com. I mean, can it be hard so we say that these solos, whenever these letters occur, the opening of them, you'll find that those same letters are going to happen way more in depth surah more is made up from those same letters, where you have the Honda Mazda cup, and what will clarify to you what I'm just talking about, and like, I don't know what that is worth. And we have that if you take a good look into those numbers, we might you might feel happier, because we have a roofie hub project and have a look at her behalf. So if rather with a Keven axon, he would

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have been happy to have on my behalf the other day.

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He is saying if you take a look at azula, and you look at another tumor that's similar to it in the same number of eyes, baby or same, same length, right, similar subject because there are foods that are similar and one of them has those totals in the beginning, the other one doesn't, you'll find that the frequency of those letters is way more in the other slot that doesn't have that beginning.

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So he's saying just make a comparison and you'll see up here so I was gonna do it slightly and they cited as evidence they're telling the look, the letter count, jockey market that we're on some of you but he saw a killer when we left our name was with Eunice BNF now, so in Malacca, he talking about how select Look man, number 31 begins with elderflower mean. And so you know so number 10 begins with a camera and now hold the camera with us. I mean, I can even work he has the attacker, the attacker, Luna Kadima, I would actually have so the sooner so the universe has inside of it. words that have ra enzyme 220 words that have ra in them, or undef Lamin RA, if you don't actually

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know he's specifically talking about? Well, I'll call those who are in I have in my area.

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have invaded Iraq with the help of Dr. So that nothing will be out one winner and the closest word with that doesn't have letters. This will come back. Okay, and so the 116. And it's way longer than one Why did he help me my talk Come on alarming Can you be happy attacker remember, azienda, try to pull your data. And that will only have 100 words with raw and even though it's longer. So he's basically saying the point he's making is this, he actually went and tried to explain, experiment on the theory and say, the letters in the beginning of Sula may be an indication of how many times words from that word are heard in that. So? If not, well, you might hear a lot of laws in London,

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you might hear a lot of means off, you'll hear a lot of coffee. So it's phonetically connected.

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I wouldn't say that that's the reason. But that's part of the style of the blog. So I wouldn't say this is the reason why Listen to me, but nobody goes up. But he's making an observation about there's some interesting correlation.

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either the heavy hitters are bad or happen. I mean, Atari missed this little Jimmy Kimmel doesn't eat this rain where he has water under the roofie. Module. So he says that the

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the letters that have been used in political thought, like, you know, any family into the letters themselves, they are actually a total of 14 letters. And they are actually exactly half the full count of the letters of the alphabet, because comes out in other companies one, so they considered 28 letters, unfortunately, exactly how so exactly healthy out half the alphabet has been used in the beginning.

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That's another observation that you made.

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And it's been this observation this, this letter account is used, or these letters are using 29 source, which is actually the official count of the Arabic alphabet letters. Somebody's done a lot if you haven't heard about it.

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Have fun with me the other unsavoury edge. Now suppose this is actually something I'm not as familiar with, because I wasn't ever formally a student of the GE. But people that know that read well, you might be able to comment on this. This is the claim that he's making in this book. So we'll go through it. So he says that, if you look at it, look at these 14 letters, because not all the letters are using the beginning, you know, opening two letters,

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that those are actually half from each category of letters. So let me tell you what it means basically, saying in between you have proof,

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right? They come from the throat proof.

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There's proof hubs, hamstrings, there's no throat involved. So rah rah gene. There's a whole pumps. Okay. Oh, my muscle. Okay. So there's by edge, we've categorizations there's different phonetic categories of the letters of the alphabet. These are the letters that come from the throat, these are the letters that come from the front of the mouth. These are the letters that drag, etc. Right? So there's several categories. And he says, What's, what's wild is what's amazing, is that the 14 letters us in the beginning of the solos take from each category has so of the color letters, it uses half of them of the Mussa, it takes half of them and so on. So that's what he's gonna say, I

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don't know too familiar with all the categories because again, I was never formally a student of poetry. I just got a slap in the back of my head when I got something wrong. I learned that way.

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Good curriculum strategy. So we're gonna be having an open one more setting misfire.

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So he says that was what was clarifies that is the letters that are pronounced from the front of the mouth, or actually they don't have any any throat involvement.

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Half of them are you will meet anybody who I think is fine from the audience which relies on the category I'm not familiar with the first group. Let me not shady that he loves and from the intensely for the heavier metals for men when I was 14 is fine from the lighter letters. Half of the

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cattiness for her we don't know. We don't want 3030 less for her. We're gonna start here.

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Yes, can you scroll down?

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Slow down or scroll scroll down.

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drawling slow down strawtown

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Yeah, and I'm reading from the book I got excited.

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I'm over here. Let me know Mr. Yeti is for how

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are we going

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to improve in concurrency This class will have to

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come in handy insight and he mentioned these hubs model worker feudal built on controller

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which happened so much in speech like all of them happened, but some

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Only half the number used in this speech was a panel cut equally shade in pigment.

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So how, you know how perfect is the one who made his wisdom, so precise in every little thing? Okay.

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So this next page, what Lisa had our pollution.

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This is the fun part, I tried to do a verification of this before many years ago, I found some of it accurate, some of it not as accurate, but I think the way they counted is different. But I'll read this off to you because he mentioned it here. So this is not the only interesting thing about the accounts in the in the forum. But when actually, we're gonna share, but actually there's something that's maybe even more fundamental,

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which can be made as easy for an order.

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Actually, so if Didn't you read the number of counts in the book of Allah, the mighty book of the Lord, the book of mighty Allah, that so you can see how amazing it is not the way you know, who learnt all that. And all of a sudden, it'll become clear to you that words are not mentioned accidentally, when I mean lady this up, nor without calculation, when he Mo, and he can be deserving that he did.

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So but in fact, they are put in such a precise and incredibly precise, precise, calculated way. And what makes that clear that that's the way in or look at the way that becomes clear. Here's how becomes clear. So now we're going to read this. In fact, instead of reading it, I'll just kind of summarize the English for each line.

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The word dunya, which means this life occurs and they'll put on

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in the same number of times that the word asked about.

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Okay, so what that means is Allah mentions this life, and he mentioned the next slide, both exactly the same number of times in 150.

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The angels have been mentioned the same number of times as the devil's both at a time when women have feminine Amalia yes or not Yes.

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When a load of wash the car T the color

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and light has been mentioned, and all the derivations of life,

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Nita etc, or makeup,

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or makeup, so much the odd me all the dirt, all the different words used for death have been used the same number of times as the word used for life. And that is 145.

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And the summer has been mentioned in the same number of times, that the winter has been mentioned five times each.

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And evil deeds has been mentioned the same number of times as good deeds 167 times.

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And the word uncovered. This really has been repeated the same number of times as the FBI 70. And the word disbelief without the the common version, the original version and faith without the has both they both occurred in the forum eight times. The devil it nice has been mentioned. With seeking refuge from him. The devil has been mentioned, the same number of times seeking refuge has been mentioned 11 times each. Caffeine, disbelievers and deniers of the truth has been mentioned the same number of times as the fire

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war has been mentioned. And so he didn't mention the number of years. But anyway, and war has been mentioned the same number of times as prisoners of war has been mentioned twice each. We're having a slot machine in them and I was hoping you only get prisoners of war.

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This is interesting, where Allah says on what is bothering guys.

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They said occurs of the 332 times they said they said they said they said is 332 times Okay. Well I mean either way and yet so we have a lovely cool lady who I'm rooming Allah in our home team. And the word say

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is exactly the same number of times 332 times a supply demand olive oil murrah Canada poll.

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So he says how perfect is the one who said the word one 332 times without me it was mainly wasn't attainable for Latina Mama. So he said it 332 times exactly the same number of times that he said so interesting because it's a conversation. They say this to you. You say this to them. So they say they said

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say they said say they said they say and it occurs in the same number of times.

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What not shut up, shut up

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the camera.

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So the word month occurred 12 times, if nothing I shut them off

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by the by the shooting. The other issue with the wonderful yom and the word day. So once occurs 300 a month occurs 12 times, because they're so once in a year, and they occurs 365 times, and the word days, the plural occurs 30 times. That happens 30 times. And then he so I'm going to stop here with the numbers. And then it gives a little bit of an explanation of the number so we'll skip that. But inshallah from tomorrow we're going to start looking at I often go class, and this was just some generalizations. Other people have made this observations.

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He's just kind of putting them but his own word kind of starts from

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here and wants to be more for the Zulu Anelka flag when was holding Gemini tender polka shown. So I will explain this concept to you tomorrow. And we'll see some really cool things. So I will see, you see the, the way the Iota written are different, you see that the style is different. But those are prime examples. So every time you see that, see, it's not that style, and all of a sudden, you're just starting to see that. So that's those are I often do. So he's gonna give really cool examples of how plurals and singulars are used.

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And how even that's miraculous. That's all part of his introduction. He's not even giving actual book examples yet. That's just an introduction. And I think there's, let's see, I'm actually

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looking at the intranet

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homepage, okay.

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It's pretty it's worth it. It's worth it to get something cool out of it. Alright, hope you guys enjoyed by Columbia. Welcome

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