Ramadan Series Day 17 – The Month of Safety

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AsSalam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh the 17th name of Ramadan that scholars gave Ramadan is the month of safety. sha Allah will Eman is the month that we feel safe. And it's the month of faith or increasing faith. Um No. Well EMA. So what is safety? And what does Milan give me to feel safe? And what is the relationship safety? When you feel safe, you're not worried. You're not concerned. You don't think things unhappy or unpleasant is going to happen in the future? On the contrary, you're safe, you feel good? You're fine. No worries. So what is Milan and why it is the month of safety.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said in a verse in the Quran, we're going to look at the relationship with Allah and what it's going to give me and one of the names of Allah subhanaw taala and then the relationship with the people. That's my life. My life is my relationship with Allah pantalla in my relationship with the people around you. So Allah subhanho wa Taala said installer tool and en la Vina Amman will Emil be su E minor hombre volume, la cara humble, home water dawn, those who believed and they did not tarnish, they did not blemish their faith. Those who believed and they did not tarnish or blemish their faith with volume injustice and injustice here is Shrek. associating

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anyone with a lock like and a whole lot of saying those people will feel safe, safe from the punishment of the Hellfire safe in this life if they fulfill the man. So in little Melbourne 100 natural brand I mean all of us are alladhina amanu we believe and why we are fasting Alhamdulillah lengyel bisou imana hongi Yvonne we did not blemish our faith. In general we do not associate anyone with ALLAH, we do not worship anything but Allah subhanho wa Taala one thing I need to work on in Ramadan, so I will get the safety that the one I want completely is lets me and you not to make anything more important than Allah subhana wa Tada, I will not associate I will not make anything

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equal to Allah in this month. And Ramadan helped me to do that Subhan Allah, because the devils are chained Anyway, my ability to disobeying Allah is weaker, because half of what's pushed me to disobey Allah is changing. So here I am, I am a believer, hamdulillah hellenbrand me and I am doing my best not to associate anything with Allah, externally, and relief Alhamdulillah we all have, but in my daily life, meaning let me not make work more important than Allah. That doesn't mean I'm not going to work. Actually, most of us work and we have to work, but I'm not going to put anything above a loss pandadoc inside my work during my work, I'm not going to work on the expense of my

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obligation of my Salah, or I'm not going to do anything in my work at this obey Allah subhanaw taala so that's number one Rama one helped me to reach that point, then we come into my relationship with the others. And then I will end up again with Allah, one of Allah has named my relationship with other Ramadan teaches me and we have covered this earlier that the most important thing is not to fulfill the external requirement of fasting, not eat and not to drink and no marital relationship during this fixed time. Rather, the essence of fasting is that I change. What did we say we said whomsoever did not stay away from lying, and from false testimony, Allah does not need his fasting

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meaning he just fulfilled the external, but nothing in reality. And the circuit and the other hand is we are sharing with you today and it is in the planner, and Muslim men cinnamal Muslim una mejor de Waal, the Sony or mini Sony wired, and this is in no hurry and Muslim, the real Muslim. The real Muslim, the Muslim who achieved the highest level of Islam is not only the one who said that law and then he prayed or she prayed and they fasted Ramadan and paid zeca they are eligible and went to Hajj if they can. That's the external value system is the practice is my daily life and one of them is this one, the

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People around me feel safe from my tongue and my hand. People around me feel safe. Oh, she is here or he's there, don't worry, we're not going to hear anything that is not going to be appropriate, they will not hurt us, they will not do something in their hand to hurt us, that real Muslim, that's the Muslim that everybody around will love to have you because they feel safe around you. Ramadan helped me to do that, to achieve that, because we just said if I am not gonna train myself in this 30 days, training camp to change. When I normally say this way I'm gonna hold back and I say it's my wine. I need to see it in the best way woman as an owner, who is better in words than Allah who is

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always better Excellent. So in my daily life, I want the people around me and I'm going to practice it and number one, and the people around me whether they are Muslims or non Muslims, they need to feel safe. Oh she's here he's here. We're not going to heal anything that will not be appropriate or something that hurt that he or she will not use her hand to write something text send me other than what to please allow other one what it makes me happy and safe. Around Milan help me I need to revisit why I am fasting how I am fasting. What level did I improve today's day 17 am I better from day one? In day one I used to say this way that way now I am more in it. I am more in reflection I

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am more inside now I am more reading or I am closer to Allah improving is becoming much and much and much better. And the last thing in Ramadan related to safety is isml Lehane wartman

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the one of the names of Allah is Al Morton, when we said that Ramadan is the month of safety and belief and faith is smaller. And movement is actually the meaning of it is the one who remove fear is the one who grinds security is the one who infuse faith is Malachy moment, and he is also the Bestower of safety. What does my bond do to me and view in reality, by my fasting by my struggle by my knots on our by my hold on? Why am I trying to be my best by all the difficulties I go through to achieve this? Get me closer to Allah.

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All of us gets closer and closer to Allah because we are obedient to Him. We are doing things that he loves, and it is difficult. And the more we are we obey a lot the more our a man is stronger. And Imani is in faith increased by obedience to Allah spandana. The more I have faith, the more I'm closer to Allah, I am closer to a movement, the one who gave me security make me feel secure and safe. Even if everything around me is not he makes me feel this way. He will accept one of the meanings of the name of a woman is the one who accept my deed that he sees them. I'm doing them with sincerity. Again, why we are fasting. Nobody knows only him. But he knows we are doing it for him.

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Everybody says it's Ramadan. Anytime you see people, even those who are not very practicing outside Ramadan in Ramadan, they tell you no I can do this. It's on Milan Alhamdulillah that's the blessings of Allah. It's the month that's give me safety makes me feel peace and secure and safe. by the fact I'm obeying Allah by the fact that I'm practicing when I'm controlling and I am trying to make the people around me feel safe. And most importantly by me connecting with the name of Allah. Al mortman the one who makes the people safe and remove the fear y'all Allah Allah, slo can be equally as someone who will like ice, ask you in every name, that is your name that you have taught anyone with

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them that you have written it or send it in your book, or those names that you kept it in the knowledge in your knowledge, your ally makarim make us live in safety and faith and security or our life. But absolutely in Ramadan make us leave or Milan Europe be much better than when we entered. We are more in peace with ourselves. We are more MPs and safe for the people around us and more importantly, much more connected to you. You're by me