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Larranaga Rahim Allah 100 illa Billah Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi them be able to saline Mohammed also nice Amana Haida he Vida it was under send them just even cathedral Mavado American sisters Alhamdulillah we continue with the story of the Battle of butter and the aftermath of that, as I mentioned to you this was perhaps the most significant historical event that happened in the history of the Muslims. And it was by without doubt, the first one

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where there was a actual

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physical conflict between the Muslims and the enemies.

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We spoke about the incident of Al Abbas

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and his ransom. And the lesson that we take away from there is that we go, when we deal with people we go by what we can see the evidence that is before us. And we do not unnecessarily suspect people even after the evidence is presented, because the one who knows what is in the hearts of people only, only Allah subhanaw taala and nobody else.

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It is not the place of anyone to say when you see an action to say, well, you know this action is not sincere, we do not know this, nobody can know this, the only one who knows whether an action is sincere or not the loss of anatella and of course an action should be sincere. If you want the action to be beneficial, then it has to be sincere What if the action is not sincere between that individual and Allah subhanaw taala

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very important thing to understand, remember here is that as well as our setup, even though Allah subhanaw taala had told him the names of the munaf Yukina. And these are the people who are not just insincere. But the people who are actually the enemies of Islam and the enemies also as salaam were pretending not to be that. And they tried every trick in the book to try to, to destroy the mission, our sorrows and salah, even though he knew who they were Allah subhanaw taala identify them for him, he did not punish any of them, he did not execute any of them, he did not banish any of them. He didn't punish any of them at all throughout his life.

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And that was the reason because he said that as far as the setting of the law is concerned.

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Because whatever he did, would be followed by his followers. And therefore he did not want to set a precedent, where he even though his knowledge was perfect, his knowledge was from his knowledge was was divided was given by Allah subhanaw taala. But obviously, that was the he was the only one who had and who would have that kind of knowledge. Everybody else's knowledge came from whatever they could observe and their own observation and their own intelligence

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does not compare with the accuracy

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and the factuality of divine knowledge. And therefore, rustlers or Salam did not want to set a precedent, where somebody could say about somebody else, that this person is not sincere this person is,

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you know, even though the actions are there, that this person is pretending and therefore this person should be persecuted. And then quote, the example of the NABI SallAllahu sallam, he cannot do that because you never did that you never gave anybody that chance to quote him in order to do something which could very well be injustice. Another incident of

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at the time of bother, there was a man called Omar bin Wahab. Now he made a promise to himself to assassinate Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam. Now there, there are levels of enmity. There are people who are against Muslims as overall, but there were some people who are who aim directly at also the licensor who might have been would have been one of them.

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He made a pact with someone

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who agreed to take care of his family, if anything happened to him. Now Omar, Abdullah Delano, so this man came to Medina.

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He ends up on a farm sat in Makkah, near the cow and they made this pact

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that he that this guy if you date, someone would take care of his family. And then he traveled to whether

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he came with a with a sword which he had layered with some kind of poison.

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In Medina

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Katara Delana saw him and he he knew and I want to double down was also

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he had amazing quality of

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reading people's faces. This was a knowledge that people used to use to learn in those days barber shop around the law. They also had learned this so they could know by looking at a person's face

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Mind reading, they didn't know what was in his mind, but they knew they could gather a lot more than about that individual about their intention and so on then, you know, say somebody like me who does not know this.

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So say that our other law who caught him and took him to Ross was a seller. So as an asylum, ordered Omar Khattala. Delano to release him. And then he said to him, why have you come? So he said, No, I've come for this and that knows that there has been no, he said, You sat near the cover with safar and you made this pact. It also found that you want to kill me and you're going, you're coming here to kill me. And so fun said that he will take care of your family in case you are killed in the process. That's why you came here. Immediately when when

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he sat us over Lila Hill, Allah was on the console

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or messenger of Allah, I accept You are the messenger because there is no way nobody knew this.

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Nobody could know this except Allah Subhana Allah and Allah Samaritan has informed you and he apologized. Surah Surah has recently released it, and he returned to Makkah and he became a

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it became a day of Islam. He started preaching Islam and many people became Muslim from the Dawa of Omar bin Wahab. Now

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bond one thing here to understand is as they say, every saint has a past and every sinner has a future when you look at somebody never condemned them. Never look at a person and say this this person is destined for the hellfire. Nope. And similarly don't say Don't say about somebody that they're destined for Jana only Allah. Allah is the One Who owns Jana and Johanna, not you and me, Allah did not give you and me the freedom to ask to assign people to either place. So let us stay within the boundaries of our authority and our authority is zero as far as other people are concerned our authority only on ourselves, let us correct ourselves and ensure that we get into

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Jana, and out of Johanna, forget about other people in this context. So here you have a case of somebody who is the evil of the evil I mean, he this person is not just

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anti Islam and anti Rasulullah Salem, but he has actually wowed and pledged to go and assassinate and kill the Prophet Muhammad Salah highly while he was able to sell them. Now, how what can be worse than that yet? Allah subhanaw taala chooses this person to come to Islam through this means.

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Why did he come to Islam because he wanted to kill himself. If he did not if he did not want to kill the soil as if he had not wanted to kill the summarizer Salah if he was kind of neutral and so on and so forth. Or like other people, he was not neutral, he would have been against Islam, but he was also not hell bent on killing Rasul Allah,

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he probably would not have counted but you know, nothing would have happened and he would still have remained on his on his old religion. He would never accept Islam, he came to Islam because he had this very evil intention. But Allah subhanaw taala used that evil intention

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to guide him to Islam.

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And then he remained steadfast on Islam until his death and he is now therefore when we take his name and we say, oh, may have been what have we said, well, the Allahu Anhu

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because that is his right that he should be referred to as the Allahu Anhu because he was he was he was so heavy for sorcerer salah. And not only did he become Muslim, but he was the cause for many other people also to enter Islam.

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Another lesson

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from the battle of burger is a lesson for all of us. That Allah subhanaw taala

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draws the our attention to the fact that the victory Elijah Allah never praise the Muslim for the victory. Allah did not say you were great fighters and you fought so bravely and your strategy was so wonderful, and so on and so forth. A lot of antennas that Allah gave you with a lot of runners that I said, Well ma Allah Who loves Bushra lagoon, while he talked about in Hulu who be woman Nasiru Illa man and dilla Hill as he is ill Hakeem Allah's Valterra said Allah made it not but as a message of good news for you, and an assurance

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to your heart, and there is no victory except from Allah subhanho wa Taala the Almighty and the always. Now there's a loss of our data making it very clear and saying that

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victory is only and only from Allah Subhan

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In a hotel and not from anywhere and anybody else.

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it is very important for us to keep these things in mind.

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Then I was worried that I said, wah wah Giada, Hula, hula Bushra valeted Valleta. In vehicle who woman NASA, mean and Allah He, in Allah as season Hakeem ALLAH SubhanA dataset,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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made it only as blood tidings that your hearts

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be restful.

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And so, this is the thing that a lot smarter made this

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give this victory to you and he

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give this so that you will be you will be assured and you will be restful and you will.

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And that allows one to the victory that you got is from Allah subhanaw taala Sorry, I got a bit confused. Now, this is a lesson in Thorkil, where when you when you understand that despite all your efforts and ability victory comes only from Allah subhanaw taala. So the Muslim is humble in victory, the most and then the other the opposite side. When you lose, you don't lose despair, because you know that you did your best. Right? So what in both ways,

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victory is

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from Allah. And if there is

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defeat, that defeat also is because you did the your You did your best. But Allah subhanho wa Taala

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decreed whatever he wished to decree. And so therefore this is a lesson in our code. Both ways. So when you lose your own despair, and when you when you do not become arrogant, in your winning, and you don't start saying oh, you know, this is I'm the champion, I'm the chief and this, No, you said Hamdulillah he actually had all peace and all.

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All thanks is only and only to ALLAH SubhanA hotel agility and

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in any state that we might be. Now,

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let us look at some of the events between mother and child

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or sort of Salem approached the Jewish tribes of Medina as citizens of Medina. And his covenant between them, the Muslims and the non Muslim Arabs is clear to show this. So when he came to other aid,

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the treatment for everyone was equal. And that is that is how Islamic the Islamic system, as far as worldly affairs is concerned, as far as government is concerned and so on, does not distinguish and does not give superiority to Muslims over others. Justice in Islam is one and that justice is the same justice, irrespective of who you are. That's the whole point of justice. The whole point of the meaning of justice is that it is only and only from Allah subhanaw taala. Let me go back a little bit before this.

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Before we come to the event, beaten by the rod,

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sticking to what I just said about taco, and equanimity, whether you win or you lose, ensuring that you do your best in both situations. The best example of this and the best guidance of this is from

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from sort of the NASA where ultramarathon said Elijah Nasir Allah He Walford, what I ate and NASA Hello, and I feed in Ilahi of wider passerby. hamdulillah because the pharaoh in Pokhara, wobba and last minute that I said with the help of Allah subhanaw taala comes and you see people entering Islam, not in ones and twos, but in huge groups in armies in entire cities and nations becoming Muslim. Now imagine what's a bigger victory than that. In Islam victory is not loot with victory is not spoils of war victory is not

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acquisition of territory. Victory is not enslaving people victory is not golden jewels and money and oil wells and whatnot. Victory is to lead people into Jannah.

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Victory is to lead people into paradise that is victory in Islam, there is no other form of Victory. Victory is to lead people into Jannah. And Allah is saying when the help of Allah subhanaw taala comes meaning you have been struggling is not this is not happening just like that. Meaning you have been struggling to do this. You have been trying to present this lab to the people

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And suddenly you find that it's all falling and falling, it's all falling into place. People are

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accepting Islam and not just one than two there's huge numbers of people who are accepting accepting Islam. And last

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year, the Kelowna feeding delay, they are entering into the deen of Allah of Weijun in armies in big huge groups. What must you do for some baby humbly Arabic, first and foremost, what must you do? You shouldn't say Oh, I'm the job brilliant, I'm successful, put it on Facebook, make videos and movies and spread all over the world. So when people become Muslim, no, none of that garbage that we do today, that is garbage. That is that is the worst you can do. You're completely wiping out your your deeds, by

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by by propagating them and by publicizing them all over the world as your great effort that you did completely wiped out. May Allah protect us from ourselves. Let us not find a situation where we come on the day of judgment and we expecting to see all these benefits that we coming accruing to us for all that we think we did and we find that there is nothing there. It's all wiped clean, because the deed was adulterated with insincerity with the desire for publicity with RIA with trying to show off right this is the terrible situation that we have made for ourselves thanks to social media.

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So here

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and not around data to see what must you do when you see this great success you made that you made a lot of effort and your effort was successful? What must you say? On my effort for sub B mehandi.

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Make this be of Allah subhanaw taala and make hamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala remember Allah subhanaw taala and tag Allah subhanho wa Taala was still Pharaoh and then seeing the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala in Okinawa, he is the one who forgives. Now think about this, you might say well, you know, I made all this effort for Allah Subhana Allah Maradona helped me I accept i and Allah subhanaw taala give this victory Alhamdulillah What is there to apologize about what is there to seek forgiveness.

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But that is the essence of thought. The essence of Taqwa is to recognize that the success comes from a loss of errata not from me, and to recognize the fact that if I do not put myself in my place, then the chances are that I'm going to adulterate my action and the result of that action with my own arrogance. I will become the the shriek with Allah subhanaw taala in that victory, I wouldn't say this because of Allah's help and my effort No, unless seeing your effort is worthless and meaningless. That doesn't mean you don't make the effort you make the effort because this is the work of Allah, Samantha, but nothing happened because of her effort. It happened because Allah

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subhanaw taala chose to make your effort worthy of that result.

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Right, Allah chose that Allah subhanho wa Taala chose to make your effort worthy of that result. It didn't happen because of your effort, it happened because Allah subhanaw taala chose your effort to be worthy of that result. And that is why we make as the far the stefarr is a Tawheed of the heart is the fire is the cleaning at the dusky of the knifes, it is to purify our hearts from

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the great sin and the great evil of shirk, where otherwise shatter would have taken us down the road, which has taken so many people that whatever however, is because of my effort, and yeah, okay, so Allah helped me, you know, this is the, please be very, very careful in this become to the events between

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whether or not and as I mentioned you slightly, the principle of justice in Islam is very, very clear. Justice is justice. There are no two rules and two laws for two different people it is it is one law. And the same law applies to anyone Muslim or non Muslim. In Islam Dinorah have been or not have different punishments for different the punishment is for the crime, it is not dependent on who committed the crime. And not not only Muslim or non Muslim, it is not even punished and dependent on the individual as in powerful and rich and not reaching out. None of that make no dislike that tried.

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Different different punishment for white people, different punishment for black people, no. In Islam. The law is very clear, the route the rights of people are the same, the punishments are the same, the rewards are the same. So as soon as I sell them when he wrote his covenant, and the covenant was between the Muslims and the non Muslims and in a non Muslim there were two kinds of non Muslims in Medina. They will do

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was tribes and they were

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some non Muslim Arabs. And unless about the Angelus eliminated the covenant, making all of them equal to each other, all of them citizens of Medina,

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all of them subject only to the authority of Allah subhanaw taala and is nabi sallallahu alayhi salam. However, as time passed, the Jewish tribes broke the agreement. And they plotted against Roswell, Salem,

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and the Muslims. And so they committed treason against their own container. This is the important thing to understand. Because sometimes people say, Oh, but you know, why was salam was unfair to the Jews and so on. He was not unfair to the Jews, the Jews of Medina brought it on themselves. If you live in America, by any country, for that matter, you live in America, you live in India, you live in, you live in, you know,

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Britain or any country in the world. If you live in that country, and you are a citizen of that country, you all first allegiance, and the only allegiance to that country, not to anybody else. When Rishi Sunak the very classy example, which is very current, today in 2020, to 2023, when Rishi Sunak was, was elected, the prime minister of Britain, a lot of people say, Oh, he's a Hindu, he is he's Indian. And so this will be great for India, but many political commentators and this is nonsense. Because this is sunnah is a British citizen, he is the prime minister of Britain. So this is Linux loyalty, can only be and should only be to Britain, not to India, not when he's a Hindu,

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yes, right. And so it

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doesn't matter if he's a Hindu, it doesn't matter if he's a Muslim, doesn't matter if he's, if he's a Jew, or whoever he is, his loyalty will be to Britain, his religion does not come into the picture. Second thing is that if he's India, by, you know, ethnicity, it makes no difference, his loyalty is still to the country of which he is the prime minister, the country of which he is the citizen. Now, if Rishi Sunak were to do something, which was

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harmful and detrimental to Britain, and if you said, you know, I'm India, and I am a Hindu, therefore, I am doing something for the benefit of Indians and benefit of Hindus of the Hindus of India In India does not have only Hindus India has is a pluralistic

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multi, multicultural, multi ethnic, multi religious society. But I'm talking about the Hindus of India, because he's he, if he's if he says, I want to help the Hindus of India, I want to help India. And so I did something Yeah, sure. It was bad for Britain. But it doesn't matter. After all, I'm I am Indian, and I'm Indian ethnicity, ethnically, and I'm a, I'm a Hindu, if he said that, I never got to everything he said that this would be treason, right? If he is harming the country in which he lives, the country of which he is a citizen, whoever it is, whichever country it is, if you are if you live in if you live in a country, then you all loyalty to that country. This is Islam.

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Billing with this Islam, if you live in a country, I live in America. And if I am a citizen of America, then I even if I'm not a citizen of America, I live in America, I have a visa to live in America. I am a legal resident of America, and therefore I owe loyalty to America. If I do anything which is harmful to America, then I will be committing treason.

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I cannot say well, you know, I'm here only for a short time I'm here, there's no, even if you if you're here for a day, even if you're here for part of a day, as long as you are in a nation, you are supposed to be loyal to that nation, and not do anything harmful to that nation literally in Islam. If you are if you're if you are living in a country, and you're driving a car, if you go to a red light, this in Islam is a major sin that you have committed.

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Whether or not anyone caught you.

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It doesn't matter if there was a if there was no policeman there or there was no red light there. If you are a no camera, if you went to a red light, which means you broke a law of the country, it might look like a small thing but in Islam in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala, you have committed a major sin.

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Now, in this context, think about what happened in Medina, here were these Jewish tribes. They signed that agreement, they signed the covenant with a Surah Surah salaam, they swore to,

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to work for the benefit of Medina as a state. They they were the citizens of the state. They were people who are enjoying the benefits of being citizens of the state of the state, of which the Head of State was Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was Abu salah, and they committed treason. They tried to poison the sorrows. So they actually did, and some of the effects of the poison remained with him one of one of the Sahaba who was with him

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died because of this poison, yet he did not even he immediately, the court there was a Jewish woman who did that

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they invited him for meal and when

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that meal the poison. Now

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despite that rasa Salem

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did not execute that lady, he did not punish that lady,

00:25:29--> 00:25:33

even though because of her poisoning one of his own companions and died,

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but this is what they did, and they did other actions, which were detrimental to the Muslims and,

00:25:43--> 00:25:54

and resources themselves. So they committed treason. Now, one of the incidents here, Sofia of the Alana, one of our one of the wives also was asylum, and

00:25:56--> 00:26:36

among the Mahato moving in among the Mothers of the Believers, she said, None of the children my father, or my uncle, her uncle was, Hawaii had been stabbed, and his brother, Abu Yassa, so her father was waving a stop. And his brother was we asked him, he said, None of the children of my father or my uncle were more popular with them than I was then me. She said that they loved me more than anybody else. When as soon as I came to Medina, they went to him early in the morning, and returned in the evening, totally exhausted, so that they could hardly walk. I raised over to them to greet them, but they did not notice me. Then I heard we ourselves saying to my father, is that he

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then is this the man? He's the Prophet? Who I said, Yes, I swear in the name of Allah, this is the Prophet, that we have been waiting for. We also said, So how will you relate to him? So what will you do with him, and why I said, I will be his enemy as long as I am alive.

00:26:56--> 00:27:13

Now see this, you know, this was the attitude of the some of the Jewish leaders, because even though they knew who he was, this is not because of a mistaken identity they knew. And they are the people who they were the people of the book and they had the knowledge, they knew, but they decided to,

00:27:14--> 00:27:33

to oppose Him and to deny him, just like Abuja, held it in Abuja, and I will update in Makkah, they knew he was they accepted, they understood this a year is the man he is the correct man, and he is the prophet of Allah, but I will not support him because these are ego issues. You know, if I accept his,

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if I accept him as a prophet, then I have to accept that I am therefore subject to his rule, right? I have to accept his him as my ruler, I will not do that. So why I said, I will. He said, I swear in the name of Allah, that he is the right man. But I will be enemy as long as I'm alive. So this denial is due to hatred, even though that they knew that he was the messenger of Allah.

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Another one was sharp and ice. He was, he was, he was old. He was a Jewish man, he was very old. He also hated the Muslims. And he was

00:28:15--> 00:28:19

was shoddy to recover. He was, you know, in tents in his car.

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He saw that the house and hazards were now united. So he said, the house and cars are united, as long as the Arabs are united, we are at risk. So he said to a young Jewish man who was sitting with him bring up the Days of War between them and remind them of what they used to do, go and read some poetry and instigate a fight between them. Because this is what this is how they played one against the other of the Arab tribe for generations, and that's how they maintain their superiority. So he's a do that. So the young man started to,

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he went there and he started to do this. And slowly a shouting match started, people started, you know, they have a passionate people in the very susceptible to this stuff. So then they stood up and they challenge each other they agreed to meet in a political Hara,

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which was outside Medina to fight so the author of the hundreds, the newsletter which I sent him, and he rushed to them and he said, Oh, Muslims fear Allah. Are you going to renew your enmity? While I am among you?

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Are you going to bring back all the evils of Jamelia when Allah subhanaw taala has put love for each other in your hearts and has favored you with brother.

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Now, this habit was so

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affected by this, that they hugged each other. And

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you know, and they

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and then they made up the beauty of the Sahaba revoir la la was by

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Allah gives this beautiful man to wear

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As soon as they

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learned, no matter what was happening, as soon as they learned

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that what they were doing was wrong, immediately they accepted it. And immediately they changed their ways. Without without a doubt, instantly they did that. And that is the you know, the huge

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the superior to this habit over everybody else. We ask Allah subhanaw taala geladeira Lu

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to NA and to enable us to have a man like this I have to be as responsive to goodness as responsive to being corrected as responsive to improving ourselves as the Sahaba used to be, and to help us to live in a way which is pleasing to Him. geladeira masala Ananda will carry while Ali was having member of the government