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Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The first generation of Islam is a culture that represents the culture of the first Muslims, particularly the first Muslims who converted to Islam. The rise of Islam in cities like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Pakistan, as well as challenges faced by Muslims in their roles in their communities, such as lack of support and support for the first lady. The importance of giving gifts and being a Muslim is also discussed. The generation after men is also highlighted, with a focus on being a good mother and being a good father. The legacy of homeschooling and the importance of women in the generation after men is also discussed.
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Alhamdulillah Moo hoo and as in when quiero may not be hit the workflow, Ollie and Ollie bIllahi min Sharon Yun phocoena Amin see Dr. Marlena Mejia the healer, who for them will dilla when will you do for the hottie Rama bad?

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Today we'll begin looking at some of the biographies of the answer.

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And we mentioned last week that it's important that we become familiar with the great heroes of the first generation.

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And often when we study the first generation, we focus on the muhajir rune. We focus on the great first Muslims who converted in early Naka and Abu Bakr and Omar and Osman and Ali, deja all of these breeds the harbor who founded Mahajan, but sometimes we forget that they were another group of Sahaba were also important and also great role models for us. And those were the inside of Medina.

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Should we start to see any of Goodman's on the answer of Medina. I want to start with the biography of a very important woman, by the name of homeschooling, or roommates. radula.

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roommates or Rajon her more commonly known by her Kunia homeschooling was perhaps the first woman of Medina to accept Islam. We actually don't know exactly when she accepted Islam. But we know from the very beginning of the story of Medina, she's there, already a Muslim. So she's definitely one of the first people of Medina to accept Islam. Because we go back her story begins like two years before the prophets Allah leaves and goes to Medina. Our story begins before the pledge of aqua

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jet when Islam first comes to Medina and Musa even Ahmed first goes to Medina and does Dawa to the people of Medina. She's amongst those in love with people who convert at that time.

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And the story of Mr. Lim is important for a variety of reasons. Number one, she's one of the first people of Medina to convert to Islam. Number two, her home is perhaps the most blessed home in Medina because she is a great hobby. But so what's her sister Omar haram, a brothers flame and haram. Husband, I will tell her, her brother in law on his even doesn't have sons. Her sons are Alberto, even Malik, Anas ibn Malik, Abu Omar and even Abdullah Abdullah even Abby told her these are all giants amongst the sahaba. These are like some of the most famous of the sahaba. And they all come from this one family. And she is the center of this family. So understanding her role in

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this era and in our history is very important for understanding who the answers were and what the personality was like.

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Recently, from the very beginning, that homeschooling was someone who gave preference to Islam over everything else. So when she first convert to Islam, her husband at that time, Malik YB, another he is a businessman. And he's traveling between Medina and Surya he comes back to Medina and he learns that his wife and his children have become Muslim. And he becomes very angry. So he confronts her about it. And she says, Yes, we become Muslim, you should also become Muslim. And he refuses to listen to her. And he gets angry and he goes off on another business trip. And he passes away somewhere in Syria as a disbeliever. So only so then convert to Islam. The children convert to

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Islam. The husband fights with her leaves, town and guidance. Suddenly she's a widow.

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Or despite all of the problems that are happening, her image gets stronger and stronger. And somewhat sometimes when we do the right thing, and then something goes wrong in our life. We think like why me? Why is this happening to me, but the attitude of the Sahaba because when things go wrong, this is Allah's test. This is a sign that we are on the right path, and they became stronger in the IMA.

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So she becomes a widow, and one of the nobleman of Medina, by the name of Abu Taha, he proposes to her. I will tell her at this time he is the richest man in Medina. He owns this garden, a very beautiful and amazing garden. He will talk about the next week when we discuss his biography. Because he's another underrated gem in our history, I will tell him, he's this amazing, wealthy man of Medina. And he learns that this noble woman has been widowed. So he proposes to her and he comes to the huge caravan lots of wealth to give her as a dowry as a Mahara and he proposes to her and she replies I can't value you know, the Muslim

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and he shocked by this reply because again, at this point in time, Islam is still new in Medina. Most people in Medina have not even heard about Islam yet. So he thinks that she wants more money. And he she explains I don't want any money. If you convert to Islam, that will be memberhub that will be wiped out. If you convert to Islam

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That would be my daughter.

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She's begins to do Dawa to him. Over the next few weeks she explains to him why you shouldn't worship idols, why you should worship God alone. And eventually in her home, he takes his shahada and her son honestly dramatic performs the niqab between them and they get married. And the people of Medina used to say that we don't know of any Mahara, more noble than the Mahara home yesterday, because her Mahara was Islam. Muhammad was Islam, that even though she was married, the wealthiest man in Medina, she didn't want any money. She just wanted him to become a Muslim. So I would tell her convert to Islam, he becomes one of the leaders of the answer. He becomes a very important

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figure in our history that many of us don't know about, and we'll talk about him in details next week. For today's almost same story next week, we'll be historian Sharla. Everything we just mentioned, takes place before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even moves to Medina. This is very early Islam. Right. This is the first Muslims of Medina and the challenges that they are facing. And so only us today. He's amongst his first batch. And so the second stage of Aqaba takes place where a group of 70 and Sam, go from Medina to Makkah to pledge allegiance to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam to promise to protect him if he comes and lives in Medina. Right at that

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time, it was called yesterday. And this group is a group of 17 men and two women. Who do you think it was two women were wonderful yesterday, and the other was received in DeKalb, another very important woman in our history. So almost really, she wants to go and she wants to be in the forefront and she wants to be there and to pledge allegiance to the prophets, Allah is and by the way, this pledge was a pledge that we will fight for you and you will die for you. i This is a pledge so it only men go in. She goes to and she takes the pledge. So Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he takes the pledge from the people of Medina. He moves to Medina, and everyone is coming and giving

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him gifts.

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And Omar Salim is thinking what what kind of gift can I give Rasulullah sallallahu what's the best gift I can give him?

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So she takes a 10 year old son and a supermodel and she goes to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and she says, Oh Rasul Allah, this is my son honors, he is yours. He will work for you. He will serve if you do whatever you want him to do. He's at your service. Just make dua for him. Just make dua for him. So her son enters, becomes the worker or employee or mentee of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the apprentice of Rasulullah Salallahu Salam at the age of 10. And for the next 10 years, every single day, unless even Malik is with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from the age of 10 from the age of 22. Put us into context Rasulullah sallallahu Newsom's

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house is attached to the masjid the cross the road is almost to them Abu Dhabi has house every morning understood wake up at the end is in his parents house, take a walk across the road move to the prophets lyceums house has been the whole day with you wherever the profit is made, and it's even more adequate. And this is why when we read the narrations of Medina, then you need in the regions of Medina most of them are from anastomotic you will see the Prophet and I were walking and this happened. The Prophet and I were in the marketplace and this happened. The Prophet and I were in the masjid this happened. He's the one who is narrating everything because his mother put him in

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this position to shadow rasool Allah allow him to be there with him to be his apprentice to mirror everything off him. Honestly Kumari at this young age, he becomes the the apprentice of Rasulullah Salman, he spent the next 10 years working for him. And Rasulullah saw some make some really beautiful too. He says, Oh Allah bless him in his life and his descendants and his wealth.

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You see him in his life and his descendants and Israel. Now remember, in those days, children used to die. Yeah.

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And if you are sending your young child to work for someone else, we're not gonna be working for you. You're not gonna be making money for you. There's a chance they could die young without even spending much time with you. But he makes this dua for aniseed Malika. Honestly, Malik lives to the age of 105 105. And he has over 80 children and hundreds of grandchildren. The descendants of commercial aim today are literally in the hundreds of 1000s. Because of this dua, and under symbol Malik became so wealthy. He was so much Baraka in his world, that everybody who was starting a business who wanted to be a silent partner, you would ask him to invest in the business, because if

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he invested in a business guaranteed to make profits, he was so much better than us what?

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All of this into our mother asking the Prophet make dua for my son, this is the fruit of that lesson. Make dua for your children, and ask righteous people to make dua for your children because you don't know which two are will be accepted. I will go on to benefit him for life.

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So we see the selflessness of boomers today, we see the piety of Missoula and she plays a very important role in the Sierra for the next 10 years.

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From the specialty Loomis leave Rajala. One ha was that she was a mom of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now we're not exactly sure how, but it seemed that she was. She was related to him from his mother's side. And her tribe was his mother's tribe. So, the Rasulullah saw some had a very close relationship with Mr. Lehmann, a system, which was very different from the other Sahaba he would go to the house, he would relax to the house, spend time sitting and talking with them, he will sometimes take a nap there, he would spend time with the children, they were family to him, your close family to him. So a lot of amazing stories take place in the house of homeschooling.

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Because also last summer spent a lot of time in house and miracles took place in the house. Miracles took place in a house in the sense that sometimes she would give food to the guests and Rasul Allah said would be there, and the food will not get finished, it will just keep it will even be almost like there was infinite food and medical, you know, and she was the one who preserved some of the artifacts of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So when he would cut his hair, she would keep some of the hair when he was sweating. You achieve it through the sweat in a bottle because it's small, but in a perfume. So she preserved some of his artifacts. Almost relearn how to pray the Lord

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around role in that she had that she was a very brave woman we already said she went to the pledge of Aqaba. And she took a pledge and she promised to protect Rasul Allah. So Allah Who leaves me we see in every battle that Rasulullah salAllahu alayhi salam took part in or Muslim was present. She was there. As a nurse. She was there to deliver water. She was there in the back watching the army and on one occasion, Rasulullah Slauson Minister haba going for jihad, and he says Mr. Lim with a dagger. And he asked her, What are you going to do with the with the dagger? And she says, you watch the frontlines I watch the back. You watch the plant, right. I watch the back, you go in front of it

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right in the front, outstaying the back make sure no hypocrites attack you from behind. That's why she's here with a dagger to fight of the hypocrites. So this was the courage of Oh, Mr. Lehmann. What do you think, is the result of such a courageous mother raising her sons? A son Alba Roybal Malik becomes a Greek Mujahid one of those who killed Muslim aka drop the false prophet in the Battle of Yamama Aslan anastomotic. We know him as the great Hadith scholar. He also had a great Majapahit herself, Abdullah Abdullah, another great Mujahid you see the jihad ran in the blood, and all of her descendants with read warriors, because their mother was such a great warrior. She was so

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brave, what do you think her children would be like? As always, the name was known also for a carnage.

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Almost Her name was also known for caring for the orphans. And this is a beautiful quality that has been lost in our times.

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The her home always had orphans in it. If a child in Medina was orphaned, they would find a home in the house or Muslim or Potala. And so there are many, many innovations where you will just see that these are often in the home. Like it's just like a movie so often in the home, for example. And Malik said that once Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam came to our home, and it was me my mother and an orphan and we agreed Salah with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this orphans are growing up in their home. And another nation, there was an orphan girl growing up in the home of Warminster name, and Rasulullah sallallahu leaves them he sees this often go and he's like, you're

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getting too big, you need to stop growing, right? He says this jokingly. And she gets scared. And she thinks that this is a curse. And she goes crying to Mr. Lim and says that Rasulullah saw some Kusmi that I'm never gonna get bigger, I'm gonna die young. So she goes to clarify and Rasulullah saw some curly fries and says no, it's nothing like that is just an expression. And whatever I see a lot always takes in a good meaning. Allah only answers a good meaning. So we see the orphans, or had a close relationship with them yesterday. And I want us to think about this. This is a woman who is wealthy, right? She's from a leading family. She has four of her own sons. She is helping the OMA in

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so many ways. But she still finds time to take care of the authors. And many people who are often remote people will often in Medina, their time because of the backups.

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What do we do for the orphans in our community? Are we helping them how many of us will actually take off into our home and raise them as our this is from the great,

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amazing qualities of homeschooling. Allah be pleased with

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you man sitting with a really amazing woman who raised very amazing children.

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And she also was the role model of slavery, of patience, because she faced what one of the greatest trials that any mother could face.

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But one of her sons died young.

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And we know the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that any parent who is patient with the death of a young child that tried to intercede for him on the day of judgment, she always had them had four sons. Oberoi, Ben Malik, the great majority, and a sibling Malik the great Hadith scholar

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About omen and Abdullah ibn Amitabha

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Babu male are the small child, maybe three or four years old, and he's famous for being a child who had a pet bird called nuclear. And whenever Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihe Salam will visit the home he would play with with his child and deployed and asked him what's the build up to the famous thing your abdomen masala ngulia are booming what happening with new with new ways this is a show so I'm talking to a child about his pet good. But eventually the bird dies and even the child dies. And we don't know why because they didn't have the medical tools they had that that we have now. But the child had the fever and he dies. Only Salim is patient with his debt. And she is she tells her

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husband about it in a very

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empathetic way that she knows he's going to take it harder than her because at that point, that's his only child. She still has two other children. That's his only child. And it happens that that night that her the her child died, she became pregnant.

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And Rasulullah saw some made dua that Allah blesses the child of us. And then nine months later, she has her fourth child, Abdullah, even

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Abdullah grows up to be a great Mujahid and his children. Seven of them become copies of the Quran. So she was patient with the death of a child. Nine months later Allah bless them with another child at home that child can bring Allah MA and Greg who was of the Quran and read Mujahideen because of her summer. So from what can we learn from the life oh my god, we can learn to be the first to rush to do good deeds always be the one rushing to do good deeds. We learned to be firm on our principles. Don't compromise your principles for anyone. As she refused to compromise our principles on average, we learned to be courageous to be brave. We learn to raise our children well. Motherhood

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is a secret duty. And an amazing mother reads is extraordinary children. We learn about caring for the offense. We care we learn about loving Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and we learn about being patient with the calamities of life. We ask Allah to grant us these qualities you ask Allah to extract from the Sahaba We ask Allah to be pleased with them and to goodness our hearts nothing but love for the Sahaba Subhana rahbek Robin easily. Salam Alaikum Rosaleen hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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hamdulillah who was there was so that was salam ala mon Lana, Ba ba ba ba ba in Addison tabula. The Pharaoh had you had the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shuddered ammonia to have a coulomb was sitting

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out in dolla Dolla dolla can can now

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I want us to reflect on the legacy of homeschooling.

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You see, all of us are going to pass away one day. What kind of legacy do we leave behind? What do we leave behind the benefits others? What did I miss today in reply, she left behind Annecy, Ben Malik, and who is honestly been the second greatest narrator of Hadith, the second greatest governorate of Hadees after Abu Huraira and the cinematic is the greatest narrator of Hadees. The unseen family from the age of 10 to the age of 20, is the apprentice of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then from the age of 20, to the age of 105. He is sitting in the masjid of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam teaching Hadith.

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I mean, you cope with any book of Hadith, you have narration for understatement, Malik, because his mother made the sacrifice of sending the Son to be the apprentice of Rasulullah. So not least the message for young age. So from her legacies on a supermodel, now her legacy our own bodies, and yesterday was one of the most important the reach of Heidi's amongst the female Sahaba after I should have regular one her and only selama she may be the third or fourth most prolific hydrogenerator amongst the female Sahaba and in fact the Hadith about Medina but life in Medina, in majority of the income from two people are Muslim, and Hassan Malik. Your whole story of Medina

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underrated like this dramedy, that almost every story either she's narrating it or her son is narrating it from her legacy is generation of one generation of pallava. When you lead the chain of the reaches of these bodies now want you to look at this that many of us will need a Hadees we just read the text we don't need the chain of the readers. But there are many, many Hadith when you read the chain of the raters, you will see that it is the great grandson of others even while the rating from his father, the rating from his father, the rating from his father with other Supermatic rating from his mother with whom Mr. Lim that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said something. The

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whole chain is just the descendants of women actually. The whole chain is just as this color upon a nice color but at least color for generation after generation. Because her family her descendants were

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the her descendants were many, many great scholars of police. And this is part of her legacy. Part of the legacy. It

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that she may have more descendants today than any other hobby. She actually had more definitively than any other hobby. We actually can't trace the legacy of the lineage of some of them because they were so many because think about it. Her son Ernest had 80s trauma. And his 80 children had hundreds of children. And honestly go Malik would walk to the masjid and he was like 80 or 90 years old. People would think his army following him or there was a group of students following him. And people will say that's just his children and grandchildren, like 200 people following him, because you see children and grandchildren. This is the legacy of homeschooling I think about those children having

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children and having children for the past 1400 years. Now imagine how many adults out there actually descended to homeschooling. They're all part of a legacy from the legacy of homes today. It's the preservation of the Quran. Because her grandchildren, the seven sons of Abdullah Abdullah, we all have his autograph. We all have it of the Quran. The preservation of the Quran also comes from her.

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Look at this amazing woman from her. We have Hadith from her, we have Quran from her will encourage one another. But the most important part of a legacy what is the one thing every wisdom wants? Gender

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Once he had a dream about gender, we know the dreams of the prophets of Revelation. And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, I saw a Jana and immediately I saw a roommate.

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And then I heard the footsteps of Bilal, and I saw the parallels are

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so in this dream, glad tidings of for three people that they're guaranteed gender, uma Romeo hakab, Bilal radula, huamu and room Isa.

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And what's amazing is he years the footsteps of Bilal, he sees the palace of Omaha October, but for almost too lame, he sees her engender, he sees her physically there. That's the first thing he sees it almost with him standing in general. So in her life Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave her the glad tidings of gender. And he had a dream in which he saw her in general and in the readers this dream to the Sahaba and they pass it on and this is the ultimate goal of the believer, everything else is secondary, whether we become wealthy or not is secondary. Right Everything else is secondary, what matters is getting to Jana and she had got that. So let us take lessons from the

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life of Gomez to name this take her as a role model. Let us take her as someone who we can learn from and be a be like, and let us name our daughter's roommates up after her so that this legacy continues to be named after a great role model.

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You ask Allah to accept our efforts we ask Allah to grant the Sahaba the highest levels of gender to remove on our hearts any disliked we may have to add any of this haba and replace it with nothing but love for all of these hub of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam Ramana Hatena dunya husband fulfill the husband are working at Domina Subhana rahbek Robin is at MIT Pune salam ala mousseline. Well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Aki Salam

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