The Inked Remedy #07

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It’s all come crashing down


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The transcript describes a period of stress and confusion for family members, leading to negative behavior and family members becoming upset and losing faith. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the implementation of the decree of Islam and the implementation of the Sirocco. A disturbing windstorm killed everyone and left many with sadness and anxiety, leading to a series on Islam, starting with a video on " admit to it" and a series on " admit to it" to encourage others to help others.

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haven't talked to anyone in so long.

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They will never pray that

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we will fail fade into

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18 February

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it's been almost a month now. And nothing has changed

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a few months ago, or dad was still alive.

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I formed the plan for our family's finances and planned ahead to establish regulation in our assets.

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All that hard work. Yet within days, it's come crashing down. We were back to square one.

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I really don't get it.

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I was doing a good thing. I was trying to do something novel for the family.

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Was it for me?

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And yeah, as soon as my dad dies, it all means nothing.

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I mean, if I could go back in time now.

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I guess I would have done things differently.

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How different would things be right now? If dad was still happy?

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Yeah, you're perfectly right. And your father remained the circumstances may have been somewhat different. But Adam, how do you know that they would have been a better set of circumstances not worse.

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But you see, it's not this, I want you to dwell on something altogether different. Adam, what has before knew had to happen. And it couldn't have happened any other way. It's something that was written 1000s of years before the creation of the heavens and the earth and so essentially, now your heart to rest. Allah subhanho wa Taala he said, ma slammed by me mostly Betina fill out will be well Fe and fusi come in fi kita be mu Mobley and Abraha in Nevada Anika and Allah He has here. There is no disaster Allah says that befalls the earth, or in yourselves except that it is in a book before we bring it into existence and that is easy for Allah.

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I see you writing in your diary, which reminds me that the very first creation of Allah was the pen. And then after creating it, he commanded it to write what did he command it to write.

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It was set to the pen up to makadi or a coalition in Hatha Homosassa write down the pen was told the decrees of everything, until the day of judgment,

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the realization that all matters were already written. That other divine decree is the strategy of the universe.

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And it's a strategy that is most mysterious in its wisdoms. This is a realization that allows the heart to rest. No longer will you be beat up by the what ifs and the if only is because it was only ever going to happen in one way. Isn't that a soothing thought even the non Muslims Subhanallah who spend time with the Muslims who act upon this belief in other are witness to the peace that it brings around. I never forget brother Adam, that article I once read that was titled The Garden of Allah, where Colonel Ronald Bodley, a British Army officer, and an author and a journalist, tells the world of his experiences with the Muslims. He says that in 1918, I decided to turn my back on

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the world that I had known and went to North West Africa and lived with the with the Arabs, the Muslims Yanni, in the Sahara. I lived there for seven years, I learned to speak the language of the nomads. I wore their clothes, I ate their food, I adopted their mode of life. I became became an an owner of sheep. I slept on the ground in Arab tents. And then he says something so profound, that those seven years which I spent with those wandering shepherds, were the most peaceful and contented years of my life. He said that they take life so calmly. They never hurry or get into unnecessary temples when things go wrong. Because they know that what is ordained is ordained, and that no one

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but God can alter anything. However, he says, that doesn't mean that in the face of a disaster, they sit down and do nothing. To illustrate, let me

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tell you he says of a fierce burning windstorm of the Sirocco, which I experienced. When I was living in the Sahara. It held and scream for three days and nights. It was so strong, so fierce that it blew sand from the Sahara hundreds of miles across the Mediterranean and sprinkled over the Rhone Valley in France. He said that the wind was so hot, I felt as if the hair was being scorched off my head. My throat was completely parched, my eyes burned, my teeth are full of gray.

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I felt as if I was standing in front of the third is in a glass factory.

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And I was driven as near crazy as a man can be and retaining his sanity. But the Arabs he said they didn't complain. They shrug their shoulders, and they simply said Mick tube.

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Arabic word for it is written, it's written,

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He said, But immediately after the storm was over, they sprang into action. They slaughtered all of the Lambs because they knew that they would die anyway. And after the lambs were slaughtered, the flocks were driven southward to the water. This was done calmly, without worry, or complaining, no mourning over their losses. The tribal chief said it's not too bad.

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We may have lost everything. But praise be to God. We have 40% of our sheep left to make a new start.

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And then he says that I remember another occasion

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when we were motoring across the desert and the tire blew out. And the driver had forgotten to mend the spare tire in the back. So there we were, with only three tires on I first and fumed and got excited and asked the Arabs, what were we going to do? They reminded me that getting excited wouldn't help

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that it would only make you hotter. And that the blown out tire they said was the will of Allah.

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Nothing can be done about it.

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So we started on crawling along the rim of the wheel. And he said the car spluttered and stopped and we were out of petrol

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chief simply said, Look tube, it's written.

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And there again, instead of shouting at the driver, because he had not taken on enough petrol, everyone remained calm. And we walked our destination, singing as we went.

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And then he concludes by saying something so beautiful that those seven years I spent with the Arabs convinced me that the neurotics the insane. The drugs of America and Europe are the product he says, Have a hurried and harassed life in our so called civilization. And as long as I he said, lived in the Sahara, I had no worries I found there in the garden of Allah, the serene contentment and physical well being, that so many of us are seeking with tenseness and despair.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, whether we panic or relaxed whether we scream with displeasure or submit with contentment, the decree of Allah had to come to pass. So do not add to your existing calamity that you've experienced yet another one, the calamity of losing out on the reward of being patient and expecting the reward from Allah. As Ali Radi Allahu Anhu said insalata Jara la column, we're in Georgia. We're in Jersey, Jarrah alagille column one xuer. He said if you show patience, the decree of Allah will come to pass, but you will be rewarded. But if you show impatience, the decree of Allah will still come to pass, but instead you will be sinful.

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When I realized how much my article had impacted Adam, and how many are suffering just like him. It inspired us to start the series and help many more like Adam. I invite you to benefit from the complete series available on online Masjid dot Islam 21