Muhammad Alshareef – 5 Guaranteed Ways To Beat Laziness

Muhammad Alshareef
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Let me give you some techniques to combat this laziness. Number one, from the fifth of our Deen is that when a person yawns when a person yawn, they should cover their mouth. prophets have a long way to send them said that the person should cover their mouth and you must fight the Aeon, I don't care what your medical classes are telling you about. You need oxygen, all that? No, you need to cover your mouth, and you need to fight that breath that's coming out. And if you're about to start going, Oh, like that, that's from the shavon. So you cover your mouth, you fight it and you don't make noise when you yawn. You don't make noise as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us

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number two, the one third, the prophet SAW the long run he taught us that when we eat, we eat one third actually only a few bites. You just you know how you take from the snack machine. That's about good. All you need, just get an apple instead of buying those cookies or something like that. That's all you need to sustain you. But if you're going to eat a meal, the one third should be the food, one third water and one third so that you can breathe. What people don't realize is that when they fill their stomachs, that is like one of the

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most trickiest tricks of shavonne because when you eat too much, you will start yawning and you will get lazy and tired. You want to spend your time with energetic people. Allah Spano Tata connected commands us allies who just says what's good or not second? Again, I don't want

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to shake you read.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, What's been enough second, be patient with those people who call on their Lord, in the evenings in the mornings and in the evening. So when you see a person going for Salah consistently worshiping Allah subhana wa tada consistently, always remembering Allah subhanaw taala. You tell them hey, brother, a sister, how would you like to go out for lunch, I want to spend some time with you. And you will feed off of their energy. If you have lazy people surrounding you get away from them, or give them down and just harlot encouraged them, but you don't want to because the people you're around, you will become like them when

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you want to pick the right people. As the Prophet said allies didn't used to do he used to seek protection in a lot from the shape on with regards to laziness. And so similarly, we do the same if you ever reach for that snooze button, I called the shape on button. Whenever you reach for the shape on button, just go just pull your hand back and say are all the belonging ministry upon ology. And believe me, just saying that you have the strength to wake up for Frederick. It's all in your mind. You're not tired? No, it's not the exam. No, it's not that it's nothing except shaytaan. whispering at that moment, telling you that the night is long, you've got another 10 minutes to say

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are we learning to shape our energy and specifically as a province that have taught us I will do Billahi min, a large z will castle as the province of eliassen. And specifically said I seek your protection from inability and laziness. And in conclusion in sha Allah Tada, the last point is truthfulness. The thing that will set you free, the thing that will protect you is being honest with yourself and being honest with Allah subhana wa Tada. Whenever Allah subhanaw taala commands you to do something that's fun, whether that's praying your five prayers, or whatever that is, when Allah Spano, Tata commands you something, it's not possible for you to have any excuse. It's not possible.

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Because even if you have an excuse, it's them has the backup, if you can stand up and pray sit down, you can sit down, lie down, there's no excuse. It's a less penalty automated, fuck, it is doable. as Alice peningkatan says, law you can live Allahu nevsun illa was that a lot doesn't place a burden on a person more than they can bear you can do it. And people have done it in the past people continue to do it, you can do it too. And so honesty when cat even Malik for the long run, who came to the province of the law, and he said after those people who went out in the battle to boot we said about the heat the moon as the plane came and made excuses and he said that had been anyone except the

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Prophet sallallahu sallam, he would have made excuses it would have saved him but he said I will not lie. And he told the truth of prophesies enemies said I never had more energy more ability than this time, and I just didn't go and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said haza for casada. He said as for this person, he has told the truth and kept even medical of the alumni who was recorded in the Quran that Allah subhanaw taala forgave him. And we want the same for us the truthfulness and I'm just going to give you this last point on how to word the truthfulness if you miss fetchit and I'm talking specifically about federal law. If you miss federal, and say time that urination happened

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is really gross and all of that, and you slept through it. Don't ever make an excuse. Don't ever say that someone was bothering me last night. Don't say that I was tired. Don't say anything. This is the truth. The truth is that the accumulation of my sins led me to this accumulation of my sins led me to miss fetching. And this is not who I am. I am the slave of Allah and Allah tomorrow evening law, I will show you what I'm going to do for your sake. And so the next day, you say, Oh, the villa Amina shaytani gmdss stuff far for what happened? No excuses and come back again and again and again to Allah subhana wa tada until you reach those higher levels of energy. I ask Allah subhanaw taala

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to bless you with that energy and I pray and hope inshallah Tada. You can make the same for me

In this short talk Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef shares with us 5 techniques to combat laziness.

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