Tom Facchine – A Story From Surah Al-Baqarah

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the themes of Islam's power and resurrection, including the story of the person who passes by the-friendly garden and its disintegrated donkey. The speaker also discusses the story of the bird and birds, including the person who wants to increase their certainty by asking questions. The speaker emphasizes the importance of having a good intentions to encourage faith and reassemble in the proper way.
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Towards the end of sorts of Bukhara allies with gel, he tells a couple of stories that that have a very similar thing theme. And it has to do with increasing certainty in Allah's power and the resurrection and sort of the things that are going to happen on last day. So you have the story of the person who passes by the township and its ruins you know, it's like people used to live there now it's completely abandoned and in ruins and he kind of expresses something like a doubt but it's it's kind of like a question he says could a lot resurrect even this basically saying, it's like, these guys are so dead and gone as like, even these guys like a lot can bring back and so he causes

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this person to die to fall asleep, right? And he's got, you know, he's traveling, he's got his, his donkey, and he's got his provisions and stuff like that. And so a lot causes him to, you know, knock out and then brings them back to life and then questions him and says, How long were you asleep for? And he says, I don't know, maybe like a day or part of a day. And then Allah says, No, actually, it was, you know, quite a long time. It was like 100 years. And it points to the fact is, like, look at your donkey, like your donkey is bones now like it's completely disintegrated or decomposed. Whereas Allah subhanaw taala preserved his provisions in his food and stuff like that. And then Allah

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subhanaw taala causes the donkey to be brought back to life right in front of his eyes. And so Allah subhanaw taala is proving to this person that just like a lot as Magellan created everything in the first place that resurrecting everything after it has died is even easier. And so he's the one that decides what stays alive and what dies and when it dies, and for how long it rests, and then brings it all back. And then immediately after the story, we have the story of Ibrahim and the birds, right. So Ibrahim asks a certain question, he has had a case where he melted like, how are you going to bring he couldn't get it? You know, like he believed in it wasn't even believed. But he didn't

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understand how and so he's, he's he said, basically, to a lot like how are you going to bring life so that and then Allah subhanaw? taala? Actually, you know, answers the question with a question if Allah took minutes, like, like, Don't you believe? And he says, Yeah, but I want to bring ease to my heart. And this is the key, this is the key ingredient of these of these, both of these stories is that the person is not asking out of Ennead or not asking out of sort of opposition and

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doubt that's significant enough that it is sort of taking them away from faith, they actually have the intention of wanting to increase their certainty by asking these questions. And because they have that good intention, when they're asking these questions, Allah honors their question and actually responds to it in a meaningful way as opposed to other scenarios all over the Koran when people ask with a bad intention and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, you know, basically rebuffs them and refutes them and says, you know, this is ridiculous, or a dumb question to ask. So this is the opposite of Ibrahim is asking this question and he wants to have more certainty. And so Allah

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subhanaw taala says, Okay, take these birds, you know, sacrifice them, cut them up into pieces, mix the pieces up and put them on different hill tops or different mountain tops and then call to them and Allah subhanaw taala causes all of them to reassemble in the proper way right in front of his eyes and bring them back to life. And so Allah subhanaw taala can do anything right material cause or no material cause mechanism or no mechanism, Allah subhanaw taala can do what he wants. And for us that one of the takeaways is that we can't be afraid to ask questions if we have a good intention, a sincere intention because we want to have more certain faith right? I mean, to

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encourage our children and other people to ask questions. If the intention behind their question is to have more certainty in their faith. This is something that even Allah azza wa jal honors in the Koran

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