Ahsan Hanif – Quran Tafseer – Page 45 – Spend In The Way Of Allah

Ahsan Hanif
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the characteristics of Islam, including its focus on rewarding oneself and spending money on clothing or spices. It emphasizes the importance of actions and rewarding oneself in order to strengthen one's relationship with God. The speaker discusses various examples of people who spend money on their own to gain praise and emphasizes the need to reflect on the negative impact of giving charity. The importance of avoiding giving things that make people sad and make them happy is emphasized, along with the promise of Islam's ridership and sh matter.
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cinematic Muhammad Allah He or Baraka Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen will activate to RemoteApp in order agua Illa Allah Lolly mean worship to Allah. Allah Allah who the hula Shakira, hula hula overly noble Athenian or shadow under the Vienna Muhammad Abdul horizontal Mustafa Amin Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Abacoa sadaqa Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ultramarine and my back Welcome to another episode of our to see page by page and inshallah Tada today we are on page 45 of the Quran which is the third Joseph Surah Al Baqarah. In the previous episode, we mentioned a number of verses that Allah azza wa jal speaks about the the rewards and

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virtues of sadaqa of charity. And Allah azza wa jal mentioned to us the manner in which the one who wants to give charity for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala with sincerity, should give the charity the manner in which that charity should be given. And then how Allah azza wa jal warned us against certain traits and characteristics in giving charity that are to be avoided. So for example, following up your charity with reminding, the one that you gave to have the favor that you don't over them, for example, giving charity but doing it with hurtful words, or with hurtful actions that accompany the act of giving charity and so on. In the final verse that we covered in the previous

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episode, Allah subhanaw taala then started to give us examples of the people who give charity and so that we can understand what type of what the charity

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is equal to, what the charity means in terms of reward or punishment or in terms of honor or dishonor, because of the way that and the manner in which a person gives charity. So for example, in the last verse, and there are three such example is that Allah azza wa jal will give the first one we took in the last episode in the last verse of the last episode, and that is the one who spends for showing off, spends not for Allah sake, but spends to show off and to get the praise of people. And so Allah subhanaw taala said that example of that person who does it in that way, is like the earth that is placed upon a rock it looks like it's fertile soil. And it looks like that if you're

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going to plant it's going to grow, but actually underneath it isn't so it is all rock and that rock won't allow anything to grow. And so Allah azza wa jal says that those people will be exposed with it as we sit in this life or in the next. So Allah azza wa jal give the example of heavy rain falling upon that soil that soil gets washed away. And then you see the bedrock meaning you see the reality of that person beneath. And so that is the example that Allah azza wa jal gave in that verse 264.

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Today we begin with verse 102 165. And again, it is the example of another person in terms of the charity that they give and this is the second of the three examples. Allah subhanaw taala says there will be law he administrate honor regime while methadone live in a young mother who mobility

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but in law he won't be mean. We'll see him camera 30 Janna camera Thank you, Jen team Mirabeau watin Asanga below that Bukola *, they're afine for Ilam usuba For Ilam you'll see Maha beetle wala will be mad men Oh, number seed. Bye but those who spend their wealth in order to gain Allah's approval for Allah's pleasure, and as an affirmation of their own faith, they are like a garden upon a hill, heavy rain falls and it produces double its normal yield. And even if no heavy rain falls, it will still be watered by the do indeed Allah azza wa jal sees all that you do. This is the second of the three examples. The first example as we said, is of the person who spends not for the sake of

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Allah, but to show off for the praise of other people to garner their admiration. The second type of person is the one that Allah azza wa jal mentioned in this verse 265 And that is the one who does spend for Allah sake, does so to seek Allah's pleasure does so to benefit themselves in their own manners. Allah azza wa jal says, What is to be determined and foresee him to make themselves more steadfast because one of the greatest benefits of acts of worship is that increases you in your Eman brings you closer to Allah azza wa jal your worship is a means of protecting yourself and your Eman and that is why the Sharia or all of it is based upon action. After Eman you have Eman and belief

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and you have action that firms up and strengthens that the man in Allah subhana wa Tada and when the two combined that is essentially the movement that is essentially the believer. So this person spends in the way of Allah. They do it sincerely for Allah sake they do it to benefit

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put themselves in terms of their own faith. And that is in this an amazing lesson, that ultimately what you do in terms of acts of worship such as charity, you do so for your own benefit. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't take anything, Allah Azza doesn't benefit from the charity that you give, nor does he harmed if you refuse to give charity and yes the people that you give the charity to or that you benefit, yes, the benefit, but the first and primary beneficiary, the first and primary person to take benefit is yourself in terms of your reward in terms of your Eman in terms of strengthening your connection with Allah subhanaw taala and so Allah azza wa jal is giving us this indication this

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verse would be to mean unforeseen, you do so for yourself to help yourself to help your Eman Allah azza wa jal says what is the example of these people can Metheny jannettek biloba it is like the example of a garden that is upon a hill a robber is a high places elevated, so when the rain comes to hits first, when the sun comes in, gets the most exposure to it. And so it is a partner Hill, a Saba Hawaiian, and a webbing is a heavy rain, heavy rain descends upon it for added Akula how the refrain, so it produces double, its normal yield double its normal harvest. And that is because of the baraka that Allah Azza two places there in as Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the verse that

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we took in the previous episode, the example of the one who spends even one coin in the path of Allah. It was like the example of the green that grows seven years each year contains another 100 green so 700 times Allah azza wa jal is multiplying it for her Allah subhanaw taala says, giving the example of a harvest. So it's an example of the people who grow stuff in their fields and in their farms, they know that they normally get this amount to have even more than that by 20% 30% would be an amazing harvest harvest it would be amazing produce in terms of the amount that they would reap and that is something which is considered to be an amazing yield. Now imagine if it double, double

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what they make, and it happened every single time. That is from the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala so that was water Allah azza wa jal nourishes the solar power that you give for the for his sake, as the Prophet told us and Allah, what are you selling, that when someone gives for the sake of Allah, Allah azza wa jal receives it in his right hand, and he nurtures it. This is the way one of you will nurture a small animal as it grows a baby animal as he grows, you feed that you look after you naturally, and then it grows up to be a big cow or a big camera because it is something which you nurture, and then you reap from its benefits. Likewise, Allah subhanaw taala, nurtures charity for

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you in that way, so that you will benefit from it on your will piano. And so Allah azza wa jal nurtures that charity for your seat for Ilam USIP, higher weibing. And even if the heavy rain was about to fall upon it, it would still be fertile, it would still be a light mist, I liked you meaning moisture would still reach that very, very field, and it would still benefit from it. And it will still grow in terms of the the the produce and the harvest that it's giving. And so sometimes when you give charity, you may not necessarily see a major increase in your wealth in terms of Baraka, or in terms of the increase that you get in terms of certain things. Or sometimes people

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give with that mindset, right? They're like, I'm giving him because the profit from said, your wealth will never decrease, it only increases and so therefore, when I give I expect to see this, this is the way that people think so we make the act of charity, like a business plan. It's almost become like its business. What do we get? What do we give income outcome and all of that stuff? Allah Azza didn't say that even if we don't receive the heavy rainfall, there is still so much blessing and yes, sometimes Allah azza wa jal may withhold from you certain things may test you with certain things may delay the reward or the benefits that you will receive from certain things, but

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there will always be benefit from you fertile, you will always have a light mist and a light do in terms of this example that Allah azza wa jal is given. And then Allah Subhana Allah says Allah who will be my Tama Luna Bazzill and indeed Allah subhanaw taala sees all that which you do, he's aware of everything that you do.

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In the next verse 266, Allah azza wa jal will now give us the example of the third type of person who gives

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Allah subhanaw taala says, Do I have to commend the goon Allahu Jana to mean nothing you have been to God to God mean? The * and now hula hooping in Conleth Emirati well Saba who keep out what I saw the only keyboard one who agree yet one

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over alpha

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v now move the rocket there Erica Ubu Hola. Hola, como, Tina alikom data for common? Would any one of you like to have a garden of palm trees and vines, Allah says, graced with flowing streams and all kinds of produce, which when you are afflicted with old age and feeble offspring is struck by a fiery whirlwind and bent down

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In this way Allah azza wa jal makes his messages clear to you, so that you may reflect upon them. The third type of person is the one that we mentioned previously in the previous episode and that is the one who gives charity per follows it with harm. So the first person is the one who doesn't do it for Allah sake. They do it simply for the dunya. The second type of person is the one who sincerely doing it for Allah sake, in accordance to the way that is pleasing to Allah azza wa jal MTR Amar, Dotty Allah, they seek Allah's pleasure which means that they do it in accordance to Allah's pleasure. So they don't have it, have it mixed with anything which is displeasing to Allah subhanaw

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taala. The third type of person in this verse 266, is the one who gives and they do it sincerely. But the manner in which they give is somewhat deficient. Yes, they have sincerity, they don't want people's praise. They don't want to show off necessarily, but they do want something in return, they are mixing it with some bad and that bad, as we said, is to hold favors open upon other people, or for example, it is to accompany that act of charity with harmful words and harmful actions. Allah subhanaw taala is saying, the example of this person is like the one who has a field has a form of date palm trees, a vine vines, meaning that it goes grapes and so on. And he has water he has water

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that comes from it in terms of the rivers that are flowing streams for his produce, and so on. And he has a whole fee, I'm including Samara. And he has within it all sorts of good that he could expect in terms of fruit in terms of produce, however, that person, then Assad, but we'll keep up, he becomes old and feeble, no longer able to tend to his field. Wonder who Leah to Arthur, and his offspring is feeble as well. For whatever reason, either they're weak physically, they're too young, they're unable to help them. So he's not able to do it himself. Nor does he have people who can come to his aid. So he has this amazing field. He has the water, he has the produce. He has the beautiful

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fruits, he has the day palm trees, he has the grapes, he has everything there at his fingertips. But he can't benefit from it. Why? Because he's unable to physically and there are no one there is no one around to help him and aid him that he can just deputize and say you go and do it and I will reap the rewards from you. This is like the example of the person who does what, who spends yes, they're doing good. It's like the feel of the habitable there, they have the produce and the water, everything's there they've given in the path of Allah. But because of the evil that is a company did the harm that's accompanied it, the holding of favors over others, the reminders and so on the

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constant reminders upon to others, because of these issues, they feeble, they can't benefit from that field. It's there at their fingertips, but they can't take from it because there is these barriers that they have placed before them, that is not preventing them from accessing the reward. So Allah azza wa jal says for Saba sawin fee, he now in fact, rocket, but then they restrict by a fiery whirlwind, and it has been done. I mean, that if this person doesn't stop, they don't turn back to Allah subhanaw taala. They don't go back and change their ways, then perhaps it will be rendered null and void. Because sometimes you do an action for the sake of Allah, but because of the

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evil that is also accompanying it, it can render the actual action null and void. Maybe those people who you give that charity to, but then because of the favors that you constantly demand, or the reminders that you constantly give all the harmful, hurtful actions and words that accompany that charity in caused them problems. He calls them hot, he calls them grief, he calls them pain caused them so many other issues. And because of those other issues, every time they feel like they've been oppressed or wrong, maybe sometimes a person even reaches the extent that they feel that they wish that they never took your charity in the first place. Imagine someone's in need needs, that money

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needs help, and you've given it to them. And then they think you know what, I was better off without his money, I was better off before they give me anything. Because now what I have to suffer is too much, I would rather than continuing to have been poor, then I have to constantly be in the debt of this individual. And so Allah azza wa jal is saying that this person may essentially then be like that field that has fire in composite and therefore it is destroyed and therefore it is of no benefit Karateka Ubu Allahu La area. Thus does Allah azza wa jal make his messages and science clearer to you, that you may reflect upon them. One of the most beautiful aspects of the book of

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Allah azza wa jal is these Umfeld and parables and examples are Allah azza wa jal, places during examples that if you were to reflect and think about them, it makes the example so clear, it makes example something that we can relate to, that we can understand and comprehend. And if that is and this is not only in terms of charity, but in terms of every good deed that you do. There are those people who do it for the sake of Allah azza wa jal and so they therefore they reap the maximum benefits and rewards. There are those people who do it for the sake of other than Allah azza wa jal, and they will be exposed either in this life or the next. And then there are those people who mix

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and merge between good and some evil, they do some good and they do some evil. They have some

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benefit and some reward because that man he owns the garden is his possession. And there's still water and other stuff that you can take from but at the same time he can't take maximum benefit. And if that evil overcomes the good, if we become strong and overpowers the good, then that also may be rendered null and void May Allah subhanaw taala safeguard us and our deeds and of actions. Allah subhanaw taala then verse 267, he says, gentle if you're older, you will live in a m and o n, if you call mu pa ye Mathematica server to mum in origin Allah communal wala TM mumble hobby Thurman who to people Futuna Wallace, don't be earth he told me goofy, while Mo and Allah Rani Yun Hamid are you

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who believe give charitably from the good things that you have acquired, and from that which we have produced for you from the earth. Do not give away the bad things that you yourself would only accept with your eyes closed? Remember that Allah azza wa jal is self sufficient, Worthy of all praise. Allah subhanaw taala in this verse that he gives, after giving us those parables, those examples, Allah gives us the command again to spend. And this is a command that you will see repeated many times in the book of Allah subhanaw taala the command to give charity, the command to spend spend in the way of Allah azza wa jal, and that is because of it's important. Sadaqa is one of the most

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beloved acts and deeds to Allah subhanaw taala the obligatory type which is the cat, which every person must give, if they fulfill those conditions as a cat, it is something which they must give for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada and that is a right that Allah azza wa jal is pleased upon our wealth for the poor and the needy. And there is a voluntary optional type of charity that we called sadaqa, which includes and encompasses so many different types and things and actions and words that we can perform. And that is also something which will help a person in terms of their good deeds, their reward, purifying the soul, increasing their faith and safeguarding the good deeds by Allah's

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permission. Allah subhanaw taala says give from that which we provide it to you mean by you Batman septum from the good that you have, and with your own hands, woman original coming along, and that which Allah azza wa jal has provided to you from as well as some people are fortunate, naturally, that the live upon good land, or that they were born in wealthy families, or do they have a good upbringing they are very comfortable financially, Allah azza wa jal provided for you, and some of that guests you were caught for, and you earn and you spend time and effort in order in order to earn Allah azza wa jal says give from both types of what however it comes to you, as long as it is

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haram, then give it in the path of Allah subhanaw taala. And do not give the worst of your wealth. Because this is also something which you see from people, sometimes people will give, but it's only because Oh, it's gonna break soon anyway, or it's so old, or it's not really not really able to stand it anymore, not really usable anymore, not in a good condition anymore. And so people will give, for example, clothing and charity that's ripped, not really have any benefit for anyone, or stuff that is so tatty and old, and so misused now, that he doesn't really have much of a life left in it anyway. And so they will give that it's as if they give the worst of what they have, or as

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Allah Azza dimensions in another example, in the Quran, that you take the best of it for yourself, and then what's left over the leftovers, the remnants, they owe this I will give them charity as if you are doing something good. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will say, to his companions, who would go and collect Zika, for example, from people who have camels and goats and sheep, and so on, they have to give some of that wealth in Zakah. But he would say to them don't accept the camel or the cow, or the sheep or the goat that's injured, don't accept the one that's deficient or sick, or it's old and frail now can't really do anything, though. Because those animals

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will eventually go to the poor that they can benefit from. Those animals are given to the poor and the needy Zakah. So what good is an old animal that can't do anything to the one who's poor? What good is an animal that sick or that is injured or disabled and can't really do anything? What good is it to the poor? And so the prophets of Allah where he was telling would tell them to stay away from that type of wealth. And at the same time, he would also say, stay away from the best type of wealth and the most precious of someone's wealth unless they willingly want to give them in the sake of Allah azza wa jal, that is up to them and that is pleasing to Allah azza wa jal, and it is most

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rewarding. But otherwise, stay away. Yakko ACARA Imam wellness, beware of the best of people's wealth. So you don't go and take their best wealth, you don't go and take their most precious wealth. You don't go and take the best of the Commons and the best of their of their produce and the best No, that's not the way it works. You take from the middle, the normal amount, you don't take the West, you don't take the best you take from the middle. That is the way that the Shediac has justice. So Allah azza wa jal is saying that's the kind of because that's obligatory, but when it comes to sadaqa, that's the onus is upon you. No one comes a click to Sadako from you, because it's

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not like Zika it's not like something which is an obligation that's voluntary. So the onus and burden is upon you to be diligent in the way that you give that sadaqa and to ensure

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that it is something which is good and Allah azza wa jal knows what a person does and the intention that they have. When they do it Allah azza wa jal says we'll add to your normal hobby, if do not give away the bad things. Don't wash your hands off of the bad things that you don't want to and for your own, that you give Wallace to be sad that you yourselves will never be happy receiving. And that is the question as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the believer is the one who loves for his brother, what he loves for himself. Someone came and gave to you that type of thing, that type of wealth, that type of position, would you be happy to receive it? Or what do you

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think? Why have they dumped me with this? Why have they given me stuff that actually should go to the bin? As opposed to come to me? What on earth is this going to do to me? And how is it going to help me? So if that's what you would think, then why would you give that to someone else? And so Allah is really saying that you yourselves wouldn't accept that unless your eyes were closed, meaning that you had no idea what's going to happen. You don't have a choice. Because when you go when you give the charity to someone, or the person who receives it, they don't really know what they're getting. But once they open it up, or they look at the and they and they examine, then they

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realize, oh, actually, he gave me something which is a wealth, and it was not of any use to me. Allah azza wa jal is saying that if someone was to close your eyes, and they were going to give me something and you take it, you take it because you don't know what it is. But as soon as you open it and you realize you open your eyes and realize that you would wish that you never received it. Don't be from amongst those people. Just as you don't like to receive those types of items and things. Don't be from amongst those people who give them to others. I know that Allah azza wa jal is honey, Allah is self sufficient, rich subhanaw taala doesn't need your charity doesn't need that type of

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charity doesn't need that type of giving, Hamid worthy of all praise subhanho wa Taala

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Allah subhanaw taala in the next verse to 68, it tells us the reason why people do certain actions like this, that they hold favor over others, or they give the worst of their wealth, or they do these types of things that they may do when it comes to giving and giving charity for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, he tells us that the reason is Allah subhanaw taala says in verse 268, a shape Anuja Edo communal Fakarava Moroccan Bill fascia,

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wala who URI Dooku McPhee, Ratan Minho of Allah, Allah who was here in 19 Shavonne threatens you with the prospect of poverty and command you to do evil deeds. Indeed, Allah azza wa jal promises you His forgiveness and His abundance. Indeed Allah is limitless and all knowing. And that's the reason why people don't give him this path of Allah azza wa jal, people are wary of spending in the path of Allah subhanaw taala because they feel poverty, or they give the worst of what they have, because they fear poverty. And that is what Shavonne promises He promises poverty, even if you were to hoard everything, and to keep everything and to make it like a treasure that no one can access,

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you would still feel poor, and she thought it would still make you feel a level of poverty. And that is why this is the promise of shaitan Allah azza wa jal says shapen threatens you Yeah, a document Arabic means promises you His promise is one of poverty, if you give in the path of Allah azza wa jal, so shaytaan comes every time you want to give charity to your local Masjid to a good cause, to the poor and the needy to your brothers and sisters that are suffering to things and services in your community that all of the community can access those things that you want to give and spending shaitan comes and says, Yep, you you may need that you have a family, you have dependents, you have

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children you have needs, you may give this today. But what about if you need it next week, you may give that 100 pounds today, but maybe in two weeks, you will need it you know what's gonna happen next month, you're trying to save for something you're trying to buy something. So save it and then afterwards, you can give whatever you have, once you bought that, then you can give once you've got this out the way then go and give and we all know the reality of that discussion that takes place in our internal self. And that is that once we buy that, there's always something else. Once we've saved up for one thing, there's something else to save up for. Once we've bought this for our

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children, they need something else it is a never ending cycle. And so Allah azza wa jal says rather you should look at the Promise of Allah azza wa jal What does Allah promise macrophylla 10 Min Hua for that Allah will give you His forgiveness. shapen gives you what the promise of poverty, Allah gives you what the promise of His forgiveness, which of the two is a greater promise, and shaytan commands you to do evil. And Allah azza wa jal says that you will have abundance from ALLAH SubhanA data, He will bless you in your work and he will give you an increase and He will bless you in terms of the reward that you will receive some of the stuff out a Muhammad Allah they used to see in the

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pursuit of this verse. That is an amazing that Shavon makes a promise in this restaurant, Allah makes a promise how often we believe shaytan over Allah, we're more inclined and likely to believe the promise of Shavon which is the promise of poverty and so they will not spend not given the path of Allah and we're more likely to dismiss the Promise of Allah subhana wa Tada, which is that Allah azza wa jal will give us an abundance and that Allah subhanaw taala will give

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to us even more in return, isn't this amazing in the way that we treat those two things. And so that is something which make us ponder and reflect over our image and our trust in Allah. So general certainty, in the words of Allah subhanaw taala and his promises. And it's amazing to see when you hear about these charity projects, when someone says that when they raising money for something and then within a short space of time, they've raised 10s of 1000s, or hundreds of 1000s or millions of pounds, because people are willing to give. Now those are the people that are ignoring this promise of shaytaan and they believe in the promise of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And the final verse on his

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page 269 Allah azza wa jal then says util Sheikh met me.

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When may you tell Hickmott avocado OTA, Ron cathedra woman, the Thoreau Illa Al Bab, and he gives wisdom to whomsoever He wills will, indeed, whoever is given wisdom has truly been given much good, but only those who have insight and have understanding more bear this in mind.

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Allah subhanaw taala says after mentioning all of these issues concerning charity and giving in the manner of given that this is something which Allah azza wa jal favors people with this type of understanding, understanding the promise of shaytaan versus the Promise of Allah, understanding the parables that Allah azza wa jal has set forth in this passage in the Surah. Allah subhanaw taala says this is from wisdom and wisdom in the Sharia is to place everything in its proper place. There's a time to give, and there's a time not to give. There's people that you may give to others, other people that you won't give to because you know that it's going to be detrimental and harmful

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to them. The hikma the wisdom that Allah azza wa jal is referring to is to know what to do at the right time, in the right way. Allah azza wa jal says that that type of knowledge wisdom, Allah gives it to him so ever he wills in his from His favors, and from his blessings the Lord every one who receives Well, may you tell hikma but whoever does receive it for but otfc Ron cathedra they have been given a great deal of good and that wisdom is attained or it is, it is it is it was it was taken by increasing the knowledge of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because understanding the principles of the Sharia the objectives of the Sharia, the example

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that Allah azza wa jal, the examples that Allah gives in the Quran, the practice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and increases you and reward and increases you in wisdom and that is why Allah azza wa jal says that this is a reminder that only the people of understanding will benefit from and ask Allah subhanaw taala that he mixes from amongst those people. And today inshallah and that is where we conclude our episode today. BarakAllahu li Walakum wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Anwar the Adi he will Samia Jemaine was set up by Alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato.

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This means

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