Responding To The London Atacks

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy


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Sh Adur-Raheem explains to us how we as muslims should respond to the London attacks.

This talk was given at the Green Lane Masjid.

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My dear brothers and sisters in Islam

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as we reflect on the life of Omar Abdullah Abdullah Aziz Rahim Allah tala,

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one of the things that really stands out to us is his implementation of Islam. According to the Quran, and to the Son of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the way of the whole affair Rashidi.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala orders is an operand in NA La Jolla, Morocco and to Abdul amanatullah. Nia, the law commands you to render trust to whom they are due.

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When we come from being a nurse, and tackle mobile adult, and if you were to judge between the people that you judge justly and fairly, and this was the way of Omar bin Abdulaziz, whether he was dealing with Muslims or non Muslims, whether he was dealing with those who want to stray from the correct methodology and understanding of Islam, he was just in how he dealt with them.

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And so Pinilla

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as we all

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look at these hideous attacks, or the city's attack that happened in London the other day,

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we asked ourselves a lot of questions.

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People ask, what is the response? What is our stance? What should we say? We say, Alhamdulillah. That doesn't always have to be a response from the Muslims.

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I think now that the majority of non Muslims have understood that these maniacs who do these types of things in the name of Islam, that do not represent Islam are the Muslims.

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And if anybody had any knowledge or understanding of Islam, we would know what it means to kill an innocent person.

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We would know if we had knowledge of Islam, as they say the ends justify the means. This is the Dean of Machiavelli, not the Dean of Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam. That's Machiavelli, who said the ends justify the means you'll never hear this from Rasulullah sallallahu It was said that we take our religion from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. We take our religion from the Quran, and from the Sahaba and the way of the Sahaba radi Allahu anhu. Anybody who has any type of knowledge of Islam, no, this is not permissible, even non Muslims. Now, they understand that humbleness does not represent this now. So we don't always have to be on the defensive side. Oh, of

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course, it's not us. Of course, it doesn't represent us. How many Muslims are in the UK and how rarely this happened, we'll have dinner. Every now and then a maniac like that comes out. So what should our stance be?

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This should bring us closer together as a community, Muslim and non Muslim.

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To stand against all forms of extremism, whether this extremism comes from Muslims or non Muslims.

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Because the goal in the end is all of us want to live in peace. All of us want to live in harmony, always want to have a safe and upbringing for our children. Alhamdulillah were a blessing. We're able to practice our religion here in the UK, better than most Muslim countries. This is a reality.

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The UK is more Islamic for us, the most Muslim countries. Look at it. Look at the Muslim countries around the world can you do the things you do in the UK? Look at Birmingham, the a lot of hijabs you see the amount of practicing brothers You see, well, you don't see in a Muslim country.

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There's a Nam as a blessing that we have. And we'll also panel with Allah gives you a blessing. You have to close guarding him there were a blessing.

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But like we said,

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also we need to increase our relationship with the local community and still have that in these type of things divide us, let it bring us closer together. And let us stand in solidarity against that which is wrong. Because who really gets home this important? Yeah, one who really gets harmed by these separate events? Is it the non Muslim?

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The non Muslims are the ones getting affected by this were more affected by this as Muslims, this is attack more against Islam and the Muslims than it is against them.

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How many innocent Muslims could have been there as well?

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Those children from France could have been all Muslims. Who knows?

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It could have been a Muslim brother walking with his children, his wife on that bridge, they could have been killed as well.

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And the backlash comes to who to the Muslims. The backlash comes to us, therefore we're the ones being harmed more. And that shouldn't encourage us even more, to work together in solidarity with a non Muslim community and take this as an opportunity to teach them what is true Islam.

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Alhamdulillah like we said, it is changing. You still have the ones who are going to take this and they're going to attack Islam and the Muslims is the teaching of Islam been handed out there a very small amount and the haters are going to be haters. They're going to continue to hate but it's upon us and hamdulillah to spread the

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Rama in the mercy as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his companions used to do