Waleed Basyouni – Ramadan Debates 2016 – 11 Menses and Quran

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of touching the most half during menses during the act of bouncing off the cupboard in America. They believe that women are also affected and that it is not clear if they should be touching the cupboard or not. The speaker also mentions that the majority of the booking is for men seats and that it is not clear if they should be touching the cupboard or not.
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Salmon and makhdoom and so many others have liked her questions, which is

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in regard to reading the Koran from a digital

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gadget or iPad or iPhone

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while she has her menses, is that allowed and permissible or not?

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First and also in regard to the crow law, so again, is it allowed to be done while the woman has her menses as for the last panel, Tiana and other than reciting the art, it is permissible definitely for the woman to make thicker while she has her menses, as a matter of fact, our thought and so many of the taboos been used to say that the woman during her menses should make will vote in every select time and say Suppan allowed him to de la la la la but I engage in decode, and instead of Salam this been reported from numbers of the successors that that be so the issue of making Vicar while you have menses, absolutely, the pro for that Hadith may appear of the alarm, that she told us

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that the prophets are solemn order the woman who has their menses to witness the aid, so the cupboard in America could be real muslimeen. So they will say Allahu Akbar with the muslimeen. And they will witness the vicar and witness they do in the Salah, and they will be engaged, we will engage in that. So that's when it comes to making thicker as for specifically this.or iron, which is one time of the cup, reciting it while you have your menses, the strong opinion among the real amount, that it is also permissible for the woman to recite the oral art while she has her menses and there is no proof to prevent her from reading on iron while she has her menses. And if we tell

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woman she cannot, she's not allowed to hold on during her menses and sometimes it goes for six, seven days, that can be a reason for her to forget about what she memorized from the Koran. That's such a long time for the believer to be away from the aura.

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That's why I do believe that there is no proof to prevent a woman from reciting the Hold on. While they have their menses asked for touching the most half. First of all these electronic must have my say, like the one that you have in your phone or in your iPad or any gadget. This will not take the rules of the Muslim. So even the difference of opinion that exists among the Muslim jurists in regard to touching the most helpful the woman was her menses doesn't apply to these cases. So for that, I will say there is no harm Michelle law for you to touch

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to read from your iPhone or phone or your iPad, whatever. Any method that you have asked for holding the most half while you have your menses. The majority of the aha moment log data said that you need to have we vote for that do you need to have vote for that? Even Personally, I don't go with the majority opinion. I do believe that women are also allowed to hold the most half while they have their menses because having will vote while you're touching the massage. I believe it's only recommended and that's due to the same concept there is no really any authentic proof to prove that woman needs to have a will or the person has to have a vote while he or she touching the massage and

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all the evidence that had been used. Either it is not clear like lamassu illa Mata Harun that doesn't really means that you have to have even the word el mapa. Harun doesn't ever mean in the Koran. If you look at the verse in the Quran animoca Harun the word or Animoto alone doesn't refer to the action that the person do, which is a Bahama. This is called tapajos etapa Harun

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but mapa Harun it means they've been purified. So this is something referred to something out of your hand, you've been purified. And that's why I don't believe that this is this mobile huddle and refer refer to the action of doing the Shahada.

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so in regard to your question and hamdulillah The matter is easy. There is will be an agreement then reading the massage from an AI gadget or a phone it will be in Sharla permissible male accept from all

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All of us

Can I read Quran on a digital device during menses?

June 12, 2016

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