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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a disturbing story of a man who experiences severe injuries while on a flight, and the importance of faith and being true to oneself. The story uses a parody of the story to describe the man as stuck in a storm and not going anywhere, while also emphasizing the importance of finding one's way to migration and avoiding hate and inflation. The speaker uses a m luck outcome of the prophets to highlight the need for acceptance of individuals with less presence in the worst of times, and uses a story of the prophets to highlight the need for acceptance of individuals with less presence in the worst of times.
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are all below him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Elif

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Mi A has he been a new block coo coo kulu

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afternoon when our

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leadin Emil Cavalli him Allah Allah, Allah Allah de la sada, lemon, db, rubbish Audrey westerly Emily workflow Dr. Melissa Annie of cocoa leaf and hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was a Marine, to MANOVA once again everyone salaam aleikum, WA ricotta together, let's try and get to know salud alenka, Booth surah number 29 of the Quran. Yet again, a late late makansutra. One of the things that illustrates that it's a very late part of the era of Americans struggle of the profits item is that this sort of begins with a story of Muslims being tortured, and then being put to the test. It's narrated about suburban art, who's a famous Companion of the Prophet, that the

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crush grabbed him because he believed they grabbed him, they took his shirt off, and they dropped him on top of burning coal. And they stood on top of him until his the back the skin on his back melted off. And then they left him to rot. And he in that like horrible state bleeding and burnt, came to the Prophet size alone. And he was completely disheveled. And he said, Why is this happening to us? Why if we are we are committed to the truth where the true believers, why isn't the help of a lot coming, that sort of language. And it's understandably, you know, so that a person that goes through such a horrible traumatic experience would speak like this. And so these I thought were

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revealed in the beginning of the sort of the first passage of the surah Alif Lam Meem have people assumed that they're going to be left alone just by saying that they believe and they're not going to be put to the trial, and literally afternoon was used fraternized Arabic is used for melting gold, melting gold and his back was melted and afternoon was used. You know, and this is actually Allah's way of saying your gold to me, it's a lovely way of actually highlighting the value of people like above and out. And that's how gold is purified. You've been purified by this horrible experience. And Allah says it goes on the IOD go on talking about how you have to hold on to your

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faith and how don't think that the criminals who have committed these crimes against you and yes, be owner, you know, impassibility namah Luna say yes, and yes, be honest. Am I a common to people think that the ones that have committed these crimes, and have committed these atrocities have gotten ahead of us What a horrible decision they've made. You know, you're you think you're the victim, they're going to be the real victims for what they've done. You know, but you just keep placing your hopes in Allah. So the Muslims are being told to hold strong. This is the this is the time when the Muslims aren't just being ridiculed for their faith. They're being tortured now for their faith.

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Things have escalated really badly in America. So now what happens next? It's really cool. As soon as this passage on the patience of the Muslims is delivered a lot then talks about to two prophets. He talks about New Orleans Salam Alaikum, Salaam Alaikum III, find a bit of him and fossati lacantina Allah, we sent new, tense people, he remained among them for 1000 years, say 50. So 950 years, the struggles of new now you're being told look, you have you been going to struggle for a few years, but there are people came before you who have been struggling for centuries. So learn from them. And then he switches over and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he switches the subject to

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Ibrahim alayhis salaam, where Ibrahim is called he called me have Mandala what

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the other one and also Abraham when he said to his people, be fearful and mindful of Allah and worship Him that is better for you. If you actually know what's the parallel between New Hanover Rahim Allah is actually showing us how he rescues people. Ibrahim Ali said oh no Holy Son has been rescued from water. And Ibrahim Ali Salaam has been rescued from fire from the two extreme opposite elements. So luck and rescue from anything he can rescue from the most terrible floods, and he can rescue you if you're drowning in the middle of a gigantic flame. He can do that. And so he's telling the Muslims, if he can make a way of escape for him, he'll make a way of escape for you.

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Interestingly enough, as the story continues, a lot talks about loot, you know, and he says about loot. Interestingly enough, Mahajan, ihlara, Visa Dean, I'm migrating to my master, He will guide me, Luke was also in an impossible situation. And he literally uses the words I am migrating to my master. So now we've got three cases of people who escaped and migrated. Why is this important? Muslims are being tortured in Mecca. And now through the stories of the Quran. The idea is being implanted in their minds that it's time for migration. Like instead of spelling it out and saying migrate, he's telling them to migrate through

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These stories, it's incredible. And he's then then he starts talking about nations that have just been destroyed before, but the people who believe are always saved. So don't worry if these people are on the verge of destruction Declaration on the verge of destruction. That doesn't mean you're going to be destroyed. You need to find your escape, you need to get away. And so when Allah does all of this one of my favorite part, this is again, a mucky surah. And in Macau, Muslims were primarily dealing with idol worshipers, the koresh, the most economical.

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But by the end of the surah, he says, well as Alan kitabi lability here said, Don't argue don't debate with the people of the book The Jews and Jewish and Christian communities don't debate with them, except with that which is better. That means that which is better in terms of argument give present better arguments also better ethics, better way of speaking. You know, if they if they respond to you if they speak to you with harsh language, don't respond with harsh language, if they speak to you and really don't respond. angrily illegibility he accent lol Athena voila, momento. Why in American surah? Would Allah tell His Prophet and the Muslim community to deal with the People of

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the Book kindly and to engage in conversation with them? The reason for that is they're about to leave bucha and they're about to go to Medina. And when they go to Medina, they're going to be dealing with the people of the book. So it's so beautifully embedded the instructions to the prophets, I saw them inside the narrative of the Quran, the people who are living this experience, could hear the code, they can hear right through it, they can tell what's being told to them, and they were mentally prepared to now take this step and this is why when Dena Josefina look at the remarkable conclusion of this message, whether the nyjah has rufina then at the end the home

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sabudana. Who those who struggle in our path, with no goal before them except us, we will guide them to our pathways, we'll figure out a way of guiding them because there wasn't one road to Medina, there were multiple roads. So it has this general spiritual meaning, but also in the context in which the pseudo was revealed. It had a very particular meaning, those of you that have been struggling to hold on to your faith, I will give you one multiple roadways to get away, then as the unknown sabudana when in Allah Allah Allah Allah Nene and Allah certainly is with those who excel those who are constantly recognized his presence. And by the way, son, I'll conclude with this now

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Hassan is to recognize a less presence and Tabitha la Nakata Whoa, that you worship Allah as though you can see him. If you actually look at the migration story of the prophets of a lot harder to sell them, and they're in the cave suta Toba will highlight this later on in the Quran, you know much later that was revealed that he's you know, is your kulula Sahil attacks and in Allah Allah, you know, he told his companion of a worker, don't worry, yes, the scalpel right above us. If there's so much is locked down, were dead. Don't worry, Allah is with us. And in this surah Allah says, Those who struggle in our path, we guide them to our pathways and allies with those who recognize his

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presence constantly. And literally, that's what the Prophet did. He was guided to the pathway to take to Medina and literally he recognized a less presence in the worst of times, and the most the scariest and the most difficult of times melasma, which will make us recognize his presence in the most difficult hours of our life. barakallahu li walakum salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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