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In Islam, it’s okay if you feel a special affinity or inclination towards a certain individual since human beings have no control on such natural inclinations. We are, however, definitely responsible and accountable if we get carried away by such feelings and take specific actions or steps that might be deemed as haram (forbidden).

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Under Dino punakha if me wildflower heisha inland nama,

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those who stayed away from major, major sins, and they stayed away from all kinds of shamelessness. Now tell me is shamelessness included in major sins? Yes, but unless separated it again like especially this one for Waukesha and then he added something beautiful. Well Lahore forum Rahim Wahhabi Hill ayah Allah garlic,

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Illa lemon, except for a little slip up here and there.

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And Navara Kumar yaku, Rama, some Allah say just you know, somebody looks somewhere they shouldn't have looked, somebody messed up a little. Once in a while you slip up, I'll let those go. I'll let those go. Once again in this ayah just like we found in sulit, Allah and Ron and other emiliana law was describing what law you have when mazzini Allah loves those who do Exxon and sometimes they end up doing something a little inappropriate. Remember that and immediately did remember a lot in this will also he says the word z and Latina accelo. Those who did Exxon who does Exxon, what are they called mazzini. They'll get the very best and they do sometimes do mess up a little bit. A slip up

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here and there. And lemon. This is an inland lemon but except for a little bit slip up here and there. I'll let it go. I'll let that go.

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And then he adds in Arabic awasi on

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your master is extremely vast when it comes to forgiving. He's extremely vast in forgiveness well who will be calm? And he knows about you really well. I love this part of the ayah. This this part of the ayah doesn't let you manipulate Allah's word. Because when Allah says he will let he These are people who stay away from the avoid shamelessness, except a little bit here and there. Then you shaitan comes to you right away and said, Hey, and this little bit is good, right?

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I mean, he did say a little bit. So I just do a little bit. Hey, I'm covered in the lemon right here. Case Study of Illinois.

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Hello, unless as Rob bukem will become an automated message and

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Allah knows you really well. He knows better about you than you know about yourself. If you think you're going to pull a fast one on the law and say, Oh, I just do a little bit.

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Okay? This is a slip up.

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Allah knows when you're kidding yourself. And I can't even tell you what the truth is. When you are lying to yourself. And some of you become really good at lying to yourself. You tell yourself it's not a big deal.

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Allah says, Allah will become if and shall come in and out when you brought you out of the earth, where his agenda turn. And when you were hidden away, feeble Tony Omaha to come in the bellies of your mother's you think you're hiding your sins? You couldn't hide from me when you were in the belly of your mother for that was a coup and forsaken, then don't be self righteous. Another beautiful part of the I don't declare yourself pure. No, bro. I'm not a pervert. I'm not like that.

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Who do you think you are? I tell a brother. You know, listen, I know you're the MSA president. And I know she's the vice president. But she's not your macro. So you can't be having MSA meetings 11pm at night, on the phone or on Skype even better to discuss the convention. Of course.

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I don't think you should be doing that. No, bro. What do you think I'm a pervert. She's sister in Islam. We're discussing the convention it's an Islamic conference. And I don't think like that.

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Oh, you don't think like that? Okay, but let me just tell you for that to Saku and fossa calm. Don't say I don't think like that. I'm above it all. I declare myself free, you know, free of such temptation. Let me tell you if you're an MSA brother, and you're working closely with an MSA sister, you don't have to tell me what you've been thinking.

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She may be good wife.

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After this convention, maybe we should have our own convention and get married. You know?

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MSA is my favorite. I love the MSA. I love MSA. I love color and Islamic work.

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And with guys, something else happens you guys you know, you turn to the religion you start praying five times your worldview changes Islam starts becoming beautiful and everything that's not Islam starts becoming ugly. So the girl that used to be dressed, barely dressed in school and you know trying to get men's attention by dressing you know what my texts and friend calls dressed like a floozy. I love that word, just like a floozy. No longer attracts you, but the sister that's wearing Hijab jilbab, all of a sudden,

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there's so much nude on her face.

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You've been looking at her face a little too long, my friend.

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Little too much. And you're like this is Islamic love. Because I love her Islam. I love her for the sake of Well, that's the best one. I love it for the sake

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I have a lot

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to say that

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you're really confused about for this what for the sake of a libido?

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At least I'll say that

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you know, but you so what happens if one comes to you and says, Look, she's a good Muslim, she's active. She's trying to seek knowledge. She's at the class two.

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She's in the parking lot. Mashallah. She dresses so islamically

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Mashallah, yeah, that would be, that'd be pretty awesome.

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Like a girl.

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It's okay.

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It's not how long?

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It happens in this life. They proposed how they propose like, they just never saw her like you're a female. I suppose that would work. It didn't

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They liked the Sahaba. And they proposed this happened.

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Khadija the alohar on how light also the law so

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this happened. This happened. It's okay for you to like it. But if you're just kind of like, you know, and we're gonna call it dardo. Right? You guys staring at the girl is kind of checking it out every chance he gets and kind of like, you know, he started to volunteer at the Sunday school. Because he finds out she's there and watch it, bro. Like you're treading a dangerous line with a lot. It's okay for you. You looked at her once you thought she was really beautiful. Not Haram. Next step, get a job. worked really hard. Tell your sister to find out who her parents are. Who liked her shop. Just give me the information.

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Give me the information. Start talking to your parents generally about marriage. Mom, what do you think about marriage? be crazy. You gotta get married? Have you seen?

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Have you seen your face? Yes, Mother me. I have seen my face. And I know there are some sisters that have really bad eyesight. That's why I'm asking.

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Bring up the conversation and when it comes up, and then eventually take your dad out for some ice cream and say that?

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Yeah, there's a sister. I think it would be a good match. Are you talking to her? No, of course not. Dad, I'm just thinking you just you know, just thinking, Okay. Can you understand what I'm going through a little bit? Does your mother know?

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You have to have those conversations a little bit. And then you can take the appropriate, it's okay for you to like a girl. It's fine. Just don't stare. Don't look over and over again. Don't try to get her attention. Don't try to laugh extra loud when she walks.

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And then check if she looked.

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Don't do that. Don't start emailing her. Don't become friends with her on Facebook. don't appreciate her voluntary services and helping out with the distribution of the flyers don't do that.

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You can see right through it. Okay. She might not sometimes girls are really smart. Sometimes they're really dumb. Oh, he just appreciates my flyer distribution. No, he does it.

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Wrong with

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is really dumb. Don't Don't some of them know it. Some of them No. And they pretend No, no, it's just about the flyers.

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It's not about the flyers. Something else is going on. And it starts out everything starts out innocent. And then you end up ruining each other's lives. Because neither of you are ready to get married. Neither of you know what a real relationship means. How many times for you to actually get married, you have somebody else in your head and they move on and marry somebody else. And so you You are now not giving yourself wholly to your new spouse, because you're scarred. Islam wants you to be pure to your spouse. So you can really enjoy your spouse. So you can be with them and heart and soul, mind and body.

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You're just setting yourself up for this really big heartache.

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And you know, these things, this dating culture that we live in, where dating is totally normal, and you break up it's totally normal. Breaking up is like changing a toothbrush. You know, maybe even faster than that. You know, there's no big deal. You know what happens every time you know, either the boy leaves the girl or the girl leaves the boy one of these things is gonna happen. They don't mutually come to a meeting and say I think this isn't working. We shall parted our ways. No, she comes in says this ain't working out. We're done. Or he says, you know, I'm just I'm sorry. Or whatever. And somebody's left, scarred. emotionally scarred, they're crying. They're not picking up

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phone calls, they become suicidal, even. They go through serious depression, the guy or the girl. And then they go on the rebound. And when they go on the rebound, they say this time, I will not be the one who gets dropped. I will be the one who drops. I'm not going to let that happen to me before it happens to me. I'm going to just you know. And so as your dating life continues, you become more and more and more insensitive to other human beings. All it is to you is a physical relationship. That's all it is to you. Right? And that's why in this in this non godly society that we live in in the world today.

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The idea of marriage like was real commitment man, a serious commitment.

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You know, marriage is no joke.

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But because they don't understand what it means for two people to come together under the slavery of Allah under the shade of Allah. They don't know what that means. The first marriage that was performed was performed by Allah Himself was going into Zelda.

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Visit This is a divine union. Divine union between Allah between between Adam alayhis salaam and our salon Allah, Allah made that marriage. Allah created that marriage, it's a gift from Allah. Allah calls it mitaka Leela in the Quran marriage a heavy contract, a heavy agreement. So in this ayah for that to the Kuma enforcer, calm. Don't think you're above it all. Don't think you're above temptation. don't declare yourselves pure. Don't be self righteous. Don't be overconfident that you're not going to fall into temptation who are now moving on to Taka he knows better who's got duck All right. who earned the mobile money Taka, and then just the one next ayah three words of

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Allah. Allah did you see the one who turned away anyway?

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Did you see the one who heard all of this and didn't matter to him? He turned away anyway. So hon Allah Allahu

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Allah tala Latina Toronto. All right, so with that Alhamdulillah we've concluded our section on alpha Sha